InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Transformations ❯ Fight ( Chapter 30 )

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This can't be good, Inuyasha thought. Something's not right here. She's way too calm. What is she planning? This would have been a really good time to read minds. Only, he was a little scared of what he might find her thinking. Something murderous towards him, maybe. But after the night before. . . What could she really be thinking about doing to him?

So, what do you guys think Kagome is thinking? Has she just really forgiven him, that fast?

And to answer question: There is nothing wolf-like about the way Inuyasha was stealing Kagome's food. I added that to show he was completely comfortable around her and - at the time - playful. See? My brother and I steal food from one another a lot. It's like a game. Get it?



Rare saw Kagome's emotions change on a dime, and the way Inuyasha's changed, too, in response. Inuyasha mainly looked like he knew Kagome was planning something, and knew it wouldn't be good. Kagome, though, looked just like she was calm, relaxed and thinking things through. It must be his side in her. Never before has he ever seen Kagome with that calm look on her face. She seemed to not even realize she could do that before he released her powers with his bite.

And, now that he thought about it, it wasn't really too long ago for her. A few weeks. She'd been a hanyou for around two weeks, and yet she already had a pup, mate and she was the head of an entire pack. Last time he counted, there were just over fifty in the pack.

"Hey, you," Ray said, catching his attention.

"Yes?" he responded, turning to face her.

"Did you go and completely underline everything I said to those two?"

Rare smiled at her. "Yes, I did."

Ray sighed, dropping her head. "Good thing, too."

Rare did a double take at that. He was expecting her to yell and scream at him to not do that, but instead she sounded like she was regretting lecturing the two hanyous. "I'm sorry?"

"I went off a bit too much," Ray explained.

"A bit?" Rare repeated.

Ray laughed. "Okay, I overreacted. But Kagome is my only girl. . . I didn't want her life to be ruined because she got a. . .um. . .mate before she became an adult. What would happen if she got pregnant?"

"I believe she and Inuyasha are going to stay in the Feudal times more than here, my dear. No matter what."

"Oh. Well, I suppose that's good. . .She's got the jewel and her friends there. . ." Even as Ray tried to make herself believe this, she got more and more saddened. She dropped her head and tried to force back tears.

"Ray, my love," Rare said gently. He wrapped his arms around her. "Do you honestly believe that she will not return?"

"I fear it every time she goes down there. . . That the well will seal before she could get back. . ."

"It will never seal her in either of the two times, my love." He kissed her head. "I promise you that."

"But it sealed you out, didn't it?"

"I'm dead there, mate," he said. "I am not allowed to go back."

"So what happens if she. . . I-if she . . ."

Rare nodded and lifted Ray's chin so he could look into her eyes. "You mean, what would happen if she died there?"


"Then, for one, Inuyasha would have come and told us. Two, it can't happen anyway so don't worry, love."

"I don't understand. How can she not die?"

Rare smiled. "I'm afraid another thing I'm not allowed is to tell. I've been watching her, Ray. You think I would let her die? I was there for five hundred years."

"What about. . ."

Rare raised his eyebrows in question. "Yes?"

"What would happen if. . .I mean. .. Aren't I going to die before you?" she blurted out.

Rare was shocked my her question. "No, of course not, love," he said, pulling her into a tight hug. "I haven't told you yet, have I?"

"What? Told me what?"

"I did something special with you. Remember all those instructions I gave you?"

Ray blushed but nodded.

"That was to make you live as long as I, give or take a few years on either side."

"But you told me that it. . ."

"It made you mine. That's all part of it."

" 'Part'?" Ray repeated. "Just what is it you did to me?"

Rare smiled and bent his head down to lick the bite mark on her neck. "I did exactly what any other demon would have done."

Ray shivered and backed up. "I don't think it would be a good idea for us to get. . .involved again. I've got to clean up and then - "

"Ray," Rare interrupted. He took her hand in his. "I'm not going to start now. I know you've got things to do. I'll just sit back and watch you do them."

"Or help," Ray shot back. She gripped his hand as he put on a pain struck face and dragged him into the kitchen with her. Looks as though Kagome had left and the two boys had followed her. "Great," she said, letting go of Rare after pulling him up beside her in front of the sink. "We can work without worrying about yelling at the children." She was now officially in "Mom" mode.

"Why do I feel like I'm being punished?" Rare sighed.

"I take it you've never had to work for anything before."

"Not true!" Rare snapped, slightly offended. "I had to protect my entire pack, and lead them. At times I had to organize wars!"

Ray glanced at him from the corner of her eye before filling the sink with water. "That's not what I meant, and you know it. I meant cooking, cleaning, and dressing yourself."

"Low blow," Rare pointed out. "I was never taught how to do any of those things. Well, other than dressing myself. Why did you bring that up?"

"I figured that, as a king, you wouldn't have had to."

"I wasn't a king. I had servants, followers, and hut all to myself, but no crown or anything like that."

"Then what do you call this?" Ray asked, reaching up to poke his star.

"That's the mark of my bloodline. It has nothing to do with being a Master."

"So that's what you call it."

"Yes," Rare nodded. "And Kagome is a Mistress."

"Whatever you say, dear," Ray said, mainly in a mocking tone.

Rare sighed. "So what am I doing?"

Ray smiled, knowing she just won. She put his hands in the hot water and explained his job.

~*~ Upstairs ~*~

"Hey Kagome?" Souta asked, sitting on her bed and swinging his legs.

"Yes, Souta?" Kagome said from her desk, where she was finally starting to get math - even though now it was a little too late. Must be my demon side, she thought.

"How come you're not talking to Inuyasha?" He gestured at the hanyou, who was sitting on Kagome's bed as well, but with arms and legs crossed and looking very displeased.

"Because he made me mad."

"How'd he do that?"

"He said the wrong thing, Souta," Kagome said with a laugh and turned to look at her brother. "You've got to be careful so you don't make the same mistakes, Souta. You could learn a lot about what not to do and say from watching him."

Inuyasha scowled at Kagome, thoroughly annoyed with the way she only spoke about him, and in insulting ways.

Souta looked at Inuyasha, wondering how - and if - he could help save Inuyasha from Kagome. "Well, how can I watch him if you won't let him do anything?" he asked, hoping that he thought up a trick question.

"Simple. Listen to him grumble. Everything he says is wrong." Kagome got up then, going downstairs to talk to her father.

Inuyasha growled at the boy, now that they were alone, sending the message to Souta that he didn't want to be stared at. Souta got the message and left, following his big sister.

Kagome smiled at the sight she came down to. It looked as though her parents had quite a battle.

Suds were everywhere, and water. It looked like a spider couldn't stand on the floor at the moment. But the thing was, she could hear her mother half yelling, half screaming with delight in the living room, and her father's answering laughter. She smirked and walked easily across the wet floor, glad that being half demon upped her balance so much. She saw her mother running around the couch, with her father chasing her.

Each of them held squirt guns.

Kagome started laughing instantly, not even trying to resist. A second later she heard a yelp and a crash behind her, and saw that Souta slipped on the floor and was now upside-down against a table leg, with a chair flipped over next to him.

"Souta," she laughed out, but went over to him and picked him up.

Souta was going to yell at Kagome to be careful, that the floor was really slippery, but she wasn't having a problem at all. In fact, she crouched down in front of him and picked him up, and then walked into the living room.

And got ambushed.

Ray and Rare leapt out from behind the walls and started squirting - or rather, shooting - and Kagome shrieked and dove behind the couch, landing safely on her back with Souta. "Stay behind me," she whispered, as though they were in the middle of a war. She made a gun with her hand and stood up, then started saying "bang, bang!" towards her parents.

Ray died overdramatically, clutching her chest and making gagging noises. Souta giggled madly and peeked around the corner - and was met face-on by Rare, who lifted a finger to his lips and winked.

Kagome crawled on hands and knees around the couch, and then - not seeing Rare anywhere - leapt behind the overturned table. She cocked her index finger, making the sound, and popped out again, taking aim for Rare.

Who wasn't anywhere to be seen. Kagome relaxed slightly, wondering where he went, and then smirked. She spun around and aimed her hands at Rare, not knowing if she felt or heard him there, and not caring.

But Rare already had his gun at ready. He squeezed the trigger and Kagome's chest was splashed with water. She gasped and flung herself back - and rather painfully flipped over the table, taking it down with her so now its legs were up right. She gagged a couple times and reached up, dieing dramatically like her mother.

Rare cocked the Squirt gun and walked closer to Kagome, poking her with the "gun." He sighed. "One loss," he said, in a deep voice while looking at Ray. "But we've got a prisoner," he went on, smirking at Souta, who flipped out and ran right back into the kitchen.

And into Inuyasha. Both of them went down and slid across the floor, knocking over a bunch of other stuff.

Kagome and Ray got up at that, and all three ran to the kitchen to see the damage. Inuyasha was slightly curled on the floor, holding onto Souta, and several things that were on the refrigerator and on the counter were now on the floor.

Inuyasha blinked and let go of Souta. "Why is the floor wet?" he half whined.

"We got into a little battle," Ray giggled. She gestured at Rare when Inuyasha looked at her, having to tilt his head back to see them upside-down.

"Oh yes, Mother," Kagome said, rolling her eyes. "It began within the kitchen, but then moved into the living room with squirt guns and upended furniture."

"My, Kagome," Ray said, surprised but pleased with her daughter. "I had no idea you could talk above your grade."

"It's part of her demon side," Rare said, yet again taking all the credit to him. "She has to be able to speak like that, otherwise she wouldn't be a fit leader of a pack so large as our own."

Kagome raised a brow at him. Now that she thought about it, Rare did always talk like he went to college and beyond, and since she became a half demon, she was leaning more and more towards speaking just the same as he. Hell, she couldn't even think without adding in better vocabulary than she knew she had acquired. She mentally shook her head. Stop doing that! she snapped at herself.

Inuyasha got up then, muttering something obscene before walking out the door, taking off his haori at the same time.

"What was that about?" Souta asked, but received no answer.

"I'll go," Ray volunteered. She walked out the door before anyone could protest, hoping for a moment to speak to her new son-in-law alone.

"Souta," Rare said, getting his step-son's attention. "Go upstairs for a while. I must speak with my daughter."

Souta nodded and went upstairs, deciding of playing some video game in the meantime.

Kagome froze for a second, hearing a tone in her father's voice that indirectly made her feel like she was about to be lectured. But she kept a calm outward appearance. She followed Rare as he went into the living room and waited silently and he went over to the couch.

"Whatever Inuyasha has done, forgive him," he said, pushing the couch back into its place.

"What?" Kagome asked, mid stride as she walked to the table.

"Forgive him," Rare repeated, going over to the table and flipping it back over. "No relationship can be sustained with rage."

"Oh, and you're such a big expert, I'm sure," Kagome snapped at him. She had no idea why she was so on edge suddenly, but that didn't matter. "It's not like you were ever there for me or Mom!"

Rare did a double take at his daughter. She had a very good point. He sighed. "I know that, Kagome. But I didn't ever forget about you, either."

"Oh, I'm sure," Kagome said, rolling her eyes. "For sixteen years of my life, you weren't there. And now you've waltzed back in like you hadn't been and start ordering me around!"

"Kagome," Rare said, getting a little annoyed at her tone. "I'm not trying to order you around."

"You sure act like it!" Kagome snapped at him. She felt her eyes prickle with tears, not understanding why she would be so sensitive on this subject, but refused to let any fall. "I never even knew who my real father was, my entire life! I thought it was Souta's Dad! You could have at least came by now and then, to see us!"

Rare narrowed his eyes slightly and nudged the table back into its original place. He looked up at his daughter, intent on talking back at his child the way she was speaking to him. But he stopped before he even opened his mouth, seeing her. She looked almost pain stricken. Her eyes had teared up, but she was obstinate on letting them fall. She was shaking with her anger ever so slightly. "Kagome," he said, softly, and walked over to her. He wrapped his arms around her.

"I know," he went on, speaking quietly, "that I haven't been here, and have no rights as a father. Or a 'husband'," he added, a bit of question in the word, "but that doesn't mean that I haven't been watching you."

"You. . .what?" Kagome asked from somewhere in his jacket.

"After I left, I spent most of my time watching over you and your mother, making sure nothing happened to you. Either of you. Even when you couldn't see me, I was there, Kagome. It is the reason why the Brown Pack and ours have fallen apart," he tried, hoping to deter the subject enough to shift her focus.

"The brown . .you mean Kouga's pack?" It worked. Kagome sniffed once and drew back a little, looking up at her father. He was about a foot taller than her, so it wasn't too easy.

"Yes. Over time our pact lessened and finally fell to pieces."

"Oh. That explains a lot." Kagome dropped her head again, staring at the zipper of Rare's jacket. "So what happened?"

Rare just shook his head. "I'm not alive anymore, remember? You'll have to ask somebody from one of the packs."

"Okay," Kagome said, and leaned into her father again. This felt so good on so many levels, being held by her father. Not only that, but she felt a safeness and peacefulness that she never felt with Souta's father. Occasionally she felt it with Inuyasha, but never this strongly.

Rare smiled and dropped his head to kiss Kagome's hair. Such adorable ears, he thought with a smirk. I'd have traded mine in for hers.

~*~ Outside during all this ~*~

Ray followed Inuyasha as he walked, holding out his haori to let it dry. "I could put that in the dryer for you," she offered, hoping to make some sort of conversation.

"Feh," Inuyasha said back, going over to the tree to sit. He laid his shirt out on his lap and leaned back, crossing his arms.

Ray stood beside him for a minute, twiddling her thumbs as she thought. "Don't you know what a dryer is?"

"Nobody mentioned it," Inuyasha said doggedly back.

Ray thought for another moment before sitting down, deciding on getting directly to the point. "Inuyasha, you should apologize to Kagome."

"What?!" he snapped back. "I didn't do anything!"

"That's not the point," Ray said, just as calmly as before. A confused look took over Inuyasha's features, asking silently that she explained this to him. "Over time, Inuyasha, you will be asked questions that have no right answer, and saying nothing at all is even worse. I assume this is what happened between the two of you."

"Then what do I say? Or do, for that matter?"

"You give her both answers," Ray said, and encountered another confused gaze. She sighed. "Like this."

She lifted both her hands like puppets. "Inuyasha," her left hand said. "Yes?" he right said, in a deeper voice. "Am I wearing too much make up?"

"Yes," Inuyasha said.



"Watch." Ray cleared her throat. "Yes," she had her right hand say. "How would you know, anyway?" her left hand snapped. "You don't even know what make up is!" And then her left hand bounced away, like it was walking away.

"Then no," Inuyasha corrected himself.

"Okay." She lifted her hands again. "No," her right hand said. "Are you saying I'm not beautiful?!" her left hand shot back. "That's it, isn't it? How dare you!" And then, just to make it seem more realistic: "Sit!" Her right hand got pulled down while the left 'stomped' away.

"But if I say nothing, then that's worse right?"


"But how do I give her both answers?"

"Like this," Ray said, starting all over again. "Inuyasha, is this too much make up?" "No," her right hand said back, and then moved a little closer. "But you don't need it, anyway." 'Kagome' turned a little off to the side, like she was embarrassed. "Really? Oh thank you, Inuyasha! I'll go wash it off right now!" And then her left hand left. Ray dropped her hands. "See?"

"Can that work in any situation?"

"Not always. It depends on the situation and the woman. Sometimes there's no right answer at all." She laughed a little. "Have you ever the saying, 'Two wrongs don't make a right,' Inuyasha?"


"Well, with the 'No right answer' scenarios, two wrongs do make a right. Think of it that way."

"I think I got it. Thank you, Ray."

Ray had already stood up, but she smiled down at Inuyasha when he used her name. "I'm sorry. Who am I?" she asked, her tone slightly playful.

Inuyasha smiled up at her. "Mom," he said, knowing that it would take a while for him to get used to the word again. It didn't surprise him in the least that she wanted him to call her that. She was just that type of a woman.

"Right answer," Ray said with a wink. She left then, going back inside. Rare was waiting for her.

"How did yours go?" he asked.

"Great. And you?" and she replied.

"Wonderful," he said while holding out his arms. Ray walked right into them and hugged him.

"Where is Kagome?"

"Upstairs. She said something about wanting to look good for Inuyasha when she apologized to him."

"Funny," Ray said with a laugh, "considering that Inuyasha is out there doing probably the same thing."

"Mm," Rare got out, dropping his head to rest his cheek on Ray's head.

"You know, either we've got a couple of great kids, or we're getting better at this parenting stuff," Ray observed.

"It can't be the kids," Rare replied with a laugh.

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