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Shesshomaru's Prize
Chapter 1: Leaving, but Why?
It was not a normal day for the Inu-Tachi (Inu Group). The leader of the group wore long flowing silver hair, red clothing including a hamaka and haori plus under hamakas and under hoairs, and a well built body you could see all his muscle finely crafted like an artist had done it. His name was Inuyasha. The one adjacent to him wore a Japanese white school blouse with a forest green mini skirt and classical modern day tap dance shoes. Hair like black with ebbing blue figure 8 body. Her name was Kagome. On her shoulder sits a kitsune wearing a mini version of his idol's hamaka and haori with the colors blue, white, orangeish yellow, and dark blue. Having mini muscles like his father-like idol. His name was Shippo. The next one adjacent to her was wearing a kimono with the colors pink, white, and green. Also a perfect figure 8 and blackish brownish hair. Her name was Sango. On her shoulder was a neko youkia with a black gem -like figure on her forehead and fur with an odd orangeness and had 2 tails. Her name was Kiara. Behind her was a monk in black and blue robes and a well chiseled chest and jet black hair. His name was Miroku. Today Kagome said, “I'm leaving the group, for good!” “Why? Did I do something, wench?” Asked a confused yet slightly aggravated Inuyasha `That's a reason I'm leaving.' “I must find a lover who loves me in return. Inuyasha know that I love you,” bemusedly said the dejected woman-child. Continuing said Kagome” The jewels almost finished get clay pot, Kikyo to be your wife, use the jewel for good, and never come after me till asked. You will be best man at my wedding. Good Bye.” She threw the jewel, picked up Shippo, and ran away. “I'll honor her request, guys.” Then he cried because he lost his sister-like woman-child and then remembered he did not have Kikyo any more. Miroku laid a hand on the sobbing Inuyasha and Sango followed suit.
She ran till her legs gave way hours later. “O-okaa-san we're going to die aren't we?” “I'm ready Shesshomaru-sama, to go WITH my okaa-san. Make it fast please.”
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Inuyasha: You made me sob; I am going to shove tetsigia up your ass!
Deb: Kagome
Inuyasha Gulp
Kagome: Sit!
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Translation notes:
Inu-Tachi- Inuyasha group
Hamaka- Pants
Haori- Shirt
Kimono- Dress-like clothing
Okaa-san- Mother