InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Sea Maiden ❯ The Surface ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Far down below the world of humans and other such land roving creatures there existed the kingdom of the great sea king. The land below the water's surface was not empty and still as the humans thought. It was as busy as the world above and full of the most fascinating fish and aquatic flora. There was also a castle of immense royalty that stood above a large underwater city so that the king could look out on his subjects. This king was a widower and had not taken a wife since his first had died just some years before. So his mother took care of him and acted in the queen's place when needed. The dawger queen's main responsibility laid in the king's daughters but she took this burden on in joy as she loved her granddaughters very much.
She was especially fond of the youngest of the four. Her name was Kagome and she had the most beautiful voice in all of the sea. She often sat and sang for her father and grandmother whilst her sisters played among the other young sea maidens in the city. They also spent much of their time swimming to the surface to observe the world above. Young maidens weren't allowed above the surface until they were of fifteen years. Kagome's sisters were triplets and their birthday had come just a month ago. Ever since they would leave their sister to sit in her small garden alone while they enjoyed the strange sights above the water's surface.
Kagome couldn't wait until her fifteenth birthday came and a year seemed a terribly long time to have to wait. So she inquired her sisters each time they returned and learned what they saw. When this still wasn't enough she would swim to her father who knew even less than her sisters had. King Sesshomaru had never been one for having his head in the clouds and was far too busy to take trips to the surface as he had risen to power at a young age. That's when she sought the knowledge of her grandmother who must've been as ancient as the salt in the water around them. She would tell her of wonderful things that her sisters would never see. The more she learned the more she longed to see these things for herself.
When a year's time had passed and her birthday had come at last she sat impatiently at the head of a large festaval, accepting gifts and congratulations with gracious smiles and delighted laughter. The normal tradition had always been to enjoy the celebration all day and venture to the surface the next afternoon. Kagome was far too impatient for that and she pleaded so that Sesshomaru finally let her go. She shot through the water so fast she sent other fish flying off in side currents. When she thought she was far enough away from the city she rose. The swim seemed endless and when she finally broke through she was in darkness.
She gazed in awe at a ship not too far away. She had seen the shadows as they passed over and even discovered sunken ships but this was the first time she had seen one gliding over the surface of the water like this. She jerked suddenly as there was a loud crack and bright lights filled the sky. She dived under the water in fear and gasped as she watched the light fade away from below. When it was gone and she felt it safe to return she poked her head out of the water to watch as another exploded. She smiled in wonder as the lights illuminated the ship and all the people on board.
They seemed to be celebrating something as music floated down to her ears. She'd never heard music of this sort before and it was strange but oddly enchanting. As wonderful as the things on board were the people intrigued her the most. They all danced around on two thin limbs that sprouted from their hips. She wasn't quite sure what they were but she couldn't see how they supported themselves this way. Heaven forbid any of them try to swim.
She let her eyes rove over the surface of the deck until they spotted someone sitting off to himself. His arms were crossed over his royal kimonoe and his face held a scowl. He had the most beautiful black eyes she'd ever seen and long black hair that fell over his red top. She stared at him for the longest time and she didn't even seem to notice the way the waves were lifting her up and down. She only knew that the boy's face grew closer and then further away creating a rather hypnotic motion. He turned at the call of his name.
"Prince Inuyasha!"
"What is it?" he barked back in a harsh voice that snapped Kagome out of her dreamy state.
"A storm's abrewin." a sailor informed him. "Ye should take refuge below the deck."
"Keh! I ain't scared of no storm!" he huffed, placing his hands in the arms of his kimonoe.
"But yer highness-"
"Get lost!"
"Yes sire." the sailor muttered, bowing before leaving him to gaze out over the waves.
Kagome sighed. So much for her dream guy. He seemed harsh and rude. Nothing like she'd just imagined him to be. But she still couldn't seem to take her eyes off him as she huddled against the ship's boards and craned her neck up. She couldn't feel the pain in her neck now though she was sure she would later. His eyes had grown sad and she felt sad in return. Suddenly another light lit the sky above her but it was nothing like the colored ones from before. She gasped as the sea tossed the boat violently and she had to push away to avoid being dragged under.
The only humans still on the ship were the sailors and the prince. All the servants had retreated to the innards of the craft where they felt safe from the lightning and thunder. She herself was terribly frightened but she couldn't turn back into the sea. She had to make sure the prince would be okay. The boat rocked and sailed over the torrents as best as it could though it seemed like it would tip over every now and then. Kagome thought they would make it and was prepared to return to her castle beneath the sea when lightning struck again and planks went flying from the ship.
Screams filled the air as it tilted and she watched as the prince went toppling overboard and fell into the sea. She smiled at this for now he would be with her and she could discover more about this handsome man. But she remembered instantly that her grandmother had told her humans couldn't breathe water. She gasped and ignoring the danger of falling wooden beams dove after him.
She swam around the legs of humans trying desperately to keep afloat and found the prince swimming some feet away from them. She followed silently, relief washing over her face. "He's alright." she thought as she watched him head for shore. Unfortunately his arms eventually tired and his legs stopped moving. She moved back as he fell below the surface. She watched for a moment as he fell, eyes closed. His hair floated about him serenely but he didn't move.
She swam down after him and pulled him up from the water's cold, unfeeling grip, heaving his head above surface. She smiled as it rested against her chest softly and she strove to hold onto that feeling as she swam along the top of the water, Prince Inuyasha in tow. The shore was very far away and by the time she had made it the sun had risen and spread it's rays over the world. She ignored the sight that would have held her attention for hours before. She hauled the prince ashore and sat beside him, tail flopping gently in the water as she observed him.
She didn't take notice of her surroundings. The trees that were so green and tall and the building that stood as high as her palace home dulled in comparison to the boy laid out by her side. She placed a gentle kiss on his forehead and sighed as she played with his hair. She was sure he would be fine now. She wished she could stay with him this way forever but she knew from her grandmother that the people of the surface would find her beautiful tail hideous and when he began to stir she decided it was best she return to the sea. He opened his eyes wearily to stare up into her face and she smiled before dragging herself back into the water and disappearing beneath the waves. The prince closed his eyes once again and she hid behind some rocks to make sure someone would find him. Hours passed and the prince laid immobile on the hot beach until a priestess came along and stopped by his prone body. Kagome seethed with jealousy as she watched her bend next to him. Bubbles rose from beneath the water as she growled, eyes just barely above the surface. She hurried to fetch help and a few other maidens assissted her in taking his body up and returning to the large building beyond the trees. Kagome sighed miserably as she sank beneath the sea foam and returned to her small garden behind her palace.