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Summary : Many schools are known for how well the students are taught. Some schools are known for their attendance. And others are known for their strictness. But in the cases of Kagome Higurashi, Inuyasha Tama, Miroku Houshi, and Sango Taijiya, this school would be based on what attended, not who.

A preview from last chapter :

-:- Kagome shook her head, "You better be happy that you are so cute." Reaching up, Kagome gave Inuyasha's ear a soft rub, before turning to Sango and talking to her.

Miroku patted Inuyasha on the back, "You're whipped."
"Sure you aren't. Oh well, was the make-up sex good?"
"We didn't have sex."
"Okay, then was the make-up make-out good?"
"The best..." That's when the buses for the field trip decided to show. -:-

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KagomeS tanton

Item Ten : The Truth... The Mall Trip... Part Two

She ran. She darted in and out of trees, the screams of her friends plaguing her thoughts. She had ran. She hadn't stopped and helped, she had ran like a coward.

You are a coward, Misss. Higurassshi. ' The snake's voice invaded the shrieks, tormenting Kagome's mind further.

Leave me alone, I'm not a coward. Tears slid down her porcelain features. I'm not a coward.

You are, and you know it. '

No, I'm not.

Then tell me, where are your friendsss. ' Kagome continued to run, the yells and the accusation of Lady Freya weighed heavily on her mind. ' You're a coward and you knowsss it. '

I am not.

You are. '


:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: Normal POV :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:

I AM NOT ! The scream was soft, barely above a whisper. Kagome jerked forward from her position on Inuyasha's shoulder. Breathing heavily, her eyes flew across the small bus. Everyone was in their own world, they payed no mind to the fact the girl in the back seat had one of the worst nightmare she could remember. That included the months after her father died.

Shivering softly, Kagome glanced to her right. Inuyasha had leaned his head softly against the window of the bus, his eyelids closed, the movement behind them revealed his present state. That, and the small drop of drool that slid from the side of his mouth, a small trail of saliva being left in its wake. Biting her tongue to hold back a laugh, Kagome slid her sleeve up over her thumb and proceeded to wipe the pearl of spittle away. During this, she wasn't aware when a pair of amber-gold eyes opened at the contact.

:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: Inuyasha's POV :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:

I felt a small pressure on my lip and traced its way down my chin. Cracking my eyes open slowly, as to not startle the invader, imagine my surprised when I noticed raven black hair that shined blue in the light, but was dull because of the overcast. Damn the potential threat of rain, I love the way Kagome's hair shined, but not as much as her eyes. The blue so deep you could drown, but the warmth from them so intense that you would do it happily. I couldn't hold back the tug of my lips at the thought. Could some one actually die happy?

The smile I had alerted Kagome of my consciousness, and she pulled back, a small blush spreading across her cheeks. How I savored the fact that I was the one to bring such color to her cheeks. Grinning like a madman, I shifted my position so I now rested my entire weight on the seat, not the freezing window. Why the blush, Kags?
Despite her embarrassment, the girl smiled, Well, I didn't think that you would wake up while I was wiping spit from your face. It was my turn to become red. "Why the blush, Inu?" I swear, she was breaking laws by looking sexy and innocent at the same time.

"I wasn't slobbering." The green of her shirt came into my vision, it was slightly wet from what I was sure of, was my slobber. "So what?"

"That wet spot isn't mine..." I'm pretty sure my face resembles a ripe tomato right now. "Come on Inuyasha, I didn't know you were so good at vegetable imitations, how about a beet this time?"

I would not be out done by her, never will I admit defeat! Never! "Beet, huh? Are you sure you don't wanna beat me?" Her face turned a bright scarlet. "Well, if I'm good at vegetables, you make mighty fine fruits. You look like a cherry ripe for the picking."

Kagome was about to say something but stopped when Sango's irritated voice interrupted her. "What the hell are you guys going on about? What's this about fruits and vegetables."

Kagome adverted her gaze, lest Sango see her face, "It's nothing, go back to your nap. Miroku looks a little sad that you left him in dreamworld alone." Sango grumbled something uncomprehensible back at her. Shaking her head at her drowsy friend, Kagome looked back at me. "Should I have told her we're about three minutes from the mall?"

"How do you know were so close?" She rolled her eyes and pointed out the window. A large sign towered us. I read what it had to say:

'Sabishii Mall'
'Three Minutes til destination...

Funny, I've never noticed that before...

:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: Kagome's POV :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:

The minute I stepped into the large structure of the mall, I knew that something wasn't right. There seemed to be a deep pulling in my soul, something that was warning me. Something that told me to run. Run. Run while you're still alive!

Rubbing my temples as I felt the beginnings of a headache, the throbbing only intensified at my touch. Wincing and withdrawing my hands from the side of my face, I tried my best to put on my brightest smile. The pain wouldn't go away, neither would the warning I felt. Run! Quickly! Get out of here before its to late!

I continued to walk next to Inuyasha, who walked beside Miroku, who in turn, had Sango on his side. It kinda looked like a messed up version of 'The Wizard of Oz', all we needed now was Toto. And maybe a little skipping, while Shippo ran around singing the 'Lollipop Guild' song.
Giggling at my own stupidity, and trying hard to ignore the pain in my head, I leaned into Inuyasha's shoulder. "So, were are we going first?" I asked, bored from just walking around the mall.

And who to be first to answer my question than a certain perverted lech?

"I've heard of this new store. It's great. You girls would love it!" He smiled reassuringly at me and Sango.

Stealing a glance at Sango, I shrugged. "Whatever, doesn't matter to me."

"Couldn't care less." Sango said nonchalantly.

Miroku smiled. "But, if we do go, you both have to buy something from there. Promise?"

Cue heavy sighs. "Alright, fine." We muttered half-heartedly. We tried to ignore the perverted grin on his face, what was he so happy about?

And not to mention Inuyasha, he seemed very happy, if the slight tensing of his muscles and the shaking of his shoulders had any indication.

Following Miroku could prove hazardous...


Imagine our surprise when me and Sango found ourselves standing in front of a Victoria's Secret. We stood rooted in place, neither of us had the courage to step another foot towards the threshold of THAT store.

Now I understood why Inuyasha was laughing, he's just as perverted as Miroku!

Without a second thought, I spun on my heels and made a mad dash for a different store. Well, at least, that was my plan. It would have worked had I not have had a hanyou as a boyfriend. He had simply reached over and grabbed my waist, tossing me over his shoulder like a prisoner.

"Where do you think you're going?" His tone was a little to... bouncy... for my likes.

I started to punch his back with all my strength. Prisoner I am treated, prisoner shall I act. "I'M NOT GOING IN THERE! I'M NOT! I'M NOT! I'M NOT! Let me down!"

Inuyasha smirked, not that I could see it well. "What about your promise."

"Miroku said if we go. Well, if I don't go in, then I'm safe. I won't have to buy anything!" I noticed that the tiled floor started to move and Inuyasha's legs were moving. "No! I'm not going, I'm not going!"

But despite my protests... I still found myself in that store.

Giving Inuyasha and Miroku's glares that I'm sure had them bursting into flames on the inside, I glanced around the store. Maybe they sold perfume or other NON-sexual things. I smiled stupidly when my eyes fell on the rack of night wear. Skipping over to the rack, I sifted through the choices, decidedly ignoring the groans from the boys. Serves them right, thinking I'M going to buy a thong. Gross.

Coming across a red outfit, I lifted it up in the air, as if I was debating on getting it. Yeah, right. It was a step above a corset. Not exactly the most comfortable thing to sleep in, I'm sure. Hearing the intake of Yasha's breath, I smirked. I'm too good for words. Replacing it on the rack, I giggled. I haven't had this much fun in ever! Stepping away from the rack with my smirk still in place, I walked over to Sango, who was sniffing at a perfume she had spritzed on her wrist.

"Hey, Kags."


"Does this smell any good to you?"

Leaning over I sniffed lightly at Sango's wrist. The scent of vanilla made my nose twitch. Uh oh...


"Sure, Sango. Smells great. Excuse me while I go find something to wipe my nose with." Hurrying away from the fragrance department, I half ran to the counter, my eyes sliding over anything that I could wipe my nose with. Even with my hand covering it, I still felt as if, somehow, snot and spit were seeping through my fingers. Not a nice feeling, I'll tell you now. Grabbing a pack of tissues from a basket I hurried over to the register to make my purchase.

I also noted the boys making soft groaning noises.

Well, I guess I'm killing two birds with one stone...

Or is it two birds with one hankie?


"You're right Miroku, Sango and I did enjoy that store." I grinned evilly. Ah, sweet revenge. Instead of buying lingerie, Sango and I had bought packs of tissues. Pulling one out, I slid it softly under my nose, "I've never had such soft tissues. Have you, Sango?"

Inuyasha growled, "They're Kleenex. Drop it."

Sango remained undaunted, "Never, Kagome. They're better then," she slid one of her own tissues across her nose, "silly lingerie. Correct, Kagome?"

"True, true. What would we do with thongs and bras hardly capable of holding our breasts up?"

"I could think of a few things, you sluts." At the voice, very familiar to me, the four of us started. Glancing behind us, we saw Kikyo and Naraku standing not to far from a book store.

My attention was caught. "Oh, books!"

Kikyo looked shocked, probably because I wasn't shouting an insult at her, but who cares? There's books! Side stepping the two, I made my way to the store. Or I was trying to, but then Naraku grabbed my shirt. What was it with people and trying to stop me?

Growling at the boy who had a firm hold on my shirt, I lifted my fist, fully intent on knocking his lights out. Of course, being the suave, protective boyfriend, Inuyasha was there first. Damn him, doesn't he understand I can take care of myself?

Oh, well, it actually feels nice to be protected, not protecting. As long as he doesn't go overboard...

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Don't you dare touch Kagome again!" Inuyasha bellowed as he pushed me behind him. Well, that certainly wouldn't do, I wanted to see this, not Inuyasha's butt. No matter how great it looked in those jeans...

Shaking the hentai thoughts from my head, I peaked out from behind the Red Wall of Inu. "What can we do for you?" I asked in my most conversationalist-like voice. Oi, do people annoy me.

Naraku stared at me, his red eyes sent shivers of revulsion down my back. Was it okay to despise someone because you're scared of their eyes? "You can't do anything for me, whore."

Glaring at him for all that I was worth, I was slightly aware of how Kikyo was eyeing Inuyasha. Like I care, really... As long as she looked fine, but touching was off-limits. Shifting my gaze from Naraku to Kikyo, I didn't let the hatred that flowed through me make me react rashly, even when HER gaze drifted towards a certain spot in between Inuyasha's legs. Clenching my hands into tight fists, I silently cursed the gods that made Inuyasha were tight jeans this particular day.

Keeping my feelings in check, I smirked at Naraku. "I'm a whore? Very well, believe what you like. I only have two words for you." Flicking him off, I turned from him and started towards the book store once more. "Bite me." And with that I walked through the well lit threshold, my dumbstruck friends and seething boyfriend following me.


"Kagome! What the hell was that back there?"

"Yes, he called you a whore, and all you do is tell him to bite you?"

"Even I don't refer to women as such."

"Shut it, lech."

"Leave him alone, Inu!"

"Calm down, lovely Sango."

As the other three continued to bicker, I turned away from them and made my way towards the opposite end of the store. My original headache increased tenfold as their voices scratched at my head. They really knew how to piss me off. If they didn't shut it in five seconds they would now how the unabridged dictionary felt up their ass. Disappointed at the way my thoughts had turned, I headed for the young adults/romance section. A good teenage romance always picked me up, I just hope there's something to actually consider buying. Sliding my fingers softly over the spines of the books, I barely noticed the young girl in all white staring intently at me.

Smiling at the albino child, I continued my way down the aisle, well aware of the kid following me. What was her problem? Whatever it was, she needed to leave me alone. With each step she took I could feel my headache intensify. Something, something about that girl was causing those warning voices from earlier to resurface.

I paused in mid-step, the sudden stop throwing me off balance and I went toppling into a pair of arms. Groaning painfully, my head had hit the guy's chest, and it wasn't soft, I looked up to apologize to the stone man, only to come face to face with Naraku! Jumping as far away as possible, I stumbled when my thigh knocked into the girl from earlier. Taking a deep gulp of air, I spun in a complete 360, finally realizing I was surrounded by five people. Naraku, Kikyo, the albino, Kagura, and some other male that hair to the bottom of his shoulder blades and a handsome face.

Tightening my fists, I glanced around the store for my friends. Shit, I couldn't find them! Keeping my breathing in check and my heart rate down, I turned to Naraku, he was obviously the leader. Keeping my guard firm, I stared straight at him, "What do yo want?"

Flipping his purple hair over his shoulder and giving me a cold glance, Naraku turned away from me. "Simple enough, what I want, I want the Shikon no Tama, the Jewel of Four Souls."

I rolled my eyes, "What for, so you can present it to someone bent on taking over the human world, capturing my kind, and forcing them into slavery?"

Kikyo looked at me in slight shock, "That ain't to far from the plan."
Naraku growled and backhanded the cheating bitch, "Shut the HELL up. Don't speak of the Ladyships plans, you idiot!"

I'm well aware of the fact that she hurt Inuyasha and she's a bad guy, but, when Kikyo was slapped, I couldn't control my anger. Suddenly I was across the room, slamming my fist into Naraku's stomach, my right foot bracing my weight when I spun my left towards his face. But it didn't connect, my fist had landed successfully, but as I released my kick, Naraku grabbed my wounded ankle and spun to the side, flipped me over his shoulder, right into the other boy and Kagura. Each grabbed one of my arms and held me still, pressing forcefully on my shoulders to make me collapse on my knees.

I growled at my pathetic state and started glaring at Naraku, "So you can't fight me on your own? Need your cronies to help you?" I started to lash at my captors, I was never compliant. Twisting towards the boy, I snapped at his wrist, my teeth taking firm hold of flesh and muscle, he immediately loosened his hold on my arm. Oh, bad move on his part.

"Musou!" I heard Kagura exclaim, in which point I ripped my arm from him, my arm swung and I punched her hard in the solar plexus. Squeaking in pleasure now that I was free of all holds, leapt to my feet, only to have them brought out from under me by the bitch I tried to protect. Stupid, ungrateful Kikyo; should've let Naraku have his way with her. Letting a frustrated grumble erupt from my throat as my arm shot out and grabbed the pink sneaker belonging to Kikyo. Yanking it forward, I spun, Kikyo flying over my head, crash landing into a display filled with discounted items.

I felt a yanking pressure at the back of my head, someone had grabbed my hair and was yanking me forward. A soft sound of protest escaped my lips as I was pulled up flush against Naraku.

"Did you truly think that I, Naraku, would allow you to simply deplete my army? You will not survive to meet the Lady."

I scoffed, "As if I'd actually want to meet your Lady."

Naraku smirked, "Ah, but she wants to meet you. Apparently, she has formed an, interest, shall we say, in you. So we'll be taking you to meet her now."


I gasped in surprise, "INUYASHA!" Forgetting the tight hold on my hair, I made to run to him, but only received a very painful yank for my efforts. "Let go, you freak!"

"Don't move, Kagome, I'll help you just hold on."

I gave Inuyasha a bland look, "As if I'm going anywhere."

"Err- Right, one second." Inuyasha at least had the decency to blush. Stupid idiot, I hope he knows what's going on...


I tried to twist my head to get a good look at the insanity that held me in place. WHAT I wasn't expecting was the guy twisting at the same time and my lips collide with his.

Kikyo and the rest: o.O

My friends: O.O;

My boyfriend: oo

Me: O.O

I ripped away from him, literally, I could feel strands of hair being pulled from my scalp. Leaping away as far as possible, I turned back to him, "WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT, YOU BASTARD! I SHOULD FUCKING KILL YOU, RIP YOUR STOMACH OPEN AND SEW A RAT IN!" I wiped at my mouth desperately, I could still feel the guy's lips on mine.


Plain and Simple.


"Girl, you are the bastard."

"What did you say?!" I shrieked.

"The truth, my lovely, little illegitimate. Wasn't the whole reason your parents married was because your mother was a whore and your father had no sense?" He directed his cold glare at me once more. "You were a mistake. And as such, you will always make mistakes."

I guess my flinch was visible because Inuyasha wrapped a strong arm around my shoulder and pulled me to his side. How did Naraku find out? How did he know that my parents weren't married when they had intercourse? How did he-

Wait, one fucking moment! Did he just call my parents stupid and a whore? Oh, big mistake, laddy, BIG mistake.

Ripping from Inuyasha's comforting hold, I threw a soft 'sorry' at him so he wouldn't feel bad, I turned to Naraku. "Where in the seven rings of hell do you get the right to say such things about my parents? I should kill you! I would but I wouldn't want to waste the energy you fucking prick!"

Naraku scoffed, "This argument no longer amuses me." A large purple gas started to erupt from the ground, not much different then a geyser. "The lady wishes for me to update her on my progress."

I snarled, yes, snarled. "You jackass, you tell Lady Freya to shove her snaky tongue up her ass, I'll never relinquish my hold of the Shikon Jewel. NEVER!"

Naraku's eyes widened in shock, "How do you know about Lady Freya, vermin?"

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