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"Want some?" she asked.

Inuyasha's eyes narrowed and a wicked grin took the place of the surprised expression he just had. "How much are you willing to share?" he challenged. Kagome smiled to mimic his, and let her hand drop to his mouth.

Apparently her blood in his system was drained during their "first act," so to speak. The show must go on!

Yum. I love that ending. Hell, I love that entire chapter!!! *Sigh* I never thought I could do so well in a lemon. Who knows; maybe I could make the next one better! Anyway - on with the thirty-first chapter!

Twenty Nine

Okay, so they were a little wrong. Ray, Rare and Grandpa didn't get back until two, but that shouldn't bother the kids, should it? Ray laughed as she entered the kitchen, only to gasp and stop and clutch the doorway.

"What is it?" Rare asked, coming up behind her. His eyes widened as well.

The place was a mess! Ramen and water was everywhere, and the burner was on - with ramen boiling over the pot! What was going on? Did Kagome and Inuyasha leave? How could they have forgotten something like this?! The kitchen door was wide open and cold air was blowing in, and the table was knocked over!

"What happened?!" Ray gasped out.

Judging by the smell that hit his nose, Rare had just one guess. "They probably got into another fight. Nothing to worry about."

"Where are they?!" Ray ground out, glancing up the stairs and out doorways and such.

"Asleep, pet," Rare said, using his new nickname for her in hopes she'd calm down. This was, after all, no time to storm into Kagome's room and start yelling. "Let's let them sleep, and yell at them in the morning." He slipped his arm around her waist, tugging lightly and smiling the smile that always made her mood lighten. "Hmm?"

It took a while, but Ray smiled back at him, giving in. "Okay. It's too late right now so. . . The burner!" she gasped, just remembering she didn't do anything to fix anything just yet. She ran over to the stove, almost slipping, and turned it off. She lifted the lid to the pan and boiling slowed downed and stopped flowing over, and then grabbed a mop. Kagome must have started to clean up, or told Inuyasha to, she gathered.

"After this, let's go to bed," Rare whispered into her ear, making her shiver. Grandpa walked by, muttering something about adults acting like teenagers, and went to his room.

"Okay," Ray said back, trying to focus on cleaning. This wasn't going to be so easy for her. . .

~*~ Next morning ~*~

Kagome's eyes opened very slowly, wishing the morning wouldn't come. Her mind was muddled and she was having a hard time remembering what had taken place last night, but bits and pieces came together quickly when she felt a heavy weight on her back. She blinked and moved her arms, surprised to find hands at her wrists, and another set of arms on top of hers. Breath brushed against her left shoulder, giving her Goosebumps, and she moved slightly to further figure things out.

The first thing she noticed was a slight pain in her stomach. Then she felt something nuzzle against the back of her neck, and moving on top of her told her that not something, but someone was lying on her back, their body aligned with hers. A small twitch of her hips told her where her tail was - off the edge of the bed. What was going on?

And then it hit her. Her eyes widened as she remembered the partakings that had occurred here, on her bed, just last night. All of them. Her face flushed, turning a color that could have beaten Inuyasha's haori, even though he himself was dead asleep. She thought of getting up and leaving, but not only did her body protest to that idea, so did Inuyasha.

The moment she moved, trying to slip out of the bed without him knowing, he groaned and muttered something in his sleep. And then his arms moved, pulling hers with, down to their sides. His fingers twitched a few times, and then moved to get under hers, holding onto hers to further insure himself that she wasn't going anywhere. She whimpered without meaning to. Just how was she going to get out of this one?

~*~ Ray and Rare - same time ~*~

Rare smiled, watching his woman get dressed. After all the quiet "fun" they had last night, he was surprised that she could still move freely. She really was an amazing woman, he gathered. So quiet in bed - which was perfect for the times when one needed it most. But then, at least once, he wanted her to scream her pleasure to the world, as he would have had Kagome, Souta and Grandpa been here. Inuyasha, he thought, wouldn't have woken up or even twitched in his sleep if he heard such a thing. After all the screams he knew Kagome had given, Inuyasha was probably deaf to anything else. The thought of Kagome, at just sixteen, having a mate so famous as Inuyasha wasn't a very nice thought, and brought up fatherly protection, but then, he always knew Kagome would take Inuyasha as her mate. It was obvious since the first time Inuyasha had come from the well to get her.

He hadn't come to take her away with him to gather the shards, or help him do so. He came because - even though he wouldn't admit it then or now - he wanted her there, and she belonged there. Her had wanted Kagome for a mate the moment he laid eyes on her, regardless of whether or not he knew it at the time. Rare could tell by the way he saw Inuyasha look at her while he was pinned to the tree. Inuyasha knew then that she was something special, being able to wake him from a supposedly eternal sleep after just fifty years, and then breaking the arrow.

It had surprised Rare, seeing her shout about choosing to live and then the arrow exploded, and he had gotten worried when Inuyasha began talking about sharpening his claws on his pup. But then, Kagome wouldn't be defeated like that. As his pup, she had powers she didn't even know about, powers that showed themselves whenever she needed it. But as a human, she had miko powers none other could match, untapped and undeveloped, but they were there.

He'd watched her for a full year, seeing her make friends, one after another. She defeated enemies and gathered shards as well, one after another. And she and Inuyasha grew closer day by day, minute by minute, and though they couldn't see it, he could. He saw them, most especially during winter, during one especially cold night while their friends were separated. . .

~*~ Flashback, just because I like them ~*~

Kagome and Inuyasha, side by side, walked against the howling wind. It wasn't snowing anymore, thank the gods, but the wind hadn't let up at all. Kagome was freezing, and as much as Rare wished he could go to her and warm her, he couldn't. This was the perfect way for them to grow together.

Kagoem collapsed on the ground, her arms holding herself, still very cold even though she had two pairs of jeans, a sweater, a shirt and a jacket wrapped around her. Naturally, living in Japan, she was used to it being cold, but this was too much. . .

"Inuyasha!" she called out, even as the hanyou turned to see why he was walking alone now. She narrowed her chocolate eyes against the wind and held out her hand, a plea for him to help.

When Inuyasha first looked at her, he thought she was going to start crying, but now she was wordlessly begging him for his help. After all, he was a hanyou, and the cold didn't affect him nearly as badly as her. He knelt down in front of her and used his body as a shield against the wind.

"Kagome?" he said, loudly to get over the wind. She looked like she was going to cry now, her eyes wet and face flushed. Her lips were somewhat blue and her hair looked almost frozen.

Kagome couldn't talk anymore. She leaned forward, into Inuyasha's arms, and found she couldn't move anymore. She was shivering, badly, and needed to get warm fast. Inuyasha was both shocked that she leaned into him and flattered, his pride swelling at the thought that Kagome trusted him to save her life against the cold, unmerciful winds of winter. He took off his haori and put it around her, shifting her around until it was on correctly. Then he picked her up in his arms, holding her close to his own warm chest, and set out to find some sort of cabin or hut to rest in, and perhaps build a fire.

Kagome's body moved without her mind, getting closer to Inuyasha for warmth. She didn't bother to waste the blood to blush, but that didn't keep her from feeling embarrassed. She was now wearing Inuyasha's haori, cuddled close to his chest, and unable to walk any further. On top of that, Inuyasha had practically stuck out his chest with his own pride.

Rare knew that Inuyasha had always thought of himself as unworthy of Kagome, which - along with Kikyo - had kept him from getting too close to her, and the fact that Kagome didn't even notice that would obviously give him a large amount of joy. Hell, as it was, Inuyasha looked like he might start dancing and then run to find someone to tell. "She thinks I'm worthy of her!" or something to that effect. It made Rare smile as he kept a large distance between them, downwind of Inuyasha so he wouldn't be able to smell another youkai near.

Inuyasha did eventually find an abandoned hut, probably smelling the wood since there was none around where they were, and had spent several days there. No yelling was heard in that time, nor any kind of thumping like a fight or. . . other things. Every day Inuyasha would leave and come back with something he killed for food, and there was always a light flickering inside the larger-than-usual hut - proof of a fire. Once Rare peeked in through a window, just a day before they finally left, to see Kagome and Inuyasha cuddled together, keeping warm that way. [DL: Pick whichever cuddle you like best. It's your choice this time! =^__^=]

~*~ End ~*~

Rare got up just now, finished with thinking about his pup and her mate, and went to be with his own mate. Ray was brushing her hair into its usual state, and Rare stopped her hands for a moment.

"I like your hair better when it's a mess," he mused.

"What?" Ray half-laughed. "Why?"

Smiling softly, Rare dropped his head to her shoulder and nipped her neck. "Because it always looks like that after we mate," he said, simply.

Ray blushed and looked at the brush, apparently trying to decide whether or not to finish brushing her hair straight. She narrowed her eyes slightly. "Speaking of, do you think Kagome is awake yet?"

Rare's eyes shut and he sighed. Well, at least he bought them some sleeping time, but he had said they'd lecture the two this morning. And guessing from some hidden meaning behind her words, she knew what they had done as well. He put on a nice smile, wondering in which position the two would be in when they entered the room, and followed Ray as she led them to that specific room.

As soon as Ray opened the door she was ready to yell them awake, but what she saw caused her to stop dead. She's never heard of, let alone seen, anyone sleep like that before. On top of that, Ray's eyes met those of her daughter, which showed Kagome was awake, but not Inuyasha. Narrowing her eyes in disapproval, Ray went right over to the bed and placed her hands on her hips.

"And what is this?" Ray asked. Kagome didn't answer, so she went on. "Haven't you heard a word of everything I taught you? You do not - and I mean do not - go around sleeping with men before you're married!"

Kagome narrowed her eyes at her mother, offended that she would speak of her and Inuyasha's relationship like that. "You're one to talk," she said back, wondering why in hell she was talking back in the first place. "Miss I-Commited-Adultery."

Ray gasped, her mouth falling open in shock and her eyes widening. "I did that so I could conceive you and Souta, young lady!" she snapped back. "And it's not like it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, either," she added, waving an arm at Rare.

"Well, mom, I can assure you Inuyasha and I are going to be doing this a lot more before we die," Kagome said back, smoothly.

Ray gasped again, looking even more shocked than before, but mostly at her daughter's tone. Almost like. . . Like Kagome didn't care, either way, what her mother thought! Her own mother! Just as Ray was fumbling over her words to think of something else to say, Rare interrupted.

He saw the look in his pup's eyes, like she desperately wanted her mother to leave before Inuyasha woke up. He nodded once to her, completely on her side, and wrapped an arm around Ray's waist. "How about we wait until they're both awake to do this lecture?" he offered.

Ray stopped mouthing things and turned to him, and then nodded.

"Go on," he urged, gently pushing Ray towards the door. "I have a few things to speak to Kagome about. Demon stuff," he added, when Ray looked like she was going to protest. But that got her. She wanted nothing, but nothing to do with demon talks, so she left rather quickly.

Rare smiled as the door shut and turned to his pup, who blushed and tried to shrink beneath Inuyasha. She didn't want to talk about anything right now, but Rare wasn't going to give up. He walked over to her, his tail dragging on the ground, and absently lifted it to shake off the dust it had gathered. He sat down before her bed and folded his forearms on the edge of the bed, resting his chin on them. He tilted his head before beginning. "I know you have questions," he said. "That's why I'm here, right?"

Kagome blinked, not quite expecting this, and then began to think. She had at least a dozen in her mind as it was, so she began at the beginning. "Why didn't it. . . um. . . hurt?" she asked, hoping he'd get it.

"Because you're a demon as well as a human," he replied, knowing exactly what she meant. "On top of that, you're a wolf demon. Animals - as far as I know - don't have 'virginity' as humans do. You must have really let your demon side take control last night," he added with a smirk.

Kagome blushed as her eyes widened and shifted slightly. Rare reached forward to brush a portion of her hair out of the way, so he could see her mark, identical to his on her forehead. And then Inuyasha did something.

He growled. Kagome stiffened, thinking he had finally woken up, and wanted more - even after last night. But Rare smiled at her and drew back his hand, and Inuyasha went perfectly quiet again.

"What was that about?" Kagome asked, confused on this point.

"He's just being possessive," Rare said back, gently. "Watch." He reached his hand over to her again, but stopped when Inuyasha growled again. He didn't draw back his hand, and Inuyasha didn't stop growling. He drew back his hand, and then waved it in front of Inuyasha's nose, and Inuyasha stopped growling and then doubled in volume.

"Doesn't he. . . know it's you?" Kagome asked, hoping she worded it right.

"Of course he does," Rare said back, drawing back his hand again so the male hanyou would be quiet. "He knows me, and knows I'm near you. He doesn't care if I'm your father or not - he's just being possessive."

"Great," Kagome said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "I just had to choose a guy who's possessive."

"All demons are," Rare corrected. "Even me. I couldn't stop glaring at any man who touched or even looked at your mother when we were gone." He smirked at the memory. Deciding on changing the subject, he pointed out her star. "I see you were finally recognized," he observed.

"Oh, yeah," she said, as if it was no big deal.

Rare smiled. "I believe your mate is waking up," he said, as Inuyasha started shifting. "Before you leave, come see me. I have a gift for you." With that said, he got up and left, leaving Kagome alone with. . . Inuyasha.

First thing he did was nuzzle the back of her neck. Then his arms drew towards his body, like he was trying to hug her. Then he sighed and stretched against her, and Kagome's blush that hadn't really left came back with a vengeance.

Inuyasha mumbled something into her hair and rolled over, only taking her with him. Without realizing it, Kagome had grabbed the sheets, and was holding them to her chest. He took a deep breath and his arms tightened around her, and then his eyes finally opened.

"Kagome?" he asked, even though she was more or less trapped in his arms.

"Yeah?" she said back, glad that he couldn't see her blush. Why in the world was she blushing after last night? Shouldn't she have been cured of all nervousness around Inuyasha after all the time they spent together last night?

"Do we really have to get up?" Inuyasha half-whined.

Kagome couldn't help her laugh. "Yes, Inuyasha, we do. I don't know how long we slept, but it's time to get up anyway."

Inuyasha groaned and reluctantly let her get up. She sat up and stretched her arms above her head, her tail swishing from her left side to right as she did so. Next thing she knew there were hands on her hips and a mouth moving all over her back.

"Inuyasha!" she gasped. "Don't start this again! We have to go back!"

"Can't we just. . . stay here another week?"

Kagome almost fell over. "A week?!" she snapped and turned to look at him. "What in the world are you planning on doing for a week?!"

Inuyasha had been faking an innocent look until she finished speaking. Then he just smirked at her, which gave her the answer.

Kagome blushed and looked down, her eyes landing on her thigh. Inuyasha moved to sit next to her and tilted her head up. He gave her no time to react and kissed her full on. A second later he bit her lip, and Kagome's gasp completely opened to her mouth to him. He wasted no time in delving his tongue into her mouth and tasting every millimeter of her tongue, teeth and entire mouth.

His arms went around her tightly and held her against him, breaking the contact of their lips to kiss along her neck.

Kagome's hands gripped his shoulders and squeezed. "Oh, Inuyasha," she breathed. Inuyasha shivered as his name passed through her lips and tilted his head the other way, kissing the other side of her neck. "Let's not. . . Let's not do this now. Someone could. . . just walk in." It was a weak plea, and not a very strong reason, but it seemed to work. He let go off her with a growl and picked their clothes off the floor. What's with him? A second ago he wouldn't let me go, and now he's all for getting dressed? Kagome thought. This doesn't make any sense. "He's just being possessive," her father's voice added in her mind. Well, she mentally laughed, now it at least makes sense.

~*~ Later - lunch time ~*~

"Inuyasha!" Kagome snapped. "Stop stealing my food!" They were downstairs, eating, and Ray, Rare, Souta and Grandpa had already finished. Souta was the only one that stuck around.

Inuyasha smiled and grabbed another piece of her food and popped it into his mouth. This was becoming a new game for him, stealing Kagome's food. She always looked so. . . gorgeous when her face was flushed with anger. He was sitting right next to her, and refused to move all through lunch. Even though he had a plate of food for himself, he wouldn't leave her or her food alone.

The two had already been pretty badly yelled at for their "irresponsible behavior", and through the whole thing, Kagome's mind kept snapping things back that she wouldn't allow herself to say. Inuyasha, on the other hand, just waited calmly for Ray to finish so he could have his say. After all, as far as he was concerned, he and Kagome wouldn't leave each other, even though they hadn't technically mated yet. He was saving that for the right time.

Nothing Ray said even fazed Inuyasha, not even when she forbade having the two of them alone in a room until they were properly married and so on. Rare, the entire time, was holding his tongue like Kagome, and giving them sympathetic eyes. After Ray left to make lunch he underlined everything Ray had said and given Kagome her present, which happened to be one of his fangs. He tied it to a hair from his demon form's tail, and then around her neck. The fang was about the size of Kagome's palm, including her pinky finger. The hair itself refused to break. Apparently that was another trait of the Blue Wolves: their tail fur was very hard to snap, even a strand.

He explained about him taking it out and hiding it when he found out Ray was pregnant with her, and going off to get it just a few months ago - which is when his body completely reformed. For about a century before that he had all but two hands, two feet and half of his tail. That, and he had no nose. That was something to see.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome snapped again. She slapped his hand when it went back for another of her chips, and then again when he went back for it. "Stop that!"

"Nope!" Inuyasha smiled, and managed to grab it.

Kagome narrowed her eyes at him and threatened him with one of her claws at his nose. "Are you going to stop now?" she hissed.

Inuyasha blinked. "Nope!" he said and slapped her hand away to grab another chip.

Souta started laughing and leaned back in his chair. "You two are hilarious!" he said.

Kagome growled and pushed Inuyasha back, right out of his chair. He cried a "Hey!" as he fell and stood up rubbing his head. Kagome joined in with Souta, laughing. That didn't make Inuyasha too happy.

"Aren't we leaving yet?" he snapped at the laughing Kagome.

"What's this, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked sweetly, standing up. "All of a sudden I can't have fun like you can?"

Uh-oh. Inuyasha suddenly found himself cornered with a not-so-happy mate about to explode at any minute. "It's not that, I just don't like being shoved around."

"Oh really?" she went on, just as sweetly as before. "Is that it?"

Inuyasha gulped, now getting really, really scared. Kagome had never been something to mess with before, and he knew this tone of hers. Something bad was going to happen - and to him. "Y-yes?"

"Oh, I see," Kagome nodded. "Okay." She turned around and sat back down, finishing her lunch.

This can't be good, Inuyasha thought. Something's not right here. She's way too calm. What is she planning? This would have been a really good time to read minds. Only, he was a little scared of what he might find her thinking. Something murderous towards him, maybe. But after the night before. . . What could she really be thinking about doing to him?

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