InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Reminisce ❯ Reflections ( Chapter 1 )

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Aki opened her eyes momentarily, taking in the fragrance around her. It was peaceful here... Surrounded by greenery and open space. The waves gently splashed upon the shore, playing the consistent rhythm of water upon the sandy surface. Many different sounds played over and over through her mind, memorized and played in a song. Even Aki, herself, couldn't understand how such a vibrant area could be so corrupted by malevolence... Such evil clouded under the mask of such beauty... Even when it rained, it was still beautiful...

Taking in a deep breath, she captured the aroma of spring within her lungs, refusing to exhale until every last drop of the essence poured out from her need for air. A frenzy of scents entered her nostrils at once, all consuming her senses to find their place in enjoying this moment of bliss. It truly was a change to be outside this long for once... but, she honestly didn't do anything around the cabin anyway... Even though she was unhappy being there, it didn't seem like she was being harassed... The master's intentions bewildered even the smartest scholars... He had no intention to harm any of them, yet they were there against their will every day of their lives... It only seemed like he was plotting until the right moment to make his move... They were all only there for his eyes to watch them grow... since he didn't have that privilege... Even if aging was hated over time, one could not live for eternity and truly be happy. Their master was a youkai who was indeed quite fond of life, but at the same time, hated it...

The sound of the back door to the cabin sliding open shot her out of her thoughts and she turned to a now open door, but apparently whoever walked through it was already gone... Or somewhere watching her... With a huff, she turned her head into its original position and stood, scanning the trees with her hazel eyes thoroughly.

A light cracking noise to her left caused her head to jerk in that direction and a happy grin appeared on her face, as she ran happily toward the source. "Inu-Yasha-niisan!" She embraced him in a hug and he wholeheartedly complied to her affections, returning it. After a moment, she pulled back and smiled up at him like a child given the sweetest candy.

"Inu-Yasha-niisan! It's good to see you again! You finally came to visit me. It's been so long..."

He raised a brow at her. "You still call me that?"

"Of course I do! You're still my best friend, so I'll call you that to remind you!"

"Interesting how 'brother' is the word selection here..."

"Stop being so glum! I'm happy to see you! You should be happy to see me. Put a smile on for once Inu-chan!"

"Now you call me Inu-chan..."

She pulled back from the hug and looked skeptically at him. "What's with you today? Is it about yesterday...?"

He remained silent, giving her the hint that it was what she suspected... Smiling, she placed a hand on his shoulder with a somewhat confident level to her eyes. "You shouldn't dwell on the past so long ya know... We'll try again sometime soon..."

"But what if we never get out?"

"Don't look at it so negatively... All we have to do is keep our heads up..." Almost as if she acted without thinking, her smile disappeared and she hung her head slightly in doubt.

He placed his hand over the one she previously had on his shoulder with a small smile, trying his best to cheer her up. He opened his mouth to speak words to emphasize his actions, but changed his mind, knowing she would recognize the untruthfulness in his tone. Slowly, he looked at her face. She put that confident smirk on; showing her will to go forward. She had such a strong spirit even though she was only fourteen, soon to be fifteen... One year older than him.

"Aki..." he began in a low tone. "...How badly do you want to get out of here?"

She looked up to meet his golden eyes with her mouth slightly gaped in surprise of his question. It soon faded as she returned her gaze to the ground below them. "...I don't know... All I know is that, if I could be anywhere other than here for once in my lifetime... Even for just a day... I'd give my eternal soul..."

A long silence enveloped both of them for what seemed like an eternity; Aki's head downcast, and Inu-Yasha's gaze still locked onto the sandy brown hair that overtook her head. The only sound both of them heard were Aki's feet shuffling below her nervously. She bit her bottom lip anxiously, waiting for his reply... For him to say anything to make her even notice his presence.

Slowly, she felt his hand on her shoulder and looked up at his soft expression. His eyes showed how much he cared. After all the years they'd known each other, she never saw him like this... Usually he'd be the one to be in a shell, never letting it waver even if it cost him his life... And yet... here he was smiling at her and giving her comfort... How unusually odd of him...

"One day, Aki-ane-san... One day we'll get out of here... and be able to see the world like we always used to dream about..."

A content smile graced her lips as she looked into his caring eyes for the reassurance of his words. She just silently nodded, never taking her eyes away from that caring smile that she would probably never see again... "Hai, Inu-Yasha-oniisan... Hai..."


Aki shot up out of her bed, bangs plastered to her sweaty forehead and gripping onto the sheets with white knuckles. She brought her hands to clutch the area where her heart was, racing at an unnatural speed as she panted to get her breath back to her lungs. Sighing, realizing it was only a dream, she threw her sheets to the side and lazily turned so her legs dangled over the side of the bed. Calmly, she placed her feet on the cold wooden planks of the floor and stepped out of her bed, to the window, opening it to let in the fresh midnight air.

Wiping the sweat from her forehead, she leaned her shoulders on the ledge and calmly overlooked the large forestry that surrounded the house. Everything below her seemed to be set aglow by the moon's soft rays and the winds gentle motions, almost like a caress to Aki's skin. It wasn't that hot out and everything was peaceful... Maybe a walk would set her mind straight for the first time in two weeks...

Slinging her lavender jacket over her shoulder, she opened the door slowly, muting the usual creak it sounded so that she wouldn't wake her family, severing any chance she had at getting some fresh air. With one foot, she gently stepped out of the house's confinement and onto the soft grass that tickled her feet, gently welcoming her outside.

She sighed heavily as she removed her jacket to let the crisp midnight air soak into her body and sweep away her troubles... Just forget, Aki... she silently whispered to herself. It was hard enough to think about the past everyday... but to experience it all over again through the night?... She couldn't deal with that... Inu-Yasha was gone no matter how much she didn't want to believe it... He gave her hope... She was able to escape with the aid of his kind words... and his sacrifice... All for her... Another heavy sigh escaped from her lips as she closed her eyes, trying to forget all over again... Whenever she thought of him, things began to take a turn on her life... She knew one way or another... she would have to forget him... Inu-Yasha...

"Oh Inu-Yasha..." she whispered into the silent night. "You don't know how hard it is on me..."