InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Chapter 22: A Friendly Night ( Chapter 22 )

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Okay…on with the story!

Chapter 22

"Inuyasha, NOOOO!" she screamed and leapt onto his chest hugging him and crying hysterically. She couldn't believe it…no, she wouldn't believe it…she wouldn't believe that her beloved Inuyasha…was dead. She gripped his haori with all of her might and buried her face into his black hair. The sun had risen and Inuyasha hadn't revived. He hadn't revived! He still lay there motionless. Kagome closed her eye and continued crying uncontrollably. Sango had begun to cry again as well. Miroku held onto Sango in effort to comfort her. Myouga, Shippo, and Kirara hung their head in mourning for their dead hero.

"Come, back to me!" Kagome whispered. She closed her eyes and prayed for him to be okay. She concentrated hard trying to heal him. Suddenly, Sango gasped. `No, he can't be gone,' Kagome cried into his hair…his silver hair. `Silver hair!' she thought. She jumped off him to see his hanyou form returning. His ears soon emerged and his hair turned completely silver. His eyes popped open wide revealing his golden orbs. Kagome sat there in shock with her mouth agape. `I didn't use hardly any healing powers on him,' Kagome thought. `It must have been Shippo's medicine.' Inuyasha sat up placing a clawed hand to his head as if he had a headache.

"Aw, shit!" he said in pain.

"Inuyasha!" Sango exclaimed shaking tears from her face. "Inuyasha, you're okay!" Inuyasha looked towards her. He smiled and nodded his head. Miroku placed a hand on his shoulder.

"It's good to see you're okay, man!" Miroku chimed in.

"Master Inuyasha, you never cease to amaze me!" Myouga said with a huge smile, glad that his master was okay. Shippo ran up to him and jumped on him.

"Inuyashaaaaaa!" he squealed as he jumped on his chest. "Inuyasha, you're okay!" Inuyasha was a little shocked by the kitsune's reaction. "I thought for sure you were gonna die!"

"Okay, okay!" he grumbled. He grabbed the little kitsune by the tail and lifted him off of him. "I'm okay!" Inuyasha was going to stand up when he came face to face with a still in shock Kagome.

"Kagome!" he said forgetting the presence of everyone else and grabbing her by her shoulders. "Are you okay?" He began examining her to make sure that she didn't even have a scratch on her. Kagome sat there and said nothing to him. She just stared at him in shock. "Kagome?"

"Inuyasha!" she cried out jumping into his arms hugging him and burying her face in his chest. "You're okay. You're not dead. I'm so…so…so glad!" Inuyasha glanced back at the others who quickly turned their heads pretending they didn't see anything. Inuyasha looked back to Kagome.

"Kagome," he mused wrapping his arms around her in a tight hug and resting his cheek on the top of her head.

"You're…you're really okay?" she asked lifting her head up and moving slightly back so she could look at him.

"Yeah," he nodded bringing her back into his embrace. They sat there and held onto each other afraid to let go…not caring that everyone was watching them. He ran his clawed hand up and down her back until she finally quit crying. As much as he didn't want to, he finally let her go. He looked into her eyes and then stood. He extended his hand to help her up. She took his hand and stood up. They still stared into each other's eyes for a minute before walking away.

Sango stood with her mouth open as she watched the couple walk away. She couldn't believe that they had been so open with each other…and in front of them! Sango looked at Miroku who apparently had the same reaction.

"Never in my life…" Sango said as the rest of the group began following Inuyasha and Kagome.

"I heard you there," Miroku said.

"I swear to God those two just need to admit that they have feelings for each other!" Sango said.

"I must admit that I agree with you, but it will be entirely up to them to decide that," Miroku said. "They are the ones that are going to have to determine if they truly want to be together." Sango nodded and watched as Shippo scampered up to the front to lead the way.

That night, the group had reached the other side of the forest, with Shippo's help, and had made camp outside the forest's border. A moon shone down on a green meadow and sparkling, crystal clear river. Inuyasha had found a spot away from the campsite in the middle the meadow. He wasn't too far from the river as he breathed in the scent of the great outdoors. He took in a deep breath and released it slowly. He sat with his right arm resting on one knee and the other leg curled under his propped up knee. His left hand rested on his curled leg. He stared off into the sky. He always had liked being away from the city. The stars would shine much more brightly away from the city. They seemed neverending.


Inuyasha looked up to see Kagome walking towards him. He smiled slightly.

"Hey!" he said and looked towards the sky. She handed him a drink and sat next to him with her own drink.

"Wow!" she said looking into the sky. Inuyasha looked at her.

"What?" he asked.

"Hmm?" she said. "Oh, the stars! They are so beautiful out here away from the city!" Inuyasha smiled and nodded his head. He looked back into the sky. Kagome ran her finger around the edge of her drink.

"Um, Inuyasha?" Kagome said nervously. He sensed her nervousness and looked at her. "Myouga says that we are only a few days away from your town." Inuyasha nodded and looked back into the sky. Kagome took a deep breath then said, "Have you thought about what you are going to do once you get there?" Inuyasha looked from the sky to the ground.

"To be perfectly honest with you, it's a decision that I am dreading making," he said. "There is so much more that goes into than you know."

"I understand," Kagome said. "But you do understand that you are going to have to face it eventually, right?" Inuyasha sighed and nodded. Inuyasha jumped when he felt Kagome's hand on his. He looked up to look into her soft, beautiful eyes.

"Always know that whatever your decision is, we are all here for you, Inuyasha," she said softly. He smiled.

"Thanks, Kagome," he said. She released his hand and stood up to leave him alone. She smiled at him and began to walk away. "Kagome," he called out to her. She turned around. Inuyasha was smitten when she did this. Her raven hair flipped around her shoulders and shone brightly under the moonlight. Her eyes had a certain sparkle in them and a soft smile adorned her lips. Her soft skin glistened beckoning Inuyasha to touch her. Her curves were perfectly accented under the moonlight, and her skirt and hair blew softly in the wind. She was the most beautiful thing Inuyasha had ever seen.

"Yes, Inuyasha?" she said softly. He stared at her as if he was in some trance. Kagome tilted her head a little. Inuyasha shook his head trying to erase the image in his mind. `No, you can't think like this, now,' his mind commanded. `But she is so beautiful and I…I…' he thought. `You don't anything. You have too much to think about than to worry with this,' his mind argued. He nodded as if agreeing with himself.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome called out again.

"Oh…uh…" he said trying to think of something quick. "It was nothing." She smiled.

"I really am glad that you are okay, Inuyasha," Kagome said. "Myouga said that you wouldn't have survived if it hadn't been for Shippo's medicine."

"Shippo?" Inuyasha said stunned. He had just assumed that Kagome had used some healing powers on him or something.

"Yeah," Kagome said staring at the ground. "It was kind of sad actually. His parents gave him the medicine before they ran off into battle just in case he was injured. It was the last thing he had to remember them by." Inuyasha looked over to where the kitsune sat. Shippo sat alone Indian style next to the river. Inuyasha looked back to Kagome. She smiled at him and then walked back towards their campsite. `He gave up the medicine…for me?' Inuyasha thought. He looked to where the little fox sat.

Shippo sighed as he sat next to the river. Occasionally, he would throw a rock or two into the river to see how many times he could get it skip across the top of the water. He sat thinking about how things used to be in the village where he lived…so full of life and laughter. In what seemed like minutes, that happiness was taken from him, as well as every inhabitant of his village. `Is this how I continue?' he thought. `Traveling with people I barely know? I like Kagome. She seems to have a pure spirit. She is so nice to me, too. I don't understand why she puts up with Inuyasha. But…it seems like he looked at her differently when he revived this morning. I wonder what's going on with those two…truthfully.'

"Hey, fox!"

Shippo jumped when he turned and saw Inuyasha's powerful form looming over him. He looked especially intimidating under the moonlight. The little fox began to shake…fearful that he might have said some of what he was thinking out loud for the hanyou to hear. Inuyasha sensed his fear.

"What's with you, kid? I'm not going to bite!" Inuyasha said sitting next to Shippo. Shippo seemed to relax a little and sat up straight. He stared at Inuyasha as if wondering why he came there. Inuyasha sat Indian style next to him with his arms folded in his haori. He stared straight ahead. Shippo sighed.

"Why did you do it?" Inuyasha asked Shippo. Shippo gave him a confused look.

"Do what?" he asked.

"Kagome told me that you gave up your medicine for me today," Inuyasha stated. Shippo blushed slightly.

"Yeah," he said nodding his head. "You were dying. You needed it."

"But I also know that medicine had somewhat of a sentimental value to you," he said. Shippo looked towards the ground and nodded. "Then why did you do it?"

"I told you," Shippo said. "You were dying and needed it. Besides, I couldn't stand to see Kagome so upset. She was heartbroken when she thought you were going to die. She never left your side." Inuyasha softened a little and looked at the kit. `Looks like the kit and I have something in common…Kagome,' Inuyasha thought.

"I just wanted to tell you thank you," Inuyasha said. "I probably wouldn't be here right now had you not given me that medicine." Shippo looked stunned. He had only known Inuyasha for a short time now, but he had already established the fact that Inuyasha never revealed the way he truly felt about anything. He couldn't believe that Inuyasha had actually told him thank you. Deep down inside, Inuyasha felt a little guilty about how he had treated the little kit. He had been rude to him and hadn't given him any reason to save his life, but he did so anyway. `No wonder he likes Kagome so much,' Inuyasha thought. `He's a lot like her.'

"Your welcome, Inuyasha," Shippo said with a smile. Inuyasha gave him a slight smile back.

"But don't think that I am going to go easy on you while we are traveling!" Inuyasha commanded with a stern face. "You better not hold up the group." Shippo flinched a little and nodded.

`Just needed to make sure he still knew who was boss,' Inuyasha thought with a satisfied grin.

"Inuyasha," Shippo asked. Inuyasha gave him a questioning look.

"Yeah?" he said.

"How do you know Kagome and where are you guys going?" Shippo asked. The question caught Inuyasha a little off guard. Inuyasha took a deep breath and began relaying the story to Shippo from the time he met Kagome to present. Shippo sat there with wide eyes as Inuyasha told him the story.

"And now we are on our way to a castle where I have to make a life-changing decision: live in the castle or give it up to someone and go back to living the life I'm used to," Inuyasha finished. Shippo still had wide eyes as if he had just been told the best bedtime story ever.

"Wow!" Shippo said. Inuyasha smiled at Shippo's reaction. "That's so cool!"

Inuyasha watched as a rock skipped across the water. Inuyasha looked down at Shippo tossing another rock up and down in his hand preparing to throw again. When Shippo threw the rock in the air again, Inuyasha grabbed it.

"Hey!" Shippo said. Inuyasha threw the rock and both of them watched it skip across the water several times until it was out of sight.

"Wow!" Shippo said. "Can you teach me to do that?" Inuyasha smiled. He had to admit that the little fox was kind of cute. He could tell he had a heroic spirit though. Inuyasha knew that he could probably teach the kit a lot, but for right now skipping rocks would have to do.

"I'll try," Inuyasha said standing. He lifted Shippo up by the back of his shirt so the kit was standing, and began teaching the kit how to make a rock skip across the water several times.

In the distance, Kagome smiled as she watched Inuyasha playing with Shippo. Sango and Miroku followed her gaze.

"Oh, how cute!" Sango said happily.

"Isn't it, though?" Kagome said dreamily. Sango looked at Kagome. She could tell that Kagome was admiring the way Inuyasha was in acting in a "father-son" way.

"I'm glad he's being nice to Shippo," Kagome said. "He has been so heartless about him since we met him. It's good to see he's finally starting to get along with the little guy." Sango and Miroku nodded.

"So, has Inuyasha mentioned to you about what he intends to do once we get to the castle?" Miroku asked. Kagome shook her head.

"No," she replied. "All he said to me was that he was dreading the decision and that he still had no idea what to do. I didn't want to push the issue."

Kagome watched as Shippo accidentally let one of the rocks slip out his hand in mid-throw. The rock hit Inuyasha in the leg and Inuyasha was now chasing a screaming Shippo around in circles. Kagome laughed at the scene. Sango and Miroku looked over and laughed as well. Myouga looked back and smiled. Inuyasha soon chased Shippo all the way over to camp where the little kitsune ducked behind Kagome. Inuyasha stood over the two of them breathing hard. Inuyasha reached behind Kagome and picked up Shippo by the tail.

"You ain't always going to be able to hide behind Kagome," Inuyasha said tapping the back of his knuckles on Shippo's head. Kagome giggled a little. Inuyasha set the kitsune down who immediately hopped in Kagome's lap. Kagome patted Shippo on the head. Sango and Miroku smiled.

"Kagome?" Sango said. Kagome turned to look at her with a sweet smile.

"Hmm?" she replied.

"I think I'm going to go for a little walk. You want to come with me?" Sango asked, her eyes pleading with Kagome. Kagome got the hint.

"Sure," she said. She stood up to be confronted by a suspicious hanyou. "What?" she said. He looked at her suspiciously then stepped out of the way.

"You two don't wander off to far," he ordered looking off in the distance with his arms folded. He had a stern look on his face, but never made eye contact with either one of them. Sango rolled her eyes and grabbed Kagome's hand pulling her along.

"Yes sir!" Sango said with a mock salute. The two girls giggled as they scampered away from camp. Inuyasha watched them go. It was apparent to those left that Inuyasha was a little uneasy about the two going off by themselves.

"Kirara!" Inuyasha called. Kirara pranced over to him with a meow. "Follow them! Make sure those two stay out of trouble." Kirara nodded then ran after the two girls. Inuyasha watched as Kirara disappeared in the distance. He heaved a sigh of relief and sat down next to the fire. Myouga and Miroku exchanged glances, but knew better than to say anything. Well, they knew better at least.

"Wow, Inuyasha!" Shippo stated. "I didn't know you cared about Kagome and Sango so much!" Miroku and Myouga sweat dropped with a smile. Inuyasha glared at the little kitsune.

"Let's get one thing straight, fox!" Inuyasha began. `Oh, great! Here comes the act!' Miroku thought. "I don't care about nobody! I just don't like disasters is all!" Shippo snickered.

"Sure, Inuyasha," Shippo said with a smirk.

"You got something you wanna say then just say it fox!" Inuyasha yelled as he jumped in Shippo's face causing Shippo to cry out in terror.

"Eeeee!" Shippo squealed falling backwards. "I just…I just…"

"You just what?!" Inuyasha demanded.

"I…I just thought it was nice for you to be so concerned for the women's safety!" Shippo blurted out. Inuyasha stared at the little kitsune. Everyone sat in silence as they awaited Inuyasha's reaction.


"Waaaaaa!" Shippo cried as a result of Inuyasha's punch to his head.

"Stupid fox!" Inuyasha muttered brushing off his hands as he walked back to his original seat. Myouga and Miroku just sighed. The kit had a lot to learn about Inuyasha.

Meanwhile, Kagome and Sango walked along the green meadow. The moonlight shone brightly upon them as they chattered endlessly about seemingly useless things. Soon, however, the mood turned a little more serious.

"Kagome?" Sango asked.

"Hmm?" she replied.

"What do you think is going to happen when we get to the castle?" Sango asked. Kagome looked at her friend a little caught off guard by the question.

"Well…I really don't know. Inuyasha hasn't said much to me about it," Kagome replied. Sango sighed.

"I'm just wondering what is to become of us after this," Sango said sadly.

"What do you mean?" Kagome asked a little confused.

"I mean…I really don't want this journey to end. It's kind of fun in a weird way," Sango said with a smile. Kagome smiled back.

"Yeah, it is," Kagome said looking into the sky. "Far from what we could find back home, huh?" Sango nodded. The two continued walking for a little bit more until Sango finally broke the silence.

"What do you want to happen, Kagome?" Sango asked. Kagome thought for a minute.

"I really don't know," she replied. "All I know is that I want everyone to be happy. I want Inuyasha to make the right decision, whatever that may be, and I want all of us to live happily ever after like in the fairy tales." Sango laughed at her friend's incredible optimism.

"Yeah, well I know that's what all of us want," she said with a laugh. "But realistically, what would you like to see happen?"

"I guess…I guess I would like to see Inuyasha stay at his castle. It is rightfully his anyway. He would have so much more at the castle," Kagome said. "He wouldn't have to be scraping for food and shelter and he would have servants and happiness."

"It all depends on how you define happiness Kagome," Sango said. Kagome gave her a confused look, but then caught on to what her friend was getting at. "If you define happiness as being well off then I suppose Inuyasha would be happy, but you and I both know that there are a lot of things that are more important to Inuyasha than all of that." Kagome nodded her head.

"You're right," Kagome said. "He never has been one to care about status. I just don't want to see him the way he was…scraping for food, never knowing when the next meal would come, living in a cave."

"Maybe that was never what Inuyasha cared about," Sango said. "I mean even Myouga says that his attitude has changed since he came into contact with us. Maybe what Inuyasha needs more than anything is social acceptance." Kagome thought for a minute.

"Speaking of which," Kagome said suddenly. "I wonder if the people of his old town are going to treat him the same as they did last time. I wonder if they will be mean to him."

"I don't know," Sango said shrugging her shoulders. "I guess there's always that possibility."

"In that case," Kagome said with a frown. "I don't want him to stay there. Those people were mean to him and when he was just a little boy too. No. They do not deserve to have Inuyasha back." Kagome began balling her fists at her side in anger. Sango had to hold back a laugh when she saw the way Kagome reacted over someone she "supposedly" doesn't care about.

"Back to the happiness issue," Sango said looking towards the sky. "Sometimes happiness can be found in non-materialistic things such as a loving friendship that you have had with a certain girl for a really long time now." Kagome stopped walking and looked at her friend. Sango turned around when she noticed Kagome had stopped. "What's the matter, Kagome?"

"What are you getting at, Sango?" Kagome asked eyeing her friend suspiciously. Sango smiled.

"I'm not getting at anything," she said lightheartedly. "I just state the facts. A close relationship with someone would mean a lot more to me than a castle." Kagome looked at her skeptically, but then continued walking with her.

"Right," Kagome said. "Me too." Deep inside, Sango smiled brightly. `At least I have got her thinking about the issue now,' she thought.

Meanwhile, back at camp, Inuyasha and the others had sat around talking about various things from fighting to meditation to health. They all just rambled on senselessly until…

"Inuyasha, is Kagome your girlfriend?" Shippo asked staring off into the sky. Miroku and Myouga jumped back at the question. The kitsune just didn't know when to quit. Inuyasha's face turned beet red and he looked at Shippo as if he could kill him for asking such a question. "I mean she's really cute and you are all protective over her and everything…" Inuyasha was gripping his knees and shaking with anger as he clenched his eyes shut trying to hold back the anger that was steadily rising within him. Miroku and Myouga couldn't help but stifle a laugh at Inuyasha's reaction.

"And she's really smart and fun and pretty," Shippo rambled on.

"ENOUGH!" Inuyasha exploded grabbing the little fox by the tail and hitting him on the head. "She's not my girlfriend!"

"Waaa!" Shippo wailed from the hit. "I was just asking!"

"Well, you didn't have to keep rambling on the way you did!!!" Inuyasha barked bringing the kit up by the tail to meet him nose to nose.

"Ah! Did I hit a sensitive spot?!" Shippo smirked as he flicked Inuyasha on the nose. Miroku and Myouga couldn't hold it back anymore. They started laughing hysterically which only pissed Inuyasha off even more. He swung hard and in one swing had a left a knot on all three of their heads. Shippo lay on the ground with swirly eyes @_@.

"Ow!" Miroku yelled at the hanyou. "We…*laugh*…couldn't…*laugh*…help it! Shippo got you there!" Myouga and Miroku began laughing again only to cower away when Inuyasha growled and bore his fangs at them.

"You ready for another bashing!" Inuyasha asked pushing up his sleeve and balling up his fist again. Both of them immediately quit laughing and gathered their composure.

"Inuyasha!" he heard someone yell at him causing him to crouch down in fear that Kagome had seen him hit Shippo. He turned around to see Sango with her hands on her hips. She had seen the whole thing but Kagome was nowhere in sight.

"Inuyasha, if Kagome had seen that…" Sango began but was cut off by Inuyasha.

"Where's Kagome?" he said jumping to his feet and standing straight up.

"Calm down, Romeo! She's fine. She just wanted to sit by the river to think a little," Sango said. Inuyasha growled at Sango.

"Romeo?! I'm outta here! You people are pissing me off!" Inuyasha blurted and with that started bounding away.

"Off to go see Kagome no less," Sango said folding her arms as everyone burst into fits of laughter.

Kagome sat by the river peacefully. She had taken off her shoes and was now soaking her feet in the cool river water. She sighed. `Inuyasha,' she thought. `What are you going to do? If you decide to stay in the castle, what will happen to all of us? Will you leave us behind?' Kagome sighed heavily and brought her knees to her chest. `Why am I so worried about this anyway?' she thought. `It's none of my concern.'

`But Inuyasha's your best friend,' her mind argued. `Yeah, he is, and I just want to see him happy,' she thought.

"Inuyasha, just be happy," she said out loud.

"I am happy," a voice retorted behind her. Kagome whirled around to find Inuyasha standing behind her. He looked so handsome standing under the moonlight. His white hair glistened and his golden eyes seemed to glow in the dark. His tan skin wrapped tightly around his masculine features and the wind danced playfully across his hair and clothes, swaying them gently in the breeze. [A/N: Okay I know I didn't do this for Kagome (because that of course would mean I'm gay) but DAMN, I wish that was in front of me] Kagome couldn't say anything. She just sat there staring at him. She then realized that he had heard what she had said. She forgot how well he could hear. He walked over and sat next to her.

"What are you doing out here by yourself? You know it's dangerous for you to be out here all alone," he said. Kagome smiled.

"But now you're with me, so I know I'll be safe," she said. He smiled at her.

"Why did you tell me to be happy?" he asked. Kagome blushed and looked at the ground.

"Uh…well…" she stuttered. "It's just that…well…I know I shouldn't have been…but I was thinking about your decision…and I just said out loud that I wanted you to be happy." Inuyasha looked into the river.

"You're right," he said flatly.

"Right? About what?" she asked.

"You shouldn't be worrying yourself over my decision," he said still staring into the river.

"But Inuyasha…"

"But nothing!" he said. "Now I don't want you thinking about it any more, do you hear me?" Kagome frowned and looked into the river. "This is my decision to make and I don't want any of you guys worrying yourselves over it!" Kagome sighed. She couldn't help that she was worried about him.

"Come on," he said standing. "It's time to go back to camp."

"What?" she asked shocked.

"I said it's time to go back to camp!" he shouted. Kagome flinched away from him.

"But I wanted to sit out here for a little while longer," she said helplessly.

"Well, you can't!" he commanded. "It's too dangerous out here and you have nothing to think about." He grabbed Kagome by the arm and lifted her to her feet. "Let's go." Kagome looked at him with a frown and jerked her arm away from him.

"No," she said.

"Huh?" Inuyasha said shocked that she was standing up to him.

"I said no!" she said folding her arms. "I want some time to think and I am going to have it!"

"I already told you, you have nothing to think about!" he said. Kagome's face turned red with anger and her fists were balled up at her sides.

"You…you…selfish jerk!" she shouted at him. Inuyasha took a step back. Kagome had never blown up at him like that before. "Are you really selfish enough to think that you are the only person being affected by your decision? Are you really selfish enough to believe that neither me, Sango, Miroku, nor Myouga are worried about your decision? When are you going to wake up and realize that your decision affects us greatly?! We are your friends Inuyasha! And believe it or not we worry about you! Everything you do effects us, but this decision more than anything!" Kagome walked over to him until she was almost nose-to-nose with him. "Depending on what your decision is, I may never see you again! We all may never see you again! Don't you care? Don't you even care that we are worried about you? That we want you to be happy?"

Inuyasha stood there in shock unsure of what to say. He just stood there. He didn't know what to do or say.

"Ugh!" Kagome said in frustration and began walking past him.

"Kagome, wait! Where are you going?" Inuyasha asked.

"I'm leaving you alone to let you think about all of that," she replied. "Apparently, you haven't quite come to the realization that we are your friends and would do anything for you. WE CARE ABOUT YOU, INUYASHA!"

`They care about me?' Inuyasha thought. Kagome blushed slightly, hoping that Inuyasha didn't read too much into that. She wasn't quite ready to reveal her feelings to him yet. Both of them stood there staring at each other, unsure of what to say or do. Finally, Inuyasha did the only thing he knew to do. He marched over to Kagome until he was towering over her. Kagome cowered down a little. His dominating presence made her nervous. She had no idea what he was about to do, but what he did do shocked her beyond explanation. He grabbed her and pressed her into his chest for a tight hug. His arms were strong, but were kind and gentle towards her.

"Inu…yasha?" she said softly, still in shock from his sudden actions.

"Shhh!" he said. "Don't say anything." His words cracked as he spoke telling Kagome that he could possibly be choked up by what she said. Kagome complied and wrapped her arms around him losing herself in his embrace.

"We care about you, Inuyasha," Kagome said softly.

"I know," he breathed. "I just really didn't want you guys to worry about it. I understand where you guys are coming from now. I understand that you are worried what will happen after the fact." He placed his hand on the back of her head and squeezed her tighter. "I care about you guys too. That's what's making this so hard for me." Kagome could have cried at the very instant. Inuyasha had finally said that he not only cared about her, but he cared about all of them. It was the first time Inuyasha had ever been this open with her. She didn't want this moment to stop. Everything was perfect. It just felt too good…too right. She buried her head into his chest and sighed. What happened next surprised her more than she could explain. Inuyasha bent over to rest his forehead on her shoulder and nuzzled his head into her neck. Chills and thrills traveled through Kagome's entire body. She nuzzled her head into his. Now, Inuyasha was the one with the chills. The position that most people would find comforting and normal was now turning them on. Inuyasha lifted his head to look into Kagome's eyes. They both stood there, holding each other…staring at each other. Before Inuyasha even knew what was happening, he was leaning towards her, closing the gap between their lips. Kagome grew nervous. She knew Inuyasha was acting upon pure instincts. She had wanted this, but… She closed her eyes and waited for Inuyasha's lips to connect with hers. Their lips were about to connect when…

"Kagomeeee! Where are you?" Inuyasha began to growl deep within his chest. He looked up to see a beat red Shippo.

"Ehehehe!" Shippo said tapping the tips of his fingers together. "Bad timing?" Inuyasha growled deeper.

"That's it! I'm killing the fox!" Inuyasha said and tooking off running after a screaming Shippo.

"Kagomeeeeee! Help meeeeee!" the little kit wailed. Kagome smiled and watched as the two ran in circles, yet again. Shippo joining the group was turning out to be more and more interesting. The never ending quarrels between Shippo and Inuyasha may seem stressful sometimes, but when she would look back on them, she couldn't help but laugh and think they were cute. `At least Inuyasha has found something to do with all of that stored demon energy,' Kagome thought.


"Inuyasha, that's enough!" Kagome shouted as she ran over to them. .


"INUYASHA! STOP IT NOW!!!" Kagome screamed. "ONE MORE HIT AND I WILL…" Kagome opened her eyes to see the hanyou and the fox holding on to each other with wide eyes and shaking in fear of Kagome. Kagome was shocked.

"Ugh!" she said throwing her hands in the air and walking back towards camp. Inuyasha and Shippo still held on to each other as they watched Kagome walk away.

"Kagome can be really scary sometimes!" Shippo squeaked. Inuyasha nodded his head quickly.

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