InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Purity 9: Subterfuge ❯ The Deal ( Chapter 3 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
~~Chapter Three~~
~The Deal~


'< i>They call us ‘problem child’,
'We spend our lives on trial.
'We walk an endless mile,
'We are the youth gone wild…'

-Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row


Evan moaned softly and rolled his shoulders, slipping his arms around the slender shoulders of his unseen bedmate without bothering to open his eyes.  "Mornin’, Bugsy," he murmured, teetering on the brink of falling back to sleep.  "How’s my best girl?"

“You’re a horrible tease, Zel Roka,” Bugs accused.

“Damn me to hell, right?”

“If I damned you to hell, who would I snuggle with in the morning?”

“True enough,” Evan agreed.  “Don’t suppose you’d make me coffee?”

Bugs heaved a melodramatic sigh and cuddled against Evan’s shoulder.  “I’ll think about it,” the flamboyantly gay rabbit-youkai asserted.  “Convince me.”

Evan chuckled.  “Oh, yeah?  And just what kind of convincing are we talking about here?”

“Hmm . . . we-e-ell . . .”

“Can’t think of anything?”

Bugs waved his hand dismissively.  “I could think of more things if you’d just break down and admit that you’re gay,” he pouted.  “There’s no shame in it, you know.”

“I know,” Evan agreed as a slow grin twitched on his lips, “but I gotta tell you . . . I’m still kind of attached to the breasts . . .”

Bugs snorted indelicately.  “Those things are just nasty!” he pointed out in a plaintive whine.  “They’re nothing but fat!  I mean, have you seen how much some girls jiggle?  And they do it on purpose, the trollops!  Ugh!  Puh-leez . . .”

Grin widening, Evan lifted his hand to muss Bugs’ hair—a gesture that very few could actually get away with.  “Now, now, Bugsy . . . I completely respect the jiggle . . .”

Bugs shook his head in complete dismay.  “You’re breaking my heart, Zel,” he accused.

“Yeah . . . I’m sorry, doll-baby,” he remarked as the distinct sound of high heels clicking on the hardwood floor of the hallway drifted into the room.  Evan’s grin widened.  “Speaking of the jiggle . . .”

“And she’s one of the worst offenders,” Bugs pouted, nestling closer to Evan in a completely territorial sort of way.  “Go away, Maddy!  He’s mine this morning!”

“You know, there’s more than enough of me to go around,” Evan quipped, finally forcing his eyes open as Madison sauntered into the room.  “Ah, Maddy . . . just the woman I was hoping to see.”

She giggled at him and sat down on the opposite side of the bed while Bugs rumbled out a pathetic sounding warning from low in his throat.  “I’ll just bet,” she said amiably enough before letting her violet gaze shift to meet Bugs’ more belligerent expression.  “Morning, Bugs.”

Bugs wrinkled his nose and uttered a terse ‘hrumph’.  “I know what you’re up to,” he accused, “and it’s not going to work.  Zel Roka is mine.  I’ve got dibs on him.”

“So I suppose that means that we can’t share him?” Madison drawled, arching an eyebrow and pinning Evan with a secretive little smile.

“You look like a shameless hussy,” Bugs pouted, eyeing her slowly up and down.

Madison turned and grasped the mock fireman’s pole that Evan had installed a year ago.  “Do I?” she drawled.

“Yes,” Bugs decided with a curt nod.  “Can I borrow that skirt?”

“As long as I’m not in it,” she quipped, giving the rabbit-youkai a saucy wink as she sauntered around the foot of the bed.

“C’m’ere, Maddy,” Evan murmured, pulling her down on his other side.

She giggled but complied, resting her head on Evan’s shoulder while Bugs snorted and shot her a narrow-eyed glare.  “I guess I could go make that coffee for you,” Bugs breathed with a shake of his head. “Will you miss me, Zel?”

Evan planted an obscenely loud kiss on the rabbit-youkai’s cheek but didn’t try to stop Bugs from scooting off the waterbed.  He was giggling madly as he hurried out of the room.

“I think he’s got more sway in his hips than I do,” Madison commented as she watched Bugs’ hasty retreat.

Evan chuckled, wrapping his arms around Madison’s waist and pulling her closer as he buried his nose in her hair and inhaled deeply.  “Yeah,” he agreed, his voice muffled.  “Too much woman for me, I think.”

Madison laughed and snuggled closer to him.  “I can’t believe you let him crawl into your bed,” she mused, idly tapping her index finger against his bare chest.

“Aww, Bugs is pretty savvy.  He knows damn well I’m straight, even if he likes to try to think otherwise.”

“Hmm . . .”

“You, on the other hand . . . didn’t anyone ever tell you that you shouldn’t be wandering into men’s bedrooms early in the morning . . .?”

Rolling her eyes as his hand slipped under her blouse to casually stroke her breast, Madison laughed but didn’t push him away.  “You have a one track mind, Evan,” she chided.

“Yeah,” he agreed, burying his face in the satin blouse covering Madison’s chest as he rolled over to pin her against the mattress.  “Just in time for a nice, long morning fuck . . .”

“Oh, I’m sure that Bugsy would be more than happy to service you,” she said though her voice had grown a little throaty.

“Sure,” Evan allowed, biting a nipple through the fabric as a distinct shiver passed down Madison’s spine as he ground his hips against her, his penis throbbing painfully, fully aware that Madison rarely wore panties.  “Too bad he ain’t got a pussy.”

“Behave yourself, dog,” Madison said with a heavy sigh as she shoved lightly at his shoulders.

Evan made a face and uttered a curt whine to let her know just what he thought of the idea of ‘behaving himself’, but he flopped onto his back, setting off a reverberation of waves in the mattress below them.  “Heartless, Maddy,” he complained, pinning her with his best ‘pity me’ expression.

Madison leaned on her elbow and grinned down at him.  “I didn’t say no, but I want you to listen to me first.”

Evan snorted, rubbing his knuckles up and down the shallow vale in the center of his chest.  “You know, I have a much better attention span when I don’t have a fucking hard-on,” he grumbled.

She reached over and tugged his hair.  “You’ve always got a hard-on, Evan,” she pointed out with a shake of her head that completely contradicted the amused glint in her eyes.  “Now listen to me, will you?  I have an . . . offer that you can’t refuse.”

Evan arched an eyebrow and shifted his gaze to the side, his interest quirked.  “Going Godfather on me now, are you?”

She spared him an impish grin that showed off her deep dimples to an advantage.  “Listen to me,” she said in a very bad affectation of Marlon Brando.

“Keep your day job, Maddikins,” he said but grinned, idly rubbing her firm ass through the tease of a skirt she wore.

“Here you go, Zelicious,” Bugs said, sweeping back into the bedroom with a steaming mug of coffee.  “Hot and black . . . just like you like it,” he announced then giggled.  “Come to think of it, I don’t mind hot and black, myself . . .”

“Oh?  So that means you’re going to go hit on Bone?” Evan drawled, sitting up and reaching for the mug.

Bugs twittered quietly, waving a hand in front of his slightly flushed face as the satin sheet that had covered Evan slipped down to pool around his hips.  He didn’t bother to pull it up, either, taking the coffee mug and slugging back the drink in one long gulp.  “Thanks, Bugsy,” he said with a wolfish grin as he leaned over to thump the mug down on the nightstand.

“Yes, well, someone has to take care of my Zel.”

“You mean you don’t think I can take care of myself?” Evan drawled, flopping back on the bed and gazing up at Bugs through heavily lidded eyes.

“I told you, didn’t I?  The night we met I told you to stick with me, and I’d make all your dreams come true.”

Evan chuckled—a warm sound that added a certain brightness to his deep blue eyes.  “Yeah, I guess you did,” he allowed.

Bugs nodded emphatically.  “That’s right!  I knew you were going to be a star, didn’t I?  And that’s ‘star’ with a capital ‘ess-ss-ss-sah’!

True enough, Evan figured.  Whether he’d been smitten by Evan’s looks or if he really did think that he had talent, Evan had gone from being the house performer at Bugs’ little club, The Bunny Hole to having a standard-level contract offered to him within months of his initial meeting with the rabbit-youkai who, at the time, had been balling the premier talent scout for Wicked Soundsations Records.  After a little whining and a lot of schmoozing, Bugs had talked his lover into coming to see Evan perform one night.  Barely a week after his college graduation, and he’d landed himself his first record deal—with Bugs’ help, of course.

“You certainly did, doll-baby,” Evan agreed, pushing himself up on his elbow as he groped around on his nightstand for the butt of a half-smoked joint.  “I suppose I owe you, don’t I?”

Waving his hand dismissively, Bugs blushed and emitted a high-pitched giggle.  “One of these days, I’ll take you up on that offer,” he warned, casting Evan an exaggerated wink.

“Anything for you, Bugsy,” Evan replied.

Bugs heaved a sigh and shook his head, his mouth puckering in a petulant little pout.  “As much as I’d love to stick around, I have to go,” he said, his expression registering his irritation at having to leave Evan alone with Madison.  Hurrying over, he leaned in to kiss Evan’s cheek before narrowing his eyes on Madison and uttering a cute little growl.  “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, my darlings!” he called over his shoulder, tossing the long end of a bright yellow scarf over his shoulder.

“Well, that leaves it pretty well open,” Evan approved with a chuckle. “Bye, Bugsy.”

“Are you calling me a ho?”

“Now, would I say something like that about my best girl?” Evan countered with a wolfish grin since it was a well known fact that Bugs really was quite the slut.

“You would,” Bugs asserted then shook his head and snorted, his footsteps echoing as he made his way down the hallway.  “Ta-ta!”

Madison laughed and reached over to tug a tissue out of the box on the other nightstand and grasped Evan’s face to wipe away the crimson lipstick left from Bugs’ kiss.

“Hmm, so how about it, Maddikins?  Up for a damn fine game of Fuck-the-Roka?  Winner gets a homemade milkshake . . .” Evan drawled, leaning over to bite one of her nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt.  He felt her shiver—he’d known that she would.

“Back off, dog,” she commanded, slapping his nose and pushing him back.

“Suck my dick, Maddy.”

She rolled her eyes but smiled.  “Will you listen to me if I get you off?”

“Why don’t you fuck me and find out?”

She laughed softly, reaching out and slowly stroking his cock.  He moaned and shuddered as she ran her hand down, her fingers curling around his balls and squeezing gently.  “Sh . . . shit . . .”

“You have to promise,” she purred quietly.

Evan’s arms locked around her waist, and she fell on top of him, rolling her eyes when he shuddered, lifting his pelvis against hers.  “Oh, come on, Maddy . . . you know I can’t function with a damn boner . . .”

“Aww, poor baby,” she retorted in a mocking sort of tone.  “If you listen to me, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

“You’ll fuck me?”

She sat back, regarding him with an entirely too-thoughtful expression as she slowly nodded.  He had a feeling that he wasn’t going to like whatever it was that she was considering, and he took his time lighting a joint before glancing up at her.  “I want you to agree to Valerie’s terms,” she finally said.

Evan grimaced.  He’d had a feeling that it would be something like that.  “No fucking way,” he grumbled, taking a long drag and closing his eyes as the smoke started to infiltrate his system.  “You realize, right?  She wants to shut down the H-Evan Express.  You’d hate that, you know.”

She snorted indelicately, leaning in to steal the joint and deliberately taking her time as she puffed it.  “I’d get along just fine,” she teased.

He shook his head and dropped onto his back once more.  “So you say,” he grumbled.

“Besides, it’d do you some good to abstain for awhile.”

“Bite your tongue, Madison!” he gasped in mock horror.  “It’d shrivel up and fall off if I didn’t get any, and then where would I be?”

“Even then,” she interrupted, letting him take the joint from her so that he could take the last drag.  “It’s just for a little while, and she’s got a point . . . if you made an effort, the judge might take it into consideration . . . at the very least, it wouldn’t look bad on you, don’t you think?”

“Like I give a fuzzy rat’s ass,” he shot back, tossing the sheet aside and rolling out of the bed.  “No sex?  Keh!”

“All right, if that’s how you feel,” she said, sounding more triumphant than she should have by rights.  “How about a deal then?”

He stopped mid stride to peer over his shoulder at her, narrowing his eyes and feeling distinctly discomfited by the almost smug expression on her face.  “A deal,” he repeated.  “What kind of deal?”

Pushing herself onto her hands and knees, Madison laughed softly, crawling toward the end of the bed as the Cheshire-cat-like smile widened enough to make Evan wonder briefly whether or not he was in serious trouble.  “Well, see, I crashed at Valerie’s last night,” she nearly purred.

“Oh?” he parried, struggling to keep his tone neutral.

She nodded, letting her legs slip out from under her as she kicked up her heels, crossing her ankles and affording him a damn fine view of ‘her girls’ beneath the filmy fabric of her blouse.  “Mhmm,” she drawled, pulling her cell phone out of her purse and pushing buttons as that smile widened.  “We drank a little too much wine, I guess . . . You know, that girl really can’t hold her liquor to save her soul . . .”

Evan grunted.  “Like you’re much better,” he mumbled.

“Better than she is,” she commented.  “Anyway, I’ve gotta tell you, that woman has some damn fine breasts.  Nicest I’ve ever seen . . .”

That got Evan’s attention quickly enough, and he barely controlled the impulse to whip around to face Madison.  “Oh?” he asked instead, slowly pivoting on his heel, his arms crossed over his chest stubbornly.

“Mmm,” Madison intoned, slowly tapping one of the buttons on her phone with her thumb.  “Incredibly high nipples—large nipples, considering . . . a beautiful shade of rosy pink . . . just gorgeous . . .”

“Sure they ain’t fakes?” Evan asked, mostly to be obnoxious.

Madison laughed.  “Fakes?  God, no!  Nothing fake at all about her . . .”

He snorted.  “And why are you telling me all this?”

The look she shot him was downright scary, no doubt about it.  Violet eyes alight with a mischievous glow, she looked like the cat that ate the canary and the blue jay, too . . . “Well, see, I got these pictures . . .”

“. . . Pictures?”

“Yep . . .”

“Did you tongue her?”

She giggled, rolling onto her back and clasping her phone to her chest.  “No, I didn’t . . . I might have if I’d had a couple more glasses of wine, though . . .”

He quirked an eyebrow at her since he knew damn well that Madison preferred cocks to kitties.

“I told you, right?  We got a little tipsy at dinner, and when we got back to her apartment, she wanted some more wine, and she was trying to kick off her shoes as she was carrying it into the living room, and she ended up spilling it all over her blouse.  So she took it off, and I told her that she had fabulous titties, so she—being drunk, of course—figured she’d show me, and since I’d just gotten this cell—” she held up the phone for his inspection, “—I took a few pictures.  It’s got a fantastic camera on it, did I tell you?”

“V’s titties?” Evan deadpanned, reaching for the phone and snorting when Madison smashed it against her chest before he could get his hands on it.

She threw a pillow at him.  “No, honey; my new phone!”

“You’re gonna show me those pictures, right, Maddikins?” he asked pointedly as he crawled back onto the bed.

“I could,” she said, her voice shifting from liquid velvet to spun silk in a single heartbeat, “if . . .”

“Aw, here it comes,” he grumbled, knowing damn well what she was about to say but stubbornly refusing to acknowledge it.

She shook her head and scooted off the bed.  “All right, if you say so . . .” she said, sashaying toward the doorway.  “See you, Evan.  Bugs’ll be deliriously happy about it since you’ll be used to ass-banging by the time you get out of the big house . . . Hope you like prison-stripes . . .”

Groaning as he made a face of abject disgust as he sought to ignore the bitter bite of curiosity that he couldn’t repress, Evan uttered a frustrated growl and hurried out of the room in Madison’s wake.  He was intrigued, no doubt about it.  He’d known her forever, hadn’t he, and he knew well enough that she certainly wouldn’t be bragging on Valerie unless there was something legitimate to brag about . . .

Oh, come on!  You’ve seen one rack, you’ve seen them all, haven’t you?’ his youkai voice piped up.

Yeah, yeah . . . that’s right . . .’

So what’s the big deal?

Evan shook his head, refusing to quantify that with an answer as he loped down the stairs two at a time to cut Madison off before she could reach the front door.  What was it about Valerie? he wondered.  He hadn’t been able to get her out of his mind for more than a few minutes at a time since he’d walked into her office.  She’d gone to some pretty outrageous lengths to hide her figure and her face, downplaying her looks with those ungodly large framed glasses and the boxy business suit.  That’s what it was, wasn’t it?  He simply wanted to ascertain that she really was as hot as he figured she’d be.  That had to be it.  After all, why else would he even care, right?

He frowned.  ‘Right . . .’

He caught up to Madison in the living room.  She was heading for the door, and while he was pretty sure that she was just teasing him, he wasn’t about to let her walk out, either, damn it; not without showing him those pictures . . . “Where you runnin’ off to, Maddy?” he asked, his signature lazy drawl back in place.

She gave him a very pointed once-over then rolled her eyes.  “Wow, you didn’t even bother with pants.  That interested, are you?”

Satisfied that he’d stopped her for the time being, Evan let go of her arm and fairly swaggered into the huge kitchen.  “Well, you seemed so set on showing me those pictures that I figured, what the hell?  Why not play along?”

She followed him into the kitchen and accepted the mug of coffee that he offered.  “So it’s for my benefit, is it?  Don’t do me any favors, big boy.  After all, I’ve seen V naked . . .”

“Tits are tits,” he countered mildly, peering over the rim of his mug at her.

Madison shrugged a little too nonchalantly.  “And peckers are peckers,” she retorted.

“That’s not what you say when we’re fucking,” he pointed out.

She laughed—a low chuckle that felt like a caress rippling over bare skin.  “That’s entirely my point . . . tits may be tits and dicks may be dicks, but that doesn’t mean a thing if one has no idea how to use them.”

Casting her a sidelong glance, he leaned against the counter, one arm wrapped over his stomach and rested his elbow on his forearm, the mug hovering mere breaths away from his lips.  “Spoken like a true deviant,” he relented.

She hefted her mug in silent salute.  “Absolutely.”

Evan heaved a sigh and shook his head, turning abruptly to rinse the mug before depositing it in the sink.  “I dunno, Maddy,” he said dubiously.  “Seems like a hella high price to pay just to see a few measly pictures.”

“She’s got a tattoo, did you know?”

Tossing aside the towel he’d used to dry his hands on, Evan shrugged.  “So do I.  A few of them.  Big fucking deal.”

Madison nudged him aside with her hip and rinsed her mug, too.  “Yeah, you’re right . . . but I have a picture of it, too . . .”

Rolling his eyes, he strolled out of the kitchen and through the house to retrieve the newspaper that Bone had brought in for him earlier.  “So given that you know damn well that tattoos aren’t really a big deal, what’s so special about V’s?”

“You didn’t ask where hers was,” she prodded as she rummaged through her purse.

“So where’s hers?” he asked grudgingly.

Madison paused long enough to wink at him.  “On her snatch.”

His chin snapped up.  “Oh?”

“Yep . . . very cute, too.  It’s a little heart . . .”

“And you have a picture of it?”

She laughed again.  “I did tell you she was bombed, right?”

He snorted, tossing the paper onto the coffee table before he flopped onto the sofa.  “Does she know you’re pimping her pictures?”

“I mentioned it,” she said, fluttering her fingers dismissively.

“So she doesn’t,” he concluded.

Madison rolled her eyes.  “No, she does.  She said that she’d take your case if you agreed to her terms, and I told her that the pictures would be fantastic leverage.”

Narrowing his eyes, he snorted.  “Keh!  You don’t really expect me to believe she said you could show them to me.”

She shrugged offhandedly.  “Well, she was drunk when I mentioned it, but she didn’t say ‘no’.”

“What did she say?”

“I believe her exact words were, ‘Hmm, okay . . .’.”

He grinned.  “So she knows.”

Madison nodded slowly.  “So how about it?  You want to see her tattoo?”

He shook his head, telling himself that he didn’t care, not at all.  He was just curious; that was it.  “If it’s on her snatch, how did you see it?”

“Oh, she waxes.”

“You wax,” he pointed out.

“I don’t wax quite like she waxes,” she contradicted, pointing an emery board at him before she zipped her purse closed and stepping around the sofa.  Knocking his feet off the cushions, she sank down beside him and shot him a lazy grin.  “I like my little bush, thanks.”

“Like she . . .?”  Evan sat up straight, eyes narrowing as he searched Madison’s face.  “No-o-o-o . . .” he breathed almost reverently.

She nodded, carefully examining her claws and pausing now and again to file a nonexistent rough spot.  “Oh, yes,” she remarked lightly.  “She says that it’s . . . cleaner . . .” Pausing there, she tapped the emery board against her chin thoughtfully.  “Yes, I think that’s the word she used: cleaner.”  She laughed at that, as though she found the word amusing.

“No shit,” he half-moaned.

“She has a very pretty little pussy.  If I were into women, I’d totally be all up in her business,” Madison went on casually, as though she was talking about the weather, “but you’re not interested in the pictures, are you?”

“Does it look like I’m interested?” he snapped, gesturing at his crotch—and his painfully throbbing boner.

Madison’s smile widened dangerously.  “If you agree to her terms, I’ll send you some of the pictures.  How’s that?”

He grimaced.  “Some of them?”

She nodded slowly.  “How about a teaser?”

He grunted.

Twisting her body and pushing herself onto her knees to reach her purse on the table behind the sofa, she dug out her cell and took her time scrolling through the images stored on the device.  “Here,” she said, flipping her phone so that he could see the display.  He reached for it, but she pulled it back before he could grab it.

Evan growled in protest but narrowed his eyes to get a better look: a picture of a pouting Valerie, her hair all mussed and tangled, and while her shoulders were completely bare, the image was cut off just below the rise of her breasts . . . She was leaning forward, it seemed, and the shadows that touched her face lent her an air of mystery.  Hazel eyes so deep and soulful, as though she was begging for something, and while her expression brought to mind a petulant child, there was nothing childish about the fullness of her lips, pursed slightly, her cheeks flushed, her skin glowing in the warmth of the ambient lighting of her living room . . . The sternness of her at-work persona seemed to have all but disappeared to the point that he had to wonder if the woman really was the same one he’d met in the stuffy attorney’s office.

“Mm, she’s a hottie, isn’t she?” Madison piped up.

Nodding absently, he couldn’t take his eyes off the picture.  “Talk about letting your hair down,” he mumbled, shaking his head in abject disbelief.

“So you want more pictures, Evan?”

He nodded again.

“And you’ll agree to her terms?”

He snorted but didn’t answer.  Madison sighed.  “Evan,” she said, her voice taking on a more serious tone, “promise me that you’ll at least consider it, please . . . I was there, remember, and you know as well as I do that you weren’t even—”

“I was,” he cut in coldly, narrowing his gaze for just a moment before he relented with a shake of his head.  “Just drop it.”

She sighed again.  “Please.”

Dragging his eyes off the picture, he made a face at Madison.  “She wants to cut off my balls,” he grouched.  True, he didn’t like the prospect of ending up in jail, and he’d even considered giving in just because of that, but he wasn’t about to admit as much to Madison, damn it, not when she was offering to bribe him into submission . . .

“Abstaining for a couple months is hardly cutting off your balls,” she pointed out.

“Close enough,” he grumbled.

She heaved a sigh and shook her head.  “Okay,” she allowed slowly.  “That would suck, wouldn’t it?”

He nodded emphatically, taking advantage of the moment to crawl over and lay his head in her lap, doing his best to give her his version of ‘The Look’.  She rolled her eyes and tugged on his hair but didn’t shove him away.  “You’d hate it, too, you know,” he added for good measure.

“Oh?  You think you’re the only person I can get a good lay from?” she challenged.

He wrinkled his nose and leaned up to nip her breast.  “I meant you’d hate it, too, if you were me.”

She considered that, idly stroking his hair, and he couldn’t help it as his eyes drifted closed.  He’d always been a sucker for that, he supposed . . . “Point taken,” she allowed.  “How about this?  You agree to her terms, and I agree to service you whenever you feel the need?”

He considered that, wrinkling his nose in an effort to show Madison exactly what he thought of Valerie Denning’s ‘terms’.  “Lemme see that picture again.”  She held up her phone for his perusal again, and he sighed.  Damned if he wasn’t a sucker for a woman with those pouty lips . . . and those soulful hazel eyes . . . “So you’ll do me whenever I want?”  Still . . .


And you’ll send me the pictures?”

She nodded.

Heaving a sigh, Evan could feel himself relenting, but he stubbornly held his ground.  “Including the picture of her tattoo?”

“Just say the word, and I’ll email them straight to your computer.”

“I don’t know, Maddikins . . . I’m not sure I’m ready for a committed relationship,” he drawled.

“Idiot.”  She shoved him away but laughed.  “She’s a good attorney, Evan—a damn good one . . . better than you deserve, anyway.  If anyone can help you get out of this mess, she can.”

“I gotta be nuts for even thinking about it,” he informed her.

“So do we have a deal?”

“Service me now?”

She sighed and rolled her eyes but reached out, letting the tips of her claws drag gently over the head of his cock, and he sucked in a sharp breath as the first droplet of semen squeezed out of him.  “Ah, God,” he breathed as she smeared the liquid over him.  “Damn . . . damn . . .”

Opening his eyes in time to see Madison suck her fingers into her mouth, he groaned quietly when she pulled them out with an obscene popping sound, the appendages gleaming with her saliva as she broke into a smile and wrapped her hand around his shaft, idly pumping him hard enough to draw a growl from him but not nearly hard enough to make him come.  “Fucking damn it, Maddy,” he rasped out.

She chuckled huskily.  “Do . . . we . . . have . . . a . . . deal . . .?” she asked, emphasizing each syllable with a definitive squeeze.

He gritted his teeth together for a moment, lifting his pelvis to aide her hand movements.  “Shit,” he hissed quietly.

Madison let go of him and pushed him off her lap, rising to her feet to pace the length of the floor.  “You answer me, and I’ll see what I can do for you,” she countered brazenly.

Heaving a sigh, he sat up, rubbing his hands over his face before answering.  “All right,” he agreed grudgingly.  “I’ll do it, but only as long as you’re available . . . starting tomorrow.”

“Why tomorrow?” she challenged.

He grinned wolfishly at her—at least, as wolfishly as he could manage since his groin was protesting the loss of her attentions.  “I got a date with twins tonight—identical twins.”

Madison groaned then laughed.  “No, I don’t suppose you’d want to miss that . . .”

“Absolutely not,” he agreed.  “Now send me those pictures, will you?”

“Already on it,” she informed him as she lifted her cell phone and pushed a few buttons.

Evan waited until she lowered the device, indicating that she was finished.  Before she could speak, though, he reached out and grasped her wrist, jerking her to her knees before him as he leaned back against the sofa and pushed her head down.  With a sigh and a marked rolling of her eyes, she opened her mouth, her tongue darting out to flicker over his cock as he raised his hips, as she sucked him in deep . . .

~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~ =~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~
Youth Gone Wild’ copyright Skid Row.  Song first appeared on their 1989 debut album, Skid Row.
== == == == == == == == == ==
Thought from Evan:
Hot daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn
Blanket disclaimer for this fanfic (will apply to this and all other chapters in Subterfuge):  I do not claim any rights to InuYasha or the characters associated with the anime/manga.  Those rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi, et al.  I do offer my thanks to her for creating such vivid characters for me to terrorize.


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