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She couldn't fight against Inuyasha because she knew she loved him, and his feelings she couldn't dig into. So how was she supposed to find out? She could think of just one way, and it wasn't going to be very nice. She had to talk to him.

She took a deep breath and steadied her nerve, and then went to the wellhouse again, getting this odd feeling that she was repeating the steps her mother did to conceive her, only in a mixed-up order. She only hoped the ending wouldn't come while Inuyasha was like this.

Just how wrong could a person be?

Feel the tension rise. . . . And get to the lemon. Bwahaha!!!

Chapter Twenty Eight - the LEMON

"Inuyasha?" Kagome said, opening the doors to the well. He was still there, still shaking, only halfway to the well. He stiffened and spun to look at her when she spoke, and she could see the pleading in his eyes. His eyes. . . He was trying to warn her to get away, and now. Not in a few seconds, not after saying something else, but now. But she couldn't just leave without talking to him. . . But what was it she wanted to say? She couldn't think when she looked into his eyes and he looked back like that. . .

She swallowed. "I came to. . . Um. . ." Gods, she came here to say something, she was sure of it!

"Leave," Inuyasha said, his voice rough and choked back, like he needed to control that as well. But even as he said it, he was moving towards her, all the while trying not to.

"I can't just leave while you're like this," she said back. Her voice started out as a snap, but ended up just whispering. What part of this made her less angry?! Gods, she wouldn't get out of here without one way or another keeping up her anger. Well, she could just keep telling him to sit while she spoke, but that -

Her thoughts cut off there, mainly because Inuyasha had pounced again, but slightly because she didn't like the idea of sitting him while he was like this. Maybe it was because she'd wanted this for so long and had been waiting, and now she had the chance to. . . to. . .

He thoughts ran away, disappearing as Inuyasha kissed her, lying again on top of her, right in front of the wellhouse doors. She murmured something into the kiss and then her body was moving without her mind, as she suspected Inuyasha's was. She was kissing him back and her hands were in his hair, making sure he stayed there. His weight on top of her was nothing suddenly, despite how tightly they were holding onto one another.

Inuyasha broke the kiss to run his mouth along her neck, and she whimpered at the loss. His hands went under her shirt to caress her breasts, even in his lustful state aware of the need for certain gentleness. She gasped and involuntarily arched her back, not just letting but also begging her body to grow in need for Inuyasha as he needed her. . . Or how she thought he needed her.

Her mind kept nudging her, telling her that this wasn't the place to be doing this, even as Inuyasha seemed immune to the surroundings and moved his mouth to kiss her chest where her shirt didn't cover. In all truth, she was surprised to a certain degree that he hadn't torn off her shirt yet.

"Inuyasha," she moaned, his hands working her mind into nothing more than a faint whisper. "We should. . . go to my. . . my bedroom," she got out, and then gasped. He was kissing and nipping her breasts now, through her shirt, as though it wasn't even there.

He growled out a response and pulled his hands from her shirt, just to wrap around her waist. Apparently the growl meant "You're right" or something to that affect. He picked her up before he even got to his feet and started off for her room, taking the quicker way through her window.

Kagome couldn't keep herself from kissing his neck, his jaw, his cheek - wherever she could reach with her lips - the entire time. He just kept growling in frustration for having to leave their spot, and his hands kept twitching. He really, really wanted to be "all over her" - or something like that. She couldn't help her own smirk as she thought of Inuyasha and that phrase together.

As soon as they got inside Inuyasha fell on top of her on the bed, leaving the window open. Like that mattered anyway. Even if it got cold, that wouldn't happen for a while. Plus they'd be making plenty of heat to last the night with the window open.

Another second and she felt his lips on hers again, more demanding than last time, but nothing she couldn't match. Unable to stop herself once the thought touched her mind, her hands slipped higher, rubbing the back of her ears. He growled at her, which turned into a purr rather quickly. A giggle escaped her throat, not expecting Inuyasha to have the ability to purr. But that meant she probably did, too, and apparently Inuyasha was thinking along the same lines.

His fingers sought out her ears as well, rubbing like she was doing. She felt her throat vibrate and heard her own purr, surprised and at the same time not to learn she could do that. And then she realized exactly what the rubbing was doing.

She heard, sometime last year, that a human's ears could be used as an "arousal point", but never thought it could be true. But if didn't affect humans, it sure affected demons, because her body was rising in temperature very quickly in response to his rubbing. After a short while Inuyasha's growls replaced the purrs, and at first she was confused, but then she found that her hands were moving on their own again. In fact, they'd gone to undoing his sash at his waist.

No patience, body? she thought with an amused quirk of her lip. She lifted her chin and pressed her lips full against Inuyasha's, this time nipping his lip with her teeth. It wasn't like he needed very much coercing to make their kiss even more intimate, and passionate, but he needed a little push to get his mind on the subject of kissing.

Kagome moaned into the kiss when she felt her tongue meet and tangle with Inuyasha's. It was getting harder and harder to breath by the second, but she didn't care. She could suffocate now, with passion keeping her body on fire, in Inuyasha's arms, feeling his hands arouse her to heights she never knew existed, and she'd be fine with it. Burning and being held so tightly . . . what a way to go, to suffocate in the most intense and passionate kiss you've ever had.

Somewhere along the line she found her shirt was missing, and the outer layer of Inuyasha's clothes. She hadn't noticed them being pulled off, but remembered complying to the way he moved her to accomplish that feat. However, one other feat was escaping the hanyou at the moment. Her bra. He kept running his fingers along the inner lining of the fabric, feeling around for some sort of tie or clasp, but unable to find it anywhere. After a few more moments he started tugging at it and whimpering, though he hadn't drawn back his mouth yet.

Kagome mentally laughed and slapped his hands away, placing them on her shorts so she could deal with her annoying bra. After she unhooked it she had to break their kiss to breath, and Inuyasha took the chance and ran with it.

After successfully getting rid of the jean shorts that seemed attached way too tightly to her skin, his hands met with her underwear. His lips found her neck again and started kissing, licking, nipping and sniffing. He did all four things randomly as he slowly made his way lower, down her throat and to her collarbone, and then to the valley between her breasts. Kagome moaned loudly, her hands clutching his hair, or rather, clutching him to her chest. His fingers hooked around her panty straps and pulled them down, ripping them in a sudden burst of haste to get her entirely naked.

His mouth found its way to her right breast and nuzzled, first of all. His left hand found and stroked her womanhood, while his right massaged her left breast. [DL: I describe this almost too well, don't I?] Kagome gasped at the three pleasure points coming alive at once, the feeling almost overwhelming her. Most of her pleasure was centered around her entrance, but that did not mean her breasts were being overlooked. She arched her back, offering more to Inuyasha, and pushed her back. "Inuyasha," she moaned, her hips starting to move against his stroking fingers.

Inuyasha moaned as a response, moving his mouth over to her left breast and switching hands. His mouth left a wet, burning trail along her chest, and he caught her peak between his teeth, careful but not overly so of his fangs. Kagome gasped and moaned when he continually flicked his tongue over her hard bud, having found the more sensitive of the two breasts. On a dramatic change of tactics he opened his mouth wide and sucked, trying to fit as much of her breast into his mouth as he could.

Kagome responded in several ways. She gasped, her eyes going wide, and then moaned harshly. Her back arched further, trying to give him more. Her mouth refused to close and her hips started moving again, more so than before. Inuyasha started rubbing her entrance with more friction, his hand shaking slightly with his need to completely take her. However, his mouth hadn't had enough of her breast yet, so he opted for probing her entrance with his fingers. First one, and then two, and Kagome was completely at his mercy.

She threw her hips up, trying desperately to get more of this feeling coursing through her body. Inuyasha finally released her breast and moved further down, tasting every inch of her he came up against. His tongue lapped at her navel, his hands traveling up and down her body to keep her somewhat satisfied. He wanted to take his sweet time with this, and no one - not Kagome, not his demon blood, not Kagome's blood in him - was going to ruin it.

Kagome's mind was swimming now. She found that it still worked properly - only it was taking its merry time with sending information to the thinking part of her thought processor. Stupid thing. It wasn't helping at all! She couldn't think fast enough to keep up with the dog demon who was now all over her thighs.

She moaned again, feeling him lick her thigh as though it tasted like the best thing he'd ever introduced his tongue to. And then, abruptly, his tongue had moved from her thigh to her womanhood, making it wetter than it was before. She gasped at the new and sudden feeling, and then found herself biting her lip and struggling to keep her hips on the bed. Inuyasha helped on that point, his hands gripping her hips and pinning them to the bed. But it wasn't helping as much as it normally would have been. Whimpers and muffled moans slid through her clamped mouth and bit lips, and her breathing turned up a few more notches, making her pant through her nose.

Inuyasha's newly grown tongue lapped at the sweet juices that flowed from her most hidden treasure, made all the better by the knowledge that not only would he be her first, but also her only. There was no greater woman to have in youkai terms than a woman who was a virgin - until she met you. And then, her undying loyalty to you and only you. Throughout Inuyasha's life he felt sure he'd never get such an honorable woman, but here she was, all his and burning from his ministrations. He couldn't have wished for more.

Soon, however, he would unleash his need upon her, and he had to be sure beforehand that she could take it, all of it. His demon blood, in response to hers, along with the human male need to have a woman all to himself, would make him loose control if he wasn't careful. Not that, eventually, one does tend to loose control while exploring the boundaries of physical sex, but demon blood was not something to trifle with. It could be your saving move - like his Blades of Blood - or your undoing, as human blood and their loss of it often could be. One had to be careful of the powers it held, the powers it could gain, and the things it could make you do.

Kagome was giving load, harsh moans again, and with a sudden sharp realization her juices were flowing in thicker waves than before. Just barely holding back a smirk Inuyasha downed all of it, every last drop that his mouth and tongue could catch. Smirking anew his lifted his head when the flow stopped, seeing Kagome naked before him, pleasured and panting and waiting for him to finish what he - or they on your point of view - started. He sat up and shed his white kimono undershirt and then stood up to get off his pants, and rejoined her on the bed.

"Are you ready for me yet?" he asked, more teasingly than anything else. Kagome opened her eyes as her breath steadied out and smiled back.

"The real question is: Are you ready for me?" she said back, without a conscious realization of his question, let alone hers. Inuyasha laughed to himself quietly and then looked down, between their bodies. After a moment of idle wondering at what he was looking at, she felt her cheeks blush as she realized exactly what he was looking at.

She swallowed and linked her arms around his neck, stories of pain and horrible first times running through her head. The good thing was, she was a half demon with healing abilities. The bad thing was, that could regenerate her virginity every time they did this. But somehow, as she felt him push between her nether lips, that didn't matter. She wanted him, it was obvious he wanted her, and they could do this all night long as long as they held out.

She gasped when she felt her walls pushed apart so he could fit, somewhat annoyed that she didn't get a good look at him - ever - to get a good estimate on that part of his anatomy. When Inuyasha turned his eyes back to hers, she realized that this long thing that was being penetrated for the first time was a fast thing that her mind just slowed down.

But. . . she didn't feel any pain. Inuyasha leaned down and wrapped his arms around her, settling his head on the pillow just next to hers, with his lips against her cheek. He was moving already, and with a something like a stunned frozen moment in time, she found that there was no pain at all. Was it all just some mean trick parents and adults pulled to make sure their daughters stayed virgins until they married? Or was it just singled out to full human women? Either way, all she felt was pleasure for the second time that night. If you could call it night. Technically, the sun was still up, though setting.

Just as every second passed, each thrust Inuyasha gave into her body was just a little faster, a little harder, a little deeper. But that little bit was more than enough for her. Her body was on fire, or so it seemed, wanting nothing more than to burn more for the hanyou on top of her. She could feel every movement the both of them made, and could pinpoint the exact second when her body began responding with her own movements, although she couldn't find the part of her mind that told her to do it if her life depended on it.

Her entire body was writhing now, increasing the friction between them as best she could. Inuyasha's arms tightened around her for a few moments before they let go, moving as his hands took their own course along her body. Her head was thrown back, her hips were rising to meet his thrusts, and her back was arched. One might think that the position she was in would be the hardest of all to be in, but she felt nothing but immeasurable pleasure. Almost too much for one woman to take, it would seem.

Her moaning had grown out of control and little sounds escaped her mouth that were on the boarder of screams, and if she didn't do something to put a little less focus on herself, she wouldn't be able to take much more. She opened her eyes and focused on Inuyasha, forcing her hands to move along his body as his were doing to her.

At first Inuyasha shuddered, and then his golden eyes were on her seductive green ones, and a second later she couldn't keep up with the hanyou anymore. His speed had increased so much she couldn't follow him with her muddled mind. Her body was no longer just on fire - it was ice being melted, and water being rippled by the waves of pleasure he was causing her, one after the other. His movements were not just fast, but hard, their skin slapping together with each thrust with a deliciously satisfying sound.

Incredibly, both sets of hands were still touching and gliding over the other, and Kagome noticed with another stroke of shock that they were both already covered in sweat and it was soaking into her bed. But at this point, she doubted she could care even if she wanted to. Tch. Like that was going to happen any time soon.

She was biting her lip again, she could tell. She could taste her own blood falling form the wound her teeth created, making a small stream down her chin. The scent caught Inuyasha in something like a trance, and soon the half demon was sucking on her bottom lip, begging wordlessly to taste more. Kagome whimpered as an answer and one particularly hard thrust caused her head to arch back again, giving Inuyasha full and complete access to her neck.

His mouth went immediately for tasting her flesh, nipping here and there to draw a small amount of blood. Kagome's body was screaming now, trying to be verbalized, but the sounds caught in her throat when she felt her walls start to tighten. It felt, at first, as though Inuyasha was growing bigger, but after the foreplay they had, it was pretty much impossible.

Inuyasha seemed to get to the same realization she did. She heard his pants become harsher, like he was forcing himself to breath. His arms went around her to clutch her to him, pressing his cheek against hers. Kagome finally let out a scream and wrapped her legs around his waist, unable to keep up with him any longer.

A pressure was building in her womb now, a feeling she had thus far ignored. It felt so much like a wind-up clock, something you twist and twist to make it keep ticking. But the person who was twisting this one didn't stop; it kept winding, tighter and tighter, and if it kept up, the inside would explode, sending the springs and gears flying. That's what she felt like - she was wound to the ultimate degree, and soon she was going to snap, soon. . . so very soon. . . Now.

She cried out Inuyasha's name when she felt it, knowing without ever learning that this was not sex, but making love. She knew what every individual part of the eternal act was called, especially the point when her walls constricted to a point that could have been pain for Inuyasha.

Inuyasha, on the other hand, was just barely keeping himself from completely unleashing and taking her again, but this time, no slow speeds at all. Her tightening had been the breaking point for him, making him go all out and pound into her as hard as his body could. When she completely clenched around him, he couldn't hold back his own climax. His face buried in her hair, and the added help of her hair and pillow muffled his own cry, almost a howl, and his body involuntarily thrust into her several more times as his demon seed shot into her.

The aftermath was relaxing to the point where neither of them could move much, save to pant and let shivers course down their bodies. It took a lot of effort on his part, but Inuyasha made himself roll off of Kagome so they could both relax and cool down. As they calmed their hearts and let their breathing slow, they both became lost in their own thoughts. Kagome's pointed to when and how she was going to tell Inuyasha she had fallen in love with him long ago, while Inuyasha's was still pointedly on their "dance." I was so sure we could have lasted longer than that, and so many more times. . . Damn. I guess I'll have to build up to lasting all night long.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome breathed. Not that her breath hadn't calmed, but she felt weaker now than she could ever remember.

"Yeah?" came his reply, just as weak as hers.

"Were you ready for me?" she asked, unable to hold back the laugh that followed.

Inuyasha laughed as well. It was cruel, on one level, that she say these things when he was exhausted and couldn't think very well, keeping him from replying smartly, but he got out a few words nonetheless. "I think so."

"Good," Kagome sighed. She grunted as she forced herself to roll over, letting her arm stretch out over his chest. Not too much longer and her energy would more than likely be back up. . .

She closed her eyes and Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her. "How long until your parents get back?"

"Not until midnight, remember?" She glanced at the clock and smiled at how much time they still had. On top of that, her energy was already coming back, and rapidly. "Inuyasha?"


"I love you."

She felt Inuyasha gasp, as though he really wasn't expecting that but, after another moment, his arms tightened around her. "I was beginning to wonder when you'd say that," he admitted. "And I love you, Kagome."

"Perfect," she sighed back, and moved her hand to rub against his manhood.

Inuyasha stiffened and she heard him bite back a groan. "You can't tell me you're already. . . ready. . . for more?"

"Yep," she said, using her newly reapplied energy to sit on his stomach. She ran her nail across the palm of her hand and showed it to Inuyasha. "Want some?" she asked.

Inuyasha's eyes narrowed and a wicked grin took the place of the surprised expression he just had. "How much are you willing to share?" he challenged. Kagome smiled to mimic his, and let her hand drop to his mouth. Apparently her blood in his system was drained during their "first act," so to speak. The show must go on!

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