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"You know, either we've got a couple of great kids, or we're getting better at this parenting stuff," Ray observed.

"It can't be the kids," Rare replied with a laugh.

Thirty One

While the "kids" got ready, Ray decided upon teaching Rare how to cook a little. So far he knew how to stir, and. . .okay, so that's it. He can stir. He hasn't gotten one other thing down. But then, Ray had her suspicions that he was faking not getting it all to keep from doing any real cooking in the future. However, now was not the time to ask. For now, she'd be patient, think about Kagome and Inuyasha, and hold off the part of her mind that wanted to slaughter Rare.

~*~ Kagome ~*~

Hissing curses, Kagome rummaged through her closet, looking for something that would be perfect for tonight. Something that was really nice, and fashionable. But she couldn't have something that was slutty, and she didn't even own a dress like that, so why was she even thinking about it?

Because, part of her mind bit at her. You're taller now than before. Some of your "plain" dresses might be slutty now. Better watch out.

Shaking her head, she tried to concentrate of finding the right thing, not pointing out just how different she was from before. She had to be perfect. . .she just had to be. . .

~*~ Inuyasha ~*~

Muttering curses, he hung up his haori on the tree, hoping it would dry faster now. But he didn't have anything other than this - and he wanted to look better for Kagome. His red outfit would just be common to her. So that meant he had to find something new, something new that wasn't overly so. He couldn't very well show up trussed up like he'd just been sworn in as a Lord.

Not that it would have mattered anyway - Kagome was a Mistress. She just wasn't used to it yet.

Sitting down in hopes of getting better thoughts, more focused, he tried to imagine how Kagome would react. There was three reactions, he now knew. Two were against him, and the third was in his favor. He hoped it would be the third. After all, he wasn't a beggar, so if Kagome answered one of the first two, he just might snap right back at her. More friction with her was the last thing he needed.

He got up, lightly scratching his arm nervously, and decided to look for some help. He just hoped Ray didn't make too big a deal out of it. That woman was overly hyper sometimes - or seemed that way.

And forgetful, he knew, since she seemed to have already forgotten about her little rant at him and his mate.

Mate, his mind repeated. Not yet. You haven't bitten her yet, fool. You have no right to call her that.

Shut up, he hissed right back. You're complicating things.

No, I'm not. I'm giving you the simplest solutions.

Shut up!! he mentally snapped at the voice. He was tired of hearing it already.

With a few more choice curses, he went inside the house, eyes searching for and instantly finding the pair he was looking for.

"I need your help," he said, for once without embarrassment in his voice.

Ray and Rare turned slightly to see him, and Ray gave him a smile. "With what, dear?" she asked.

"This is all I have," he said, gesturing down at himself. "I want to look. . .special for Kagome."

"Rare, dear," Ray said, getting his attention. "I'll finish the dinner, and you help Inuyasha." She didn't have to say anymore. Rare knew exactly how these times worked. Money, stores, even cars. He knew them all like any modern person.

"Sure," he said, although his voice betrayed the joy he felt for not having to cook anymore. He turned to Inuyasha and gestured that they go upstairs. "First thing's first," he said.

Inuyasha followed his lead up the stairs and into his room, hearing Kagome drop something heavy and swear along the way. A small smile touched his lips, thinking that she was doing the same thing as him - trying to find a way to look presentable.

Rare shut the door when they got into the room and started digging through his clothing. Several things got tossed onto the bed, from the closet, dresser and a basket. He started picking through things that might fit Inuyasha, considering he was about half a foot taller than the younger hanyou. He found some nice pants, black, that were somewhat formal yet casual. Much like slacks. He tossed them at the hanyou and pointed to a door.

"Try them on," he said, before going back to digging through possibly shirts and a few pairs of backup pants. He also had to find some sort of shoes and maybe even -

His thoughts got cut off by a yelp from the bathroom, followed by a thud and cursing. Choking back laughter, Rare turned his attention to the door and dared to open it.

Somehow, Inuyasha had managed to get both legs into one pant leg, his haori gone somewhere, and was now lying on his back - sort of. Would you call is laying if your top half was inside the bathtub? He couldn't hold back any longer. Laughter tore from his throat as he doubled over, not even bothering to help up the hanyou.

Not only that, but another glance at the now struggling Inuyasha told him he didn't bother to shed his white layer of pants. That made it all the funnier, but this time Rare forced his laughter to remain in his throat - at least until he was out of the room. Coughing, he stood up, willing to help up Inuyasha.

He pulled Inuyasha out of the tub by his shoulders, and started tugging the pants off his legs a second later. Inuyasha was instantly holding his back, which would obviously be bruised badly soon, if not already.

~*~ Kagome ~*~

Carefully, she snuck out of her room, feeling her ears move around listening for any sound. She heard a scream and then a thump, and turned her entire body in that direction. She was facing her parent's bedroom. After another moment she heard a door creak open - must be the bathroom - and then insane laughter. She recognized the voice as her father's, so he must be laughing at Inuyasha for whatever reason. He'd never dare to laugh at Mom. And Souta she could still hear in his room, playing the Playstation.

She paused midstep, deciding on checking in on Souta before she went downstairs.

She opened his door after a brief knock, and heard him snap at her not to open the door. Curiosity bit at her, but she shut the door again, waiting outside for him to come out. He darted outside after a moment and looked straight up at her. "You can't tell anybody," he said, and she knew that whatever he was up wasn't a good thing.

"Tell anybody what? What are you hiding in there?"

"It's a. . .Well, I can't tell. But don't tell anybody, okay?" he rushed out.

Kagome raised a brow at him before nodding. She wouldn't tell anybody, but soon enough she'd get the answer of what was in there. "I won't tell anybody," she said, ruffling his hair.

He laughed for a second before shooing away her hand and darted back inside his room as quickly as he left. Kagome smiled a little and shook her head, going back on the way to the kitchen. She really needed her mother right about now.

Ray was humming softly as she cooked, smile ever in place. But the earlier lecture she gave both Kagome and Inuyasha still lingered in her head, and Kagome stepped forward slowly. "Mom?" she began, not quite sure how to approach the subject.

Ray smiled as she looked up - or, she smiled even more as she looked up. "Yes, Kagome dear?"

"Um. . .You know Inuyasha and I haven't been getting along since breakfast - um, lunch - "

"Oh, you want me to help you look good for him!" Ray said, stirring a little before wiped her hands on a towel. "What do you need, dear?" she asked.

Kagome blinked. How is it that she implied that so fast? What did she do that gave away her intention so fast? "Mom?" she asked, stepping closer. "How did you know what I wanted?"

"I'm your mother. I know everything," Ray replied lightly. "Now, what is it that you need?"

"I thought you knew everything?" Kagome laughed at her mother.

Ray laughed back, loving how easily she could laugh with her daughter so soon after she gave that reprimand to the kids. "Well, talk to me, dear," Ray said after they'd had a good laugh.

"I need a good dress," Kagome said, dropping her head slightly as she spoke. "It can't be slutty, but it has to be pretty and - "

"I understand," Ray interrupted. Lightly, she took her daughter's hand. "Get ready, Kagome. We're going shopping."

Kagome broke out a grin as bright as the sun and hugged her mother. "Thank you sooo much, Mom!" she said, and then let go to run upstairs and get on some clothes that hid her ears and tail. That tail of hers - though it had its advantages - seemed to be a bother most of the time. Briefly, she considered cutting it off and then leaving, but that wouldn't work. It'd just grow back anyway.

Maybe if I could control my regeneration, this wouldn't be such a problem, she thought, before rummaging through her clothes for the umpteenth time. Thought this time, she was looking for something to go out in that could hide her tail well. Forget about her ears. People would think they were fake anyway. Most of them wouldn't take a second look.

On another thought, she paused, and took out a headband. She could put it just behind her ears, making it look exactly like decorations, and keep people from asking about them and tugging at them. This day would end so perfectly. . .

~*~ A few hours later - Sunset~*~

Ray giggled slightly as she, Rare, Souta and Grandpa snuck out of the house, leaving it open for Kagome and Inuyasha to have some time alone. They all agreed that some time away with just them would be a good idea anyway, and next time the new moon popped up they'd all go - including Kagome and Inuyasha. It would be good to have a family day out, even if the "family" wasn't exactly puzzle-perfect.

"Shh," Rare hissed at her, reminding her mentally that demons had very sensitive hearing - especially dog and wolf demons. Someone might hear.

Ray nodded and then got into the car. She'd left the table set with warm food for the "kids", and hoped they understood that everyone left just for them. The meal was something of a token to say "I'm sorry" to them for her yelling at them so much that morning. Much as she regretted it, she was glad on a point that she'd gotten all that out. Now she didn't have to worry about snapping at them at some odd point in time.

Grandpa and Souta got in back, with Rare driving. As the car started, Rare gave it a glare, as though to say "Make any other loud noises and you're next to die". Surprising enough, it made not a sound as they pulled out, heading for a carnival that had just showed up in town. It'd actually be a great place to be inconspicuous.

Ray giggled again. "Inconspicuous". It sounded like she was in the FBI or something. How funny. She gave one last, almost longing look at the house as it drifted out of sight, wishing that one day soon she'd have time with Rare like Kagome just now did with Inuyasha. And last night, a part of her mind reminded her. She smiled faintly. Then I want two days, she corrected. Two lovely days.

~*~ Inuyasha ~*~

Gods, he was nervous. This outfit felt strange on him, and he couldn't stop picking at it. The shirt was silk, he knew, and it felt good, but there were buttons up the front and then it had "cuffs". Those had two buttons each as it is. And the pants were tighter than he was used to. What were they called? "Slacks", did Rare say? Whatever they were, they were without any wrinkles - minus the one long one down the front of each legs. It looked stupid to him, but Rare said it impresses girls, and for that he was willing to give it a shot.

Anything for Kagome.

He took a step forward and stumbled. "Shoes"!! his mind snapped. Remember the shoes!! He righted himself and growled at the things, before taking a look in the mirror in Ray's bedroom. He didn't look too bad, he noticed. Rare must have had some schooling or something.

Rare had even pulled back his hair, telling him it would work better with the clothes that way. Except for his bangs and forelocks, his hair was tied firmly at the base of his neck. Rare said Kagome would like it. He was hoping so. The last thing he wanted was to look like a fool in Kagome's time. And in her time's clothes.

He sighed once before stepping to the door. A rather large part of him was screaming at him to turn and run, and not even take the chance of trying so hard to look so good if she was still angry at him. But, his mind reasoned, I don't smell any anger in her scent. This should be fine, the whole night. Just be nice, like Rare said.

Taking one last deep breath, he opened the door and stepped out into the hall.

~*~ Kagome ~*~

Gods, she was nervous. She fiddled again and again with the front ties to her dress, hoping that Inuyasha wasn't still sore. It'd taken her almost an hour to pick out this dress, and another hour for her mom to finish styling her hair. Absently, her hand lifted to touch it, and gazed into her mirror.

The dress was a halter type, with ties that went down the front to her waist. It fit to her like a second skin, and then flared to touch her knees in graceful waves. It was blue-green, like teal. The back wasn't even there, just a loop of cloth around her neck and then the skirt around her waist.

Her tail was inside of the dress this time. Her hair was in twists that spiraled around her head slightly, and bunned in the back, falling down so the tips of her hair brushed lightly against her neck. Her mom had even gone so far as to braid her forelocks, and put two sparkling blue barettes in her hair to pull back the forelocks slightly, framing her face. All in all, it was lovely. Her mother had done a great job.

Now just to learn how to walk in heels, she thought almost grimly. Carefully, she stood up, wavering slightly. Even though the heels weren't thin, or tall, she was still having trouble. The shoes themselves covered her toes and heels, and had two thin straps that circled her ankles and buckled together at the backs of her lower calves.

All in all, she had to say this dress was awesome on her, and her hair really looked nice today. She sighed. Now all I have to do is try not to make Inuyasha mad again.

She got up, holding herself high like her mother said - "Men love a woman who holds herself well." - and walked briskly to the door. A part of her was afraid to open it, afraid to see what was on the other side, but she ignored that. It's now or never, she reminded herself, and turned the knob. I choose now.

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