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Rare looked like he wanted to protest, but got up and sniffed his way back to the room he was staying in anyway. Ray cleaned the dishes and put them back and went upstairs. She took off her clothing to make it seem like she never left and crawled into the bed. She was going to have to talk with Rare tomorrow and teach him about not waking up people in three in the morning.

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Chapter Seventeen

"For the next two days he was . . . hilarious," Ray said, half laughing. "I don't know what I did, but I knew I did something to make him act so childish. Everything was funny that he said, did, or pretended to do. He and I swapped stories about our times and often times used each other as other characters. I'd never had such a light-hearted time in my life! But . . . after the two days, he zeroed out his silliness and brought up the matter of paying me back for everything I did for him."

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"Ray, would you sit?" Rare was sitting on her couch, fully dressed, and ready to leave at any moment. The men inhabiting this house were gone for a "Guy's Night Out" which Rare had asked Ray to suggest. That left them alone until about midnight, and at the moment it was four.

"Sure," Ray said, sitting down next to him. "Do have another story for me?"

"Um . . . At another time. No. Right now, we need to work a few things out."

"Things? What do you mean?"

"I've been here, healing, for five days. In that time you've been an enormous help to me, giving me food and aid. But also, you've done something to my very being. I don't think I've ever felt . . . happy before in my life. But now I do. There's nothing I can do to . . . reimburse you for that, but if there's anything you want, I am more than willing to give."

Ray blinked. That entire speech sounded like he practiced it for hours, and he just said, in a nutshell, "You've helped me, I have to leave, but I'll pay you back first."

"No, Rare. You have nothing that I need that I can't get from my husband - "

"I overheard you speaking with your father," he interrupted. "He and you said a few things I didn't understand, but I think I have it. You have a problem with your body."

Ray blushed again, her eyes wide. "Y . . . yes, I do. I . . . can't have children. I'm taking pills now that would heal that, but it would take years."

"What do you mean? I've heard of no such thing as a woman unable to bear."

Ray looked down, at her hands in her lap. "My . . . um . . . eggs. They die before they have a chance to . . . get fertilized." She didn't look up again.

Rare was taking this all in. "I can think of a way to change that, instantly."

"What?" Her head snapped up and she looked directly into his eyes. "You can?"

He nodded. "Off the top of my head, I can think of one, but it's not too pleasing."

"What does it do?"

"It would require my blood, in you. I'd have to cut you and bleed myself into you. It will heal, and my blood won't harm you, but the cut itself would hurt."

Ray sat back, thinking it over. She didn't think she wanted him to see the inside of an organ only her husband would only be able to feel. "No. Is there anything else?"

Rare crossed his arms sat back as well, thinking deeply. Only one other came to mind, but he was sure she wouldn't allow that. "Just one."

"Which is?"

He took a deep breath and met her eyes. "I'd have to . . . be with you like 'married' couples do."

"Oh." Trying to hide her blush, she looked down again. "Does that mean. . . how you say. . . "Mate"?"

"Yes. But," he added quickly, so as to not lead her on, "it's not that simple. It would require my seed. That leaves an open chance that you might get pregnant."

"Not if I wash just after."

Rare nodded. "Those are the only two that I know of. You don't have to accept either one. But I warn you, demon seed tends to not give up very easily."

Ray sighed, dropping her head. "Alright. I know what we have to do."


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Ray sighed, and finished her story. "We did. We had. . ."

"I know," Kagome said, smiling softly. This part of the story wasn't easy for her mother to tell, and even harder with Inuyasha here. "But then, why did Dad. . . I mean, Souta's dad leave?"

"Oh, he found out. After Souta was born. I remember Dad saying, "This one doesn't have a tail!" and he kind of freaked. He demanded to know, and when I told him, about three months later, he thought I was mad. But he knew you weren't his. One good look at you and he knew you looked half like me, but half like somebody else, that happened to not be him."

"How is it that this only happened. . . my change. . . now? Why wasn't I like this my entire life?"

"Oh, I went to get a sonogram and the nurse said it looked like the child had an under grown limb, probably leg, extending from its backside. To use technical terms. I told Rare, since he hadn't left yet, and he felt my womb to see if you were his or . . . 'not right'." Pausing, Ray placed a hand on her stomach. "He said you were his, and pointed out that you were a girl. I . . . was frightened. I thought you were going to be born like how you are now, with those ears and that tail, and even claws, and said as much to Rare. He put some kind of spell on you, to make sure you wouldn't show any of his attributes until you got some of his DNA." Ray tilted her head. "Just how did you get his DNA in you?"

"He bit me, I think. And then Inuyasha killed him."

"Oh!" Ray gasped, her hands going up to her mouth. And then she fell back, out of her chair, unconscious.

Kagome stood up and went around the table. "Mom?" No response. She sent a searing look at Inuyasha. "I blame you, you know."

"Wha, me?" He stood up as well, looking offended. "Like I knew who he was and what he was doing!"

Kagome rolled her eyes. And for the sole reason of having not done it in a while, said, "Sit, boy."

He fell forward, snapping the table in half. Part of Kagome wanted to point out what he did, just because it'd get him angry, but she had to get her mother to her room.

She knelt down and picked her up, standing easily. Her new strength was really coming in handy.

Just as she started up the stairs a hand on her shoulder stopped her. A voice she only just recognized spoke to her. "I think she'd prefer waking up to see me, alive."

"Dad?" Kagome said, turning. The man Ray had called "Rare" stood before her, exactly how he had been described. Every last detail. Except one - he had on modern clothes. Blue jeans and a red jacket. He took ray from her and started up the stairs, telling Kagome that she should not treat her future mate so bad.

"What is with you and being so sure that Inuyasha and I are going to become mates?!" she snapped at his retreating back. She heard a protest from the kitchen and then Inuyasha was next to her.

"Who keeps spreading these rumors?" he snapped at no one. A chuckle from upstairs told them Rare had heard.

"Wait, Inuyasha," she said. He had started forward, but now she had a hand on his shoulder. She followed her father, whom she thought was deceased. She found him laying Mom out on her bed and watched him sit down next to her, brushing his bangs back like she had done not too long ago. "How did you know I would travel through the well?"

"I didn't," he said simply, just as Inuyasha arrived behind her. "I followed you there after you fell through the well. I've been keeping an eye on you and waiting for your sixteenth birthday since then. However, you found me before I was going to come to you."

"But. . . Didn't Inuyasha kill you?"

"Oh, yes," he laughed. "Who made that dagger, Kaede? Only she would know how to. That rather burns." He shuddered. "Let's not do that again, okay?"

"Okay. But - "

"Wait a moment," Inuyasha said, pushing her into the room so he could stand before Rare. "Your markings are like my fathers'." [D/L" who gives a sh*t if this is true or not. I'm making it that way. Nya *Sticks tongue out*]

"We were part of the same pack before we grew up. When he turned twenty he just left, and became the demon that ruled the west lands. As well as your father."

"And what of you?"

"I stayed until I was about thirty, a good two decades after he left."

"Why did you return to - no. Why did you keep yourself hidden from Kagome all this time?"

"Worried about how your mate was raised?" Before Inuyasha or Kagome could protest, he went on. "Because I don't think she would have believed me."

"What about after I fell into the well?" Kagome asked, moving to stand next to Inu. They were becoming quite the interrogation team.

"What is this, the third degree?" Rare asked, then smiled. "I've wanted to say that for years."

"You learn to - "

"Inuyasha!" Kagome snapped, cutting him off before he said something threatening. "Alright, you're my father. That doesn't make you my Dad. You might as well have stayed out of my life. But nonetheless, it's good to know you. I'll stop asking questions - at least until Mom wakes up." Without waiting for any reply she spun on her heel and headed out, to her room.

She plopped down on her bed. With a sigh she began untying her boots and kicked them off, peeling off her socks and untying her bandana. After a few moments of mental debate she decided on raking off all of her "Feudal Japan" clothes and taking a nice, long soak in the tub. She needed it by now.

She ran the water, testing it, before she started undressing fully. As it filled she undid the sashes holding her robe in place and let it drop, and undid the tie at her waist holding up her pants. Slowly, to let her body adjust, she sat down in the water with her tail in her lap to keep her from sitting on it. Feeling a little more childish she poured some bubble bath, watermelon scented, into the water and let it finish filling. She turned off the water with her toes and leaned back, letting her eyes slide shut. She stayed like that, in a suspended moment of physical as well as mental peace, and let her mind drift to whatever it wanted. It landed somewhere she didn't want.

It was reminding her of her dream, the one where Inuyasha thought she was dead and decided on mating with her then, when he thought it was too late. Forgetting about that particular part, she thought of how she got there, in a deathlike relaxed state so strong Inuyasha actually thought she was dead. She felt her brow furrow as she thought it over again and again, but couldn't think of any way that could happen. It never did before, and might as well have been a dream, but it felt real, as though if it didn't really happen, it was going to. Great, she thought. Now I'm prophetic. How lovely. I have dreams that will come to be. I hope I never have one about a massacre.

Without realizing it, time sped up for her, and soon she was asleep, and conversing with herself, or so it seemed.

Before her was her hanyou self and her human self. They had a hold of each other's hands and were discussing something she couldn't hear. Despite that fact, she still knew what they were talking about. She could even see it, further in the distance. Inuyasha. Or rather, two Inuyashas.

His human form and hanyou form were conversing just as hers were, and both of the males kept glancing at the females, I.e., hanyou at hanyou, human at human, and smiling. In fact, all four of the versions before her were smiling.

The background was swirling, she noticed. Flicks of turquoise, ruby and dark pink, or magneta. And linger, spinning and wiggling strands that varied in thickness, also of the three colors, and the color beneath it all was pure white. What's going on here? Why are there two of me and two of him? This doesn't make sense.

"What's going on?" she asked aloud. The two Kagomes turned their backs to her, facing the Inuyashas. "Hey! This happens to be my dream! Answer me! Hey!!"

The human Kagome and Inuyasha both walked towards each other, and the moment they touched hands they disappeared. That left herself, which she now noticed was translucent and naked, and the hanyou her and Inuyasha.

Just as she was about to start yelling all over again, the other two disappeared as well. Thoroughly frustrated, she yelled at no one and demanded she know what was happening. She got an answer, strangely enough, and in the voices of her father and mother.

"You are seeing what you want to happen," Dear Old Dad spoke.

"And which side of each other you like best," Mom added.

"Whoa, wait," Kagome said. "Stop. What do you mean by 'like best', Mom?"

"You like Inuyasha best as a human while you are human," she explained.

"Just as you like Inuyasha best as a hanyou while you are a hanyou as well," Rare finished.

"Okay," Kagome said, slowly. "But where did the four of us go?"

"You don't want to see how this ends yet," Rare said.

"And so you can't finish the dream," Ray ended.

"Okay, I'm keeping up," Kagome said. ":So how do I see the end of the dream?"

"When you are ready to accept your desires," Ray said, and Rare continued without a pause:

"You will see how you want your desires to play out on the one you love."

"Can't I wake up now?" she moaned, followed by a cough. Then she started gagging, like she was stuck underwater and drowning. . . And it hit her that before she fell asleep, she was bathing. She fell asleep while in the full tub!

Coughing and gasping like there was no tomorrow, she thrashed about, trying to grab onto something solid and wake up in one. And for some reason, she felt hands on her shoulders and felt immediately like she was being held down by somebody, but couldn't control her movements enough to fight back. Oh, Gods, she was going to die!

She tried screaming for help, but water invaded her mouth and lungs in that time. Oh, Gods, don't let me die! I can't die! I just started out my life! No!!

Amazingly, the thought entered her head that this was her dream playing out. This was how Inuyasha was going to find her, dead, and was going to go mad from it, and probably blame the world. He might even try to destroy it.

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