InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Sea Maiden ❯ Resolution ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Prince Inuyasha's eyes blinked lightly as he tried to regain his senses. Where was the young maiden's face? The face of that girl who had saved him from the sea's angry wrath stuck to his mind and he could almost swear he saw her now. Only she was no longer smiling but frowning deeply. His pointed ears twitched as he realized that the woman was really there and he pushed himself up to a sitting posistion, silvery white hair spilling over his shoulder. He hadn't realized the night was over and he had returned to his original self.
He turned his yellowish eyes on the woman who had saved him and was a little surprised to see her clothed in the garb of a priestess. Why would a priestess save a half-breed prince? Besides that her face was alot harder than before and somewhat angry even. He sniffed at her a little only to notice that her scent had changed rather drastically. She no longer smelled of the sea or fish. There had been a strong scent of fish on this woman before but not now.
"You are fine I see."
"Why'd you save me?" he asked stiffly, grabbing his kimono from the chair at his bedside and slipping it on. "How did you come to be in the sea? Were you stowed away on my ship?"
"I've no idea what you could be speaking of." she whispered with a superior air. "Clearly the salt water has gone to your head. I found you lying upon the shore just outside this temple."
This suprised him even more than the change in her scent or the hardness of her face. Surely he wasn't senile at such a young age. This woman had cleary been carrying him through the sea in her arms. He couldn't have dreamed something so strange. Then again he never really looked up and he hadn't seen her face until he'd reached the shore. It was very possible that the waves had washed him up on the sands of the beach. This still didn't explain the change in her scent but it really wasn't any concern of his. He attempted to stand but a firm hand went on his shoulder. He found himself on his back suddenly and the woman's grim face loomed over his own.
"Oswari." she whispered. "You are not well."
"I'll stand if I damn well please!" Inuyasha huffed angrily, knocking her hand away.
"Be my guest then." she smirked, pulling back.
He sat up quickly and a sharp pain shot through his sides. He ignored it and stood anways, searching around the room for his sword. Kikyo watched as he crossed to the corner, hand to his side now and then, and snatched it from the wall. Instead of heading for the door he went to the balcony and hopped onto the railing, staring down at the sea as the wind blew his hair back.
"I wouldn't stand there if I were you." Kikyo whispered seriously. "You're not liable to be standing much longer and it's rather a long fall."
"I'm going home!" he replied shortly, not really certain which direction home was.
He was going to jump from the window but the minute he bent down, gathering power in his leg muscles, the pain shot through his sides again. He lost his balence as he gripped at his ribs and almost toppled over the edge. Kikyo grabbed the back of his kimonoe and jerked him back in swiftly. He turned and glared at her, snatching his kimonoe from her hand as he did so.
"I was fine!"
"I'm sure you would have survived the fall being as you are." she droned monotonously. "Yet it would make my job much harder."
"And what job is that?!" he spat back at her.
"To heal you of course." she replied with a smile that almost reminded him of the face from the sea. "I am a priestess after all."
Inuyasha stared at that smile for a moment and it seemed to calm him down. He suddenly became far less aggressive and he walked by her to sit on the edge of the bed quietly. Kikyo could feel his eyes on her as she went about the room, picking up the objects she'd obviously used to tend to his wounds. As she was picking up a roll of bandages she heard a slight huff and turned.
"Yes Hanyou?"
"Don't call me that!"
"Then what shall I call you? I know not your name." she answered with a more mischevious smile. "Nor your status in society if you have one."
"I am Prince Inuyasha." he whispered, not a bit of arrogance in his voice. "And what is your name?"
"Kikyo." she replied simply. "I know of your kingdom. I shall send a notice of your whereabouts by messenger. Your mother and father must be worried."
"There's no one there to worry." he sighed softly. "Not anymore."
"You have suffered a great loss recently." she stated. "I apologize."
Inuyasha eyed her as she removed a basin of water from the room and returned with it refilled. He flopped back on the bed with his arms behind his neck and sighed again rather deeply. He couldn't stop his thoughts from going back to his mother. His real father was an unknown demon though he had been told he was very powerful. His substitute father, King Koga, had hated him to the bitter end and resented the fact that he'd left no real heirs behind himself. He was shocked out of his memories as a hand slipped into his kimono and pushed it aside.
"Your bandages need changing." Kikyo said, forcing him to remove it. "What did you think I was attempting."
"Uh...Nothing!" he exclaimed, blushing deeply. "You just surprised me!"
She laughed softly as she finished changing his bandages and exited with the basin silently. Inuyasha was a little relieved to see her go and yet missed that face once it was gone. Especially the way it had been right there at the end. He sighed as he crawled into the middle of the bed and curled up quite like a dog, kicking his leg a few times for no reason in particular. He couldn't get that face to leave his mind nor that scent his nose. This couldn't be the same woman. She was much younger on the shore and so much softer in facial features. Childish in appearence even. That scent had seemed to be a part of the girl, the smell of fish. It didn't seem like something she could have washed off. Her tangled black hair had laid unbound over her shoulder and it appeared to be eternally flowing like a river that never ended. Or tears. Tears from her hair that had ceaseless spilled over his kimonoe as he opened his eyes. He grabbed a pillow and shoved it over his head in attempts to block out the thought of it all. She had been nothing but the priestess, glorified by his unconcious state. The fish smell must have been from the bench itself. Dead fish often washed up on shore. He tried to ignore the fact that his mind kept saying the fish was alive. Very much alive.


Kagome sighed deeply as she swam back in through the gates of her palace, depressed even further by the questions of her sisters. They'd wanted to know what her first experience had been like. If she'd seen anything they hadn't yet. She simply shook her head and told them that she had been too afraid to go anywhere and had only witnessed the sky like a deep blue dome over the sea. She passed her father and grandmother by without a second glance and went straight to her garden behind her large home. She sat down among the flowers there and sighed deeply many times as her family stared out at her, knowing something must have went wrong. It was the dawger queen who came to speak with her about her journey to the surface.
"Grandmother." she whispered. "Could I tell you something important?"
"Of course child." Kaide replied softly. "You can tell me anything."
"And you won't tell father?"
"Of course not." she replied gently, stroking her hair as she laid her head in her lap.
"Grandmother, I think I'm in love."
"Whoever with my child?"
"A human."
"Ye'd be best forgetting about whatever man ye saw up there." she warned quietly. "Ye'd never be satisfied if you didn't."
"Then, you mean, I can't be with him always?"
"Ye'd have to be human for that and that's not the life ye want."
"Why?" she inquired, sitting up to face her.
"Humans don't live nearly as long as we. They can't even reach a hundred. Can ye imagine that child? Never reaching a hundred?"
Kagome was silent and she looked away sadly. Kaide took this as understanding and pet her hair softly before returning to her throne inside. But Kagome had not come to terms with the impossibility of her dream. She had only begun to think of a way to realize it. She had no fear of death nor any desire to live such a long life if it did not include that beautiful face. She could still feel him cradled in her arms as she same and she wished she could relive that moment again and again.
She knew there would be a way to become human for there was nothing the merfolk could not accomplish. Or so she had always been told. There was most certainly someone in this great sea who could perform such a seemingly impossible task. Then it came upon her like a sudden state of shock. The sea witch. If anyone could turn her into a human it was this outcast of society.
She had heard much of this woman and her strange powers. She was said to have once been controlled by a great demon from above but escaped into the sea one day. She had become a mermaid in order to survive below the surface but was once land-roving creatures herself. If she could become a mermaid there was no doubt that she would be able to turn her human. So she set off from her garden as fast as her tail would take her in search of Kagura of the Wind.