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Chapter 23

The group got an early start the next morning. Kagome was the first to rise. She yawned and stretched out her arms. She looked around her. The meadow and river were even more beautiful in the daytime. She noticed Sango, Miroku, Myouga, and Shippo still asleep in their blankets. She looked up to find Inuyasha barely sleeping in a nearby tree. She smiled to herself. He looked so cute when he was sleeping. She stood up and began gathering her things.

From high in the tree, Inuyasha's eyes popped open. He yawned and stretched. He looked out across the open meadow admiring its beauty until his eyes found the campsite where the others lay sleeping. He noticed Kagome already gathering things and smiled. `I have a great group of friends…especially Kagome,' he thought to himself. `She is so eager to get to the castle and help me out.' Inuyasha sighed dreamily.

`Sure,' his mind argued. `Keep telling yourself that she is only your friend.' Inuyasha scowled.

`She is only my friend. She is my best friend and I would do anything in the world for her…and God, she looks so beautiful down there,' Inuyasha thought.

`Uh huh!' his mind argued again. `See!'

`Oh shutup!' he said to himself frowning. `I gotta quit this! People will think I'm nuts over here arguing with myself!' He shook his head hard as if trying to shake any thoughts he had from his head and jumped down from the tree.

Kirara nuzzled Sango with her nose in an attempt to wake her sleeping companion. "Mew!" Kirara meowed softly in her ear. Sango yawned and stretched. She sat up and looked around. She saw Kagome gathering things together while Miroku and the others began to stir. She stood up and began folding her blanket until…

"Morning sunshine," Miroku said seductively while groping her butt.

"HENTAI!!!" Sango said punching him in the head.

"Ow!" Miroku said in pain.

"Just because I'm your girlfriend doesn't give you the right to grope me at you leisure!" Sango said. Miroku gave her a puzzled look.

"What's the point in having a girlfriend then?" Miroku asked. Sango flared red.

"MI-RO-KU!" Sango said slowly as if she was about to explode. Miroku smiled and held of up his hands in protest.

"I'm just kidding!" he coaxed. Sango smiled and walked seductively over to Miroku. Miroku gulped. Meanwhile, Kagome had stopped gathering things to watch the show and Inuyasha had stopped dead in his tracks with a grin of amusement.

"Miroku…" Sango said softly enticing Miroku to come closer.

"Yeah," Miroku responded almost in a trance. Inuyasha and Kagome had to stifle a giggle.

"Sweety," Sango said placing a seductive hand on his chest. Miroku closed his eyes and listened closely. He raised his eyebrows as if telling her to continue. Sango smiled.

"Don't…ever…ever…" she said slowly with a smile. "Do that again!" With one quick motion Sango grabbed her boomerang and slammed it over Miroku's head.


Kagome couldn't hold it in anymore. She burst into fits of laughter. Miroku meanwhile was holding his head in pain.

"That was just wrong!" Miroku said. Sango glared at him and grabbed her boomerang again in a threatening manner. Miroku immediately ran and cowered down behind Myouga. Kagome continued to laugh. Inuyasha smiled and his eyes soon found Kagome. He observed how joyful she seemed to be and couldn't help but smile even brighter. `One thing's for sure,' Inuyasha thought. `These guys definitely gave my life a more interesting twist.' He cleared his throat and took on his tough disposition.

"Okay, okay!" Inuyasha said as he walked over to them. He looked at Miroku peeping at Sango over Myouga's shoulder. "You know, Miroku, you would get a lot farther with Sango if you didn't grope her all the time!" Miroku looked up to Inuyasha and smiled dumbly.

"And this is coming from the guy who can't admit his feelings about anything!" Miroku said. "Great! I must have really hit bottom!" Inuyasha growled and flexed his claws at Miroku.

"You want another beating monk?!" Inuyasha said angrily. "I'll give you twice the beating Sango would!" Miroku cowered down again. "Keh!" Inuyasha said folding his arms.

"Alright you two," Kagome said. "We still have a long way to go and we need to get started…peacefully!" Inuyasha nodded his head and began helping Kagome gather the rest of the things.

* * *

The group traveled peacefully until they arrived at a small chain of mountains. Kagome sighed. `Not this again,' she thought. `The forest was enough, but now mountains?' Sango sighed.

"So Myouga," she said. "Over it or around it?" Myouga looked at Sango and smiled.

"Actually," he said. "We'll go through it!"

"Huh?" everyone said in unison.

"Yep…" he said. "There is a path through these mountains that will take us straight to the castle!" Kagome smiled at hearing that.

"Great!" she said clapping her hands together. "Let's go! Myouga, after you." Myouga walked in front of everyone followed by Sango, Kagome, Shippo, and Kirara. Inuyasha had stayed back so he could talk to Miroku.

"Do you sense that?" Inuyasha asked Miroku. Miroku actually hadn't sensed anything.

"No, what?" Miroku. Inuyasha looked at him funny. `Maybe we're not close enough for him to sense it yet,' Inuyasha thought.

"There's a demon up ahead," Inuyasha said. Miroku looked up ahead.

"Should we tell the girls?" Miroku asked. Inuyasha shook his head no.

"They'll probably only freak out and want to go around the mountain," Inuyasha said. "I can take the demon. I won't let anything happen to them, but be sure to protect Sango and Kagome if I somehow get distracted." Miroku smiled and put his arm around Inuyasha.

"You know for a half-demon, you actually have a heart," Miroku said but ducked when Inuyasha swung at him.

"Keh!" he said. "Just shut-up and be sure to protect the women or I'll kill you myself!" Miroku nodded and he and Inuyasha ran to catch up with the others.

They soon were deep in the mountains. It was still early in the afternoon, but a thick forest surrounded them preventing most of the sunlight from shining down upon their path. Inuyasha's ears twitched with every little sound he heard. He was constantly on edge. He knew something wasn't right, but he dare not tell the girls that there was something out there.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome said breaking through his thoughts. His ears swiveled towards her voice and he raised his eyebrows telling her to continue. "Inuyasha, are you okay? You've seem really on edge about something." Inuyasha was a little surprised at how well she knew him.

"It's nothing," he said looking away. Kagome frowned and grabbed his hair forcing him to look at her. He yelped in protest.

"Nothing, huh?" she said glaring at him. "Then why can't you look at me when you say that?" Inuyasha's voice caught in his throat. Should he lie to her? Should he just insist there is nothing wrong?

"It's nothing that concerns you!" he finally growled. Well, at least he had partly told the truth. Kagome released his hair and jerked back a little. She was hurt. It was evident. Though Inuyasha didn't quite understand why. She just continued to give him that painful look. That look sent chills down his spine. He was quite sure what to make of it.

"Ka-gome?" he finally managed to get out. She looked away from him quickly and continued walking leaving him standing behind her. Inuyasha almost ran after her, but stopped when he heard her speak.

"I just wish he'd open up to me more," Kagome said so quietly that only Inuyasha's ears could have heard her. Inuyasha gulped. He knew she hadn't meant for him to hear her, but he did anyway. `I don't mean to hurt you, Kagome,' he thought.

Kagome sighed and as if dismissing the whole thing together, returned back to her normal self. `Why do I even try?' she thought. `That's just the way Inuyasha is. Wait a minute! Why do I care? I don't!'

`Yeah, you do,' her mind argued. `If you didn't, you wouldn't be thinking about Inuyasha in such a way.'

`What way?' she asked herself. `I was merely worried that's all! And he wouldn't tell me anything.'

`That's why you are bothered by this,' her mind continued to argue. `You care about him…even love him.' Kagome blushed.

`No, I don't!' she said. `I admit that he can be sweet sometimes and he has never failed to protect me and he is amusing and entertaining and very, very handsome. He is my best friend and I would do anything in the world for him, but that doesn't mean I love him…does it?'

`See!' her mind laughed. `You're even doubting yourself!'

`Oh, shut-up!' Kagome said to herself and dismissed the thoughts from her head.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha had caught up to Kagome and the others and was almost growling. Sango and Miroku gave Inuyasha puzzled looks. Miroku gave him a look that said, `Cool it, man. The women are getting suspicious.' Inuyasha tried to straighten himself up. Miroku slowed his pace so that the two women were in front of them and he was next to Inuyasha.

"What is it?" Miroku whispered quietly.

"It's near," Inuyasha whispered back. "It's getting closer by the second." Miroku looked surprised, but gripped his staff tightly.

"You protect Kagome! I'll get Sango!" he whispered. Inuyasha nodded his head.

"Relay the message to Myouga. Make sure Shippo is protected too," Inuyasha said glancing up at the two walking at the front of the group. Miroku nodded and ran in front of the girls. Inuyasha tried to distract Sango and Kagome while Miroku relayed the message to Myouga.

"So…" Inuyasha began not quite sure what to say. He then saw Kirara in Sango's arms and took the opportunity. "Whoa! Sango, I think Kirara's getting a bald spot. Do you think she could have been injured in one of our battles?"

`THAT WAS SO LAME!' Inuyasha thought, but it had worked. Sango and Kagome leaned over and began examining Kirara.

"Where?" Sango said ruffling through Kirara's fur to Kirara's delight. Kagome looked too.

"I don't see anything," Kagome said. Inuyasha listened for Miroku to finish telling Myouga. Finally, Miroku finished.

"Oh, maybe it was my imagination then," Inuyasha said. "It must have been the way the light was hitting Kirara that made it look that way. I just must be seeing things." Kagome looked at him suspiciously as Sango shrugged her shoulders and continued walking. Inuyasha tried to keep walking but was stopped by Kagome standing in front of him with her arms folded.

"You want to tell me what's going on?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha smiled dumbly and put a hand behind his head.

"What are you talking about?" he asked stupidly. Kagome frowned.

"You, a half-demon, seeing things?" she asked skeptically. Inuyasha didn't know what to say.

"Uhhh…" he said. Kagome tapped her foot impatiently.

"Is this demon making you nervous or something?" she asked. Inuyasha could have been knocked over with a feather. She had known the whole time.

"What demon?" Inuyasha asked. Kagome frowned.

"You know what demon! You think I can't sense the demon?" she asked. `How could I have forgotten that Kagome could sense demons?' Inuyasha thought.

"Well, you see…I just thought you girls would freak out and not want to travel through the mountains or something," he said.

"Oh! So, what you're saying is that you would rather lie to me then just open up to me a little?" she asked. Inuyasha gulped.

"It's not like that!" Inuyasha protested.

"Really?" Kagome said balling her fists at her side in anger. "Then tell me Inuyasha…what's it like?" Inuyasha began growling deep in his chest and stepped towards her in a threatening manner. Kagome glared at him and stepped towards him.

"Don't you dare growl at me like that!" she said not backing down. She folded her arms across her chest and turned around with her back towards him. "You always do that when you are losing an argument! Besides, like you would actually hurt me?" Inuyasha quit growling and stared at her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pressed his chest against her back. Kagome gasped and froze, shocked by his actions. He leaned his head down to her ear.

"I would never hurt you," he said softly into her ear. "I will always protect you. You know that, right?" Kagome nodded her head. "Good. That's all I was trying to do. I was just wanting to make sure that you and Sango and Myouga and even that little brat Shippo were safe."

"But all the evil demons were destroyed or purified," Kagome said.

"I know," he said softly. "But I don't want to be taking any chances…not with you." Inuyasha gulped. He hadn't meant to say that last part. Kagome turned around to face him. A light blush spread across her cheeks. Inuyasha's voice caught in his throat again as he stared at her. He blushed. His hands had absentmindedly moved to her waist.

"Thank you, Inuyasha," Kagome said softly. She reached up and gently began rubbing one of his ears causing Inuyasha to release a purr of content. She smiled and rested her other hand on the nape of his neck.

Suddenly realizing that Inuyasha and Kagome were missing, the rest of the group turned around to find the two in a very intimate position. Sango, remembering what had happened last time, grabbed Shippo and covered his mouth and eyes. The entire group blushed and Kirara tilted her head to the side. They didn't want to leave them behind…but they didn't want to interrupt either, especially if they knew that there was a chance of them admitting their feelings for each other

Inuyasha didn't want to leave this position. As Kagome continued to rub his ears, she suddenly felt herself becoming aroused though she didn't know why. Inuyasha's eyes flew open when he smelled her arousal. He realized he had again begun a purring meant for seducing a mate. Inuyasha growled to himself and quickly switched his purring back to normal…until he saw the peeping toms staring them over Kagome's shoulder. Inuyasha blushed a deep red when he realized that he had been seen in a very intimate position with Kagome. He was just before yelling at them when something caught his senses. Inuyasha began growling deep within his chest and jumped in front of Kagome.

"Inuyasha, what's…" she began but gasped when she sensed the demon almost on them. Wind started swirling around them as the demon got closer. They all looked ahead to see a tornado headed towards them. Inuyasha growled while Kagome and the others were stricken with fear. Inuyasha stood his ground as the tornado grew closer and closer. Miroku ran by and grabbed Kagome pulling her into a nearby ditch with the others. Kagome's screamed in protest.

"INUYASHA! NOOOO!" she screamed when she realized that Inuyasha wasn't moving from the tornado's path. "INUYASHA GET OUTTA THERE!" He merely looked at her with a brave, solemn expression and then turned his attention back to the approaching tornado. `Wow!' Kagome thought. `He seems so calm and collected.' Kagome couldn't help, but grow nervous when the tornado was only a few yards away from Inuyasha. She tried to jump up only to be brought back down to the ground by Miroku. Everyone had to shut their eyes to avoid getting dirt and debris in their eyes as the winds flapped wildly around them.

Finally, the winds stopped. Everyone opened their eyes to see a male demon. He was dressed in a mixture of animal skin and armor and his jet-black hair was in a high ponytail. His muscles bulged and his fangs shown brightly under the sunlight. His eyes were a bright blue.

"What is your business in these mountains?" he asked Inuyasha. Inuyasha growled.

"What's it to you?" he huffed. The demon growled back at him.

"I am Kouga, leader of the demon wolf tribe. These mountains belong to my tribe and to me. Who might you be and what business do you have in my mountains?" he asked.

"I am Inuyasha. I am traveling towards the western lands. Your mountains were necessary for a safe passage," he said.

"Where are your companions? There were at least six of you along with a demon cat," Kouga said. Inuyasha nodded and motioned for the others to come out of the ditch. They all came out of the ditch cautiously. When Kouga's eyes laid on Kagome, he began to sniff the air.

"Are you Kagome Higurashi?" he asked. Kagome looked surprised but nodded. In a flash, Kouga was in front of Kagome holding both of her hands in his. "Kagome, I thought I would never live the day to see you, but now that I have, your beauty is far more radiant than I had heard." Kagome smiled and blushed. Inuyasha began to growl out of jealousy. He jumped in between the two grabbing Kouga's hand and throwing it back at him.

"Don't touch her!" he demanded. "What do you want with her?"

Kouga growled at him. "Because of her, our enemies were destroyed! The Gokuraku tribe has been fighting for our lands for years! She destroyed them! Because of her, my tribe can now live in peace!" he said growling. He smiled at Kagome. "Thank you, Kagome." Kagome smiled and nodded her head. Inuyasha's jealously was growing rapidly. He growled furiously at Kouga. Kouga merely ignored him.

"So, I have made my decision," he said. "You may pass through these mountains, and we will see that you are not harmed." Everyone including Kagome gave him a puzzled look.

"Really?" Kagome said gleefully. Kouga nodded his head. Inuyasha glanced back at the others skeptically. Miroku and Sango shrugged their shoulders. Inuyasha relaxed a little and stood up straight.

"Very well," Inuyasha said. "Come on, guys." They all began walking past Kouga. Inuyasha stayed behind making sure that everyone passed Kouga safely.

"Thanks so much, Kouga," Kagome said as she reached him. Kouga smiled and waited for the right moment. The minute Inuyasha turned away, Kouga grabbed Kagome causing her to drop her bow and arrows. He threw her over his shoulder and jumped away.

"AGHHHH!" Kagome screamed. Inuyasha whirled around.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled after her. He drew his sword. `I can't use tessaiga or I'll hit Kagome,' Inuyasha thought. "Let her go, Kouga!"

"Kagome!" everyone else yelled in unison.

"Did you actually think I would allow you all to pass through peacefully without anything for me?" Kouga smirked. "You may all pass through, but Kagome stays with me. Kagome shall become my woman and bear my pups!" Kagome sweat dropped and looked pleadingly at her friends. Sango and Miroku looked at Inuyasha. They knew that hearing that was enough to send Inuyasha on a killing spree. Inuyasha's face turned red with anger. He gripped his sword so tight that his knuckles were turning white.

"You will do no such thing with her, you stupid wolf!" Inuyasha said. "Give her back! There is no deal! Fight me for a passage through these mountains and give Kagome back to me!" Kouga smiled.

"It seems you are in love with this woman!" Kouga smirked. Inuyasha blushed and his eyes grew wide. "Well, that's too bad. Don't worry, Inuyasha. I will make sure that she forgets about you!" Inuyasha was taken aback. He growled at Kouga.

"Forgets about me?" he asked. "Just what are you planning on doing?" Inuyasha's mind raced with all of the possibilities. Kouga smirked.

"What do you think I'm going to do, Inuyasha?" Kouga asked. Inuyasha's face burned with anger. He let out a roaring growl. He couldn't take it any more.

"ENOUGH!" he said as he bounded after the wolf. Kouga smirked and took off running. In a split second, he was out of sight leaving Inuyasha coughing in his dust.

"INUYASHA!" he heard Kagome scream in the distance.

"KAGOME! KAGOME, NOOOOOO!" he said dropping to his knees. His eyes shook with worry. He had let her get kidnapped. He had been so stupid. He hadn't kept a careful eye on her. He pounded his fist into the ground. `I will not lose hope, Kagome!' he thought and took off running as fast as he could leaving the others behind. `Kouga! You fucking bastard! If you lay one hand on her I will kill you!'

"Kirara!" Sango shouted. Kirara jumped in the air and transformed.

"Myouga, you and Miroku get on Kirara!" Shippo said. "Sango, you can ride on me." Sango gave him a confused look but then saw him transform into a pink balloon. She smiled and nodded.

"Okay," she said and climbed on Shippo. They all took off after Inuyasha. Inuyasha glanced back when he saw the others had caught up to him. `Kagome,' Inuyasha thought. `Kagome, hang in there! I'm coming for you, Kagome!'

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