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I knew by the miko's relived scent that I had pleased her. It was a nice felling. `This is pleasing her. I shall ask her hand in courting tonight. Damn what am I thinking? Ok I'm willing to admit she intrigues this Sesshomaru.
I shall not stoop to a human miko.
“Kagome, go teach Rin, now, that's an order.”
“Yes, mi lord.”
She scurried away with Rin in her arms and ran like the wind. Good girl. I turned my attention just in time to see the wolf heading for my miko and ward. This infuriated me to no end. I ran and got there in time to see Kagome get tackled to the ground with her body curled around Rin so she took the full blow. I and the wolf of the Southern Lands and maybe even Rin and Kagome herself heard the cracks of bones braking.
“You hurt my miko!!! Die goddamned motherfucking mangy ass WOLF!!!!! I said in my demonic controlled form. I could still see and somewhat tell my body what to do. It was like I was in a rage induced mirror where I just sit there and watch.
Kagome was in tears and afraid like she just saw a rogue demon. Was I that rogue demon in her eyes? Or was it the dumb ass wolf that is running toward the way he came. I ran after him and sliced his head clean off his shoulder with my whip. He wasn't worth the kill from my claws.
I hurried back to my miko to see how she was faring. I saw her trying to run with a broken leg toward the castle with Rin by far ahead. I swept her into my arms and looked at her with my eyes bleeding back to their original luster. She faced away from me. `I guess I was the rogue demon in her eyes.' I thought melancholy and oh so ruefully.
“Kagome, I'm not going to hurt you at all. I'll send you to my best healer other than yourself.”
`I only said her name because she needs consoling and I'm the only one here.' I tried to convince myself.
I rushed through the castle at Demonic speed and arrived in moments to my best healer. I barged in to see her treating a soldier. I hear a sweet melodic pain laced voice from just below my face. It said:
“I can wait for her to finish and even help her.”
“Not with a broken arm. You're to stay in bed until she finishes and can attend to you.”
“Yes mi Lord.”
“Healer, Sasumi, heal her fast so she may teach Rin and if I hear any complaints about you being too rough I won't be happy. You understand.”
“Yes mi Lord.”
I took my leave only to wait at the door. I knew Sasumi knew I was there. She can sense where I am. Not to mention that she can sense where anyone is. Helpful hunter, she is.
I overhear their conversation.
“So I'm guessing your snobbish and don't care for Rin. You just want to get close to the Lord, right?”
“I resent that. All my friends say I'm very down to Earth. And I don't want to get near your Lord I want near my kit. He's going to be The Lord of the Western Lands. And I won't mate with your lord or even let him bed me without a fight!”
“Wow! A great lady! You're the young lord's mother and Rin's sensei?!”
“Yes his adoptive mother anyways. So what's your name? I'm just plain old Kagome.”
`Amazing she's not snobbish. I could get used to her.'
“Sasumi, mi Lady.”
“No need for the formalities. I'm just like you just not a demon.”
“No some one Lord Sesshomaru deems worthy of me is either a soldier or of some importance. Like Rin, for example.”
“I'm not important. Just educated is all and a miko.”
“Don't worry I won't hurt you unless you try to kill me in any way shape or form.”
“That's comforting.” My healer said in a sarcastic way.
I was ready to barge in there and demand they stop this chit chat and get to heal my teacher. Seconds later she came out in a sling. She was dirty, but I had to dispose of those rancid clothing she's wearing. I ordered her to go change into a kimono and told a passing maid to have her some clothing ready in 10 minuets and to take her to her room next to my son's room and Rin's room. Then I remembered she had a broken leg.
I ended up carrying her lightness. She a human was light. Why hadn't I noticed this beforehand?
“You have to admit she is beautiful even dirty.”
`I shall never admit a ningen is beautiful. EVER!!! Do you hear me you damn demonic self.
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SOOOOOOOOOO Sorry but my parents didn't like fanfiction but I convinced them otherwise since I am an A+ student. SO here we go with theater
Inuyasha: Wan I'm not in it. It's my show. I'm the hero why don't I get to be the super guy. I want Kagome.
DEB: hell no. You see what happened with Koga.
Sesshomaru: I really hate the idea of getting a female ningen
DEB: WHAT you want a male ningen!
Sesshomaru: Hell no I want a demoness or tenshii.
DEB: “Oh”