InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Kikyo 2 ( Chapter 22 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"We have a plan, right?" Kagome asked me. We were spending the most time we had ever spent together since we were the ones who bore the responsibility of everyone else in the world.

Since Kaede's "incident", we decided to stick together for our own safety. Having no place to go, Kaede stayed with us. Kagura and Sesshomaru did not agree and left; I stayed because I was gonna die anyway.

No more arguing over Inuyasha. There's no time for that.

Speaking of which, the hanyou had been awfully quiet as of late. I've never witnessed him go for so long without talking. Not only that, he purposely avoided any form of social contact and refused to eat. Either Kagome or I could've gone to comfort him, but if one of us went it would cause tension between us we definitely didn't need at this point. So although it hurt, we stayed in place.

"We will." I answered. "We just need some information on the runaway first."

Kagome groaned. "Aww, man! How are we gonna do that?"

"Dung Beetle can get into the enemy robot's cockpit." I replied. "Didn't you see him leave?"

"I wasn't paying attention to him." She shrugged and turned to glance at Inuyasha, who was sitting on a rock a few feet next to us, just staring off into space and not saying anything. I tried to shake away the feelings of resentment that overcame me.

Soon there was a brief fuzzy feeling in the atmosphere; Dung Beetle had arrived, with Seiko and Hiroshi. I'd never really been glad to see them ever since we'd met, but right now, I was thankful to them for coming in at the right time and providing distraction.

"...So, what happened?" asked Kagome. Dung Beetle ignored her; Seiko and Hiroshi glanced at each other worriedly before Seiko bit her lip and began to speak.

"We...we've lost support." She said quietly. "The rest of the people we had with us who supported us...they're not on our side anymore. A lot of them have family members and friends who were also killed during Zearth's of them being Takeo." The woman grit her teeth. "And well...they didn't want to keep lying to the public, so they leaked the information without telling us."

My mouth hung open for a moment before I regained my composure. Everyone was turning against us, it seemed.

"So you will not be able evacuate the bystanders like before?" asked Kaede.

Seiko shook her head no. "We won't be able to get help as needed either. I'm sorry."

"Fuck them. Let them go." A grouchy voice resonated throughout the area. Well, it seemed like Inuyasha was listening after all. "I can't believe they can't even tell who their allies are."

"Not everyone is against you!" Seiko protested loudly. "Come on, see us? We'll still be with you all no matter what!"

Hiroshi nodded calmly. "And it's not just us. There are still numerous people that are supporting you. It's just...that the majority wasn't. But there's still a lot of support for you out there."

I cleared my throat, trying to get attention. There were more important things we had to talk about. "So, what about the runaway pilot?"

"We saw..." Hiroshi paused and looked to the sky, trying to find the right word. "...Drawings of him. We know what he looks like, and we know he gave up the fight and ran away after he learned about some little girl's death. I think we can do this. Dung Beetle, you can go back in their cockpit before the fight starts, right?"

"Sure." Dung Beetle answered monotonously.

"It's settled then." Seiko declared, smiling triumphantly. "We got a plan."

We decided to excute the plan at the last minute to give ourselves as much time as possible. The plan was to bait him out with memories of the dead little girl until he ran into one of us and killed him. Cruel, but we had no choice.

It would start tomorrow; until then, we were supposed to enjoy our lives the best we could. Kagome decided to go back to her own country or wherever she came from to visit her family.

The future. I do think about it.

I'd be lying if I said that I never wanted to get to know my future self. Or was she? We were so different, I couldn't tell...and yet, we had the same soul. She is my reincarnation. She is my future.

Sometimes I really do wish I had gotten to know her.

"Kikyo?" I heard Inuyasha's voice call for me. I turned around to look in his eyes, and for once, for probably the first time since I'd come back to life, I approached him without my guard up, without hostility, guilt, resentment, or jealousy.

All of the feelings I had for our past seemed so irrelevant now that there was no future.

I decided to smile at him. It was not a smirk; it held no ill intent. He seemed a bit taken back by this; I don't blame him. My face felt weird for I hadn't contorted it into this shape for such a long time. "Yes?"

Did it really take all this just for me to do such a simple thing like smile? It was so easy.

Inuyasha blinked, then his eyes darted around like he was nervous. "Um, are you...uh..."

I tilted my head. "Let it go."

He seemed surprised by that as well.

"It's in the past, and it's not your fault." He needed to hear this, after all of the guilt trips we went through. "I understand."

I walked past him, leaving him a bit stunned. I'm sure he, out of all people, could decipher what I meant. And from the corner of my eye, I could see a ghost of a smile on my sister's face.