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Without hesitation she kissed him full on the lips, pushing his mouth open with her tongue. She felt shock throughout him for a few moments before his tongue began moving as well. She felt his arms around her lightly, and she moved her hands to weave into his hair.

Just when she was sure he was starting to really enjoy it, she broke the kiss and took a few swift steps back. "That," she said, regaining her smooth breathing, "is how you kiss a girl."

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Ahem. Chapter Fourteen

Still in some shock from her statement, Inuyasha could only stare as Kagome walked away, and he was caught between swearing that she had a sexy sway on purpose and swearing her out for making a fool of him. Deciding on neither he ran up to her, and stopped her.

Getting right back on the subject, he spoke harshly. "And just where do you think you're going?! You are not leaving - do you understand?!"

"And here I thought you'd learned your lesson. I guess not." Without an answer she spun, breaking the contact of his hands on her arms and began a faster pace.

Inuyasha growled and ran to stand in front of her. "Are you going to give me an answer, or do I have to rip it out of your throat?!" he snapped.

After a long moment of thought Kagome spoke. "I'm going home. My mother has a few things to answer for."

"Fine." Inuyasha let her go and stepped to the side. "I'm coming too, then."

Kagome eyed him suspiciously. "Are you kidding me? No way. You are going to stay here."

"You can't tell me what to do."

"Well, neither can you."

"Like Hell I can't!"

"Alright, that's it!" Kagome snapped. "Sit!"

The prayer beads glowed to life immediately and Inuyasha shut his eyes, glad that at least the ground they were standing on was soft. A second later he felt dirt up to his nose and what felt like his big toe sprained. Must've been twisted, he figured. When he got back up Kagome was nowhere in sight.

Cursing the prayer beads and the Gods that made him meet her, he started off in the direction of the well. When you knew where someone was heading, there was no reason to wonder over which route they took.

Along the way he had lovely thoughts of how to make her pay for that last sit. Maybe he'd say something especially insulting, or just constantly yell at her, or maybe something a bit more intimate than that. Like tearing up her room. That would work.

For whatever reason, he found himself thinking of ways lovers might torture each other. Touch her in places she'd go wild over, but deny her anything. That was good. Or find out what she really wanted him to do to her, but do everything except that one thing. Yes. That would do nicely.

What the Hell am I thinking?! he mentally shouted to himself. Since when did he want to mate with her?! This was absurd! Ridiculous!

A noticeable throb in his nethers told him just how right that 'ridiculous' intention was.

Cursing again, he decided on taking a stop somewhere secluded to get rid of those intentions.

~*~ Kouga ~*~

"Kouga, you've been sulking for more than a day."

No response.

"You can't just sit there and wallow!"

Kouga narrowed his eyes. His pack knew enough to not bother him when he did that.

But this one seemed not too bright. Kranor, one of the higher of the pack, kept speaking. "Kouga, you have to do something!"

"How about this?" he snapped, getting up and punching Kranor back a good twenty feet. "Learn to shut your mouth! I'm in no mood to talk!" But then, Kranor was right. He did have to do something. Picking something that wouldn't harm any more of his pack, he did the one thing that always used to cheer him up.

He ran. Through forests and deserts, towns and plains. He finally stopped a few hundred miles from his pack and sat down, still trying to figure his woman out.

He chuckled. After all this time, and after what had happened between them, he still loved her and called her "His."

He made it clear, nearly a year ago, that he loved her. He thought she knew that. When he kissed her, she didn't pull back immediately. It took about a second. And on several occasions before, she said and did things that told him she wanted him, too. A few times, when Inuyasha couldn't quite handle everything that was happening, he would make it there in just time to save her. He couldn't care less about Inuyasha. And Kagome would thank him for his help, and even hug him.

Once he brought up the thought to go to her time for a while, a day or so, to see the things that were there. It took a while, and some thought, but he managed to go through by maintaining a hold on her.

And the entire time he was there, she led him places by taking his hand. Didn't she know just how that affected demons? That told any kind of demon that she was willing to court.

And then, when he took her up on her offer, she denied him. Was it a human thing? But she was a hanyou now. More of a reason to take her for myself, he thought, laying back. Maybe I could tell her, explain to her what she was doing to me, how I interpreted her actions.

But that wouldn't work, and he knew why. She said before that she loved him, but in the same way as Sango or Miroku. As a friend. Friend. He was starting to hate that word.

And then an idea dawned on him. She listed off the people she loved as friends, but Inuyasha wasn't on that list. That meant either she hated him or loved him as something more - and with the way she often acted towards him, it couldn't be the first. As long as Inuyasha lived, she wouldn't - no, couldn't - love him the same way. So then he was going to have to . . . remove Inuyasha from the picture.

Smiling at the solution to his problem, Kouga got back up and headed back for the cave he and his pack stayed in. It was a new one, bigger than the last, with sprouts of grass here and there that made sleeping easier. He made a mental note to thank Yatsuo for finding it a few months back as he ran, and the moment he entered the cave, he told them his plan.

After all, to pull this one off, he was going to need more help than just himself and three or four wolves.

~*~ Kagome ~*~

"Mom!" Her head poked around a corner. "Mom!!" She looked through the first story of the house. "MOM!!"

"Ahh! Kagome!"

Kagome spun to see her mother step out of a room, backwards. Stupid manufacturers, they made the broom closet smaller than refrigerator.

She laid a hand over her heart. "You walk more quietly, now, dear. Please don't do that again."

"Sorry, Mom." Wait - I'm not here to apologize! I need answers! "Mom, I have a few questions I'm going to have to have you answer."

"Oh? Like what, dear?" she answered, taking the broom downstairs and starting to sweep. "Oh, you left the door open. Leaves are blowing in!" Hurrying, she shut the door and latched it, then returned to sweeping.

Getting straight to the point, Kagome spoke bluntly. "I just met my father."

The broom hit the floor with a wooden clanking sound [D/L: how would you describe that? It's not clank or thunk or tick.] "Excuse me?" Her voice was mostly breathless now.

"You heard me, Mom. Where's Souta?"

"At school, still. Why?"

"I don't want him to hear this. Now talk." Kagome went up to the table and pulled out a chair. "Sit, first. You look like you're going to faint."

She nodded, taking the seat slowly. Kagome took the one across from her. "Start at the beginning."

"I was hoping I wouldn't have to tell this tale, that you were fathered by the same man as Souta. Empty dreams, I suppose." [D/L: Since I don't know her name, I'm going to call her Ray for the Hell of it.] "Are you entirely sure you want to hear this from me?"


"But not without me," an all-too-familiar voice said from behind Ray. He sat down between the two women.

"Fine. I don't care, so long as I get an explanation."

Ray nodded. "It's something of a long story, Kagome. It begins when I got married. Nineteen years ago." She laughed. "I'm almost glad it didn't last that long."

"Humans are strange," the male said, crossing his arms.

"Inuyasha, if you interrupt one more time - "

"I know, I know."

"Go on, Mom."

"Okay. It was two years later that I met your father, but before then, I learned by doctors that I couldn't have children." She sighed, rubbing her forehead. "They did tests, gave me pills, gave me shots, did surgeries . . . And finally decided on giving me something permanent to try and make me. . . fertile. . ."


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