InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Red and Blue ❯ Naked Life Saving ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It wasn’t every day Miroku had a beautiful woman in his arms, although on the occasions he could remember he was usually happier about it.

“Call me Akiri-chan.” She sniffled. Behind them Sango darken perceptively.
“Akiri-sama,” he sighed. “You’re safe. It’s over.” He tried to take a step back. She clung.
“Stay here, with me.” He glanced at Sango.
“You saved my life,” she repeated, trying again.
“She saved your life,” he corrected gently. Akari released him.
“Hey you!”
“You! Demon-hunter!” Reluctantly Sango turned away from the forest.
“I can see you married, to a cousin of mine,” Akiri did not particularly like her cousin.
“No thanks.” Sango breached the trees, Kylala beside her.
“I had better go. Please inform your father of your safety.”

 This time Akiri bowed. Rising she startled at the demon corpse. Who..? Who was going to bury the body?


“Sango wait!” 
      She ignored him walking out of sight. At the river she stripped her bloody clothes. Let him come after her.

       Miroku came out on a shallow mucky bend. Wet bloody sandals slicked throughthe mud, skidded down into a walker. A stone caught him awkwardly as he fell. Miroku tipped headfirst in the river and did not rise. Sango came running. She dove in after him, grabbing. He was ripped free. The current pulled him down, and away.

        Sango swam with the current, allowing the water to carry her down stream. They collected with it in a basin. She grabbed his wrist, pulling him up by the arm. His head and shoulders rose above the water He coughed.

        She was pressed against him, blowing air into his lungs the way Kagome had taught her. Miroku blinked, eyes wide.
        She pulled back slightly, the water falling into two falls beside them. There was the crash of water and the smell of the river. He looked at her lips. Her lips were red. Her pupils were large and dark like his own. She was breathing hard.
“I think I can stand.”  She released the hand pinned above him, her nakedness a mutual revelation. He shut his eyes. Sango bolted up the rocks.

“Kyla will help you,” she said, the fire cat already there. Behind her Miroku broke into a large shit-eating grin.
“Eat it.”
“Eat it.

Kaede and Shippo were locked in a battle of wills. Finally Kaede took the lizard from the fire and eat it whole. Shippo looked on in amazement.

“Hey!” Their eyes met. “Didn’t want that stupid lizard anyway.”

       It was of course a distraction. There was still some ill will towards demons and word had spread. Shippo was not allowed to play with the kids his age.

“I’m gonna color,” he said. Kaede sighed. A day of walking and ward had tired her. She looked at her narled hands and remembered when they had been long and lithe. The furrow in his brow told she hadn’t suceeded in distracting the boy. There was a knock outside the hut. A pale nervous man looked in.

       She began to gather the things she need. When they were bundled up all three left the hut.