InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Sesshomaru 2 ( Chapter 32 )

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When there's no place for you to fit in in this world, do you carve yourself to fit the world, or do you carve the rest of the world to fit you? I chose the latter, and I carved so many others to be whatever I wanted.

Until then, when someone decided to carve me to fit their vision instead.

I am here, back in Zearth's cockpit. There are fifteen chairs floating in front of me in a circular formation just like the first time-except, these were completely different seats. Back then, one was occupied by someone else-now, I would soon be the only one occupying a seat. And this time I know who all of those other seats belong to. I can see them in my mind's eye as I pass each one of the seats.

Mine is blue and see-through. A hard, cold chair made of clear, blue material-except with some sort of black rubber at the center of the seat. I don't know what that means.

Dung Beetle and Hiroshi were in front of me. The cat-Kirara-was perched next to them.

A bright, yellow light suddenly engulfed Dung Beetle and the floating mouse head was replaced by a pint-sized pale boy white hair.

"Surprised?" Hakudoshi-or was it still Dung Beetle-smirked at me. "Who'd you think I was?"

Hiroshi's jaw dropped. "Is that your real form?"

"Duh. Your turn."

The same light engulfed Hiroshi and the bird demon became the spitting image of what Hakudoshi used to look like, except with a black cap on his head that was probably supposed to represent his hair. They must have made some sort of arrangement. I don't know what to call each of them anymore.

"Feels strange. I haven't had both my feet touching the ground in so long." Hakudoshi-their Hakudoshi-chuckled. "Hey Hiroshi-any unfinished business you have in your world, take care of it now. You won't be able to return."

"Don't worry. I already took care of everything." The new Dung Beetle stated. "Question, Dung Beetle-"

"Hakudoshi. You're Dung Beetle now."

"Um...okay. If the pilot dies during that last battle that serves as a tutorial for the next world, what happens then?"

The pale boy shrugged. "Well, the new pilots won't die-even if the cockpit was crushed or something, they won't be killed. But you know, that would not be a very good tutorial to them."

"But..." Hiroshi/Dung Beetle gulped audibly. "Then what would happen to me and my world?"

"Obviously, you just lost, so you would just disappear along with the rest of your planet." Hakudoshi laughed.

Hiroshi just glared at him in silence, and the boy cleared his throat. "Alright, sorry. I don't know. Cause even if you lose you still have a job to do-but I don't know what would happen after your job's finished and you don't have a world to return to. But it's too late to back out of your deal now."

"I wouldn' the only way I can take responsibility for my brother and sister."

"Talking about that is useless." I spoke up at that moment. "It won't happen."

Hakudoshi chuckled. "Cocky, huh? You're the same in every dimension."

When he said that, I briefly wondered what these parallel-dimension versions of me were like. What those other versions of Inuyasha, Rin, Jaken, Kagura, and Naraku were like. This Hakudoshi's general attitude was the same as the one from our dimension, and yet, he was different from ours. This one was...wiser, would I say? He seemed older, more worn out. Then again, this one had probably seen a lot more.

"I wonder what sick being planned all this." Dung Beetle/Hiroshi spoke. I am still getting confused with their names.

Hakudoshi gazed at his feet. "I thought I'd be able to figure that out once I took the role of Dung Beetle. But...there's no real answer. It's just a natural phenomenon, I guess. Like life and death."

Once again, our surroundings became fuzzy, and then turned pitch black. It looks like it's time and we're fighting in their world. Should I be a little more emotional about it? Strange-beforehand, I was a nervous wreck. But now that the moment is actually here, it's like I've sort of come to accept it. There's no use now in worrying about the inevitable. I'd rather spend my last day in peace, and when you think like that, it makes things a little easier.

The fourteen chairs around us disappeared. Soon, brand new chairs will take their place.

"Alright, time to go find new people. This world needs eleven." Hakudoshi announced. "Don't go overboard in finding new pilots. And choose wisely if you want this world to win!"

He paused mid-lecture, glanced at all three of us-me, Kirara and Hiroshi/Dung Beetle, and nodded like he was affirming something. "...Well, my time is up. Good luck."

"Huh? Where are you going?" asked Hiroshi.

"Back to my world. My job is done." He replied nonchalantly. "Sesshomaru?"

I raised an eyebrow.

"Remember me."

"...I will."

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It took a while for me to realize that; but by then, it was too late. One that had wanted nothing but power will hate it and what came with it. Invincibility, living too long...all of these things were also things I'd come to see as a curse.

Behind me, eleven people in strange clothes have appeared. Three of them, I do not recognize. The others I recall as Inuyasha, Kagome, Kikyo, Kagura, and Koga. I hold in a wince as I see Jaken and Rin. Then the last failiar own.

"Welcome to the cockpit." Hiroshi greeted them. Their faces of pure shock and horror mirror our own when we first had to ride Zearth. "I'm about to tell you something very important so listen closely. This...this..."

"This is no game." I specified, cutting him off. My approach to this is far different from Jun's. "Each of you will take turns riding in this thing. Unfortunately, this operates on life energy, so you will die shortly after each battle. Nothing can bring you back to life, and you are the only people who can pilot this thing. If you choose not to fight, you will die regardless-along with the rest of the world and the people you refused to save."

I paused, giving them time to absorb the information.

"As for piloting, it'll move according to your will. I will fight the first battle, and it will be a one-time demonstration only so pay attention."

Someone behind me let out a familiar scoff. "Fool. Your words do not deceive this Sesshomaru."

He completely ignored the fact we look exactly alike. Wouldn't that at least arouse suspicion? Was I really that much of an idiot back then? I narrowed my eyes in irritation and slowly left my seat and walked over to the culprit. Before he could do or say anything, I punched him in the face, sending him plummeting to the ground.

Yes. I just punched myself in the face. Their Jaken and Rin started shouting and screaming, making everyone else hold them back.

"You-!" He wiped blood from his mouth and lunged at me. His eyes, would he have been exactly like me, would have been red by now. I hit him again and then held him to the wall by his throat, choking him so he couldn't speak.

In his eyes, I see ignorance. I see a power-hungry child who does not yet realize that too much power will blind you to the truth and make you arrogant so that you stop working hard, underestimate your opponents and ultimately become weak. It will turn you unappreciative towards the allies around you and turn them against you. I have witnessed it. You become insane, blind, and foolish.

"What's wrong? Is something bothering you?" I taunted. "I will not apologize for telling the truth. All of you will die in the near future. Even if you had never come across me, you would've died sooner or later. Nobody is invincible. No one is irreplaceable. And that includes you."

I tighetened my grip on his-my?-throat, letting him know I was serious in addressing him, and then let him go. He sat there, choking, coughing, struggling to get up. Jaken and Rin rushed to his side while everyone else stood back in fear, whispering to themselves.

Except for one person.

"Wait..." Kagura-their Kagura-had stepped forward. "I get what you're saying, but what about you?"

Stay away from me. I don't want to talk to you people. I can't look at you without thinking of...them. You are not the same people. Dammit, I can't resist.

"After this battle is over, I will die as well." I answered quietly and went back to my seat for the enemy was coming. They would understand soon enough. For now, they can just watch me fight.

I react strongly to these people. I know what they are, what they are truly capable of. The enemy, too. Actually, I have a hard time nowadays calling anyone an enemy or an opponent. Because they are too similar to us. It's too easy now to picture myself in someone else's position. What I once thought was not mine.

After witnessing Rin's struggle, I couldn't look at Moriko, see what I'd done to her and say that I didn't owe that child my life. I couldn't look at Kiyoshi, see his attitude, and say that he wasn't a bigger man than I was. It's painfully clear now how much damage I've caused, how many Rins I've orphaned, how many Jakens had lost hope, how many Kaguras had to die because of me.

Now, I see Rin within every child. I see Kagura within every woman. I see myself and my brother inside of every man. Every small creature seems to be Jaken. And I can't think like I used to anymore, I just can't.

There is no such thing as revenge. Because everything you think is solely yours once belonged to someone else, and the person before, and before-and the person who will have it after you is thinking the same thing that you are. After what I witnessed, I cannot see something as mine, or yours, or theirs.

It is ours.

(Normal POV)

"That boy." Sesshomaru's mother mumbled. "What's up with him? He ignores me for fifty years, and then pops up out of nowhere just to say that..."

She sighed, scratching her head. There was something in his eyes that day. He had wanted to say something, but as predicted, he didn't. There was some sort of secret there that he had chosen to keep from her. If only she could track him down-but that was the reason she had not spoken to him in so long. He was the one who was constantly on the move, and she was the one who never left this castle. He was aware of her location, and she was unaware of his. The only way they could ever see each other was if Sesshomaru came to her. She could not track him down.

And of course, he chose not to and went around seeking power instead.

"I guess that's what he went back to doing." she stretched and yawned. "Seeking power like always. Maybe I'll see him in another fifty years or so."

But she wouldn't.

In Zearth's cockpit, Sesshomaru's eyes slowly shut as he finished his battle. His form went limp as his life energy was taken in order to operate the first fight for the next world.

The great dog general's only remaining son died and joined the ones that had passed away before him.