InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Real Her ❯ The Trip (Chapter 2) ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Candice woke up to the alarm clock the next morning. Well, today was her first day of school. She might as well get up and get ready to make a good impression. She got up and took a quick shower. She came out in a towel and got the extra uniform from the closet.She got dressed and looked in the mirror. It was a far cry from the jeans and tee shirt she could wear to her old school. She did have to admit that it did compliment her curves.She walked over to Kagome and shook her awake.Kagome mumbled then opened her eyes,''what?''''Get up Kagome. You have to get ready.''Candice told her.Kagome got up and went to the bathroom. She came out and got dressed.Kagome giggled,''we look like twins''Candice laughed too until Sota came in their room.''Mom said breakfast is ready''he told them before leaving the room.Candice went over to her backpack and put pencils,paper,and a few other thing she may need. She decided to leave the dagger in there so she put it in the bottom where it couldn't possibly fall out.When she picked up her backpack and put it on she bumped into the table making a small vile fall on the floor and brake. Kagome shot around and started to pick up the little shiny things that were in the vile.''I'm so sorry Kagome!''''No,no it's ok. I should have put them in a better location''she apologized.''Say,Kagome. What are these things?''Candice said as she picked up a shard of whatever it was that fell.''oh, just.....some...pieces of jewelry I have to put back together. They are really important to me.''Kagome said as she took the shard from Candice.Candice was about to apologize again until she saw Inuyasha jump up on the windows eel.''Kagome!Reade's village is under attack!I think the demon has a jewel shard!''he said as he entered the room.Kagome sounded really worried,''I'm sorry Candice. You'll have to go to school by yourself today.''She and Inuyasha took off down the stairs. Candice looked out the window and saw them running into the well house. She was about to go to breakfast when she saw a tiny shard on the floor. She picked it up. If Kagome was so worried about them falling on the floor she would hate to lose one. She went outside and headed to the well house.When she went in nobody was there. She walked towards the well and she looked down it. As she leaned over the edge her hand slipped and she fell. She saw a bright light but never felt the bottom of the well.Suddenly her feet touched the ground and she looked up.'might as well go get breakfast' she thought as she climbed out. She froze when she saw it. A village was being torn apart by a huge bear-like creature. She hid behind a tree afraid to even move. She peaked from behind the tree and saw a girl with a huge boomerang. It hit the bear giving it a huge gash in its shoulder.That's when she saw Kagome and Inuyasha. Inuyasha had a huge sword and when she swung it a huge burst of light came out. At the same time Kagome shot an arrow. Both attacks hit the bear at the same time. It blew a gigantic hole in its stomach. Candice watched as the creature fell to the ground.Inuyasha went over to it and slashed at its arm. He reached in the gash and took out one of those shards. They were talking when Candice heard a voice behind her.''excuse me miss. May I help you?''the strange voice said.She screamed and shot around to see a man in a purple robe and his hair in a small tie in the back.Within seconds she heard Kagome and the others voices. They were headed towards them. Inuyasha was the first to get over.''Miroku what are you do...''he stopped when he saw her. Kagome came up behind him and gasped,''Candice!How did you get here?''A woman walked up behind her''You know her Kagome?''Kagome looked at her then Candice,''yes,she came from America. She's staying with my family''The man by the name of Miroku walked up to Candice and took her hand causing Candice to blush,''My dear lady,forgive me for frightening you. I was just wondering....would you bear my children?''Before Candice could say anything Sango hit him on the head with the huge boomerang she used to fight with.''you'll have to excuse him,'' Sango started,''he is a bit of a lecher''''So how did you get here?''Kagome asked.Candice looked at her and said,''I found a shard thing on the floor and I went to give it to you. I went to the well house and fell trough the well then I saw a bright light.''''were is it''Inuyasha asked.''In my backpack''she answered. She walked over to her backpack that fell off when she got out. SHe pulled things out and when she pulled a book out it caught onto the dagger case and it fell out on the ground. When it fell the case opened and the dagger was exposed.When it fell to the ground it started to pulsate. She went to grab it.''No!Don't touch it!''Miroku yelled. He was too late. She picked it up and a dark aura started to surround her. She let out a scream and fainted. The others surrounded her and Inuyasha took her to Reade's hut.She woke up hours later and looked around. She felt strange. She went to rub her face and she saw her hands. She had claws!She grabbed a bowl of water by her mat and looked into it. She had purple stripes on her cheeks and a moon shape on her forehead. What she saw next made her lose her cool. She had fangs too!She screamed again and an old woman came in along with the group she saw earlier.''Aw, I see ye have awakened,''the old woman pointed out.''What happened to me!?''Candice screamed.''Calm down child. Ye will be fine''she said as she went over and sat by Candice.''What happened Keade?''Sango asked.''The dagger she possessed released the souls in which it contained. The strong demonic aura coming from the bear demon most likely set it off''''What am I!?''Candice said still freaked out.Inuyasha spoke,''your a dog demon. I know because your markings are similar to my half brother's''Miroku spoke up too,''you are know the keeper of this dagger. If it is ever destroys you will die too. Take care of it''''Kagome!What do I do know?!I can't go back to own time!''Candice yelled.''I'm sure we'll figure something out,Just calm down. Would you like to tag along with us as we search for the jewel shards?''Kagome tried to cheer her up.Inuyasha barged in on the conversation,''No way!She can't defend herself!I bet she doesn't know how to use a sword. Or any kind of weapon at that!''Candice forgot all of the events and focused on his insult.''I have you know I can use a sword and lots of other weapons!''Inuyasha just laughed,''Fine!Let's just see how you do.''''Inuyasha,that's not fare!''Kagome blurted out.''You have the Tessaiga!''''Fine'' he started ''we'll use ordinary swords''They both went to the outskirts of the village followed by the rest of the gang. Candice got in fighting stance but stopped,''I can't fight in this!''Kagome said,''your right. You can go back to the future and get your cloths.''Candice nodded and went back to the future.Inuyasha ran over to Kagome,''Quick!Go get the shard!''Kagome yelled,''Even if she can go to the future doesn't mean she can stay!''Inuyasha yelled back,''we're gonna get killed because of her!''.they fought for a few minuets and when Candice came back up she saw Inuyasha crashing into the ground repeatedly.The others looked up at her. She had on her favorite outfit. She had on black jeans with cuts in the knee and a black belly shirt. Now two stripes on her hips were visible. They looked at her like she had just killed someone.''What?''she asked not knowing what was going on.''Can we fight now?''Inuyasha asked while he was rubbing his head.''let's go''she replied.She got into fighting stance and Inuyasha was the first to make a move......Meanwhile,a few miles away a demon lord concentrated on a strange smell.A small green imp walked up to the lord,''my lord,what is it?''He was follower by a little girl,''yes lord Sesshomaru,who seem really focused on something,''she said with a sweet voice.He looked at her and answered,''I sense something up ahead.''The imp blurted out,''my lord,the only thing up ahead is that old priestess's village. Are you sure it isn't your half-breed brother?''Sesshomaru shot him a scowl,''do you think I do not know my own half brother's scent?''The imp keeled on the ground,''Forgive my my lord!I was wrong to speak!'' Back at the village Candice had just pinned Inuyasha to a tree by his sleeve.''Who's weak now?''she said with a smirk.''I want a rematch!''Inuyasha yelled as he pulled the sword out of the tree, freeing himself.''Stop being such a sore loser,Inuyasha,''Sango said.Candice looked over at a small child that ran up to Kagome.''Hey Shippo!''Kagome greeted the kitsune.''Your back!Who's this?''Shippo said looking Candice's way.''I'm Candice'' she said to the child.''I'm from Kagome's time''''I thought there were no demons in the future''Shippo said.''It's kind of a long story,''Kagome said.''Did you bring us anything Kagome?''Shippo asked.''Yes!'she said as she went to her big backpack and pulled out some candy,sodas,and a few other things.''Hey Shippo!,''Candice said,''I think I have something you will be interested in''He watched her with interest ans Candice went to her backpack and pulled out an i pod.''What is it?''Miroku asked.''It's an i pod. It let's you listen to music'' Candice replied.She handed it to Shippo. He didn't know what to do so she had to put them in his ears for him. Within minuets he was bobbing his head to the music.Later that night when everyone was asleep Candice was tossing and turning. She got up to take a short walk. She decided to jump in a tree and look around since she could see in the dark now. She sat on a branch and and in a few minuets she was in a deep sleep.She woke up the next morning and saw that everyone was getting ready to head out. She jumped down and started helping them get ready.Inuyasha rose his head and sniffed,''What's wrong Inuyasha?''Kagome asked.''I smell something,''he replied. Candice rose her head too,''I smell something strange too.''Just as she finished talking a small tornado came towards them. When it stopped she saw a tall man with his hair in a pony tail and a .......wolf tail?''Hello Kagome."he said as he took her hand.''Get her filthy paws off of her Koga!''Inuyasha yelled.''shut up mutt face!Kagome is my woman!''Koga replied.Candice stepped in,''and she told you this?''Koga,''who the hell are you?''''I'm the one wondering why your talking to her like she is your girlfriend!''Koga started to get angry,''Why?Is she mutt faces or something?The only woman he has is that dead priestess!''Candice commented,''at least he can get one!''Koga lost it. He chased after her. He was fast. She couldn't outrun him....but she could out think him.She ran to the edge of a lake and waited for him to get close enough. When he was about a foot away she jumped up in the tree above her. He missed her and he fell face first in the water.Inuyasha was on top of the hill on the ground laughing his head off.Koga got out and shook off,''I'll be back mutt face!I'll get you for this!''He ran off and Inuyasha ran up to Candice.''Nice one,''He said.Candice commented,''well if he acted like an ass I figured he would think like one. The mutt jokes got a little too far too''They got all of their things together and started out on their journey.