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The Truth Behind the Book Chapter 1: The Book

Kagome raced through the woods. In the distance she could hear InuYasha yelling. She knew he would catch her soon. She broke out of the woods and into the clearing where the Bone Eaters Well stood. She closed her eye and smiled, she was going to make it. She opened her eyes just in time to see a pissed off hanyou (I don't know how to spell it!) staring right at her.

"Just where do you think you're going wench!" InuYasha yelled at Kagome.

Kagome's patience was wearing thin. He did this every time she tried returning to her world and she was getting really annoyed by it.

"Where do you think I'm going InuYasha?!? I go to the same place every time you do this! I have to go back to my world! I have a test in 2 days and a paper due at the end of the week. I don't have time to waste!" Kagome screamed at the hanyou while pointing a finger at him.

"Those test things of yours are not as important as the shards! I'm not letting you go back there until we finish finding the shards!" InuYasha yelled back at Kagome as he went to grab her arm.

That was it. Kagome had had it.

"SIT!!!!! sit, sit, sit, SIT!!!!"

InuYasha's face slammed into the ground. He growled at her.

"Stupid wench what was that for!?!?"

"Goodbye InuYasha. I will be back in 4 days," Kagome said infuriated as she jumped into the well.

InuYasha just growled at her, but she didn't hear it because she was already gone.

Kagome's Time

Kagome climbed out of the well. Heaving the large backpack she had over the edge of the well before lifting herself up and out of the old well.

"That InuYasha, one day I'll get him back I swear it," Kagome hissed to herself, but knew she could never do that because secretly she had fallen in love with the stubborn hanyou.

Kagome sighed as she picked up the pack again and walked out of the well house. The walk to the front door of her house wasn't far. She opened the door.

"Ohayo!! I'm back!" Kagome yelled into the house.

She was surprised when she no response. She walked into the house inspecting each room and found no one home. As she stepped into the kitchen she saw a note on the table.


If you're reading this note, then we are most likely not home at the time. We had to go visit grandpa's sister. She has fallen ill. We will most likely be home at the end of the week. Love you lots honey. Sorry we're not home to greet you. Good luck on your tests!


"Figures the one time I come home and they're not here. Oh well, I should get to the library before they close. It's a good thing the essay is on Feudal Japan. She knew a lot about it, but she still needed some information. She ran up the stairs and dropped her back in her room and then ran to the library.

The library wasn't that packed. Kagome found some books and was about to leave when a certain book caught her eye. She turned to face the bookshelf and reached up to pull the book out. It was called Feudal Japan: Fact or Fiction. It was written by a mysterious anonymous author. Kagome stared at the cover as she carried it over to a table. She set her other books on the table and then took a seat. She opened the book up and skimmed through the pages. About half way through the book a name caught her eye. She stopped flipping. Finding the name again to make sure she hadn't been seeing things. It was there though. InuYasha's name was written in the book. Kagome became more interested and wanted to read farther, but an announcement saying the library was closing caused her to shut the book. Putting it on the top of her pile she headed to the checkout.

Kagome opened the door to her house and rushed up to her room. Once in her room she grabbed the book and discarded all her other books to the corner of her room, completely forgetting the paper she had to write. She flopped down on her bed and opened the book. Skimming through the pages until she found where she had left off at the library. The part the book was depicting was where she was at in her mission at that moment. She read further wondering if the book could tell her what was going to happen at the end of her search for the jewel shards. She sat up with her legs hanging off the side off her bed. As she reached the end a part made her heart stop. She dropped the book and pulled her hands to her mouth, letting out a sight gasp. Tears began brimming in the corner of her eyes. She picked the book up and reread the paragraph.

.finally the evil demon Naraku had been defeated. It is said that once the demon had been destroyed the young priestess collected the final shards of the jewel. However, her hanyou companion died from a fatal injury that he received while protecting her in the battle.

Kagome couldn't read anymore. If the book was right them that meant that once they collected the final shards of the jewel then InuYasha was destined to die. Kagome couldn't hold her tears back anymore. The salty crystals fell down her face. Kagome lay down on her bed and ended up crying herself into a fitful sleep.

Author's Note: That's the first chapter. Tell me how it is. It should get better later on. This chapter was basically just setting up the story. I dope everyone liked this chapter, I know it's short. The next one will be longer, so don't worry. Anyway, PLEASE READ AND REVIEW! (