InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Transformations ❯ Fight! ( Chapter 5 )

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Inuyasha was still hopping on trees, and running along from time to time, just to keep up. And it looked like he couldn't go any faster, or look any more. . . What was the look on his face? Contentment? Elation? . . . Lust?

Even as young as Shippo was, he was not stupid. He knew the emotions that could touch older demons and humans, and knew how to recognize them.

Yup. Here we are. Gosh, it's been a fun ride thus far, no? Well, I apologize for any screw ups in this chapter (although I'm pretty sure I've got it all down).

Chapter Five

It took quite a while, but Kagome's stamina started to run dry, and Inuyasha managed to reach her. Sango and Miroku were riding Kirara - "were" being the key word. They kept having to stop and peel Miroku off the ground. Lecher.

He kept grabbing at Sango along the way. You'd think he would've learned by now to not grab while riding a cat who ran along the air, but no. And Sango's reflexes were continuously knocking him off.

Stupid monk.

*Ahem* Kagome was sitting now, Shippo hopping around a little way away. Inuyasha had ordered her to stay put this time and searched off for fire wood while she waited for Sango and Miroku. And Kirara. Can't forget her.

The three she was expecting arrived sooner than she'd thought, but she didn't really pay any attention to them. She was too busy thinking about. . . well, herself.

Her hair was dark blue now, which didn't look bad on her, even though it was an unnatural color. And she felt like she should've had that coloring all her life, but didn't.

Her tail was that same dark blue, fluffy, but not too much, and touched the ground. Again, she felt as though she regained a part of herself that was missing since birth. She had learned how to use it quickly, like riding a bike, to use the cliché.

Her ears, positioned alertly at the top of her head, weren't hidden behind her bangs like Inuyasha, but felt like it was always supposed to be there.

She was starting to wonder about her father. Her Mother once told her that her Father and Souta's weren't the same man, but that Souta's dad never knew. A little secret Kagome wasn't supposed to hear, but glad to hear, anyway. So, who was her father? More now than ever she wanted to know. It confused her greatly about why now, in the Feudal Era in Japan, five hundred years before her birth, she was thinking about him, the man she never knew, her mother had no pictures of, and hadn't thought about for over seven years.

When she was nine she decided she didn't want to know anything of her father, or why he never once tried to contact her. Caught up in her thoughts, Kagome didn't notice Inuyasha had come back and started a fire, and was staring at her, trying to get her to come back down to earth.

Another thought pressed its way into her skull, and Kagome jumped, standing up and mentally screaming at herself. How could I have forgotten?! How stupid can a person - hanyou - BE?!! AHHHHH!!!!! DAMNIT!!!!!

"Kagome? What's up with you?" Inuyasha asked, seeing her look seriously pissed at herself.

"It's my birthday, and I completely forgot!" she snapped, not meaning to be towards Inuyasha, but ending up that way.

"Really?" Sango replied, standing up and looking her over. "How old are you, today?"

"Sixteen. Gods, I don't know how I could've forgotten! Sixteen is the day! Oh, how could I have been so stupid?!"

"It comes naturally for you," Inuyasha said, slightly smirking to know this would get him into another fight. Those were always fun.

Kagome glared at him, then, out of some need to hurt something, pounced on him. He wasn't expecting it, which caused him to loose balance and he fell back, grasping Kagome's wrists to keep her from scratching him.

"God-damned bastard!" she swore, surprising everyone present.

"Uh, Kagome, perhaps you shouldn't. . ." But Miroku's words didn't have an effect on the two hanyous.

Kagome snapped at Inuyasha, and he jerked his head to the side, narrowly avoiding her fangs.

Growling, he flipped them over, pinning Kagome's wrists above her head and straddling her waist. "Cut that out!" he snapped, and Kagome in turn growled low and forced herself to sit up and tried again at biting him.

Inuyasha jerked back again, then growled back at her and twisted her arms behind her back. Too bad he didn't know Kagome was a lot more flexible - that didn't hurt at all. Hell, she could link her arms behind her back now, and, keeping her fingers touching, pull them over her head. [D/L: Yes, this is possible. I can do it. It freaks the Hell out of people, though.]

Kagome snarled at his attempt to harm her and lunged forward, knocking him back again and nearly lighting his hair on fire. She hopped slightly, getting her feet under her, and then out of Inuyasha's arms. The move left her with her legs on either side of his head, standing, and giving him on Helluva view.

Her tail whacked him in the face as she hopped easily over the fire, and when Inuyasha got back up, she was standing there, behind a fire that was currently as tall as her at times, but really only reaching her waist. It was something to see, Kagome, this exotic hanyou, framed by fire with a look of determination and confidence on her face.

Sango, Shippo, Kirara and Miroku were all bug-eyed by now, staring at both Kagome and Inuyasha in turn.

Inuyasha moved, running around the fire and slashing, nearly hitting Kagome's retreating form.

She lashed out, her nails meeting with his jaw, but that didn't faze him. He shoved her backwards and then to the ground, but Kagome got right back up, although after she rolled backwards.

She kicked him in the side and Inuyasha growled again.

This went on for at least a half an hour. The two humans and demons were helpless to stop either of the hanyous [D/L: Two demons, two humans, two hanyous! Neat!] And the hanyous weren't even tired yet!

Inuyasha had the upper hand in experience, but Kagome knew his moves. Plus they all knew Inuyasha cared too much about Kagome to harm her, which meant he was holding back. Kagome, they knew, was holding back as well. She never once wanted to hurt Inuyasha. Well, not too badly, anyway. She was constantly -



Kagome laughed, not because of her win, but because of her knowledge that the beads still worked. Speaking of. . .

Inuyasha peeled himself from the ground with a groan, rubbing the bruises and cuts he got from Kagome. The smallest ones healed almost instantly, but the bruises and larger, deeper cuts were going to need at least another few hours.

"Bitch," he muttered, standing back up.

"Well, half bitch, you know," Kagome corrected. She reached over to the Prayer Beads and saw Inuyasha watching her movement.

She trailed her fingers across them, still ignoring the humans and demons who were still off to the side, trying to decide whether or not she ought to take them off.

A large part of her mind said, "Yes! He's had them for a year, and hasn't done a thing to hurt you!" while another, smaller part said, "Hell, no! You have a certain power over him this way. What happens if you take them off and he instantly kills you?" leaving Kagome in inner turmoil.

"What?" Inuyasha snapped, breaking into her thoughts. "Are you trying to make them pull me further into the earth?!"

Kagome growled and grasped the beads. With on strong tug she jerked her arm back, pulling Inuyasha towards the fire.

He stumbled and waved his arms frantically, on his toes and with bad balance, leaning more towards the fire. By now it wasn't as large as Kagome's waist, but it was still harmful.

Kagome was walking towards the forest, out of the clearing they'd found, to go and - what? What did she want? To take a bath? Swim? Go pee?

Her mind just told her to leave, nothing else. She followed her nose and ears for a while, having heard Inuyasha's last threatening swear a few minutes ago. She guessed he was alright, seeing as how she didn't hear him scream in agony. True, he never really screamed, but when he was put in strong pain, he did more than just whimper.

Kagome stopped and sighed, lost, and leaned against what she thought was a tree.

That is, until she heard a voice. "Mm. . . you smell really good."

"Wha - " Kagome spun, recognizing the voice but unable to deny it surprised her and got her heart moving. "Kouga, don't do that!"

"You leaned against me," he pointed out. Kagome shut her mouth. Truth was truth, no matter what. She hardly noticed that it was dark out, the sun having finally gone entirely down, and she could still see Kouga before her perfectly.

"Yeah, yeah," she muttered and turned around. Kouga grabbed her arm and turned her back.

"You have scratches all over you," he said, a concerned look on his face. "And even a few bruises. What happened? Did something attack?"

"Why'd you come here?"

"I went Kaede's to see you, but she told me you left. I followed your scent here, and a short while ago I smelled your blood. I got worried, alright? Are you okay?"

Kagome nodded. "Nothing attacked," she said, clearly. "I just decided to punish Inuyasha for insulting me," she said, holding back her laughter.

Kouga smiled at her. "I heard you walking this way, and Inuyasha's swears."

"Were you waiting for me?" Kagome asked, taking a step back. "Or were you spying?"

"I - uh - " Kouga was caught, now. True, he'd seen her coming, and didn't want her to see him just yet. He liked watching her, and that was the truth. She always acted too tense around others, and he liked to see her relaxed. He still had enough common sense to not stare at her like Inuyasha did while she was bathing, and had caught Inuyasha on several occasions but never told Kagome.

"You were!" she accused. "You've been spying on me!"

Desperate for a way out of this conversation, and for a way to take her mind off of it, Kouga stepped forward quickly and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her.


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