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But Inuyasha was stranger than ever now. There were times when he seemed to be liking her presence in a room, and that sweet hug on the way here, and at other times he was just like his old self, minus one tongue. Another funny thing: Kagome couldn't quite decide if she liked the quiet, sometimes sweet Inuyasha, or the old, back-talking, bad-mannered Inuyasha best. It didn't make any sense, so she just told herself she was more used to the old, back-talking, bad-mannered Inuyasha, which is why she was even considering which side she liked.

She pulled the popcorn out as it finished, pouring the cornels into a bowl for the hanyou "prince" and then giving them to him. She left after that, shutting the door as she left and saying a quick goodbye to the injured half-demon. She wasn't sure how she was going to do this, but she was going to find a way.

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Twenty Seven

It took a while, but Kagome got just the right idea for what to do. She would pick a certain person who looked very wealthy, steal about twenty dollars, [DL: Tch, like I know how to use zeni or yen or whatever its called.] and give that in exchange for stealing somebody else's ramen when they leave the store. Simple, right? And there was her first victim - err, um. . . Donator.

She learned a few things along the way to the middle of the city, where she was now sitting on top of a ten story building and surveying the pedestrians. People that caught sight of her either freaked screaming about Hell on Earth or believed it was just a costume. One such thing came up not too long ago.

~*~ Flashback - I think I love these things ~*~

Kagome was sitting in an alley, something she would never do as a human. It was confusing, how she was going to buy ramen with no money and unable to enter the store as she was. But her thoughts fled when four men came out of nowhere and had her surrounded.

"Nice outfit," the obvious leader and worst smelling of the four said to her, holding a short knife.

She stood up, her human instincts getting the better of her and scaring her half to death, despite her obvious power as a half demon. One of the men tugged at her tail as another played with her ears, and she shooed them back while trying to keep from shaking. Oh, this was not a good situation. The leader waved at the only man who hadn't moved yet, and he came up and brushed back her hair, looking for her human ears.

He gaped, eyes wide, at what he saw. Her hair was in front of exactly where her ears would have been, and curved backward into the normal growth of hair at the back of her head. Funny she should know that, when she never herself checked. He threw himself back, and then was when Kagome remembered that these guys were nothing to her.

"She's some kind of freak!" he claimed, and another man tried to pull her tail off. She spun on his and growled, the sound of a fierce wolf about to attack. The man that she growled at took off, but the leader stayed firm.

"Freak or not, she's mine now," he hissed, and the two men that had stayed ran behind him.

Kagome slid one of her feet further to the side, claws out, and stayed like that, waiting for him to attack. Her mind changed though, remembering the pedestrians not so far away and what a fight may look like with her attributes. She smirked and reached out quickly, slashed at the knife, which fell apart in four vertical pieces of sharpened metal.

He dropped the knife and blinked, wondering not only how she could move that fast, but use just fingernails to cut through pure metal, strong enough that one would have a really tough time bending it, let alone cutting it into pieces.

"Boo," Kagome whispered, just a breath, and the three men scattered, saying something about stealing from somebody else or not ever again and so on. That's how she got the idea - not that she wanted to steal from somebody, but more like she had to.

~*~ And we are back ^_^ ~*~

Kagome moved quickly, sending a strong gust of wind before her and moving by the man in a nice grey suit quickly, getting on top of another building before he had time to blink, a fifty floating up in the air. She hid behind the roof's stout wall until the fifty floated up to her grasp and caught it, glad she could jump across the traffic like she just did - without being seen. She was surprised one point that she was now officially faster than Inuyasha, but still not as strong. Not only that, he had Tetsusaiga. But she as well had a healing factor and telepathic powers linked to her pack and friends. But when Inuyasha turned full demon, he became a real force to be reckoned with. If he was full demon, against her, she couldn't help but wonder who would win.

But she couldn't think of this now. She had to find someone with ramen to "exchange" the fifty for. She hopped across the buildings with an ease she never thought she could have, and stopped before a popular store. She knew that when people usually bought ramen, they bought it in bags full, so if she could find someone with a bag or two of it. . . And there she was.

A woman, plump and short, was laughing at something her companion - probably granddaughter - said, holding a plastic bag full of different types of ramen, as well as a purse and two more bags of other stuff, and the other woman, a blonde, was holding five more. Kagome smiled and ran down, putting the fifty into the old woman's hand and taking out the bag of ramen at the same time, and leapt up onto the roof of the store, not slowing down or checking to see how the women reacted, but heading straight back for home.

With how nimble she had become, it took a lot less effort than she could have wished for. Soon she was inside the house and calling for Inuyasha to show himself. It turned out that he was asleep in her room, on her bed, with his face buried in her pillow. She raised a brow at his sleeping form and decided to let him be, going back downstairs to cook some of the chicken flavored ramen - she knew he liked that one the best.

Just minutes into it's cooking time she turned around to see him sitting expectantly at the table. She just smiled and shook her head, knowing for a fact that he must have smelled her recently in her room, so he knew she saw him.

"You like my bed?" she asked, knowing it was unfair - he can't snap anything back - but not really caring. Cruel or not, he left himself open for it. She heard him growl and chuckled to herself.

She served up the ramen when it was finished, having cooked three of the packages in one big pot for him and saw that despite he had a nice scowl on, his eyes were glittering like a child that just got the best present for Christmas - an entire candy store to eat at his choosing.

He started inhaling it in an instant, which got Kagome thinking that he never once ate with his tongue before. Like it just laid there inside his mouth while he slurped up the ramen. Well, either that or he's been thinking and practicing eating ramen without a tongue while she was gone. It took only about half an hour to go get the ramen and bring it back, but that must've been enough time.

Smirking, a devilish thought entered her mind, and she reached forward to take the ramen. Inuyasha's response was both typical and stunning.

He growled at her an pulled it against him, glaring daggers at her. A second later he yelped and as impulse shoved it away, knocking the big bowl she found over and dumping its contents all over the table and floor. Then his eyes bugged and he jumped up, watching with horror as more and more noodles slid across the table and onto the floor.

Kagome bit back her laughter and started to clean it up, deeming the ramen still on the table good enough to eat, and mopping up the liquid into a bucket to pour down the drain. You see, her mother cleaned the table every day, ever since Kagome started trips through the well. But then, she usually ran out of the house and back in and did everything as quickly as possible, usually knocking over a cup of tea or bowl of cereal and so on. So it became Ray's daily routine to wash off the table, so anything that could be saved would still be sanitary. [DL: Honestly, this is perfectly fine. I've dropped oreos on the ground and used the ten-second rule as a reason to still eat it. As long as it didn't fall onto the dirty part of the floor or onto a carpet. I have animals, you know.]

Glancing back Kagome could see that Inuyasha was close to tears - or at least as close as he would allow himself to be. You gotta be kidding me, she thought, letting her jaw drop. He was whimpering and looking directly at where the ramen had fallen onto the floor. She blinked, once, slowly, and when she opened them, she felt let down, like she had expected to see him inhaling the ramen and not sniffing at the floor.

"What's wrong? Were you going to eat the ramen that fell on the floor, too?"

He looked at her like she was crazy.

"Okay, no. So what's the problem?"

This look was like she was stupid.

She rolled her eyes. "I've had enough of this," she muttered. Biting her tongue, literally, she ignored all of her demon instincts warning her not to do what she was going to do, and stalked over to where Inuyasha was sitting. She opened his mouth and before he could protest let about a swallow of her blood fall into his mouth. He shoved her back and stood up, and after a second or so, started to swear at her like there was no tomorrow.

His words were stumbled and somewhat blended together, but at least he was speaking. Although having done it in this way wasn't how she would have wanted his tongue to come back.

She raised a brow at him, surprised that he was creating swears, having run out of the ones he already knew - which was a pretty big arsenal as it was. A sailor would have blushed - but by now Kagome was so used to his tirades that it didn't even phase her. She turned her back to him and turned on the burner to make more ramen to compensate for the "dead" ones, and felt a hand on her shoulder spin her back around.

She was about to start yelling at him, but never got the chance. Just after she opened her mouth she felt a tongue that obviously was not hers occupying her mouth. Her eyes went wide and she shoved Inuyasha back as far as he would go, and then tried to move away from the burner. He pinned her against the fridge and started talking, quickly.

"That was stupid don't you know anything you should have known better stupid bitch you're going to drive me crazy!"


"You made me swallow your blood, wench! Don't you know what that does to a demon? It makes that particular demon want to mate with you, no matter who it is!" He ended this with planting a firm kiss on her lips again.

She kind of squealed and shoved him back and over the table, getting hot ramen all over his back, but with her blood, it wouldn't bother him in the least - not like how he was now. She started up the stairs for some odd reason but Inuyasha caught her foot and pulled her back down. She felt herself flip over when his hand twisted and then she was under him. She hissed and swiped at him, managing to get her claws across his face so he reeled back just long enough for her to get up and dash for the door. She was out and didn't slow down to shut the door, but pulled the prayer beads from her pocket. Good thing she decided to keep them with her, and she came to another important conclusion.

Listen to your instincts!!!!

She heard Inuyasha give chase after her, for the second time now, and tried to run faster. She didn't even realize she was heading for the well until she threw open the doors, and at that moment she was tackled from behind. The two of them tumbled down the stairs and Kagome landed face-up with Inuyasha beneath her. She flipped over without giving a second's hesitation, and moved long before she thought, putting the beads back around his neck and flinging herself back.

Inuyasha sat up and grabbed the beads, then sent her a searing glare. It was almost too obvious that he did not want these to be put back on, and that he wasn't going to let them stop him. Just as Kagome screamed "Sit!" he leapt at her again, and got to her before the full effect of the beads could activate. She ended up beneath him when they did so, amazed at how strong the force of the necklace really was. No wonder he always complained so furiously.

But right now she was exactly where he wanted her, and she knew it. Those beads became very, very heavy, and she was caught beneath him. She couldn't tell him to sit like this, so the biggest threat to their "mating" was removed.

"Inuyasha," she hissed, letting her eyes burn into his skull as he fervidly began kissing at her neck again. "If you don't stop this right I swear I'll s-i-t you into the center of the earth!"

"You don't get it, do you," he snapped back, hardly moving from his task. "Your blood - it makes me move without realizing it! You did this, so don't even think about blaming me!"

"I seriously doubt my blood having any effect on you other than upping whatever you already feel for me!" Her words were supposed to be a lie, something to through him off balance long enough for her to get away, but she heard, as well as him, the truth behind the words.

It was true. Demon blood did little more than make whatever it is you already feel for that demon just become stronger. Which meant that Inuyasha at least felt string lust for her, if nothing more. And that was something, wasn't it?

And the words had the preferred effect on him as well. He paused, stunned, and Kagome got up and bolted out the door. She was halfway to her room when she realized no one was following her, and when she checked the wellhouse again for Inuyasha, he hadn't moved other than to dig his claws into the ground and wood of the stairs.

He smelled her and spoke without looking up. "Get out of here before I lose control again," he hissed.

She didn't need another warning. A second later she was on the way to her room and then she was in her room, sitting on her bed and trying to get her mind working again to analyze what she had been feeling during their "encounter."

It frustrated her to no end, knowing that Inuyasha on some level cared for because of all the nice things he did and the few things he'd said, and that he wanted her at the very least physically, but getting no real proof of his love for her at all. This is where she guessed that saying "Stuck between a rock and a hard place" applied. The rock was Inuyasha, and the hard place was what she thought he felt for her.

She couldn't fight against Inuyasha because she knew she loved him, and his feelings she couldn't dig into. So how was she supposed to find out? She could think of just one way, and it wasn't going to be very nice. She had to talk to him.

She took a deep breath and steadied her nerve, and then went to the wellhouse again, getting this odd feeling that she was repeating the steps her mother did to conceive her, only in a mixed-up order. She only hoped the ending wouldn't come while Inuyasha was like this.

Just how wrong could a person be?

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