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~~Chapter 51~~
InuYasha shifted in his seat again and smoothed his slacks without trying to be too obvious in his distaste for the modern apparel that he'd been coerced into wearing. Black slacks and that white shirt-thing he'd worn the last time, InuYasha tried not to frown as he pulled his baseball cap further down over his ears.
“Are you sure you can stand this?” Kagome asked. She noticed his fidgeting, he supposed.
He grimaced. “Feh!”
She took his hand and squeezed it. “We don't have to stay, if you don't want to,” she offered.
“But you want to,” he said but tugged on her hand to bring her closer. “Are you happy?”
Her eyebrows lifted at his softly uttered question as his eyes assessed her. She smiled at him and leaned closer to kiss his cheek. “Yes, I am.”
Strangely, the weirdest thing, in his opinion, wasn't that he and Kagome were completely joined. That had happened so long ago that a little wedding ceremony wasn't going to change anything. The oddest thing had been hearing the people at the hotel call him Mr. Morisamuki, and in turn, hearing Kagome referred to as Mrs. Morisamuki. He'd always been just InuYasha, and Kagome had always been just Kagome. Yet it seemed right, for them to share a name. He wasn't sure why he felt it so strongly when it hadn't even occurred to him before. It was perfect. Maybe there was something to be said for human marriages, anyway.
He stole a glance at his mate. Hair pulled up off her neck into something she had called a `chignon', he stared at the gentle arch, the hollow where he could see her pulse flutter. She was leaning her head slightly to the side, and it was all he could do, to keep himself from reaching for her. Something about her neck had always been a lure to him. He sighed softly.
When she had come out of the bathroom after changing into the dress she wore now, he had very nearly demanded that she change back into the more modest kimono she'd worn since the wedding. This dress, though longer than her school uniforms had always been was somehow more seductive than anything. Fitted to her as though it was made to her---something called lycra, she had said---the velvety black material clung to her form without being overly tight, and the wide vee neckline that extended up to just rest on the edges of her shoulders didn't cover nearly enough of her skin. In fact, the only thing that covered any of her flesh above the swell of her breasts was her necklace. The opalescent beads swirled with the color of the dim seating lights that ran along the edge of the banister railing they were seated behind.
With a smothered whine, InuYasha dragged his gaze off of her, clenching his fists as he forced himself to remember that they still had all night in that monstrosity that the bellhop had taken them to in the hotel. The woman at the check-in counter had said that Mrs. Higurashi had booked a `luxury' suite, and he wasn't sure exactly what that meant, other than the room---actually, more like a small house than a single room---they were shown to was huge. Kagome had looked around slowly, obviously impressed with her family's gift. InuYasha had located the bedroom.
It was Kagome who had found the tickets lying on the table in the living room area. She looked so happy, so excited, when she showed them to him that he'd agreed to go even though all he really wanted to do was grab her and kiss her and make her forget everything in the world other than the two of them. She had changed into that dress quickly after talking him into donning the clothes he wore now, and they had eaten in a private dining room in one of the hotel's restaurant, Kakou before the driver had appeared once more to take them to the opera theatre.
`Okay,' he thought with an inward grimace, `it's not so bad.' He had enjoyed the opera from their skylight seats the last time. Kagome had said it was an Italian opera before. He hadn't understood exactly what she had meant but then he didn't have to understand what they'd actually said. The music had been enough.
The lights dimmed. InuYasha sat up. Kagome reached over and pulled his baseball cap off. He shook his head slightly as his ears perked up. Tugging her just a little closer, InuYasha settled back to watch the opera.
Kagome sighed and kicked off her shoes as InuYasha closed the door behind them. She peeked over her shoulder with a small grin before turning to face him. “I can't believe Mama remembered.”
“About your father, you mean? Taking you to the opera?”
She nodded and stepped forward to hug him. “It was so long ago, I didn't think she would.”
He kissed her forehead then sighed. “I gotta get these clothes off before they kill me,” he grumbled.
Kagome giggled as he let go and headed off to change. Something was different about him. She'd noticed it first in the theatre during the opera. As though much of the tension that he carried with him every day was removed, he seemed so much more relaxed, gentler. He talked gruff, he seemed grouchy, he used foul language without a second thought. But in those moments when he smiled at her in the dim theatre, when he held her hand, cradling it as though he feared she would break, she could almost feel the tension slip out of him. He had watched the opera with rapt attention, and it didn't seem to matter to him that he couldn't understand the words they sang. As though he could sense the very emotion in the music, he'd possessed an almost child-like wonder as he watched and listened.
She smiled as she ambled toward the small kitchenette to retrieve two bottles of spring water from the honor bar and marked the beverages on the little card before following InuYasha into the bedroom.
He was staring out the window, arm raised, elbow braced on the frame. His other hand was on his hip and while he'd discarded his shirt on the floor, he still wore the slacks. “What would I have done if you hadn't fallen into the well that day?” he asked quietly though he made no move to face her.
“I didn't fall,” she argued with a half-smile. “Mistress Centipede grabbed me.”
“Sure she did. You're such a klutz.”
Recognizing his teasing for what it was, Kagome lifted the water she brought for him and held it firmly against the small of his back. He hissed as the shock of the icy cold bottle made contact with his skin, and he turned to face her. “I slipped,” she assured him with a raised eyebrow.
A knock on the door interrupted the moment. InuYasha grimaced and, after stabbing Kagome with a long-suffering look, he strode past her, pausing long enough to grab his baseball cap before he left the room.
Kagome set the bottles down on the nightstand and opened her backpack. A flimsy package wrapped in pink tissue caught her attention, and she lifted it out slowly. Her mother's writing was on the tag: `For your wedding night. Love, Mama.' Kagome hesitated for a moment then tore off the paper. She smiled even as a blush rose to the surface of her skin as she stared at the present.
InuYasha's voice drifted back to her. “What is all this?” the hanyou demanded.
The answering voice was too muffled to make out. Kagome glanced down at the gift again. `If I hurry,' she thought as she rose to her feet . . . .
InuYasha closed the door and turned to survey the delivery. A huge rolling tray laden with dishes covered with shining silver domes, and in the middle was a small silver bucket with a bottle of something shoved down in layers of ice. The man who had brought the tray said that it was compliments of the hotel and congratulations on his marriage. He frowned. How did everyone know that he and Kagome had gotten married?
Slowly he stepped toward the cart, lifting one of the silver domes and sniffing. He made a face. Whatever it was smelled fine. He didn't pick up any traces of poison or anything that would hurt them. But whatever it was had smelled spicy. He dropped the lid and moved on to the next.
Satisfied that there wasn't anything dangerous on the cart, InuYasha finally lifted the bottle out of the pail. He sniffed at it. It was sealed with wax, though, and he couldn't make out anything. The label revealed nothing. He couldn't understand what the strange lettering said. He could read well enough. But this seemed like it was a whole different language. With a frown, he turned back toward the bedroom. Maybe Kagome knew what it was.
“Oi, Kagome, what's this? I don't---”
His words died off as he glanced up only to look back in shock. He nearly dropped the bottle. He stared, transfixed. Kagome sat on the bed, legs curled demurely to the side, and she smiled at him.
He couldn't breathe. During the time that he had been in the other room, she had changed out of the dress that he had thought was bad enough. `No,' he realized as he stepped closer to the bed, `that is worse . . . .'
Delicate white satin that barely extended to her upper thigh, the little bit of fabric was just enough to tease him. Shoulders revealed, breasts barely covered, the flimsy strings that help the dress on her might as well have been nonexistent. Her nipples poked at the material, and he stifled a groan. He supposed that the pink sheer fabric that she wore over that could be considered a robe of sorts. He thought the reason for those was to cover up. This one did nothing of the sort. All he wanted to do was rip that off of her. He held back.
“You don't like it?” she asked softly, worry causing her to bite her lip. He couldn't answer out loud. He blinked as he stared and managed to nod. “Who was at the door?”
He had to clear his throat a few times before he could answer her. He finally remembered the bottle in his hand and he gave it to her as he forced his eyes away. He could talk to her much easier if he wasn't staring at her dressed like that. “They brought food and that. What is that?”
She handed it back. When she leaned forward, he could see down her nightgown. He gulped as he took the bottle. “You drink it. Well, I can't, since I'm nursing. You could try it, if you want, but it might mess up your senses.”
He wrinkled his nose and set the bottle on a nearby table. “Your time is strange.” He caught sight of her again and grinned. “Some things are okay, though.”
He watched as Kagome rose on her knees and crawled toward him. She straddled his thighs, hands grasping his hair as she leaned in to kiss him. He held her close, trying to resist the desire to rip the bits of clothing from her. She leaned back, eyes closed. He tightened his arms around her and kissed her gently, tasted her, nibbled at her. With a soft sigh, her head fell back, and she submitted to him.
She shuddered as his fangs brushed against her throat, gasped as his tongue flicked out to sample her flesh. He wanted to dominate her but wanted to submit to her, as well. He settled for both as he brought his hands up to her shoulders, hooking the delicate straps and pulling them down. He freed her breasts and growled as he turned and forced her back on the bed. As his mouth fell over her, she arched up, hands sinking once again into his hair.
He drew on her, licked her, tugged her, marveled as she writhed under him. Reduced to whimpers and half-words, Kagome lifted her hips against him. The taste of her, the scent of her, the sounds issuing from her convoluted, descended on him, swirled in his head, engulfed his body and mind. Instinct was tempered by his will to please her. He kissed her then, gently, softly, a kiss meant to soothe her. It pushed her further.
Leaning up on his elbows, he stared into the fire in her half-closed eyes. Rubbing her cheek with his knuckles, he gazed at her, memorized the ridges and hollows, the way her lips were parted, the soft hiss as she gasped for air. “I love you.”
“Show me.”
She smiled. “That's my line.”
With a sigh, he pushed himself off the bed and stood at the end. She watched him as he unfastened his pants and let them fall to the floor. The gown she wore was bunched around her hips. Careful not to tear it, he slowly slid it down. She arched her back to help the removal, and he tossed the flimsy bit of fabric to the floor.
He kissed her ankle, stroked her calf, kneaded her skin in his hands as he moved closer and closer to the place where her heat converged. She gasped as he kissed the back of her knee, she whimpered as his fingers massaged her thighs. He licked the vale of her hipbone. She whispered his name as he flicked his tongue into her belly button. She dragged at his shoulders, scratching him with her fingernails. “Beg, Kagome,” he murmured as he trailed his tongue between her breasts. “It's not that tough.”
“Please,” she moaned as he kissed the indent between her collarbones. “InuYasha . . . .”
He pinned her down with his weight. “What's your hurry?” he whispered in her ear, nibbling her earlobe. She unleashed a sharp whine. “We've got all night.”
“Yeah?” she countered, her voice ragged, husky, breaking. “Then we can do this again.” She leaned up to kiss his neck. “But for now . . . please . . . ?”
Her gasp was shocking in the stillness of the room. He cradled her face in his hands as he filled her. She pushed against him, her body trembling with her need.
Beauty surrounded him. She was his air, his reason, his sanity. Enough for him to know she loved him, he moved against her as she whispered things to his body, things to his heart, things that didn't have to be spoken to be heard. More than just a physical act, more than a simple satiation of flesh, Kagome enveloped him, comforted him, and drove him nearly mindless with so many emotions that he couldn't contain them all any more than he'd be able to keep this one moment forever.
He surged against her, gentle as a summer breeze, as wild as a hurricane, loving her was as vital to him as air, as water. He willed her to understand what he felt, and somehow he knew that she did.
She mumbled his name over and over with incoherent half-words, unfinished endearments that came and went as quickly as the tides. He might be the one dominating the act, but she was the one who dominated his heart, and he wouldn't have it any other way.
She was close. He could feel the tremors erupting in her, coursing through her as she held him. Her body demanded. He nudged her closer and closer, and finally he filled her, gave her everything he had to give, gave her his heart and soul as he gave her his body. She took it, held it, cuddled and soothed it, and then she gave it back.
The sound of their ragged breathing was the only thing to break the contented silence that had fallen over the bedroom. InuYasha held her close. Kagome heaved a shaky sigh. Her smile trembled with her ragged breathing. When she finally opened her eyes, they were full of tears.
“Don't cry,” he begged quietly. “Why are you crying?”
She shook her head and sniffled but laid her head against his chest, over his heart. “I feel so peaceful,” she finally said. “I'm not sad. I don't know why I'm crying.”
“Does it feel different to you? Being married?” he asked as he idly rubbed her back.
She leaned up to kiss him before answering. “Not really. It just feels complete.”
He understood what she meant. The profound changes had happened after he had taken her as his mate long ago. “It's not so bad.”
Her answer was cut short by a huge yawn. InuYasha chuckled and pulled the coverlet over her. “Go to sleep, wench. Pathetic humans can't take much of anything, can you?”
“Mmm. If I weren't so comfortable right how, I'd show you,” she argued, her voice already groggy.
“Take a nap,” he relented, careful to stifle his own yawn. “I'll wake you up in awhile.”
He followed her in sleep just seconds later.
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LOLOLOL That was cute...and you got to use your line from Miroku!!! No Sesshoumaru either....yet.
LoL! I know! I've been joking about THAT line since the beginning, and I really wanted to use it somehow . . . LoL!
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Is InuYasha doing the 'Operation Baby Shield' just so he can have some 'begging' later with Kagome? ~_^ - And did I read right, you're going the end this fabulous fic? NOOO *sniff*
Sadly yes, I think the hanyou rather enjoys that . . . LoL! And yes, this fic really is nearly done. Once the story has been told . . . well, we do have a few more things to settle, yes?
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Operation Baby Shield...LMAO!!! I love it! It cracks me up every time he does that. "InuYasha!" "Tajiko!!" LOL I can't get enough of that! Awww, I thought the wedding was gonna be detailed...ya know, mushy and angtsy and stuff. Oh well, short but sweet is great, too. *waves*
Here's the thing. I've tried to find some sort of more detailed information on feudal weddings in Japan. There's not a lot that I've found, which is why I opted to `skip' it. And I'm tellin' y'all, there's something so wrong about a man who will use his child as a shield and then `enjoy' the punishment he gets for breaking that promise not to do it . . . . Sick, I tell you!
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