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~~Chapter 50~~
“Well, I gotta hand it to you, Monk. You got through the whole thing without `lech'-ing once.”
He nodded toward Kagome who stood surrounded by the villagers and their well-wishes. InuYasha's eyes glowed a mellow golden color as he stared with a slight grin at his mate---now his wife. Dressed in a simple white silk kimono with her hair pulled up and fall flowers woven into the ebony strands, he had to admit that Kagome had never looked lovelier. Tajiko was dressed exactly like Kagome. She leaned her slivery head against Kagome's shoulder. InuYasha's smile widened.
“InuYasha! I'm hurt!” Miroku remarked. “What did you think I'd say? `I now pronounce you hanyou and miko. May I now grope your bride?'”
InuYasha snorted. “I wouldn't have put it past you.” He strode forward toward the gathering.
“What are you doing?” Miroku called after him.
InuYasha spared him a glance but didn't stop moving. “Rescuing her. Those villagers are a little too close.”
Miroku chuckled as a hand slipped into his. “It was a lovely ceremony, houshi-sama.”
His smile widened as he stared down at Sango. “Not nearly as lovely as ours.”
Sango giggled. “Well, no, of course not.”
Kiyoshi laughed and reached for his father. He took the child and nodded toward InuYasha and Kagome. “Think they'll be happy?”
Sango sighed. “I think they make each other happy.”
“Like us?”
“Maybe not quite as happy as us.”
Shippou leaped onto InuYasha's shoulder. He said something to the hanyou who retaliated by thumping the kitsune in the head. Kagome shook her head slowly. “InuYasha!”
“Tajiko!” he stated hurriedly to stave off the begging that he was about to get.
Miroku sighed. “InuYasha will never learn.”
Sango smiled as Kagome took a slow step toward InuYasha, who was trying to backpedal away from her. She rose up on her toes to kiss the hanyou, and even across the distance, the youkai exterminator heard Tajiko giggle. “I don't think Kagome minds.”
InuYasha looked completely bemused by the time Kagome pulled away. She took her daughter and started to turn back to talk to the villagers longer. To Miroku's surprise, InuYasha reached out and caught Kagome to kiss her again, apparently uncaring that they were the center of attention. “No, I don't think she minds, either.”
Mrs. Higurashi sighed as Kagome stopped the video tape. She wiped a tear from her cheek and smiled at the couple as Tajiko crawled around the floor. “That was lovely,” she remarked. “And I'm so happy I've finally gotten to put faces with the people you care so much about.”
Kagome grinned. Sango had been nervous at first. When Kagome had asked her to tape the wedding, Sango had looked more frightened than she had when they faced down Naraku so long ago. `I don't know what to do with that,' Sango said dubiously, eyeing the camcorder as though she was afraid it would bite her.
`There's not much to it,' Kagome explained, showing Sango how to record, how to pause, and how to stop. `Easy as one, two, three.'
Sango hesitantly took the camcorder out of Kagome's hands and examined it. `And whatever I see here,' she said as she stared at the flip-out LCD display monitor, `is what will be filmed?'
Kagome nodded. `That's pretty much it.'
Sango's eyes were wide, sparkling. `For you to trust me with such an honor . . . I don't know what to say!'
`Alright, already,' InuYasha cut in. `Will you do it or not?'
`I'll do it!' Shippou volunteered, itching to get his tiny hands on the device. InuYasha reached over to thump the kitsune. `Kagome!'
`InuYasha . . .' she warned.
`You didn't say anything about not hitting him,' InuYasha reminded her.
`It should go without saying,' Kagome argued.
`We'll negotiate that later.'
InuYasha hadn't responded to that but he did flash her a look that brought a flush to her cheeks.
Mrs. Higurashi lifted Tajiko. “It was a lovely wedding. I assume you will be leaving Tajiko with me for the night?”
“Oh, Mama, you don't have to. I mean, Tajiko's not a problem,” Kagome assured her.
Mrs. Higurashi shook her head and grinned. “I didn't think she would be, and she is my granddaughter.” She was cut off when someone knocked on the door.
Grandpa hurried out of the room to greet the visitor. Souta got up and followed.
“Mama,” Kagome said slowly, picking up on the undercurrent in her home. There was something going on, she was sure. They were hiding something.
“It's for Kagome,” Grandpa announced.
Kagome shot InuYasha a glance. The hanyou was frowning. He stayed her with a hand on her arm as he got up to see who the guest was. Mrs. Higurashi sighed. “You'd better follow him before he frightens off your driver.”
With a shake of her head, Mrs. Higurashi grinned. “I should have known he'd be cautious. My mistake. Anyway, you two need to go. Your grandfather, Souta, and I have made some special arrangements for you. Now hurry before InuYasha terrifies the driver into leaving without you.”
Mrs. Higurashi's assessment wasn't far off. InuYasha was glowering at the meek driver with his hand on Tetsusaiga's hilt. Kagome was also amused to see that InuYasha had the presence of mind to grab a baseball hat before heading to warn off the visitor. She wouldn't have minded so much, if anyone had gotten a good look at her hanyou's ears. But that he had hidden them for her benefit was enough to make her smile. “Back, wench,” InuYasha growled when she laid a hand on his arm. “Who are you, and what do you want?”
“InuYasha, this is your wedding present from us,” Mrs. Higurashi hurried to say, then turned to the stunned driver with a low bow. “I'm so sorry. I should have warned you that my new son-in-law is a little overprotective of my daughter.” She turned back to the couple and smiled. “He will take you to the Century Hyatt. We reserved a room for you.”
“But I haven't packed!” Kagome gasped and turned to hurry to her room.
Souta thumped down the stairs and handed Kagome her backpack. “Here you go, Sis. Congratulations.” Kagome blinked back tears as she hugged Souta and took the bag. “I'll let that pass, since you just got married,” Souta grumbled as he pulled away from his sister's embrace.
With a giggle, Kagome hugged her grandfather, who slipped four ofudas in to her hand. “Post these around your door to ward off any evil spirits, my child,” he admonished.
“Feh!” InuYasha snorted.
Grandpa, mumbling about `youngsters having a complete lack of respect', stomped off toward the living room again.
Kagome turned to hug her mother. “Thank you, Mama,” she whispered.
Mrs. Higurashi cupped Kagome's cheek in her hand. “Just enjoy yourselves. I packed everything you'd need for the night for both of you, and don't worry about a thing. Everything's taken care of, and don't worry about Tajiko. She'll be fine.”
`Taji go bye Mama? Go bye Papa?'
Kagome kissed Tajiko and held her up so that InuYasha could do the same. `Be good, angel. We'll be back tomorrow.'
Tajiko whimpered but let Mrs. Higurashi take her. “Go on, you two, and InuYasha? Stop glaring at your driver.”
InuYasha snorted again but relaxed his expression. Kagome rolled her eyes and dragged InuYasha out of the shrine, pausing only to wave at her mother and daughter, who stood in the doorway watching them go.
She caught InuYasha's dubious expression as he stared at the car parked on the street. Kagome realized a little too late that, though he'd seen cars before, he'd never actually been inside one since he much preferred his own method of travel. “We can send him on and walk,” she whispered to him.
He stared at the car for another moment then sighed. “Come on before I change my mind.”
“I love you.”
He snorted as he waited for her to climb into the car before he would. “You'd better.”
She didn't miss his smile.
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One thing that has always stood out about these two is the remarkable trust they've always had in each other. I can see where Kagome would worry about InuYasha's understanding of it, since he does tend to keep a lot of things to himself. But I really don't think there was ever a question in my mind as to who he would believe. Even in the beginning of Torrent, when Kagome is completely disillusioned by what she perceives as InuYasha's feelings for Kikyou, she never stopped trusting him. I think the main concerns she's had to deal with are actually more of her not trusting herself, which could also happen when she's had this `reincarnation' thing thrown in her face so often, and when InuYasha was being more ambivalent about his true feelings.
As for Sesshoumaru . . . hmmm . . . Heh, wait and see.
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