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Summary: Many schools are known for how well the students are taught. Some schools are known for their attendance. And others are known for their strictness. But in the cases of Kagome Higurashi, Inuyasha Tama, Miroku Houshi, and Sango Taijiya, this school would be based on what attended, not who.

A preview from last chapter:

-:- "Doesn't matter, now lay back, prop ye foot up, and fill out those sheets. After ye's done, rest. I'll check up on ye from time to time." Kagome did as she was told. When she finished, Kagome placed the clipboards on the unused side of her bed. Leaning back, she closed her eyes. And opened them quickly when she felt something snuggle next to her.

Glancing down she noticed Shippo curled in a neat ball in the crook of her elbow. Smiling, she ruffled his orange head. Only then did she realize something. One second! He has a tail! Blinking rapidly, Kagome shook her head. Oh well, I should be used to youkai. Especially cute one's like Shippo. Stroking the kit's head, she soon fell into a deep slumber. -:-

Item Two: Ruined Memories

Kagome felt someone push softly on her shoulder. Annoying pest, she thought. Waving a hand and whapping it softly in the face, she turned on her side and snuggled deeper into her bed. This didn't seem to entertain her waker. After a few minutes and Kagome half asleep, the person dumped ice-cold water on the sleeping girl. Jumping out of bed so quick it shocked the offender with the bucket, Kagome let loose a few words that would make a sailor blush.

Inuyasha smirked. He, being no sailor, had used that phrase many times. "You're awake, good."

The young teenager looked at the hanyou. Smiling sadistically, she immediately came up with a plan to get him back. All I need is his room number and he's toast. "What the hell do you want? And couldn't you find a nice, dry, way to wake me up?" She gestured to her soaked body. "I feel like a human slushie."

Inuyasha grinned, "Not my fault. I did try to wake you 'nicely,' but you decided to just roll over and go back to bed."

"Well there are plenty of ways to wake someone without dumping water on them!"

"You're the wench that didn't get up!"

Kagome crawled over the bed. Looking Inuyasha straight in the eye, she diverted his gaze from where it should have been; on her foot. She kicked her leg as hard as she could, connecting between his legs. When he fell to his knees, she grabbed his head, and raised her knee to meet his nose. "You prick. You fucking prick. I told you not to call me a wench." Kagome kept smashing her knee into his face until she felt a calming hand on her shoulder. Letting the bloody Inuyasha go, she turned to the one who had saved him.

Kaede stood behind her, gauze and clipboard in hand. Kagome blushed. "Uh... You see... Um... It's not what it looks like!"

Kaede smiled, shaking her head, she propped Inuyasha on adry bed and began to bandage his face. "So what did occur between ye and Inuyasha?"

Kagome shrugged, all abashment set aside. "He called me a wench when I specifically told him not to. So I pounded his nose flat." Kagome shivered, her clothes were freezing!

Kaede notice her tremble, "Go on. He'll be fine. He's a hanyou."

Kagome nodded, "Thanks." She turned to leave, then turned back. "All this fighting; am I going to get in trouble?"


"Good. Well, thanks again, Ms. Kaede, for patching me up." Kagome glanced around. "Where's Shippo?"

"He left three days ago."


"Did I say days? Oh, I meant hours." Kaede muttered under a soft chuckle.

Kagome glared at the old woman and left the infirmary, lest she do something stupid. Shutting the door behind her, she looked up and down the halls. They were empty, excluding the torches of light. They use torches? What else, quills? Kagome continued to wonder the halls. May as well as get to know this place. Couldn't do that much harm.

Kagome turned a right, colliding with a wooden cabinet. Stepping back and rubbing her head, she moved herself in front. In the cabinet were pictures of old sports teams and different clubs. Let's see, track, baseball, basketball, and soccer. Well, Sota would love this place if it has it's own soccer team. Let's see, what else. Judo, Kendo, archery, gymnastic, martial arts... Damn they have everything. Wait! What's this! Crouching so she could see the bottom she found the one thing she had always wanted to do.

"Drama!" Kagome clapped her hands once and pressed them to her chest. She couldn't believe it! "I just hope no one I hate is in that class." Standing swiftly she felt her ankle throb. "I should have taken that slower. Well, might as well as go to my room." Sighing dejectedly, Kagome turned away from the awards cabinet. Now, which way to my room? Coming to a hallway that split two ways, Kagome smacked her head. She really shouldn't have been ranting when she left her room. Well all I can do is guess. Walking down the left she smiled when she found a familiar door. Okay from here, I take a left, keep going, and then turn right. Now I remember! Turning another left, she continued down the corridor.

On the last right, she found a large crowd positioned outside her room. Not caring about her ankle, Kagome ran forward. Pushing past people, she came to the door, what she saw nearly made her cry. Stretched across the threshold was her bedding, sliced and covered in what Kagome hoped was red dye. Pressing her hand to her mouth, she walked up to the blue sheets. Touching the comforter she nearly shrieked when it gave way and her plush animal fell out, along with her clothes. They were in no better shape then her bedding.

Kagome choked. Something was tickling the back of her throat. Opening her mouth she found that it was a laugh. Not a laugh that you would get from a joke, but a hysterical laugh. Everyone around her took a step back. No one wanted to be around some crazed lunatic, but for some reason she couldn't stop laughing. Dropping to her knees, she felt the itching of her eyes, and soon tears followed her laughs.

When the laughs were gone, all that remained were the wet sobs that racked her small body. Pressing her face into her hands, Kagome slowly started to lose it. It's all gone. My family, my stuff, the only thing that reminded me of my father, ripped to shreds. Soon her laughter was back and Kagome was rocking to and fro, clutching her stomach. No one understands, no one will understand. How can they? I won't let anyone.

At that point Kagome felt two sets of arms wrap around her. Looking up she found Sango, a small watery smile gracing her lovely face. Glancing down she found Shippo, his aqua eyes filled with tears. Patting him on the head and Sango on the hand, she lifted herself to her feet. Wiping her eyes she turned to the throng. "All right, get out of here before you all wake up with no hair." Leaning down and picking up Shippo she hugged him tight. Wrapping Sango in a one-arm hug, she smiled wider. "So do you two want to help me clean this up? I have some money so I can by new things." The both shot her a troubled glance. "Don't worry about me, I'm fine. Though, how I'm going to sleep is going to be a problem."

Sango smiled. "Kagome, don't worry, I have some extra bedding. And your clothes; you can borrow some of mine too."

Kagome nodded twice, "Thanks, Sango. Even if we met today, you've been more of a friend then I could pray for." Pulling Sango into a friendlier hug, she smiled when a slight weight pressed against her left shoulder. "I thank you too, Shippo. You also have been a good friend."

"Thanks Kagome!" Kagome smiled wider at the little boys enthusiasm.

Sighing, she released her hold on Sango. Turning to the crowd she waved a hand at them. "Okay, nothing to see, go away. Didn't I threaten that none of you will have any hair?" The crowd started to protest. "Yeah, yeah, bite me." Turning to her ruined possessions, Kagome groaned. "Well better start to clean up before Miss. Pink comes." Reaching for the top peg that held her sheets to the doorframe. Hold on, Kagome's eyes caught a flash of color. Pulling the thumbtack from the wood she analyzed it. It's pink... Kagome's cobalt eyes darkened to a deep gray. "Kikyo."

Sango looked at Kagome, she had been pulling the blankets from the entrance. "Kikyo? Kikyo Miko? What does she have to do with anything?" She watched as Kagome rolled the pink pin in her palm. "That pin..." Sango's mind clicked. "I see, but how will you prove it?"

Kagome shrugged, her usual optimistic mode dulled. "No clue." She pocketed the tack and continued her work. Humming a familiar song, Kagome almost laughed when Shippo and Sango started to sing along.

Fukai fukai mori no oko Ni ima mo kitto

Okizari Ni shita kokoro kakushit'Ru yo

Sagasu hodo no chikara mo naku tsukarehatete

Hito bito WA eien no yami Ni kieru

Chisai mama Nara kitto ima demo mieta Kama

Boku-tachi WA ikiru hodo Ni

Nakushite'ku sukoshi zutsu

Itsuwari ya USU WO matoi

Tachisukumo koe mo naku

Aoi Aoi sora no ira ma kidsukanai mama

Sugite yuku mainichiga kuwatte yuku

Tsukurareta wakugumi WO koe ima WO ikite

Sabitsuita kokoro mata ugo kidasu yo

Toki no rizume WO shireba mo ichido toberu darou

Boku-tachi WA samayoi nagara

Ikite doko mada mo

Shinjite'Ru hikari motome

Aru kidasu kimi to ima

Boku-tachi WA ikiru hodo Ni

Nakushite'ku sukoshi zutsu

Itsuwari ya USO WO matoi

Tachisukumo koe mo naku

Boku-tachi WA samayoi nagara

Ikite yuku doko made mo

Furi kaeru

Michiwoto zashi

Aruite'ku eien Ni

Tachisukumo koe mo naku

Ikite yuku eien Ni

Kagome smiled when the song ended. It was her favorite, he dad used to sing it to her when she couldn't sleep. Gathering her spoiled belongings in her arms, she thanked Shippo and sent him to bed. Taking a quick look to make sure he got in his room, she turned to Sango. "Where should I put my stuff?"

Sango tapped her chin in thought. "You know what."


"I think Ms. Kaede could fix that stuff up."

Kagome looked shocked, "Do you really think so?"

"I'm pretty sure." Sango grabbed Kagome's arm and started to pull her to the nurse's office. "She was always good at sewing up my pants when they ripped during my fights."

"You fight?"

"Martial Arts Club for three years." Sango said slightly blushing.

"Won any of the trophies in the trophy case?"

"Three of the ten." More blushing.

"Way to go Sango. Hey, you're name ends with 'go!'" Kagome giggled, Sango joining her.

"I never noticed that. It's amazing what happens when you aren't paying attention to things."

Kagome nodded. I know more then I let on to believe. "Oh, we're here." Sango pushed open the door. Following the exterminator, Kagome smiled. "You know, my first day and already I've been to the nurse twice. That has to be a new record."

Sango grinned, "Actually, the standing record is 154."

"In a day!"

"Mhm, Miroku Houshi."

"He's the guy you mentioned earlier," Kagome tapped the little bell twice. "Why did he get sent to the nurse so many times?"

"For being a lecherous hentai," Sango scoffed in disgust.


"He would grope girl's asses or ask them to bear his child."

Kagome sweat dropped, "That isn't comforting."

"Yeah well, I usually catch him before he cope a feel."

"Isn't that handy?" Kagome held up a hand, "No pun intended." Turning to the desk, she noticed Kaede still not there. Sighing, she tapped the silver bell once more.

"I'm coming, hold onto ye's horses."

"I don't have any horses but I do have something to ask you."

Kaede came from the room with the beds, "Ah, Kagome dear, what brings ye here? Get in another fight?"

Kagome shook her head. "No not that. I was wondering if you could do a bit of sewing."

"Sewing?" Kaede's eye glanced down to the bundle in Kagome's arms. "I see. Follow me." Sango and Kagome followed the older woman into a smaller room. The woman set to work on boiling some water for tea. "Place the ruins in the corner. I'll fix them in the morning and have them to ye in the evening."

Kagome did as she was told, "Thank you so much, Ms. Kaede." Accepting a cup of tea from Kaede and settling herself at the table, Kagome carefully sipped the mixture. "First my ankle and now my bedding, I'm such a nuisance."

"Don't speak like that, child. Ye are healthy and active, nothing wrong with that. Ye had an unfortunate prank, I'm glad ye found a friend to help ye. I don't mind doing what little work patching ye's quilts will be." Kaede smiled and made herself comfortable on her favorite cushion.

Kagome nodded. For the next hour, the three talked about different things until at last Kaede looked at the clock. "Come now, children. It's ten o'clock, time for bed." The two young girl's stood, bowing respectfully to Kaede and moved to leave. "Kagome, child."

"Yes, Ms. Kaede?" Kagome turned to the older woman.

"Even if it's not in style," the woman stood with the cracking of bones. She shuffled to her desk and pulled out a white and red outfit. Handing it to the ebony-haired girl, she smiled at the young one's smile. "Do ye wish to have it?"

Kagome's mouth dropped, "I-I couldn't."

"Of course not, but have it anyway." Kaede smiled.

Kagome nodded dumbly, she seemed to be doing that a lot lately. "Thank you so much, Ms. Kaede." Wrapping her arms around the stout woman, she hugged her warmly. "Thank you."

Kaede chuckled, "Of course, my dear. Now go to bed."

Kagome smiled, "Yes, ma'am." With that, Sango and Kagome left, the promise of a new day clear in their minds.

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