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Kagome bit back a groan and winced, one hand going to hold her stomach. Oh, Gods, not now. . .

Chapter Eight

Kagome sighed, leaning back in the water. Such warm water always soothed her pains, and having cramps hurt like Hell.

Sango sat across from her, rubbing her shampoo through her hair. Sango kept looking over at her, almost worriedly. She probably thought that her cramps might be from 'The Poison' - mocking voice.

Kagome laughed quietly and sighed again. "Sango, stop staring at me like that! I told you that this was not from anything like poison or a fight! This is normal. If you need any more proof, check the red dots on my underwear, alright?"

It was Sango's turn to sigh. She sat on a rock - which left only her legs from the knee down in the water, her head bowed with shampoo suds inching down her. . .

"Yah!" Sango started wiping furiously at the shampoo that had fallen into her eyes and cried out again, in more annoyance than anything. Unable to hold back, Kagome laughed, seeing this as something that was both funny and something to get her mind off of her 'monthly time'.

She laughed harder, remembering the way Inuyasha absolutely hated her then. He would never get too close to her, and would constantly spew out insults, keeping her as angry as she could get. Nobody else minded; they saw it as a monthly ritual.

And Inuyasha was the same way with Sango. Never too close, always arguing. Miroku thought it was hilarious, though. He would laugh all the time.

Shippo was just as confused as ever, especially since Inuyasha kept saying Kagome stunk around her 'time', and Shippo told Kagome she smelled really good - especially around those times. Of course, Shippo was still too young to understand quite what 'those times' were. It served to make him even more confused, if that were possible.

A splash broke into Kagome's thoughts again, and she caught Sango going underwater to wash the last remnants of shampoo out of her eyes. Kagome's mouth opened to start laughing all over again, but a new smell hit her nose.

It was something she couldn't quite put her finger on. . . Something that brought up images of purple, red, green. . . circular. . . Grapes? . . Well, it was definitely fruit. That much she knew. And the only one she knew who could smell like that was. . .

"Lecher!" she snapped. She grabbed a rock as Sango came up, but not higher than her chest, after hearing the word 'lecher'. Kagome chucked it towards the bushes as she slipped further under the water and heard a thunk followed by an "OW!"

Both girls started swearing death to the monk as he stood up straight, rubbing the newest lump on his head painfully, but looking down anyway.

"Did you have to hit me?!" he said, but not in a yell. "Damnit, I heard screaming!"

Both girls knew this was true, but he just had to be taught. Unless the girls screamed for help, or howl in Kagome's case, he wasn't needed and shouldn't come.

Neither girl stopped their verbal thrashings, and soon Inuyasha was seen dragging him off. Both girls screamed one last time for good measure and Kagome stood up fully, her tail lashing the water to nearly reach the lecherous human.

"Hentai!" she yelled. Now, normally, she wouldn't have continued the tirade for as long as she did, but just now, like this, she felt a little extra notification was needed. It probably had something BIG to do with her being a hanyou, or maybe on her period. Which, for some odd reason, she felt should be called 'heat'. Obviously her demon side was starting to cloud her judgment.

A splash sounded behind her and another instant later Kagome had felt its wrath. She spun to see no Sango, but a mirage beneath the surface. Kagome growled and fluidly moved around it and behind where she knew Sango would appear.

Sango poked her eyes above the water carefully, and when she saw no Kagome, stood up further. Then a wave sounded and she turned in time to be hit head-on by the wave.

Kagome smirked, standing with her side to Sango. She just found the newest use for her tail.

A water fight ensued, and both girls were shrieking with just plain fun by the time it was done. Both girls were still laughing as they got out, Kagome doing what she must and putting a pad on her panties.

Kagome blushed when Sango pointed it out, and had to explain what it did. Then, obediently, she turned her back and left for the camp while Kagome continued in her dressing.

Once she finished a youkai attacked, which delayed her returning to camp. It was easily defeated, however, and Kagome learned another of her attacks. She didn't have a name for it, she just did it.

To put it into description, she crossed her wrists against her forehead, claws curved and aiming at the demon, and a soft green light began around her nails, the same color as her bow and arrows. Then she thrust both her arms out, and two long, thin beams launched at the demon. They were crossed like her wrists were, and sliced right through the demon. It was the killing blow.

And Kagome decided that it should be called just that - Killing Blow. A name in progress, she thought, laughing to herself. She could do better than that. After all, if Inuyasha had good ones, so should she, right?

She wiped a smear of blood off her arm as she walked, adding the two shards the demon belched up to the jewel. What was with demons attacking her now anyway? She matched Inuyasha - well, nearly - in every way now! Nothing as simple as a mutated worm demon with two shards could defeat her.

The moment she got back she crawled under her sleeping bag without any answers for the blood on her clothes. Speaking of, she'd have to get new ones whenever she was here from now on. With her more active life-style she'd need clothes that didn't flow like her school uniform did while in motion.

The last thing she needed was to see Miroku drooling while she was fighting or something of the sort.

With a sigh her eyes shut and she fell asleep, Shippo wiggling into her arms and getting comfy himself. She heard the others move, getting to bed themselves, and Inuyasha leapt into yet another tree to sleep. Big surprise. Hear the sarcasm.

Her dreams drifted by her unnoticed until one especially real came up. She was lying on her back, dying, with Inuyasha bent over her, fear obvious in his eyes. He said something to her, but she didn't hear it. She was in her hanyou form, but what had killed her? Naraku? Kagura? Kikyo?

She saw a tear make itself known on Inuyasha's cheek and he said the thing again, the words mumbled and not making any sense. What did he say?

She felt his hands on her shoulders, shaking her as though he needed her to wake up again. It was then Kagome realized she couldn't move.

A third time he said it, and then pulled her against him, holding tightly to him as though he were trying to warm her body with his. Am I cold?

She could see his face again now, and she felt his clawed hand touch her cheek, stroking it. He shut his eyes and tilted her head back slightly, and then dropped his head. If she could move at all, Kagome's eyes would have widened. He was kissing her! Inuyasha just didn't do that!

His arms tightened around her again and Kagome felt herself become short of breath.

He drew back enough to look at her again and then nuzzled her cheek, moving his mouth down to her neck. What was he doing? But then, being a hanyou, Kagome knew.

"We never had a chance," he was saying now. "They took you from me too soon. But we'll get them back," he said, assuredly. "But first you must be mine," he added and Kagome felt him bite her.

In her sleep, Kagome moaned shortly and shifted, her head tilting back as though she were welcoming it.

Back in her dream, Kagome could feel her blood being drawn and Inuyasha holding her so tightly he would have crushed her were she still human. He drew back and opened her mouth, flicking over her fangs to make them sharper.

Then he dropped his head again, his hands going to hold her jaw in one hand and her head in the other. She felt his neck against her mouth and then he pushed his hands together, making her bite him.

He was mating with a corpse! She caught herself on that thought, trying to remember if she had died or not. No. She didn't. But then why couldn't she move? She tasted his blood in her mouth and it slid down her throat without problem.

"Good," he said aloud. "Now we have just one more thing, and you'll be mine."

He laid her onto the ground and again she could feel his hands moving, undoing her clothes.

"Mine," he kept saying, over and over again.

No, she thought, desperately. She was alive! What was he doing? Was he mad? Gods, stop! Not like this, Inuyasha! I don't want it like this!

With a gasp Kagome sat straight up in her sleeping bag, unconsciously tossing Shippo away in the process. He woke with a yelp and woke up Inuyasha, who jerked and fell out of the tree. But he landed on his feet anyway.

Shippo whined and went up to Kagome. "What'd you do that for?"

"What's going on?"

Kagome turned to see Inuyasha, ready to draw out his sword. Figures.

"Nothing," Kagome said, lying quite well actually. Usually she sucked at it. "I just - I had a nightmare, and scared Shippo when I woke up."

"Feh," Inuyasha said, almost sneered. "Nightmares? You must still be human if you have those."

"Go back to your tree," Kagome snapped back. She reached over to Shippo and pulled him into her arms again and laid back down on her side, back facing Inuyasha.

He said some insult to her and she heard his retreating footsteps. Leaves rustled as he jumped and landed on another branch. "Stupid wench," he said, loud enough for her to hear.

"Stupid ba - " Kagome cut herself off there, not wanting to fight again - especially after that dream she had. Plus Shippo was still awake; she could smell it. SMELL?!

She shook her head, not wanting to think about it anymore. She'd learn more about this whole smelling everything hanyou deal in the morning.

"By the way," Inuyasha said, waking her up before she had a chance to fall back asleep. "Tomorrow is another new moon. I'll be going to your house."

"Naturally," Kagome mumbled back, adding sarcasm to her statement.


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