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~~Chapter 1~~
~The Accident~
The hanyou bolted through the village as fast as he could run. Tossing a quick glance over his shoulder, he growled in frustration as one of the local children darted out into his path. Skidding to a stop and stirring up a cloud of dirt, the hanyou moved the child aside with surprising gentleness before bolting off again.
When the children heard the irritation behind that one word, they scurried out of the way as the strange priestess in her even stranger short clothes darted through, hot on the trail of the hanyou.
Kaede, the old village miko, slumped in her doorway, shaking her head as she watched the pursuit heading into the forest. “Those kids,” she grumbled then smiled. InuYasha must have stuck his foot in his mouth—again. It was a wonder the hanyou had any toes left . . .
“Give me one good reason not to clobber you, monk.”
“You're overreacting, Sango! I didn't mean it! Honest! I slipped!”
“And your hand just happened to land on my—”
“Give it up, Miroku. She already knows you're a pervert.”
“Shippou! I'm hurt!”
“Oh, you'll be hurt, all right, if you don't learn to keep your lecherous hand to yourself!” Sango promised as her formidable glower darkened even more.
Miroku forced a cheesy grin and sank down on the edge of the Bone Eater's Well. He held out half of a persimmon toward the youkai exterminator. “Peace offering?”
Sango flicked her long black ponytail over her shoulder and cautiously sank down next to Miroku though with a bit of distance between them, for her own peace of mind. She took the offered fruit and nibbled at it. “Where're InuYasha and Kagome?”
Shippou hopped up onto the well's edge beside Sango and took a bite of the fruit she held out to him. When he sat down again, Kirara curled up on his lap and stretched with a wide yawn. “They should have been back by now,” he remarked, casting a worried peep in the direction of the path to the village.
As if on cue, Kagome's normally sing-song voice drifted to them from just beyond their view. “InuYasha, it won't hurt, I promise! Now stop!
Sango and Miroku exchanged raised-eyebrow looks at the words that carried on the breeze to them from the forest.
“Get the fuck away from me with that, you crazy bitch!”
“I'll say `it' if you don't stop!”
Suddenly a flash of red burst out of the trees, barreling straight toward the four of them. Looking as though the hounds of hell were at his heels, InuYasha didn't even slow down as he approached. Not far behind, Kagome emerged from the tree line, looking just as determined as InuYasha—and running almost as fast.
Drawing closer, InuYasha crouched in mid-stride and leaped high to sail cleanly over the well. Kagome skidded to a halt, muttering under her breath about the stubborn hanyou. Her hands were balled into fists at her sides, and she was panting for breath. The young miko opened her mouth and squeezed her eyes closed as she said it. “Osuwari, InuYasha!
With an outraged cry that was somewhere between a curse and a muffled `feh!' the hanyou started to plummet into the well. Kagome opened her eyes, her gasp audible as her hands shot up to cover her opened mouth. In an effort to stop his descent, InuYasha made a mad grab, dislodging Sango in the process. Shippou and Miroku grabbed her hands to stop her from tumbling backward. Kagome lunged forward, catching the demon-slayer's ankles. InuYasha's foot caught Kirara, and the cat howled as she started to fall into the well, too. Shippou reached out to catch her and managed to grab her double tail.
But InuYasha's momentum was too great to counteract. With a collective shriek, the friends toppled into the well behind InuYasha.
“What's happening?” Miroku asked as a bright flash of pink light filled the well. Kagome and InuYasha were used to the light. The others were not.
Sango gave a muffled cry and grabbed the back of InuYasha's fire rat haori. The hanyou made a choking sound. She loosened her grip but didn't let go.
Miroku took the momentary lapse as a good chance to perfect his sordid skills. Sango slapped the monk hard but didn't let go of InuYasha. Miroku rubbed the handprint on his face with one hand and wrapped the other arm around Sango's waist. InuYasha growled as Miroku's hand brushed against InuYasha's arm, as well.
Shippou clung to the front of InuYasha's haori. InuYasha snorted as Kirara dug her claws into his shoulder. “All right,” InuYasha grouched. “Is there anyone who isn't touching me?”
“I'm not,” Kagome piped up cheerfully enough.
“Just you wait, Kagome,” InuYasha snarled. “Once we're out of this fucking well—”
“You're all talk, InuYasha,” Kagome remarked.
They all lit on the ground—all but InuYasha, who must have still had the remnants of the `osuwari' in effect. He immediately slammed into the bottom of the dry well. Shippou and Kirara were squashed under InuYasha's chest. Sango and Miroku were dragged down, too. Kagome took the opportunity to scramble up the ladder and out of the well. The others, having also been affected by InuYasha's unceremonious `osuwari' were moaning and groaning down in the well.
Kagome ran out into the bright sun filling the courtyard behind the shrine where she lived. Drawing a deep breath, she smiled to herself. It was then that she realized something that really should have been noticed much sooner.
They were all in modern Tokyo.
The second chapter of this story was written by a friend of mine, RadiosNmyHead. If you haven't read her story, Drifting, you should. We'd planned on writing this together, but … Anyway, I'm not that pleased with this story, but a lot of people have asked that I repost it, so … Bear in mind that it was written directly after the original Purity and well before Torrent, too, and that many things hadn't come to pass yet in the manga at that point, so some things might be off, according to the manga.
Blanket disclaimer for this fanfic (will apply to this and all other chapters in Out of Time): I do not claim any rights to InuYasha or the characters associated with the anime/manga. Those rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi, et al. I do offer my thanks to her for creating such vivid characters for me to terrorize.