InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Joys of Parenthood ❯ Christmas Morning ( Chapter 13 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Just found this one and realized it was never posted anywhere!
Genre - Humor, General
Word count - 497
Rating - G
Warnings - Fluffy, with serious tense issues
They'd spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours shopping, with even more time focusing on researching just what to buy in the first place. Really, what new parent wouldn't? Baby's first Christmas is a big deal and they'd both been waiting anxiously for weeks, her much more obviously than him of course. It was going to be perfect, they just knew it.
Kagome had devoted an entire baby-free evening to wrapping, refusing to be tempted by anything, food, rest… not even an amorous dog demon could drag her away until everything was packaged beautifully. She'd used at least ten different rolls of wrapping paper, wanting the image of the pile of presents under the tree to really make an impact. Sure, she could have used just one roll, but when they all looked the same it took just a little of the magic away. Christmas morning was going to be as magical as she could possibly make it, damn it! She used yards of ribbon, rolls and rolls of tape, and two giant bags of bows in her endeavors, and when it was done she saw that it was good.
Their baby boy had always been an early riser, but he didn't wake early enough for his parents Christmas morning. They both sat in the living room sipping coffee and anxiously awaiting the little noises that would signal that he was finally awake, and when they came the little boy was fetched and deposited at the bottom of the tree so quickly his head was spinning.
When the first gift is set in his lap, the little boy, nearly nine months old, just stares at it before shaking it and trying to put it in his mouth. After a minute it becomes obvious that the concept of unwrapping a present is foreign to him and Kagome moves to help him.
After all the gifts have been revealed, Kagome and Sesshoumaru set in on the task of opening all the boxes, undoing all the complex wires holding things in place, and assembling things. Soon the child is surrounded by a circle of new toys and his parents wait anxiously to see what he'll play with first.
“Oh, he's going for it!” Kagome whispers excitedly as her baby boy starts to crawl.
“I knew he'd like the blocks best,” Sesshoumaru says in an obnoxious tone Kagome had long ago gotten used to ignoring.
“The blocks, eh?” she asks with a grin as the baby moves past the blocks. “Where in the world is he going?”
Ten minutes later, the happy couple sit together simply watching their son, thrilled by his new playthings.
“Why did we spend so much money?” Sesshoumaru asks.
“Beats me.”
The little boy, head covered with sticky bows, squeals in delight as he throws wrapping paper over his head before climbing into an empty box, ready for another game of peek-a-boo. He'd notice the real presents eventually, but right now the wrappings were the best part.