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".." means talking

'..' means thinking

The Truth Behind the Book

Chapter 7

After the Battle

Sango held her head low. She knew it had been Kagome's decision to not do anything, but she hated having her friend be so depressed. She looked up and saw Kagome's huge, yellow backpack lying there in front of her. She wiped the tears from her eyes. She was about to bend down when she felt an arm wrap around her shoulder. She gasped and looked up in surprise. As she turned, she came face to face to Miroku. A slight blush spread across the demon hunter's face.

"Are you going to be alright Sango?" Miroku asked kindly knowing the girl was hurting.

"I'll be alright. It might just take a little while," Sango answered trying to give him the best smile she could manage.

"Well, if you need a shoulder I got two," Miroku said with a grin.

Sango couldn't help, but smile, "Thank you Miroku."

Miroku just nodded and then turned and headed toward the little fox cub, who was at the time balling his eyes out. Sango watched as the monk tried to confront the hysterical cub. She then turned back to the bag and picked it up, throwing it over her shoulder. She started to walk away when she heard a noise. She turned around to find that a book had fallen out of the backpack. Sango sighed and then turned to pick up the book. She set the large pack down. She bent down and picked up the book, which had opened before it hit the ground. She flipped the book over and was about to close it and place it back in the bag when something caught her eye. She stopped and looked closer at the book. She had seen right, InuYasha's name was in this book! Sango thought back to what Kagome had told her earlier that week.


"Well, I guess you could say something happened. It was more of that I found something out that I shouldn't and didn't want to find out," Kagome answered.

Sango looked at her confused, "I'm not sure I followed. Could you tell me in detail?"

Kagome nodded.

"The first day I returned home I had to go find information for this paper I had to write. I found this book about the topic we're studying in school, which happens to be Feudal Japan. Anyway, I took the book home and started to read it. It told about our journey for the jewel shards. I read all the way up to where we were now and then slightly looked through the end. I wasn't going to read it until a certain page caught my eye," Kagome answered as she took a seat on the near by rock. She had tears filling her eyes as she continued, "it told about the final battle against Naraku. We end up winning is what the book said, but...."

"But what?" Sango asked as she came closer to her friend knowing that the but wasn't a good thing.

"But it said.. it said," Kagome's tears were falling now. They flowed down her face in rivers, "It said that.. that. that InuYasha was going to die because he tried to save me."
End of Flashback

Sango gasped as she realized what she had just stumbled upon. She focused back on the book and read the page that the book had opened to. She started to read and then finally she got to the part that Kagome had read.

"Finally the evil demon Naraku had been defeated. It is said that once the demon had been destroyed the young priestess collected the final shards of the jewel. However, her hanyou companion died from a fatal injury that he received while protecting her in the battle," Sango said out loud as she read.

Then Sango noticed something. That paragraph ended at the bottom of the page. She turned to the next page and continued to read, but now to herself. Sango's eyes widened as she gasped. She looked up from the book and over to where Kagome was just in time to see a bright light erupted from that area.


Kagome could not stop the tears from flowing down her face. Her face was on InuYasha's chest while her hands clutched his robe. Kagome sat up and looked at InuYasha's pale face. Kagome then thought back to his last words, but every time she did a new batch of tears began. He had finally told her what she had longed to hear, but now he was gone and he didn't even know of her feelings for him. Kagome let out a sobbing gasp as she clutched her hands into fists and placed them over her eyes. After a little bit more crying she remember the precious thing in her hand. She slowly pulled her hands away from her face and opened them up so she could see her palms. Her one hand was empty, but the other hand held the remaining shards of the Shikon no Tama. At that moment she hated the shards, but then she thought about something.

'It was my fault, not the jewel. I chose not to do anything about it,' She thought as a new batch of tears started to build up in her eyes, 'I could have done something.'

That one thought kept repeating itself in her mind.

'No, if I do then that would change the course of history. It would change everything,' Kagome thought and then looked back at the hanyou's face.

A look of determination passed over Kagome's face.

'I don't care anymore. All I want is for InuYasha to be ok,' Kagome said as she wiped the liquid from her face and closed her hand into a fist again.

She used all the miko power she had and focused and making the jewel whole again. After about a minute a light began to glow through her hand. She opened her fist and saw the complete Shikon no Tama in her hand. She smiled, but then she realized she didn't know what to do now. The jewel was whole again, but how did she make a wish?

"I wish I would have asked Kaede about this before we left last time," Kagome said out loud, 'Oh well, guess I'll just have to try something.'

Kagome held the jewel in both of her hands and then held her hands right over her heart.

"Please Shikon no Tama, hear from wish and make it come true (AN: I know corny, but I didn't know what else to put vv;)" Kagome said.

The jewel didn't do anything. Kagome looked at it sadly and then looked at it with determination.

"Please Shikon no Tama! Please bring InuYasha back to life!" Kagome half yelled.

The jewel started to glow and then a bright light flashed out of it causing Kagome to gasp and close her eyes.


The bright light from the jewel could be seen from miles away. Slowly the light became dimmer until only the jewel was glowing. Kagome slowly opened her eyes and allowed them to adjust. She looked down at the jewel and smiled. She could feel the warmth from it running up her hands and warming her entire being. She looked at InuYasha and saw him glowing light pink, the color slowly returning to his face. Slowly the light around him faded away, as did the jewel. Kagome, forgetting all about the jewel, kept her eyes on InuYasha hoping that what she had just done had worked. At first he showed no sign of life, but after about a minute Kagome noticed that his chest was rising and falling. She laid her head down onto his chest and was thrilled to find that he was once again alive! Kagome quickly pulled away from him when she felt him begin to stir. Her face lit up as InuYasha's eyes slowly opened. He blinked a couple of times and then slowly rose into a sitting position. He looked at his hands as he moved them and then turned his head and stared at Kagome, a very confused look on his face. Kagome looked at him with a huge smile on her face and tears descending from her eyes.

"Kagome, what's going on?" InuYasha asked, his face becoming even more confused.

Kagome just blinked and then threw her arms around InuYasha. She hugged him as close to her as she could, so she could be sure that he really was there and that this wasn't just a dream. InuYasha was shocked for a minute and then slowly wrapped his arms around the trembling girl. They stayed like that for a minute and then InuYasha pulled Kagome away from him, just far enough so that he could look her straight in the eye.

"Wasn't I just dead?" InuYasha asked.

Kagome just nodded.

"Then how am I still alive?"

Kagome pulled his hand in front of her. He opened his hand up and she placed something into it. When she pulled away from him he looked at his hand and found the Shikon no Tama there. InuYasha's eyes shot up and he looked at her.

"You used the jewel?!" InuYasha asked shocked.

Kagome nodded. InuYasha looked at her with sympathy and then put a hand to her face and tired to wipe her tears away.

"Why are you crying Kagome?" InuYasha asked in his kindest voice.

Kagome placed her hands over his and answered, "I thought you were gone. I was so scared," Kagome took his hand and placed it over her heart, "I was afraid that I would never be able to tell you how I feel about you."

InuYasha looked at her confused and then he remembered what had happened.


"Kagome.." InuYasha barely managed to whisper.

"Y..Yes? What is it InuYasha?" Kagome asked.

"I'm I," InuYasha tried to say, but the pain was becoming too much, "I'm sorry that I was never able to tell you you."

Kagome looked at him with shock written all over her face. InuYasha just smiled.

"There I finally said. That wasn't so har.." InuYasha began and then became silent.

End of Flashback

InuYasha looked at the girl. A slight blush made its way onto his face. Kagome's face was already beat red. He swallowed what little liquid there was in his throat and then began to talk again.

"An..and what are your fee..feelings toward" InuYasha asked cautiously.

Kagome looked him straight in the eye and then tried to get the words out, but for some reason nothing was coming out of her mouth. Kagome started to panic. She couldn't wait any longer she had to tell him how she felt somehow, before she lost her chance again. Before she could stop herself she threw her arms around InuYasha's neck and kissed him. InuYasha was very surprised at first, but then slowly gave into the kiss. The two broke away slightly out of breath.

"The truth is InuYasha is that.I you.too," Kagome said as the blush on her checks intensified.

InuYasha just smiled and then brought the embarrassed girl close to him and embraced her. And that's how the rest of the group found them.

"INUYASHA!!!" a small squeaky voice yelled.

InuYasha and Kagome pulled away from each other just in time for InuYasha to catch the fox cub that bolt into him.

"Shippo?" InuYasha asked as he looked down at the poor cub.

Shippo looked up at him with tears still running down his face. It was then that InuYasha realized how much he meant to the small demon. To Shippo Kagome was like his mother and InuYasha was kind of like his older brother or maybe even his dad.

"InuYasha you're really alive again!" the cub squealed.

"Yep," InuYasha answered with his usual smirk.

It seemed to cheer Shippo up. Kagome took the little cub out of InuYasha's lap and held him. Sango, Miroku, and Kiara were all standing there with pure relief written all over their faces. Miroku was the next one to speak up.

"It's great to have you back InuYasha," Miroku spoke with as smile on his face.

Sango walked over to Kagome and gave her a big hug.

"So you decided to do something after all," Sango whispered in Kagome's ear.

Kagome nodded and Sango pulled away. When Sango was standing up again she remembered something.

"Hey Kagome, how far did you get in that book?"

Kagome looked at her and then answered, "Only up to that one part. I was afraid to read the rest. Why?"

Sango tossed Kagome the book.

"Read the page right after it," Sango said with a small smile on her face.

Kagome looked at her confused, but then did as she said. She flipped through the pages until she came upon the one where she found out about InuYasha dieing. She flipped one more page and then read. When she finished she looked up at Sango in shock.

"You mean that it said that the whole time?" Kagome asked.

"Yep, I read it right before the light from the jewel began to shine. You didn't have to worry about anything after all," Sango answered as she felt someone tap her shoulder.

"Excuse me Sango, but what are you two girls talking about?" Miroku asked.

Sango looked at Kagome, "Do you want to tell them?"

Kagome looked at the rest of her team and then nodded.

"It all started when I went home that one day to study for my test and write my paper. While I was in my time I came across this book. I began to read it and what I read scared me. It said that InuYasha was going to die," Kagome stopped for a moment.

"Why didn't you tell us?" InuYasha asked, he was very confused.

"I was afraid to. If I did I thought that I would change the course of history. If I did then the whole world would be screwed up. Anyway, I told Sango about it that one night that we left camp to talk. The book was also the reason why I wasn't getting any sleep. I kept having nightmares and they would keep me up all night," Kagome stated.

"Thank explains why you were tired so much for quite a while," Shippo said.

"That's right Shippo. Anyway, when InuYasha finally killed Naraku I thought that maybe what the book said wasn't true, but I was wrong. You ended up dying. I was so mad at myself for not doing anything, so I used the Shikon no Tama to bring you back to life. I didn't care anymore if it changed the course of history. So now you're alive again InuYasha," Kagome said.

"Ok, but what did you read just now?" InuYasha asked.

"Well, Sango apparently found the book before I used the jewel and this is what it said," Kagome said as she started to read from the book, "The young miko was so depressed and angry with herself that she decided to use the jewel to save the hanyou's life, not caring if it changed the world completely. After making the jewel whole again, she wished upon it to bring InuYasha back to the world of the living. It worked. The hanyou opened his eyes. The young miko was so happy that she threw herself into the young man's arms and cried tears of joy."

Kagome stopped reading and closed the book. She looked up at the group.

"Wow, that's weird. Who wrote that book?" Shippo asked.

"Now, that is something I really can't tell you. If I did it might really change something in my time," Kagome said with a smile as she took a quick glance over at Miroku and Sango.

InuYasha stood up and turned away from the group.

"I can't believe you didn't tell us!" InuYasha said with anger rising in his voice.

Kagome stood up, walked over to the hanyou, and yelled, "Well, I was scared. If I had done something it might have changed history so much that I might not even exist!"

InuYasha cringed at her words and then he mumbled something low enough for only Kagome to hear, "Well, I'm glad you didn't because then I might have not found out something that I had been waiting to hear for a while."

Kagome blushed at his words. InuYasha turned around to face the group.

"Well, come on what are we waiting for? Let's head back to the village now," InuYasha said as he began to take off toward the village.

"Hey InuYasha wait for us!" Kagome yelled as she picked up her bag and the began chasing after the hanyou.

The rest of the group followed behind her. Finally they had finished they task and most importantly they were all safe.

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