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Summary: Many schools are known for how well the students are taught. Some schools are known for their attendance. And others are known for their strictness. But in the cases of Kagome Higurashi, Inuyasha Tama, Miroku Houshi, and Sango Taijiya, this school would be based on what attended, not who.

A preview from last chapter:

{ Kagome twitched, how dare he act like she was some kind of lower being! Looking at the little toad demon, she noted that he held onto the two-headed staff of his a little tight. Pulling the wand from his hands and placing it on the desk, which was three times his size, she took a seat to the far right. Not paying attention when he started to yell at her and call her a witch.

"Shut your mouth and teach, you mutated germ!" A voice yelled from the back. A very familiar voice.

Turning in her seat, Kagome looked in the back. A flash of silver and yellow. "INUYASHA!?"

"The one and only." }

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Item Five: School With Inu? Part One. . .

Kagome groaned. Just my luck, just my friggin' luck! Turning back to the, as Inuyasha so beautifully put it, mutated germ, Kagome tried to concentrate on the lesson. Don't look at the dog, don't look at the dog, and don't look at the dog. . . After awhile the chant that echoed through her mind was starting to drive Kag crazy. You see Kagome is the girl that, when one door closes, she has to open it, and see what's inside. She tried to distract herself by pulling out a sketchpad and doodling, but as it turned out, all she could draw was the forbidden hanyou. Growling in frustration, her mind screamed. Screw it! Look at him, ease the mental pain. Give in to it! Succumb to me, and if there was one thing that Kagome didn't do, it was going down without a fight.

Taking a deep breath, she looked out the window. Maybe something out there would distract her. Tapping her fingers on the desk, she barely winced when a paper ball hit her ear. The ball dropped to the ground, granite markings showing that it was a note. Looking at Jaken, she carefully lifted the paper into her lap. Who did she know that would actually pass her a note? Thinking of no one, she opened the paper with interest. Only to drop it on the ground with a shocked expression.

On the paper was Kagome, her body in a compromising position with Jaken. Eye twitching, she turned around, glaring, for all that she was worth, at Inuyasha. I'm going to kill that dog. I am so going to kill that bastard! I am going to shove that piece of paper so far down his throat, his breakfast is going to see it! Grabbing said paper, and shoving it into her hakama's deep pocket, she was surprised to feel, what felt like, a necklace. Pulling it out she gasped in awe.

It was, indeed, a necklace, but like none she had ever seen before. It had blue beads with what looked like yellow fangs after every five beads. Scratching her head wondering what the necklace was for she stuffed it in her pocket, making a mental note to return it to Kaede. Turning her attention back to Jaken once again, she smiled when he asked a fairly simple question.

"Do any of you worthless scum even understand what's coming from my mouth?" His voice sounded strained, as if he was scared of something.

Kagome raised her hand.

"What do you want craven human?"

"Craven?" Kagome shook her head and giggled softly.

"Shut up, cur!"

Kagome stopped laughing and glared at Jaken. "I ain't a cur. If anyone in this room was, it would be Inuyasha."

A growl. "I heard that!"

She looked back and smiled wickedly, "You were meant to, love."

"Feh, I'm not your 'love'."

Kagome grinned widened, "Of course not, honey." She deeply emphasized the word, 'honey.'

"Stop with the love names!"

"Of course, dog boy." (A/n: I love calling him that! It's so much fun!)

"I am not a dog!"

"I don't know, isn't 'inu' supposed to mean 'dog'?"

"None, of your damned business."

"Down boy, no need to bitch."

"I AM NOT A BITCH!" Inuyasha stood and walked over to Kagome's desk. Kagome stood and glared at him.

"Whoever said that?"

"If you too will excuse my interruption." Jaken was fairly pissed, his once green skin had taken on a sickly brown color.

The two teenagers looked over at him. "No!"

"That's it! Both of you in the hall!"

"No way am I going out there with this mangy mutt!"

"What you call me wench?" Kagome curled her fingers into a fist and aimed it for Inu's face. He simply caught it. "Uh-uh-uh," he taunted, waving his index finger at her like she was a child. "Girls shouldn't fight."

"Bite me!"

"You know, I would my darling Kag-chan, but as I am already spoken for," he sighed, as if all the world's burdens rested on his shoulders, "I can't."

"'Kag-chan'? Kag-chan this!" Kagome brought her left knee up, connecting solidly with Inuyasha's *sensitive spot*, if you get my drift. Pulling her left hand out of his weakened grip, she brought it down, hitting him right between his ears. "Don't you dare suggest that I want you again!" Turning on her heels, Kagome gathered her things and turned to the now righted Inuyasha. "You can go kill yourself for all I care. Better yet, let me do it for you!" Pulling the paper, the one he had thrown earlier at her, out of her pocket she proceeded to try and force it down his throat.

Everyone that had been still and quietly watching the two, now stood. All the girls went to pull Kagome away from Inuyasha, while the boys did the same to Inu. Kagome's eyes watered, "I hate you! I hate you!" She tried to pull away from the restraining hold the girl's had on her. "I'm going to. . ." Kagome's vision darkened, she started to remember what happened earlier that morning. "I'm going to. . ."

{Flashback} {On Kagome's bed was Kikyo and some long-purple-haired guy having sex, a famous band screaming lyrics came through Kikyo's boom box to block out the 'passionate' noise. The two girls and the involved couple stared at each other, that is until Kagome let out a scream and dragged Sango out of the room, slamming the door behind her. }

Her body weakened and her breathing was labored. She watched as Inuyasha started to spit pieces of paper out of his mouth.

"You are one crazy bitch."

Kagome barely smiled, "Why thank you." Her half-lidded eyes looked over at the girl's holding her back. "You can let go now, I'm not going to hurt him anymore." They hesitantly let her go. Turning to Jaken she tried to smile, "Well look's like I gotta go into the hall now, so ja ne." Taking the wand down from the desk, she tossed it in the air, the two-headed staff landing on a rafter. "Have fun getting that you sea urchin!" The entire classroom started laughing like a bunch of maniacs. Shaking her head, Kagome stepped out of the classroom.

After a few minutes of waiting, Kagome wasn't to surprise to see Inuyasha walk out of the classroom as well. "Hey, Inu-chan."

"I'm not your friend."

"Oh, are you still upset about the paper thing. Well I do digress, that was a little extreme."

"'A little' extreme?" he turned to her, " 'A little' extreme, is kicking me in my balls."

Kagome muttered something, but Inuyasha heard it all to well. "Not that there was much to kick."

"I heard that."

"Then I won't have to repeat it."

"Watch it. . ." Inuyasha warned, his voice carrying a small hint of a threat.

Kagome looked down, then raised her arms, "Nooooo, thank you."

Inuyasha growled, "Wench."



"Dog boy."


"Puppy Chow."


Kagome slapped Inuyasha as hard as she could. How dare he say that to me! Breathing heavily and glaring at the amber-eyed hanyou, Kagome's thoughts turned to killing that bastard. "How dare you? I am not like that!"

Inuyasha smirked, "Are you sure? I bet that if I tried to woo you right now I could."

"Try it, I dare you!" Kagome didn't have time to prepare for what happened next. Inuyasha grabbed both of her wrists and now held them above her head, her large sleeves falling to her shoulders, leaving both of her arms bare. His body pressed up against hers causing heat and a dull throb to erupt in her lower belly. "Wh-What are you doing?"

"Giving you exactly what you want." Inuyasha's lips came crashing down on her own, taking her first kiss in their brutal demand of dominance.

Kagome whimpered. This was not how she wanted her first kiss to be like. She wanted to give it to someone she loved, she didn't love Inuyasha, she loathed him. . . Didn't she? She felt him licking at her unyielding lips, and, completely on instinct, she opened them, allowing his tongue inside her mouth. I can't believe he's doing this to me! And I'm doing nothing to stop it! Moaning when one of his hands slipped from her wrist and trailed down her body, she gasped lightly when it cupped one of her breasts. Warmth spread quickly through her body when his thumb made small circles outlining her nipple.

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Tilting her head to the right in an attempt to deepen the kiss, she wasn't all aware of the fact of the bell ringing above her head until the door to Mr. Jaken's classroom opened. With speed unimaginable to man, Inuyasha was away from her, his backpack on his shoulder, running to his next class.

Slowly bringing her arms to her side and sliding down the wall, Kagome subconsciously pressed her fingers to her lips. Closing her eyes and licking her lips, she couldn't help but relish in the taste that was Inuyasha.

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After a few more seconds of savoring her first kiss, Kagome grabbed her overly large backpack and dragged it to her next class. Joy, history, my favorite. . . Not! Next to mathematics, history was Kagome's most hated subject, even if she was the best in it. "Oh well," she said trailing behind a bunch of students looking at the doors for her class, "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it." After a finding her door she went to open it, muttering, "Repeat history my ass!" After walking into the room she looked around. Maybe I can get away with not having to introduce myself! Walking past a bunch of desks, she found an empty one. . . and claimed it as hers. Dropping her stuff and sitting, she listened to what the crowd of girl's off to the side was saying.

"Did you hear, Inuyasha got threatened and almost killed!"

"I did. Who would have guessed that it would be a girl?" Kagome blushed and sank lower in her seat.

"I heard it to. They're saying she stuffed a piece of paper down his throat trying to suffocate him."

All three girls looked at each other, "Poor Kikyo!" They said at once, making Kagome's eyebrow twitch.

Poor Kikyo my ass! They don't even know that she's cheating on Inu-chan! Kagome jerked in her seat and sat straight, did I just think of him as Inu-chan?! Oh God, What's going on with me?! Kagome shook her head violently. What is my problem? His names Inuyasha. . . INU-YA-SHA! Yashi-chan! What the heck? Inuyasha! His name is Inuyasha! Taking a deep breath and glancing at the front of the class, imagine her surprise when the boy of her thoughts came walking in, Miroku not far behind him. Groaning and tilting her head back, Kagome was barely aware that the girls from before ran up to Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha are you okay? That psycho bitch didn't hurt you right?" Kagome snickered. Right, me hurt him that's rich! "We heard all about it. She should get a detention or suspended, maybe even thrown in jail!" Kagome groaned again. How can someone be so incredibly dim?

A tap on her shoulder brought Kagome out of her world. Looking up she found herself staring at Sango. "You're in this class too?" Sango asked, taking a seat next to Kag.

"I guess." Kagome sighed, "well let's see. Miroku, Inuyasha, you, me, who else will be in this class?"

Sango shook her head, "Well, there's the three girls talking to Inuyasha. They're names are Yura, Kanna, and Kagura."

Kagome shivered. "They're so bubbly, kinda creepy if you ask me. . ."

Sango giggled. "Creepy, indeed."


"Nothing. . ."

Kagome let it slide. "So who else is in here?"

"Uhh, there's Kikyo," a look of disgust past by Kagome's face. "Yeah, yeah, I know. Well then there's Hiten and Manten." A sweat drop. "Naraku." Confusion. "The one we saw earlier."

Shiver, "Oh."

"Shippo, Kouga, Rin, and Nobunaga."


"A clumsy fool that thinks some girl likes him."


"Some wolf demon. Don't worry about him."

Kagome sweat dropped. "Okay. . ." Suddenly a serious air came over her. Turning in her seat, she barely aimed when her palm smacked Miroku's left cheek. "HENTAI!" Everyone looked over at her. Kagome now was standing, her feet pounding the grounded lecher. "You baka! Don't ever touch me there! I swear the next time you do I won't let you off easy!"

Plopping in her seat with a huff, everyone's eyes trailed to the floor. If it wasn't for the beaded hand thingy and monk clothes, no one would have known that was Miroku. The same thought flickered through their minds, 'I'd hate to see her go hard. . .' They all winced at the thought.

After taking their seats (Three rows, each holding five students. Here's how they're situated. First row, Nobunaga, Kikyo, Naraku, Rin, Shippo. Second row, Hiten, Kanna, Manten, Kagura, Kouga. Third row, Miroku, Yura, Inuyasha, Sango, Kagome) and the school bell rang, a small speck could be seen hopping into the classroom. Kagome sweat dropped again, quickly getting over her anger at Miroku. Leaning towards Sango, Kagome whispered, "a flea is teaching us?"

"He's a demon flea!" Sango stressed.

"Uh-huh." Kagome smiled. "He's still a flea."

"So what? You were being taught math by a, what was it you said again, overgrown sea urchin?"

Kagome blushed, "So what? I was about to call him a frog, but that's an insult to amphibians."

Sango giggled softly. "You're too much Kag-chan."

Kag smiled, "Thank ye kindly, miss." She did a small hat bow like in the old western movies, grinning even more when Sango started to crack up.

"K-K-Kagome, stop that!" She laughed harder when Kagome grabbed a pair of 'reins' and took off on her valiant 'steed' off into the 'sunset.'

Kagome put on her most serious looking face, "I'm not doing anything." She clasped her hands together and placed them softly on her desk, crossing her ankles under the desk. "Not a thing." Looking over at Sango she did the only thing she could think of. Wiggling her ears up and down, she smiled when Sango laughed harder then before. This caught everybody's attention. Kagome glared at them all, "Do you all want to look like Miroku?" Shaking their head's they turned back in their seats. Shrugging her shoulder's, Kagome turned to the fuming Sango. "Heh heh. . . Sorry?"

Glaring. "Oops. . ."

"Oops, isn't quite what you should be saying. . ."


"Kagome, two words. ' Run,' and 'Fast.'" Kagome leapt to her feet and started to run around the classroom, Sango hot on her tail.

"I'm sorry Sango! I shouldn't have made you laugh."

"Tough beans! You already did it so here's your punishment."


"Not quite!" (Yes, during this entire thing, Myoga still hasn't noticed)

"Then what?" Kagome looked behind her, not a smart thing to do. . . Slamming into what felt like a wall, Kagome fell to the floor with a soft 'thump.' Standing and rubbing her injured backside, she glared at her barricade. Deep golden eyes pierced her own. "I-Inuyasha?"

The eyes steeled, "Not quite, Miss. Higurashi."

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