InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Ages and Between ❯ Chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 )

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The young priestess spent her night in a restless wake. Occasionally distant echoes of moonless howls brought her mind back to the present and turned her attention to her stomach which was panging from hunger. Kagome curled up into a small bundle, trying to fight off the sharp caress of the cold. She didn’t have a blanket, pillow or any other forms of her usual comfort. Her bed was just a simple skin of a bear on a pile of prickling hay. Her breaths came out in white puffs telling her that the temperatures outside were below zero. She shivered with hunger and coldness, longing to be back at home.“Please let this all be just a bad dream.” Her voice came out thin and strange before she closed her eyes again.---A loud gurgle woke Kagome from her shallow sleep. She cradled her stomach in her hands.Rays of light crept into her shed from the small opening of animal skins that hung over the entrance as some sort of a door. But it didn’t prevent the cold from creeping in, she dryly noted. All her muscles were aching and stiff from the bitter night.Kagome massaged her sore limbs. When she reached to give some attention to her neck, her rugged animal skin jumpsuit gave out a noisy rip. The stitching on the side of the garment had decided it had served enough many battles and masters. Kagome’s suit had been torn all the way down to her hips.“Fantastic.”She couldn’t find anything in the shed to repair the suit with, so she squeezed the animal skin sag tightly to her chest in attempt to guard her modesty. Last night she had noticed that her trusty backpack wasn’t in the shed, so she assumed that Toga had left it where she had passed out when they had searched for the well. Hopefully it would still be there. She had some spare clothing in there, as well as food and drinks. Oh well, chips and soda anyway.Kagome crawled out of her temporary accommodation. The ground was still white with humidity that had crystallized on the grass in the frost of the night. It looked like everything was coated with sparkling powder sugar. A thickening mist hovered above the grass where the spring sun laid out its rays on the icy green canvas. It melted the last breath of night away making it vaporize into the air.The young human girl couldn’t see any demons near the camp side which she was thankful of.She quietly crept out of the shed and headed back to the place she thought her backpack would be in. She had barely taken a footing in the forest when a voice nearby retorted.“Do you even have any understanding of where you are heading?”Kagome stopped on her tracks and sighed heavily.“You’re welcome to join me,” she turned around and looked at the source of the voice “Toga.”The tall silver-headed dog demon emerged from the shadows and came closer to Kagome.“Actually...” The woman began, “you could help me find my yellow pack. You know, the one that you left lying in the forest while you dragged my unwilling unconscious body to your demon lair.”Toga crumpled his eyebrows together in a manner that suggested he was about to protest, but suddenly his eyes grew wide. He sniffed the air very carefully.“What...” he was just about to ask something, but a realization cut him short. His nostrils flared, confirming his suspicion. The woman was emitting a faint odour that wasn’t there the day before. It was spring and he was certain that he human woman was entering heat. Spring in the demon world was common for demons to be getting into that state. Albeit it was early.“What ‘what’”? Kagome asked when Toga seemed lost in his own thoughts.“Nothing. Keep quiet and I’ll take you to your belongings.” He curtly answered and walked past her.

As polite as ever and so early in the morning, too.” Kagome thought to herself and followed Toga deeper into the forest.


When they reached the area where Kagome had first lost her consciousness the human girl quickly spotted her yellow escort under the shades of a grandfather maple tree.‘God, let my Ramune be safe!’ She prayed and hurried to her property. She dropped to her knees and tore the zipper open. A single tear almost escaped her eye when she saw everything untouched.“Thank you, Kami-sama!” She erratically yelped and attacked a bag of chips.
The Taiyoukai stayed behind and settled for observing that strange human behaviour of hers. She was definitely something he had never encountered before. Somewhat annoying and insolent, but he had to admit that she had an air of fearlessness to her considering that she was away from home and amongst a pack of demons.The priestess was busy stuffing her face with junk food and hadn’t noticed that her torn garment had peeled down from her upper body all the way to her waste which, by all means, had not gone unnoticed by the demon lord.

The fragrance of her fertility mixed with delicious odours of foreign delicacies created unfamiliar sensations within him. His ember gaze swept the contours of her bosom, stomach and hips. Even his stubborn demon pride was past denying that the body of that human was quite voluptuous.Toga grinded his teeth together when the human let out a whimper of pleasure as she downed a bottle of juice. The juice dribbled down her neck and to her bare breasts.

Kagome wiped the delicious nectar from her chin and turned to offer some to Toga for his help. He was keeping his usual distance from her, but Kagome was taken aback by the pained expression he had. His eyes seemed to be fixed on something and Kagome glanced down.Her whole upper body was stark naked and in his plain view.In super human speed Kagome pulled the garment back up and reflectively screamed at Toga. “YOU HENTAI!”Toga snapped out of his trance and quickly tossed his chin up.“Don’t flatter yourself into thinking that I’d be tempted by the least by your repulsive flesh, human.”Kagome could have been offended by his remark but the faint blush on his cheeks made his words less hurtful. He turned his back at her and Kagome could see so much of Inuyasha in him. The intimidating future leader of all dog demons was after all still just very much of a boy, just like his son.“Could you please not turn around. I’m going to change my clothes.”Toga’s shoulders gave a slight shake as he laughed dryly. “Don’t fret, there’s nothing that would compel me to do so.”

But he could feel the warmth on his face.---

After a plentiful meal and a change of clothes, Kagome picked up her backpack and looked at her demon companion.

“Toga, you said that the nearest village is in a three days walk by a human.” She gave a pause. “How long would it take from a demon?”
Toga lifted his eyebrow and musingly answered. “I’d say that it would take a quarter of sunlight. To get there and come back, I mean.”“So, you could take me there and bring me back in three hours?”“That is a foreign unit to... Excuse me! Why on earth would I agree to take you there?”A cunning smile swept across Kagome’s face. “I have more of that chocolate for you.”Toga didn’t take a second to answer.“Deal.”---Inuyasha was fast, but riding on the back of Toga felt like riding on a thunder. Kagome could barely make out anything of their surroundings and she held on to Toga for her dear life. Every time Toga descended down to jump back up for more speed, Kagome squeezed herself flat against his back in fear of falling off of him.

The young demon lord couldn’t remember when he had last run as fast. Even the hardest wind didn’t catch up to him. His feet made the ground tremble with his powerful kicks and the air howled around their bodies as he tried to get to the village as soon as he could. The reason for his haste were the small fingers that gripped to the front of his robes, the arms that wrapped around him. And most pressingly the soft heaps of flesh weighing against his back and the soft thighs under his palms.

Toga had agreed to carry the human in a “piggyback”. A strange and intimate position that didn’t seem to bother the human half as much as it bothered him. He hadn’t been as intimate with even some of his lovers.And the thing that irked him the most was that... He was getting accustomed to her scent and touch. Every hour that passed between them, he felt less and less bothered by her. It terrified him to no end and he just wanted to get rid of her, the quicker the better.

---They arrived at the outskirt of the village. Toga dropped Kagome off his back and retrieved to the forest.“I’ll be back soon. Wait for me here.” She whispered from the edge of the trees and disappeared.

But Toga wasn’t sure if he would be there when she came back. He looked at the barricade of trees that hid the village behind their wall of leaves and branches. Now the girl could be with her own and he wouldn’t have to be bothered by her. He wouldn’t have to think about her. He wouldn’t…---

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