InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Real Her ❯ She's Back! ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Far way from where the group started off,Lord Sesshomaru was tracking down the source of the smell.

''What do you think it is, Lord Sesshomaru,'' Rin asked as she rode on the dragon(forgot the names).

He didn't answer. He just kept looking ahead.

Meanwhile, back with the group, they were having an conversation about Candice. Everyone except Sango, Kagome, and Shippo were sitting by Candice.

''So, where do you originally come from?'' Miroku asked while drinking a soda.

''There's a place called's kinda famous for cotton and catfish,'' she replied.

Inuyasha looked confused, ''catfish?''

''They're fish that...never mind. I always loved to go to rodeos. Rodeos were events that have to do with livestock. I competed in a few contest before.'' she told him.

''What did you do?'' Miroku questioned.

''I steer wrestled. That is were you let loose a young steer. You try to catch up to it on a horse. When you get close enough you jump off the horse and wrestle the steer to the ground by its horns,'' She replied. They all looked at her like she was crazy.

''food's done,'' Kagome announced.

They all sat down to eat. Inuyasha quickly grabbed the ramen and started to stuff it into his mouth.

''Inuyasha! Don't eat all of it!'' Kagome yelled.

''Whatever! If you actually brought more food this wouldn't be a problem,''he said trough a mouthful of ramen.

Everyone backed away from the grave site and a fuming Kagome.

''Inuyasha!''she yelled.

''Wh-what?'' he shuddered.

''SIT!'' she yelled as he ramen face first into the ground.

''I'm going home!'' she picked up her stuff and stomped to the well.

''Does this happen all the time?''Candice asked as she slurped her ramen.

''Yeah,'' Shippo said,''But he always goes back and gets her.''

Candice sat there and thought. She got up and walked to the well and jumped in.

Back in the future. Kagome had just headed to Wacdonalds with her friends,Eri, Arimr,and Yuka.

Candice walked in through the window and looked through her suitcase. Let's see....blush,base,eyeliner. That'll do. She got all of her things and changed.

She put on a dark base to cover up the markings and some light eye liner so that too much attention wasn't drawn to her eyes. She changed into a white skirt and a black spaghetti sleeve shirt. She then put on a hat to hide the tips of her ears. She grabbed her also black purse and headed out the door. Now to track her.

She fallowed her scent to a place that looked like McDonalds. She walked in and spotted Kagome. She checked her face to make sure she didn't freak anyone out and walked over.

''Hey Kagome!''she said as she stood by the table.

''Um..Candice,what are you doing here?''she said as her voice shook.

''I decided to track down my friend and spends some time with her,'' she sat down by Kagome.

''So, your Candice,'' Arimi said,''how are your colds?''

Candice sat there trying to figure out what she meant.

Kagome interrupted,''Remember?We had a cold. That's why we didn't go to school yesterday and today.''she winked at Candice and she finally got it.

Just then a boy walked up to the table with a couple of packages.

''Hey Hojo!'' Yuka said.

''Hello ladies. Your Candice right?Nice to meet you. I heard about the cold both of you had. I brought these. They help''he held out a bag full of oranges.

Kagome took them and said,''Uh...thanks''

Hojo looked at Candice,''you have something purple on your face,''

''I gotta go!Be right back!''Candice jumped up and ran to the restroom.

Everyone looked at Kagome.''Hehe..I'll be right back''Kagome said as she went after Candice.

In the bathroom Candice was busy putting her makeup on. Kagome ran up to her.

''What are you doing! People could find out your a demon!'' Kagome said.

''I'm gonna TRY to have a normal least part of one...but really, I'm not staying with Miroku by myself.''

They both walked out of the bathroom and saw a group of people by a table. Candice walked up and saw a teenager arm wrestling with other people. He won every time.

''This is just sad,''Candice said.

Everyone looked at her. The guy that was winning looked at her,''let's see what you got gorgeous.''

Candice's eyes started to shine a reddish color. Nobody...NOBODY! called her gorgeous.

She sat at the table and put her arm up. The boy took the her hand and another boy counted to three.

''1..2..3...GO!''he said.

No sooner than he said go the table was broke and the boy was slung in the floor. Everyone looked at her and backed away.

She got up like nothing happened and went out the door. Kagome fallowed her and they went home.

She got inside and asked Kagome,''would your mom freak if I took my makeup off?'

''She invites a guy with dog ears to supper. She won't mind.''Kagome and Candice laughed as Candice took off her makeup.

They went down stairs and saw Grandfather and Ms. Higarashi.

''Hello girls I...oh my.''her mother said as she looked at Candice.

Grandfather looked at her and jumped up.''Your a..a...a''

''A dog demon?''Candice finished.

''How did this happen?''he asked.

''Ya know that dagger story?I think I'm gonna start listening to you a little more.''Candice said

Grandfather looked at her face,''those are interesting markings. You should ask Inuyasha about them.''

''Ms. Higarahi, I think I might have to stay in the feudal era a while. Just until I can sort this out.'' Candice told Ms. Higarashi.

''Yes dear, I understand.''ms. Higarashi replied.

''Oh boy! Now I get to try out those new sicknesses I've been saving for Kagome!'' Grandfather sounded excited.

Just then Sota ran through the door. He shot up to his room. Kagome looked at Candice, ''I think you should try talking to him. He looks upset and he would probably like to hear about your 'discovery' ''

Candice walked up to Sota's room and walked in. He was sitting on his bed with his knees propped up and his face buried in them. Candice walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder.

''Hey buddy. What's up?'' she asked him.

He looked up at her and gasped, ''What happened?'' he yelped.

''First you'll have to tell me what happened to you,'' she confirmed.

''I was at the park,'' he explained, ''and a boy from school came up and his older brother made fun of me and bullied me.''

Candice said, ''Did you try to stand up for yourself?''

''Yes, but he pushed me down,'' he said.

Candice thought for a while and got up. ''Let me get my makeup back on and we'll go have a talk with this guy,'' she told him.

After her makeup was on she and Sota went out. He showed her where the boys were and they went to the park. When they got there she saw the boy that the arm wrestled. Him and what looked like his little brother were pushing a little kid around. The boy went and sat on a bench while his brother tortured another kid.

Candice walked up to him. He was staring at the ground when she came up. He started at her legs and worked his way up to her face.''hello good lo...IT'S YOU!''The boy said as he jumped up.

''Yeah genius. I think you owe my little friend here an apology!''she said

''That little wimp is your friend? Why don't you come with me and hang out with a man.'' he said with a smirk.

''Where? I don't see one,'' she told him. She then glared at him.

Hmmm.....there was a new smell. It was coming from the boy. It was...fear.

''Your not scared are you?''she asked

''oh coarse not!Why would I be!''she snapped.

''call it a sixth sense''she said in a chuckle.

''you know you have a smart mouth bitch!''he said.

''what you gone do?!''she yelled

''Ok let's go!''He yelled as he puffed out his chest.

''You asked for it''she warned as she let her fist fly. She knocked him about a foot from the ground. He fell to the ground unconscious.

''let's go!''she yelled as she threw Sota of her back and they ran. When they got to the shrine she stopped him at the door,''Ok. Now when your mom asks,you just had a nice talk with him. Ok?''

''Ok''he said as he walked into the house. Ms. Higarashi had the table set and was putting dinner out. Candice went and took her makeup off. All of a sudden she had a cramp in her stomach.(boys beware!)She looked down and saw a red spot start to form on her skirt. Great.....

She changed and went to dinner. When she went to the kitchen she saw Inuyasha arguing with Kagome.

Candice didn't even say anything but Inuyasha looked at her like she just screamed. She looked around to see who he was giving the 'oh my god' look to. It was her.

Ms. Higarashi invited him to dinner. The whole time he ate he stared at Candice. When everyone was one Inuyasha pulled Kagome away from everyone else.

''we have to talk,''he told her before taking her to the living room.

They got in the living room.''What's up?'' Kagome asked Inuyasha

''I don't want her in the feudal era.'' Inuyasha told her.

''What? Why?'' She snapped

Inuyasha brought his voice down low, ''She's um...ya's a woman thing?''

''Her period?'' Kagome asked.

''Yeah,'' Inuyasha answered, ''but the smell she is putting off is the scent of an unmarked female. When a female demon is marked she has a totally different smell. Now, everyone knows she is single and she is sexually mature!''

Kagome's eyes got as big as saucers.

They ran back into the kitchen to tell Candice to stay. She was gone.

''Mom!Where's Candice!?'' Kagome said

Ms. Higarashi replied,''she went back to the feudal era. Why?''

''We gotta go!''Inuyasha said as they ran to the well.