InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Seeing Each Other 500 Years Into The Future ❯ At The Shrine ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
“Oh, you lied huh” she said slyly and saw his ears lower to his head under the bandanna, as he looked at the floor.

“Um… yeah” he said dejectedly, but looked up when he felt a small hand grasp his own and gave it a little squeeze, as he turned to look at the person’s face and saw a large smile on their face of the angel who had captured his heart.

“I already knew” she said in a sweet caring voice, that turned into giggles and then into full blown laughter, InuYasha saw this and couldn’t help but start laughing as well.

“You already knew huh” he asked once he sobered down a bit, all Kagome did was nod her head, as she snuggled into the warmth of his embrace and he tightened his hold on her a little, as he wrapped his other arm  around her waist protectively, as he took in her calming sent of vanilla and passion fruit.

They sat like this till the bell rang for the end of lunch and they were reluctant to do so, but decide to hold hands and lean on each other, when they checked the time tables, it tuned out they had all their lesion together, their next class was art and they were looking forward to it.

When they got there Kagome walked up to the teacher and said “Morning sir, this is Tashio InuYasha, he has just transferred here” before going to her seat, the teacher just nodded.

“Right Mr Tashio, I will be your teacher of this year and my name is Ms Haruno, please take a seat next to Miss Higurashi” she said as she pointed to Kagome, who was waving at him, so he knew where she was sat.

“Yes Ms Haruno” he said with a nod and walked over to Kagome with a shit eating grin on his face, that made Kagome break out in a fit of laughter, and his grin went from ear to ear, Kagome was holding her side as she started laughing harder.

At the end of the day InuYasha decided to walk Kagome home, when they go to the shrine steps InuYasha looked up and though ‘ man I remember walking up these wow, nothing’s changed’, when they had walked up the shrine steps, Kagome opened the door and shouted “mom I’m home”.

Kagome’s mom came to the door about to greet her daughter and saw InuYasha…


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