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~~Chapter 21~~
“I don't think I like this,” InuYasha grumbled. “What are you doing?”
“Hold still and stop fussing.”
“Kagome . . .”
“Seriously, InuYasha, you'll like it, I promise!”
“It's cold!”
“It's supposed to be cold. Give it a minute. It'll warm up.”
“What are you doing? Kago-me?” The last part of her name was hissed as she spread cold gel over InuYasha's back. He shot off the floor and whipped around to pin Kagome with a pointed glower. “It's fucking cold!”
“It won't hurt you. You might like it. Lie back down, okay?”
With one last long-suffering look, he flopped onto his stomach. Slowly, Kagome worked the gel into his back muscles, careful to pay extra attention to the spots where he seemed the tensest. She responded to the noises he made. The muscles in his lower back seemed to be the tightest. She worked the area thoroughly. He sighed, and she could see that his eyes were slowly drifting closed. The only sound in the room was the ticking of the clock.
“You're all tense. You never relax, do you, InuYasha?”
“Can't relax,” he replied, his voice tinged by sleepiness. “I gotta protect you, don't I?”
“Not all the time,” she mused, using the heel of her hand on a particularly tense spot. He moaned softly, drawing a slight smile from her. “I can defend myself, too.”
“But you shouldn't have to. I never wanted you to.” He rolled over suddenly, catching her wrists and staring into her eyes. Letting go of her, he slowly worked the buttons on her blouse.
“What are you doing?” she asked though she made no move to stop him. That he was actually taking the time to remove the garment impressed her. Normally he got impatient and simply cut her out of whatever she was wearing.
Molten gold churned, undulated, swirled, mixing in the haze of his stare, lost in wonder as he revealed her skin. He sat up slowly, leaning forward, letting his hair brush against her in a tickling caress. “Lay down, Kagome. It's my turn to take care of you.”
She did as he instructed, gasping sharply as he hooked the delicate bra strap over his claw and sliced it. “InuYasha . . .” she complained though her tone lacked any real irritation. “You really ought to stop destroying all my bras.”
“Just stop wearing them. They're too hard to figure out.”
She grinned.
He squeezed some of the cold gel out onto her back. She squealed as her body jerked in response to the unwelcome shock. “What?” he teased. She heard the cap click closed and then the dull thud as he dropped the bottle on the floor. “Too cold?”
He chuckled. “Liar.”
Warm hands worked the gel into her back, soothing away the stress in her muscles, relaxing her, lulling her. “You're good at this,” she said, her voice sounding distant to her own ears.
“Relax, Kagome.”
“I . . . am . . .”
The gel had lost its coldness and she could feel the heating properties sinking into her skin. InuYasha's hands were slow, deliberate. She sighed, feeling more at ease than she had in a long while.
A slow lethargy settled over her, a delicious sense of complete surrender. Caught up in the feel of his hands on her body, Kagome relented, letting down the carefully constructed barrier that she had erected after Tajiko's birth---the one designed to keep her feelings toward InuYasha at bay. How foolish had she been, to think that she could remain detached, remain aloof, when everything about him spoke to her? The tickle of his hair brushing over her back gave way as the heat of his mouth descended on her flesh. Teasing, calling to her, Kagome sighed as he savored her. Sucking gently on her neck, licking the curve of her ear . . . she shivered as his body covered hers. He held himself up on his elbows, stroking her arms as his merciless assault on her senses continued.
“Do you want me?” he breathed in her ear.
She whimpered but didn't answer. Words wouldn't form, thoughts weren't complete. Need and longing were tactile things, merging in her mind, becoming one, inseparable. Hands brushing against the sides of her breasts, taunting her with fulfillment yet always leaving her hungry, the aching burn licked at her, flames of desire triggering a low moan. She tried to roll over. He pinned her against the floor, his knee between her legs, rubbing against her. She shuddered.
“Say it, Kagome,” he coaxed, kissing her shoulder, pulling her off of the floor, pulling her against him. Her back against his chest, his arm holding her as his thumb flicked over her nipple. Heat shot from his fingers straight through her. She reached behind herself, hands locking in his hair, holding him close as he continued his slow siege on her senses.
“I . . .” her own gasp cut her off as his free hand dragged up the inside of her thigh. Under her skirt, closer and closer to the one place where the heat centered.
“I want to hear you say it,” he growled low, grazing his fangs over her shoulder, along the arch of her neck.
`I want you,' she thought wildly, pressing back against him, willing him to understand. The words were still caught somewhere between her lips and her lungs, as though her body had a will of its own, as though it couldn't speak, could only feel, could only tremble, could only call out to his body.
He pulled her thighs apart, pushing the barrier of her panties aside, claws grazing against her flesh. She arched against his hand as he toyed with her. `Possession,' a voice whispered in her mind, `You content yourself to be nothing more than InuYasha's possession . . .'
“No,” she gasped, shaking her head against the words in her mind. InuYasha's finger slipped into her, and she convulsed around him, her world shattering. “Yes . . .”
“Stay with me, Kagome,” he whispered against her cheek as she fell against him, her body ravaged as passion took over. He turned her, lay her down. She watched through half-closed eyes as he removed his clothes, her chest heaving as she struggled to breathe. Her skirt and panties seemed to melt away. She didn't remember removing them. He cradled her against him, against his heart, and she saw it in his eyes as he stared at her. “Stay with me,” he whispered again.
Kagome nodded. “I'll . . . stay with . . . you,” she answered, her heart swelling, breaking, shattering. With a look he mended it, gave it back, returned it with his.
Golden eyes narrowing, staring at her, willing her to understand. The words were written in his gaze, even if he didn't say them. For that moment, she didn't doubt him at all.
The merging of two hearts, the joining of two souls . . . the completion of the flesh that culminated in the precarious balance. He pushed into her with a low growl, as though he couldn't control the kaleidoscope of emotion that soared in him. He whispered her name over and over, a chant, a mantra, his salvation.
Kagome clung to him, held to him, her body tossing upon the waves of desire, the brutal yet gentle wild of his passion. An ending, a beginning, a hush, a lull, a surge of power. She rose against him as he broke; a wave against the shore. The power of his body yielded to the softness of her sighs. He allowed her to possess him, to own him, to keep him while she surrendered to him.
Still he drove her faster, higher, a beautiful flow, a discerning balance. He stopped for a moment to look into her eyes. Words had no room between them. They held no sway. Meaningless beyond the tide of emotion, the singular look that they shared. A faint nod was all he needed. He drove them both into the light beyond the pale, gasping out her name, she answered with his.
The ticking of the clock was the first thing to make sense to Kagome. InuYasha lay on his side; eyes staring at her in that unsettling way of his, in that way that made her wonder if he could read her mind. “What are you thinking?” she asked softly, reaching over to smooth back his bangs.
“Sometimes,” he murmured, eyes not leaving her face, “it scares the hell out of me, what you make me feel.” Reaching out, he idly fingered the iridescent prayer beads around her neck.
She smiled, determined not to let glum thoughts get her down, not this time. “Is it close to what you make me feel?”
He looked surprised but then smiled wolfishly. “Damn, I hope so.”
The phone cut through the haze of the moment. With a sigh, Kagome rolled over and hopped up. InuYasha wasn't nearly as slow. It struck her as amusing, his ready stance with Tetsusaiga considering he hadn't bothered grabbing his pants.
At least this time InuYasha didn't interrupt with his demanding questions. Thankful for that, Kagome cleared her throat as she reached for the phone. “Hello?”
The boy on the other end asked for Souta.
“Who is it?” InuYasha asked in a loud whisper. Kagome covered the phone to tell him. Satisfied that his pup wasn't in any sort of danger, InuYasha leaned Tetsusaiga against a chair.
“He's not . . . here,” Kagome squeaked out as InuYasha wrapped his arms around her and let his formidable lips drop to her throat again.
“Will you please tell him I called? Thanks.”
The phone went dead. Kagome let it fall from her hand as InuYasha reclaimed her full attention . . .
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