InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Reminisce ❯ Strange Happenings ( Chapter 3 )

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Natsuko tapped impatiently on the side of her glass with her nail as the last bustling mass of people walked out the door, finished with the day's activities and ready to go back to their home. She looked down at the watch she still had with an aggravated sigh... It was already 7:00 P.M. and, as she expected, Aki was nowhere near the building or probably the whole block... Her patience slowly ticked away with the ticking of the clock on the far wall, and almost as an instinct, as soon as 7:01 hit, she was out the door and heading home, where she'd probably call Aki and ask what happened. She sighed inwardly and looked up. Red and orange stripes stretched across the far reaches of the sky, molding into a beautiful hot pink at the tip of the horizon in the distance behind her. It was certainly a sight to someone who hadn't been able to enjoy herself for close to two weeks... Ever since Aki fell into that miner depression, she'd been worried for the safety of her only friend and companion...

An inaudible sigh broke the semi-silence that befell her as the roar of a car rushed past her. Slowly, she regained her normal state of mind and resumed her walk back to her home without Aki. Maybe she needed time to think... Natsuko's original intention was to take her out to relax, and maybe even help her to have a good time... but maybe that was just something that would come in time... Aki had, however, told her that she was fine even if her actions said otherwise... Perhaps she only needed rest...

Lost in her own conscious, Natsuko continued along the path that would lead her home; all sounds around her subsided until nothing more than perfect silence. A small rustle to her left and then a 'thud' caught her attention, and she turned toward the source of the sound slowly. Walking up to the bushes, her eyes cast upon a small figure through the slowly dimming light of the setting sun.


. . .

"Is... Is someone there?..."

. . .

"Hmm... maybe it's just my imagination..." she stated simply, standing to her full height. "I should get home. It'll be late soon enough..."

. . .

Without a second thought, she turned her attention to the street again and walked off to her home figuring she would just leave Aki as she was for the time being. It was bad enough that the girl had to deal with all the problems in her life that she had now, so maybe she'd do her good to leave herself out... "I'm probably another burden anyway..." Falling into her own thoughts again, she continued her walk down the road and to home not aware of what she just left behind...


Heaving a quick sigh, Shippou opened his eyes as the scent of that human girl gradually faded into nothing. He looked out about the surroundings past the bushes' vines to get a better glimpse of this new world he so conveniently slipped into. Poking his head out from the underbrush, he cautiously looked left and right to see if anyone else was coming. It was bad enough that almost as soon as he was all alone on the street after that loud, metal, four-wheeled creature zoomed by that she had to come, barely leaving time for him to jump into the bush. She'd come without warning and he had almost gotten himself caught.

Mentally noting to be more careful, the small kitsune scurried across the road as fast as the eye could see, hurrying over a fence and into the corner of a rather small backyard. Watching for another metal creature, his forest-green eyes caught sight of a much more familiar form of transportation...

A bike!!

And lo and behold, before his very eyes, a small bike, somewhat like Kagome's, peddled by, a girl resting on its seat. He watched it until it was almost out of sight then decided it was time to take action...

Taking in a deep breath, Shippou did the one thing that had gotten him this far... followed the only thing he knew couldn't hurt him... That metal creature seemed to have the most horrible screech when it stopped in front of him, once again, letting him barely evade being caught.

Letting that slip to the farthest recesses of his mind, he hurried forward, making sure to stay hot on the bike's trail, out of its way, and in safe hiding all at the same time. Though this may seem stressing to do all at once, this particular fox youkai had determination on his mind and a will in his heart.

I'm coming Kagome... You just wait...


A small sakura fluttered down to Aki's sleeping face as a gentle summer breeze rustled the tiny petals away from their resting place on the hem of the Cherry Blossom tree. She didn't even rustle. The soft petals were a caress to her skin and didn't bother her enough to make her awaken. Her pacific-blue skirt, still the same skirt she wore with Natsuko on their 'day out', carelessly flipped its edges about at her hip, creating a rhythm in the wind. Her soft wavy hair blanketed her torso, gently blown into her face, almost leaving her snug navy blue sweater to not be seen.

A quiet, almost inaudible groan arose from her lips, murmured out tiredly. Disregarding the slight disturbance, she continued to fall back into sleep when a hand gently shook her arm, beckoning her awake.

Once again, only her eye twitched and she pulled her arm out of their grasp hoping to return to slumber... of which was not allowed...

"Aki sweetie..."

Reluctantly, Aki opened her eyes into slits to find a woman's knees before her. Looking up the slightest bit, she found it to be her mother, Mrs. Takashi, smiling lovely at her while holding something in her hand. It was then, and only then, that she was even half interested enough to even move. She sat up slowly and let her eyes properly adjust to the light again, be it the dim sunset.

"Hmm?" she muttered, wiping her eyes in the process.

The woman smiled again. "Aki dear, it's about time you come in. It's getting rather late and I don't think you'll want to sleep out here."

"" She looked out at the setting sun. "That's strange... it seemed so early before..."

"Yes, well... I'm afraid it's not." A short silence fell over them both, Aki staring at her mother wondering her actions, and Mrs. Takashi staring at her daughter the same way as before. Finally, she opened her palm fully and a small crystal-like necklace lay in her hand, twinkling in the darkness. When she saw it, Aki couldn't take her eyes away from it. It was beautiful! Absolutely astounding! It sparkled in darkness and the light reflecting seemed to be more valuable to her eyes than gold at the moment.

"M-Mother... What is this?" she asked as the tiny jewel was placed in her hand.

She closed her palm around it, pushing that hand up to the girl's heart as a gesture of what she wanted to say. "Take good care of this, my daughter..." A nod was all she could do. She was entrusting her with this...? Heh... That was something you didn't see everyday... especially if she had an attachment to it already...

"I..." she continued with a slightly frail tone. "I want you to keep hold of this... Don't ever let anyone take it..."

Aki stared at the jewel, her left arm propping her up and the rest of her body resting its weight on it. She stared at the necklace for a split second then looked directly to her mother. "Sure mom."

"No... No 'sure mom'. You have to promise me."

"... Huh? I said I'd--" she paused. "... I promise, mother..."

"Good." she stated emotionlessly, standing fully. Dusting her clothes off, she readjusted the ribbon binding her maple hair up, then walked off without even looking back.

Aki blinked, stupefied with the necklace still dangling up by her face. What... was THAT all about??

"Oh and Aki dear."

"Yes mother?"

"Please keep it always near you."

"...." she blinked once again. This was beginning to get more confusing with each word they exchanged... "Okay... I will..."

Mrs. Takashi only nodded then continued to walk into the house. Though she didn't seem as heartless as she had sounded a moment ago, Aki was still baffled... She shook her head clear of the thoughts and got up. "What am I doing? Questioning my own mother in times like this... She's been through a lot with dad and trying to keep everything in order now..." She sighed again. "Life is falling apart piece by piece... It'd be better if we could just let go of reality even for a split second..." A forlorn frown crossed her features as she got lost in the pitiful beauty of the small pink crystal. She twirled it in her hand to see every side of it. It was carved almost perfectly. Every gleam was tinged with perfection. This diamond of sorts was mesmerizing Aki into a world she didn't even know existed... a world where pain, humiliation, and sorrow was not real... a world that would be qualified as 'unreal' to the real world... but what if that world was the real one? What if the world she was cursed to live in was the fake one? What if...?


A shock went up her spine as the girl fumbled to keep the jewel in her hands, desperately trying to regain her senses. "Y-Yes mother?!"

"What are you doing?! You'll catch a cold! It's time to come in!"

"Right..." she looked down, a scowl turning on her face. She didn't even realize the stars were about to come out... Running quickly, Aki took in a deep breath to regain her normal state of mind again. Only stopping to cast a quick glance at her mother, she continued to run, turning a corner in a hallway and into her bedroom, instinctively dropping the necklace her mother had given her on the dresser and plopping on the bed, blankly staring at the ceiling without much expression. She rolled over and snuggled into her covers... and before she knew it... she was fast asleep...


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