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She swallowed and broke their eye contact, looking at anything but him. She felt his hand under her chin a second later, turning her face towards his again. She tried not to look at him, or his eyes, but couldn't resist their golden glow. And then, slowly, he embraced her, and a bright blush struck her cheeks. She couldn't do anything else except hold him back, and try to keep him there long enough to get her cheeks under control.

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Twenty Six

"Come on, Inuyasha! You're not that hurt!" Kagome said from the top of the well. He was at the bottom and scowling. He growled at her, both of them safely back to their battling personalities. That hug Inuyasha gave her had been broken a while ago, when yet another demon attacked, wanting the almost halfway done jewel. Three more, she told herself. And then I can get the other half back from Naraku. Just three more.

Inuyasha growled again, taking her mind back to the present. She rolled her eyes and hopped back down, looping her arm under his shoulders before jumping right back up. He still had quite a scowl on his face - despite the fact he was grateful she had found him and kept him from getting killed, he still didn't like the idea of him needing her help.

She touched the ground again and let go, leading the way to her house and opening and closing doors for him. So what if he could do it himself? He was here to be completely spoiled, not having to be treated like he actually lived there. [DL: I think that's how it goes in Japan. ??? O_o]

"Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Souta!!" she said, as soon as she got in. "I'm back!!" Three men and one woman came from each direction, but Rare made it to her first.

"My daughter," he said, embracing her.

"I thought you were going to want to go back to Feudal Japan, Dad."

"Dad," he repeated. "I can't go back through the well, Kagome. I already tried. About five times," he added, laughing slightly. He looked back over her shoulder and smiled. "You brought your mate with you."

"For the last time," she sighed, exasperated, "he is not my mate. Now quit claiming that."

"Alright," he laughed, and moved to the side so Ray and Gramps could hug her, too.

Then Souta clutched her leg, and started talking so fast Kagome could barely keep up. But it didn't matter, anyway. She knew what he was saying. How glad he was she was back, and brought Inuyasha, and blabbered on and on about the awesome things Rare showed him and could do and so on.

"Mom, I'm going to change. Make sure Souta doesn't hurt Inuyasha." She added, to her father, Inuyasha was badly hurt in Sengoku Jidai. By your - my - our pack, and they even cut out his tongue. So try to answer his questions for him, okay Dad?

Okay. Just stop wearing that outfit.

What's wrong with my clothes? She wondered as she closed her door. She hadn't meant it for him, but she knew he heard.

It's a father thing. I can't stand to see you wearing such. . . provocative clothing. Do it for me, alright?

Alright, but only for when I'm here. I'll dress in my old school uniform or something. She pulled out said clothes and laid them on her bed, untying the violet strips from her torso.

Much better. Although, that skirt of yours doesn't cover much. . .

And you're obsessed with Inuyasha and I getting together?

Mates, my Kagome.

Speaking of, I can smell you all over Mom. Are you making me little brothers and sisters Dad?

Not yet, but I plan on it.

Just no details. She heard him laugh at that, but cut off their thoughts there. She pulled off her headband thing and untied her yellow-green strips that were around her thighs, having already taken off her top half and started to untie her boots. Her thoughts continued to wander as she did so, picking up this detail and that that seemed to have no connection at all. She settled and thinking how much Souta had missed her, which got her thinking about Shippou and how much her adopted pup would miss her while she and Inuyasha would be here. Finally her mind brought her back to Inuyasha himself, who she had every intention of "mating," though she did not know when she could or if he wanted it, too. After that intimate moment back on the other side of the well, she could swear he did, indeed, want it as well. But with Inuyasha, you could never be too sure.

I'll just start with telling him how I feel, and then let him decide the next move. Maybe I should wait for his tongue to come back, though. Yes, that'd help, she thought, chuckling quietly out loud. She pushed off her boots and let her pants/sweats drop, fishing out a new pair of underwear and a bra and putting them on first. She paused before she put on her skirt, thinking that if her tail moved in the slightest, she would end up showing more than she wanted to.

"That's it!" she said aloud, digging in her closet for her summer clothes. But since summer was over, she had a hard time finding what she was looking for. There! she thought, catching a glance and a grab at a pair of dark blue jean shorts and taking them out. She never wore them; they were too low-cut for her. But with her new tail, it was perfect. She put them on and glanced at herself in the bathroom mirror [DL: In my fic, no matter how it works in the anime, Kagome has a bathroom in her room. It just wasn't big enough for a bath - simple sink, toilet, and shower.] seeing how they reached just a few inches above her knees. She laughed out loud, having to slightly inhale in order to button them and zip them up. She definitely grew since she became a hanyou.

She shook her head as she finished, putting on her shoes - which seemed smaller than before. She shrugged and went downstairs, finding her family in the kitchen as her Mom cooked and Inuyasha just stared at the fascinating wood of the table. Every time Souta asked something, Rare answered, every question being aimed at Inuyasha. She had the pleasure of making it there right when Souta asked the worst possible question.

"Now that Kagome's a hanyou too, are you gonna kiss her?" Kagome's eyes widened as Inuyasha's did, and she saw him blush a little even as she felt her own cheeks heat up. How did everyone manage to think that about them, anyway? Was it that obvious Kagome had feelings for him and everybody else was just trying to give Inuyasha a clue on the subject?

"Souta, you ask the silliest questions!" she claimed as she sat down. "Inuyasha's not like that, and you know it. And anyway, why would either of us want that? Haven't you been paying attention to us? We can barely stand each other!" she laughed, trying to make light of the subject. She caught a glimpse of two looks that crossed the hanyou's face as he turned away, one being thanks that she broke that question into pieces, and another that was like hurt. No way, her mind said. He can't like you like that. He's faking it to freak you out. She shook her head, and turned her attention to her mom, rather than her confused little brother or getting-more-mysterious-by-the-day houseguest.

"So what are you making?"

"[DL: Insert Japanese food here.]" Ray replied, stirring the [DL: Japanese food] without a glance over her shoulder.

"Oh, great! Thanks, Mom!" She sat smiling now, glad her mom was making [DL: the Japanese food] tonight.

"When are you going back, Kagome?" her grandfather asked, sipping out of a cup.

"Going back where? To Feudal Japan?" He nodded, and she went on. "As soon as Inuyasha is feeling better. A few days, I guess."

"What's wrong with him?"

"Oh, he's just a little worn out from all the shard hunting we're doing. We all need a little break now and then, Grandpa." She made a discovery as she said this. Lies come out sounding much more like the truth when you add a truthful comment to it.

He nodded again, and looked at Inuyasha out of the corner of his eye. She could swear he was glaring, or looking for some way he might be playing Kagome for a fool. Either way, it looked like Rare's constant comments about them becoming mates got to his head.

"It's done!" Ray said, and served each of them. Inuyasha looked at Kagome quickly, and she nodded slightly.

"Mom, I promised Inuyasha he was going to get nothing but ramen while he's here. We have some left, don't we?"

"No, I'm sorry, dear. We ran out. But don't worry; you're Grandfather, myself, and your father are going to go out tonight. Souta's coming, too. We can pick some up on the way back."

"When are you getting back?"

"Around midnight, I suppose. Tomorrow is Saturday, so we don't have to worry about Souta missing school. Which reminds me," she added, taking her seat. "We pulled you out of school yesterday. You can't very well go to school looking so different. Well, maybe on Halloween [DL: I don't care if in Japan they have that holiday or not! I'm making it that way! It's my fic so bleh. *Sticks tongue out*], but other than that. . ."

"I understand, Mom. Don't worry about it." She glanced back at Inuyasha, thinking quickly on what to do now. "Oh, right! I almost forgot!" She got up, motioning for Inuyasha to get up as well. "I'm sorry, Mom, but I just now remembered I have to show Inuyasha something. But it's in my room. Okay, thanks!" she said, turning on her heel and going up the stairs with Inuyasha close behind.

She heard her mom say something but didn't listen to it, hearing her dad talk back, obviously trying to go on with what she said just before. She got in her room fast and shut the door as soon as Inuyasha made it there, sighing as she slid down the door. Inuyasha just stood in the center of the room, looking around as though he believed what she said. Her tail flipped over and sat on her leg. Speaking of sitting. . . "Inuyasha, come here," she said, standing up and taking a step forward.

He did as she said, standing close to her. She reached up and touched the prayer beads around his neck, slipping them up and over his head. He gave her a questioning look, and she answered it with, "I can't risk saying 'sit' with those on right now. I don't want to screw up and get you even more hurt." She smiled. "But don't worry; they're going right back on as soon as you're all better."

He glared at her, the complete opposite of the almost smile he almost gave her. She just kept smiling, telling him to stay put and act like he was doing something as she went downstairs to eat. She also promised to get him some ramen before midnight.

~*~ Jump ahead about an hour - two o'clock~*~

"Okay, just don't let anybody find Dad out, okay?" Kagome waved as they left. So now she was alone, with a grumpy and no longer under her spell hanyou, about to leave and get ramen, and spend another ten hours alone with the man. Great. Just great.

Said hanyou was downstairs as she was, and she closed the door and turned to see him, lounging in the kitchen doorway to the living room.

"Nice to see you, too," she said, knowing what the look he was giving her meant. "I want ramen!!" it said. "Let them leave and then I'll go get your ramen."

He just smirked, like he was getting his way not because he was here mainly for that fact, but because he deserved it or something. Like he had blackmailed her into doing all this stuff for him. She just shook her head as he turned and went into another room, deciding on popping some popcorn as a timer until she could leave.

Funny thing was, if Inuyasha hadn't been here as often as he had, he would've ran in the kitchen and threatened the microwave for making that noise. He actually did it, once. A long time ago, last year, even. He threatened it when she was cooking eggs the fast way for a fast breakfast and it exploded. It took quite a while for her to explain to him that it wasn't doing anything evil and it wasn't connected in some way to Naraku, but eventually - eventually - he got it.

But Inuyasha was stranger than ever now. There were times when he seemed to be liking her presence in a room, and that sweet hug on the way here, and at other times he was just like his old self, minus one tongue. Another funny thing: Kagome couldn't quite decide if she liked the quiet, sometimes sweet Inuyasha, or the old, back-talking, bad-mannered Inuyasha best. It didn't make any sense, so she just told herself she was more used to the old, back-talking, bad-mannered Inuyasha, which is why she was even considering which side she liked.

She pulled the popcorn out as it finished, pouring the cornels into a bowl for the hanyou "prince" and then giving them to him. She left after that, shutting the door as she left and saying a quick goodbye to the injured half-demon. She wasn't sure how she was going to do this, but she was going to find a way.

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