InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Transformations ❯ Better? ( Chapter 4 )

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Sango sat down, picking a few flowers and adding them to the basket on her back. Again she sighed, and found herself praying to the Gods that Kagome could get through this. If she died, a very valuable part of their team would be lost, and there was no telling if they could kill Naraku without her.

"Why does everything bad have to happen to us?" she said, loudly, glaring at the sky. "It's not FAIR!!"

An echo sounded, repeating her word as though the forest itself was trying to pass it along.

***Chapter Four [maybe you guys could help me pick out chapter names, huh?] ***


Kaede winced, holding her ears. For one who had sensitive hearing, he wasn't one who could wince words. "Hold ye tongue, Inuyasha. Ye heard what was said."

Inuyasha, looking like his right eye was going to pop out of his head, just yelled and stepped out of the hut, and began pacing. He nearly had a circle dug by the time everyone was gathered.

"What's going on?" Miroku asked, seeing Inuyasha was unusually tense. Or would it be agitated? Seriously pissed? About to swear out the entire world?

That sounded a little too much like how he usually acted anyway.

He stopped, glaring over at the 'crowd'. Sango, Miroku, Kirara, Myouga, and Shippo. Who never left anyway. He was always there.

"She's gone."

Nobody bothered to pretend they'd misunderstood, but instead went right into shock. Well, except Shippo, who abruptly freaked out.

"What do you mean, she's gone?! Why didn't you stop her?! What's the matter with you?! You're so irresponsible!! YOU - "

Shippo stopped talking, which was hardly surprising considering the hanyou that had him by his tail and was repeatedly slamming him into the ground, head first.

"Just what do you think you're doing?!" a female voice screamed at Inuyasha. Everyone in sync jumped, seeing a fuming demon standing nearby, hands on hips, with a glare that could kill.

"Kagome!" all yelled in unison, and promptly shrank back from the look she was giving Inuyasha. Well, at least she isn't dying anymore. But that may not be such a bad thing considering the things she's going to do to Inuyasha for hurting her pup.

Inuyasha stood up, eyeing Kagome carefully to try and see if she was indeed healed or not. But, instead of yelling at her for yelling at him, he decided to do the least hazardous thing.

He ran up to her and threw his arms around her. "How's your back?" he said, turning to be behind her and lifting up the back of her shirt.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome whined, clamping her arms to her chest to keep the front of the shirt from rising. Pretty much everyone in sight - which included random villagers - were about as confused and even shocked as can be.

Inuyasha got a good look at her back, though, and saw that even though Sesshomaru's poison was fatal to most demons, it had not even left a scar on her. Confused himself, Inuyasha pulled her shirt back down and went into the hut, quickly saying that Kagome was back and healed before coming back out.

Now everyone was looking strangely at him. Figures. It may have been the least hazardous move to make, hugging her like that, but he's going to keep getting stares for a while now.

He folded his arms, glaring at each of the groupies in turn. "And just WHAT are those looks for?" he demanded, not shouting but talking loudly anyway.

And then Kagome just started laughing, her kitsune pup in her arms. She nuzzled his hair before just turning and leaping, half flying, away. Towards where she sensed the next jewel shard to be.

It was strange, but since she became a hanyou, all of her senses - even the miko ones - were sharpened beyond her own belief. She'd learned in her three hours away [D/L: After she got out of the hut] almost all of her newest abilities. And most happened to be like Inuyasha's.

Such as flying - sort of - running, all of her senses, agility, flexibility, overall strength, stamina, coordination and most of all magical powers. She now could create bows and arrows, without having to include the things in her traveling.

They were a bright, semi-vivid green, quite literally flowing, and uncannily accurate. She found she could aim at five objects with five arrows and hit them all, just by using her own magical powers.

Kagome smiled, hearing Inuyasha continually shout for her to slow down so he could catch up. Until now Kagome hadn't known if she was faster than he, or the other way around. Now she knew.

At least, if she wasn't faster, she was as fast. And she had a strange feeling that she really was a match for him by now.

Shippo was slightly freaked, slightly proud, but mostly awed by Kagome's being all better so soon. But then, what son wouldn't be in awe at his mother's newest physical abilities, albeit a foster mom?

He found he couldn't stop staring at her, and all of her new traits. Her ears, cutely pointed and dark blue like how her hair used to shine, and now was entirely, and shined purely the color that was shining on it. Her eyes, green now, earthly yet unnatural, but not in a bad way. Her tail, the same color as her hair and ears, which reached a fluffy point at her feet. Not only all that, but her entire body seemed as though it had trimmed up, becoming more strong instead of just slim. She had muscle lines all over her exposed skin, but without lumping or making her any more thick.

Gods, if he didn't think of her as a Mother, he would have the hugest crush on her by now!

. . . But that seemed to go for all dog-demons, which would explain Inuyasha's . . . interesting behavior. Speaking of. . .

Inuyasha was still hopping on trees, and running along from time to time, just to keep up. And it looked like he couldn't go any faster, or look any more. . . What was the look on his face? Contentment? Elation? . . . Lust?

Even as young as Shippo was, he was not stupid. He knew the emotions that could touch older demons and humans, and knew how to recognize them.


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