InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Transformations ❯ Human Again? ( Chapter 11 )

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Swearing mentally Kagome decided on just staying here until a day or so had passed. She sighed, picking a spot behind the well to sit so if anyone came by they wouldn't see her.

Somehow or another she felt her eyes slide shut and she fell asleep, her knees against her chest and arms wrapped around her legs. It kept her plenty warm, at least.

Chapter Eleven

Kagome woke slowly to the sight of . . . well, nothing. She couldn't see anything but shades of darkened grey. Was it dark? But her hanyou form would be able to see in this light. . . Did that mean. . .

Kagome stood up, feeling aches all over her body. Her clothes were still torn from before, and there were still a few deep cuts that remained from her fight with Inuyasha. But when she looked at her nails, she saw that they were gone. She felt for the ears on top of her head - they weren't there! Feeling excited and disappointed in one, she felt for her tail - which as well wasn't there! Score! Now she could go inside!

She spun and paused. What was that? Oh, Gods no. . . She knew that sound. That voice. . .


She shrunk down behind the well again, spying a wooden box a short ways away. She ducked behind it and watched a head with black hair pop out of the well. She flipped to where her back was against the box, hoping against hope that he wouldn't see her.

"Kagome?" he asked again. His voice was somewhat scared, like he was afraid of what she would do to him - or wouldn't do, for that matter. Like she wouldn't return to his time.

There was something of a hopeful pang in his voice - did he think she was just going to forgive him; just like that?! Stupid boy!


Kagome swore mentally. She'd spoken out loud, giving away that she was here. She could hear footsteps and knew they were coming her way. Her breathing didn't help any in keeping him away.

"Don't take another step!" she snapped, still hiding, and heard the feet stop.

"Did I hurt you?"

A strangled laugh escaped her lips. They fought like tomorrow wasn't coming, and he didn't know? "What do you think?" she said, harshly.

No answer. It must've been five minutes before any sound was heard at all. "Is this one of those things I should apologize for?"

"This is beyond any 'I'm sorry', Inuyasha. You should just leave." Kagome bit her lip, wishing she could take back that last statement. Gods, why did she still have to love him?!

Another long silence followed. She heard Inuyasha's breathing as it increased slightly. "For what it's worth. . . . I am sorry," he said, before she heard his feet move again. But it didn't sound like it was heading for the well. "I'll try to explain this to your family," his voice came back. "I've got your . . . bag."

For some reason Kagome stood up. "Explain what?"

He was at the door, illuminating him. But Kagome was still in the shadows. She could see that he could only see towards her. "Why I'm leaving and not coming back. Why you're going to stay here."

"Who said any of that?" I'm contradicting myself, she thought. Trying to have it make more sense, she added to her declaration. "I still have an obligation to collect the shards, and to the others. I'm not letting what happened between us get in the way." So now I'm throwing away what happened as though it didn't?

Inuyasha just stood there. Was that hurt she saw on his face? Shame? . . Fear? After another moment she saw his eyes widen slightly and he dropped her bag at his bare feet. "You're human again."

Kagome was caught off guard at that one. "What? N-no I'm not. You - you're wrong, Inuyasha."

A small smile touched his mouth. "You are a bad liar. . . but only as a human."

Well, he had her there. It was true. Kagome was about to say something back when she felt a cramp start in her womb. Goddamn menstrual cycles! She pushed both of her hands against her stomach until the pain passed and then she stepped out of the shadows.

"Go on," she said, gesturing the house without meeting his eyes. "You were the one that wanted to stay here."

If she had looked up she would have seen hurt cross his eyes before he turned, picking up her backpack, to go to her house.

~*~ Inuyasha - First POV ~*~

So she doesn't even want to talk like we used to? Acting like nothing happened? . . I wish I could do that.

I led the way to her house, aware of her more than anything else even though she was behind me. I noticed her human appearance - was this a trick? One of her knew abilities? Is she going to kill me while I sleep? Or was she just human again - the venom ran out. In one day. Somehow, I doubted that.

I wonder how she's going to act from now on. Is she going to be distant, cruel; will she ignore me every chance she gets? There really was no way of knowing.

But somehow, that hurt me. If I were to lose her friendship, after it took us so long to build it, what would I do? I've already lost most of my concentration today. Gods, I can't lose her!

I stopped now, letting her bag drop to the ground. She stopped beside me, probably not letting me fall behind her. Did I destroy our - her - trust? I tried not to think of it. "Kagome - "

She turned her face away. That one stung me. I said her name again and placed my hand on her shoulder - something that never bothered her. She rolled her shoulder and took a step to the side. I dropped my hand and looked down, trying to think of some way to regain her trust. My pride kept telling me to blame it on her, for not telling me about her going into heat, but common sense told me that was not true. I could've fought against my demon side more.

Kagome took a step closer to me and I looked up hopefully - she could never stay mad at me for too long, anyway! But she just picked up her backpack and went into her house, swinging it over her shoulder.

Gods, why did this have to hurt so much?! I dropped my head and felt something sting my eyes and crowd my throat. Yet another feeling I'd never felt before. I wrapped my arms around myself and heard laughing from inside her house.

Her brother, Souta, opened the door and yelled for me to come inside before it gets too cold. Summer wasn't quite here yet, he said. Forcing myself to steel my emotions, I lifted my head. I went into the house giving my usual 'Feh' to Souta without looking at him.

The first thing I noticed was that Kagome wasn't downstairs.

~*~ Two hours later - about eight ~*~

"Coming, Mom!" Kagome brushed through her hair one more time before running downstairs. After all, her mom was cooking her favorite tonight! And doesn't she deserve it just a day after her sixteenth?

Inuyasha was still under Souta's close inspection and sitting in a kitchen chair - he hadn't left the chair since he got here. And, apparently, no matter how many times Souta's seen Inuyasha's human form, he never got tired of pointing out the differences.

Kagome didn't even glance at Inuyasha. He might as well not be there for all she cared.

Kagome made happy chat with her mother and grandpa during dinner, ignoring every comment Inuyasha made - all two of them. [D/L: SURPRISE!]

After dinner Mom asked Kagome to help her clear the table and so she did. Because of how Kagome was ignoring Inuyasha, she didn't even notice he wasn't there anymore by the time she went back upstairs.

She dumped everything out of her bag once she entered her room, sorting through everything and doing her homework while sitting on the floor. She was still having trouble with her math, although by now enough of her friends had explained to her how they worked so she didn't struggle with it so much.

Inuyasha kept quiet on her bed, watching the way she did her work. He couldn't help but think she was beautiful because, in all truthfulness, she was. In his human form he thought of hers as the most beautiful, but in his hanyou form, her human form had nothing on her hanyou. How confusing. At least he'd never have trouble deciding which side of her he liked best.

When Kagome growled and broke the tip off of her pencil he made himself known - it'd been about an hour.

"Why don't you stop that and just go to sleep?"

She jumped on the second word and glared at him before promptly turning her back and ignoring him again.

"Are you just going to ignore my for the rest of your life?"

A long tense pause followed. "No," she after downing his hope. It flared up again - she was willing to forgive and forget? Now where did that come from? "Just for the rest of yours."

Inuyasha fell back onto to her bed, feeling that now all-too-familiar sting in his heart. Did she know how badly this was hurting him? His anger rose amid the depths of his emotions, strong and fierce. He stood up and went over to her, pulling her up so she had to face him.

"Fine!" he snapped. "If that's the way you feel, then I guess I was right about my not returning here! Have fun collecting all the shards by yourself!" He went to window, seeing and loving the scared look on her face. He opened it and got ready to hop onto the tree. "From now on, consider me a rival for the jewel," he said at last, forebodingly. And then was gone.

Kagome yelled something at him and then her window shut. Inuyasha ignored it. Those last sentences were the most painful for him to bear, but his old self - before the prayer beads and shards - was surging up again. His hand settled against his sword. As long as he had Tetsusaiga, he'd be fine. The sword gave him the upper hand in each and every battle he'd faced since he got it.



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