InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Red and Blue ❯ Red Well Well ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Inuyasha hopped over a corpse wearing neither sword nor hilt. His companions floated out of range. Kylala hissed.

“Kagome COME ON!”

“Hey.” The lattice of a human ribcage was in full view.

“Hey,” she repeated. His ears turned towards her.

The sun lowered itself a few fingers in the sky. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. The blood running down his fingers stopped.


         Step. Wait. Wait. Step. He croutched. Growled. The men had been slain before they’d arrived.

“How long do you think he’s been like this?”  said Sango.
“Hard to say,” Miroku whispered back. “Could be hours. Could have been days.”
“He wanted to be alone.” It was said as much to herself as to him. Shippo’s tiny hands were balled into first. He looked as if he were about to cry.


Step. Growl. She was almost in range. She took another step. Louder this time.

“Inuyasha.” She lifted her wrists, bending down to appear smaller. Her movements were slow.

“Kagome,” she suggested.“Ka-go-me.”

There was a slight furrowing brow. She bet her life on it. She put her arms around him. For a long time no one moved. His noise twitched. She could feel his breathing. He grabbed her arms and saw her upper eyelids shoot up.

“Go,” he said through teeth longer than he was used too. “You need to go.” Her eyebrows moved up and together. Not Prey. Not Kagome. He swallowed.

“When I push you say sit.” She shook her head no.

“Do. it.” He snarled. Her eyes flashed wide open. His head swum.
 “Find.. me... new moon.” The smell of blood was very strong.

He pushed. She skidded. Stumbled. Their eyes met and she hesitated. He began to propel himself forward. Her self presevation kicked at last.

“Oswali!” Kylala descended. Inuyasha clawed reflectively at the earth.
“Oswali!” They began to rise.

He held his breath, he could still smell Kagome. He  sped towards the heart of the forest. Sango hugged her, Shippo pushing against her side. Miroku put a hand on her shoulder. They watched him go. Away from the village at last. The sun lowered itself into dusk when they went down and to dig graves for the men and women he had murdered under tangerine skies.

Kaede’s hut was warm with fire. Each person nursed a cup of tea. It was late.
“Ye say the New moon?”
Kagome nodded trying to control her face.
“You Kagome should see yer family. Ye can bring back supplies for their families if ye think it right.”
“Monk, yer help is needed warding yonder village.”
“Here should be warded as well,” said Miroku, dark circles under his eyes.
Kaede nodded. “I can see to it.”
“I’d better come,” Sango spoke up. “Someone will need to watch him... while he’s casting.”  Miroku smiled at her.
“I’ll come!” pipped Shippo.
“I was hoping ye might assist me here,” Kaede said, forestalling his objections. “Some folks might like to see a helpful demon round about now.”
“I...” It was Kagome.
Kaede padded her leg. “Yer are welcome but yer family might like to see ye child.” Kagome nodded.

The next morning she walked alone. Someone was waiting at the well. Kagome froze but he had already spotted her.

Koga raised a hand but didn’t get up. Someone had told him women didn’t like when you snuck up on them and he had decided to try it.

 “Lady Kagome."
She walked her bike out and dropped it on the grass.
“Koga-kun." He stood. When she was close he sniffed, and growled. She flinched and he was down on one knee, taking her hands in a single motion.

"Why,” he said, “are you sad?” She broke contact. He was up. He hesitated before hugging her. She began to sob noiselessly. When he put his hand on the back of her head her crying became audible. He held her, patient. Waiting.

“Sorry,” she hiccuped finally. His fur was smeared. She reached up to wipe her face.
“Don’t be.”

She put some distance between them.

"Could you...” her face was blotchy and her nose was red. She looked up at him. “Could you keep him away from people? He doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

“Where is he?”
She told him. “Just til” her diaphram spasmed. “the new moon.”
“I’ll do my best.”

Kagome sat on the side of the well while he brought over her bike.
“Where do you want this?” 
“It needs to go in the well with me.”
He picked her up and jumped down. Reality faded.


Bujo came over, saw Koga, puffed up to twice his normal size, and ran off.

“That was my cat.”
Her grandfather walked past the cat invesigating. “Kagome!” he called.
“Is that you?”
Koga was out of the well in an instant. Her grandfather checked. Koga noticed he was still holding the bike. He dropped it.
“My name is Koga. I am prince of the Hakkaku wolf tribe.”
He bowed.
Her grandfather inclined his head.
“I was helping your-” Koga continued from his bow.
“Grandpa!” Kagome called.
“-granddaughter with her...” he trailed off glancing at the bike.
“Bike?” her grandfather suggested face serious, eyes twinkling.
“-bike when we came here.” Kagome’s head popped up above the well. He rose to offer her a hand. Once she was up he went back to bowing, lower this time.
“If you would consider me as a candidate for your granddaughter’s hand in marriage I would be honored.” Kagome and her Ge-chan blinked in unison.
“If you are to accept me,” said Koga who assumed Inuyashahad already made his case, “I will ensure that your granddaughter is both fat and happy.”
“I don’t think,” her grandfather interrupted “she wants to be fat.”
“Warm then! And safe. She need not fear another winter.” Koga said, his brow approaching the ground.
“Ok Koga, thanks again for all your help.” Kagome said breezily, pulling him up and leading him back towards the well by the arm. “You need to go.” She said. He nodded, looked back once, and jumped down the well. There was a blue flash.

Souta came running over.
“Who was that?”
“No one.”
“That,” said her grandfather “was a prince.”
“Waaaaa! Kagome why don’t I get to meet the prince?”
“Souta,” said sourly Kagome, “Shut up.”