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He had the best feeling that nothing could ever destroy what they just built. Love. Love. Love. Love. A bigger smile stole over his mouth. Love. I love Kagome.

Thirty Three

All in all, it was a great day. Everyone had fun at the fair, and nobody thought Rare's tail was real. That was good, a definite plus. Although every few minutes they got stopped and asked where he got it. The answer was always the same. . ."America." Nobody but nobody would travel all the way to America to get a "fake" dog tail.

On the way back, it turned out to be one, not midnight. Souta was curled up in the backseat, completely out of it, but as well with a smile on his face. He was clutching a rather small Tweetie Bird stuffed animal in one hand, and a very fluffy Polar Bear in the other. The bird had been won by Rare, who - after sixteen tries - got a ring around the square that would win the bird. The bear was won by Ray, for getting a basketball into a crooked hoop, which actually took just seven tries.

Grandpa as well had on a smile, though he was trying his best to hide it. Souta had talked him into getting a temporary tattoo, a spiraled yellow dragon without wings on his left cheek. Ray willingly got a howling blue wolf on her right cheek, and - just because she felt she should prove to Rare just how much his past meant to her - got a star matching his on her forehead and matching stripes on her left cheek.

Rare drove back with his tail wrapped securely around Ray's waist, and had trouble removing it when he parked and they had to get out. That brought a smirk to his face. But he didn't dwell on it. They got inside, cleaned up the candles and turned off the music, and then he and Ray went upstairs to check on Kagome and Inuyasha.

Ray looked about to cry when she found them, lying together and fully dressed, on Kagome's bed. Her hands clamped together over her heart and a smile that could only be described as "maternal" stole over her face. She raised her eyes to Rare and he smiled right back down at her.

We should leave and let them sleep.

Ray nodded. Yes, of course. Do you think they'll be leaving tomorrow?

I wouldn't bet on it, Rare thought back as he shut the door, but Kagome's probably itching to get back to her friends and pup.

"Pup?" Ray asked out loud on their way to her - um, their - room.

"She claimed a kitsune pup as her own. Not entirely just yet, seeing as how she doesn't yet know how demons claim pups not their own."

"Oh." At a loss for what else to say, she gave a shrug and took off her jacket. She was about to go hang it up in the closet when Rare took it from her - and dropped it. She glanced up sharply, and knew instantly by the look in his eyes exactly how the night was going to end.

Like she'd ever want to stop it, anyway.

~*~ Kagome's Pack ~*~

Most of the blue wolves were wary about having humans around. Very few trusted them, and the pups looked up at them curiously. Which is why they usually stayed up in Kagome's hut.

Shippou stayed with them as well. Thanks to Kagome's scent all over the three of them, no one dared to try a battle or deny a request. But while Shippou, Miroku, Sango and Kirara waited patiently for Kagome to return with a - hopefully - renewed Inuyasha, Murlo was going over a certain few scrolls every few hours or so, and writing something down.

Miroku had a feeling from the very beginning that something wasn't right with Murlo. After just one day, he was sure of it. He watched Murlo a few times, and even followed him. Other than some whispered conversations and hidden rooms, there was no actual proof of him planning anything sinister.

However, he just couldn't shake the feeling. By the end of the second day, everyone else had picked up on it. Something bad was going to happen, and somehow, Murlo was going to be at the middle of it all.

And it was going to happen soon.

Kouga showed up each day as well, waiting for Kagome. While the others just had bad feelings about her uncle, Kouga's instincts were going wild. He'd never liked Murlo, and now he was positive the man was going to start a war. But not the type where you post one pack against another. No, Murlo was going to split up Kagome's pack into to sides and create a civil war. One that will last until he or Kagome dies.

Kouga's instincts were never wrong before, and now he was starting to fear being right. If Murlo really was planning a civil war, then Kagome couldn't win, no matter how strong her demon side was. No matter how you cut it, a half demon against a full demon wasn't a battle the half demon could win. Especially not in this scenario.

The blue wolves had very strong healing abilities. Kagome had that, but it wasn't nearly as strong as a full demon's was. On top of that, Murlo had the advantage of experience. He was somewhere around three hundred and had fought many vicious wars over the years. And even better, Murlo's mind was built like some great chess board. He could play fifty at a time and win all but one, if that.

You're forgetting something, Kouga thought as he made his way back to his own pack again. Kagome is a miko [DL: Priestess, for those of you who don't know.] as well as a half demon. She has allies with Sesshomaru and his own pack as well. If need be, all she had to do was call, and I'd be there - with my entire pack willing to fight for her.

~*~ Sunrise, Kagome ~*~

The sunlight almost shyly peeked through her window, gently warming everything inside the room and reminding them what time it was. Slowly, Kagome's eyes opened ever so slightly, the dreaming realm fading into the waking world. She moved, feeling out her position as her eyes focused, and a smile graced her lips as she fully took in herself and her lover - now mate.

Inuyasha was on his back, fully, his arms holding her tightly but gently. She was snuggled halfway on his left side, her nose nestled under his chin, and her left leg between his. One lazy arm was stretched out over his chest, and her right was curled up against her own. It felt nice.

Not wanting to wake him up too soon, she focused her sights on the clock she hung on the opposite wall. Six thirty, it read. Wow. I thought I'd sleep longer than that.

So did I.

She blinked and then let out a laugh. She stretched and pushed herself up on one arm, feeling Inuyasha's arms fall to her waist and link his fingers together. "And how long have you been up?" she asked, staring into his brilliant golden eyes.

"A while."

"That doesn't answer my question," she pointed out.

He shrugged, then pulled her down and over him, kissing her lightly. "What question?" he teased.

Another laugh escaped Kagome's lips before she sat up completely. She linked her hands together and stretched them above her head, tilting back her head and letting out a small moan.

She should have expected it when she was suddenly on her back again. But no, she didn't, and so she laughed out loud when her neck was smothered in kisses and she felt two hands searching her body for this curve and that spot. [DL: A full day without any lovin' for Inu-chan. No wonder he's acting so hasty. *Wink wink*]

Inuyasha's throat vibrated in a purr as his hands grasped her hips. "Mmm, Kagome," he whispered. His tongue darted out and licked her throat, all the way up to her chin. "You taste really good."

Kagome giggled without meaning to. Since he was right there, she held his face between her hands and licked up his cheek. "So do you," she purred back at him, into his ear.

He shivered, almost violently, but didn't explode with need like she was sure he would. Instead, a contented sigh escaped his lips, and then he was completely relaxed - and lying on top of her.

She cracked a smile at this. "Not willing to let me up?" He shook his head against her chest. "Ah. How about if I. . .was hungry?" Another shake. "Mm-hmm. What if I. . .had to pee?" He groaned at first, obviously not liking that idea, and rolled off of her. And onto the floor. With a thud. And a bad-sounding crack.

A second later Kagome was sitting up and Inuyasha was standing and rubbing the back of his head. "I meant to do that," he claimed.

"Right," Kagome replied skeptically.

"I did!" he continued adamantly. For a second it seemed as though he was going to go on, but there was a light knock on the door.

Wondering who would be up so early after staying out so late, Kagome got up and opened the door. "Yeah, Dad?" she asked, seeing an exhausted-looking Rare standing before her.

He lifted a finger to his lips and attempted a "shh" but nothing came out. Instead, he half-wobbled back to his new room and shut the door.

Kagome did the same and then smiled at Inuyasha. I guess this means no more speaking with our mouths.

Inuyasha grinned at her. That's fine with me. There are better uses I can come up with, anyway.

She couldn't help a tease. Eating ramen?

Smart-aleck, he mentally snapped at her along with a glare. But he proved his point very quickly, anyway.

Truthfully, Kagome liked it better when they made love during the day. The light from the sun highlighted everything, down to the last bead of sweat. Respect for her father kept her quiet, so only the softest moans and gasps escaped her throat, and she could tell Inuyasha was doing the same. But that didn't make it any less amazing.

For a while she couldn't quite remember - or focus on remembering - how to get dressed in her complicated outfit. Thank God for simple minds, Inuyasha had no problem dressing them both - that is, about an hour after when this whole thing started.

A few things changed drastically from their first night after they'd marked each other, Kagome noticed. For one, Inuyasha was a lot more into little affectionate kisses or sly touches rather than silly games and semi-rough gropes. She counted that a plus. Also, everything seemed to slow down. Their first night was fast and needy; their second had a lot more learning.

Rather than unleash their need upon each other, they felt. Whenever one of them found a sensitive spot or a pulse point, they locked it into memory. And they teased. Both of them. Kagome couldn't help but finger a spot she'd found on his side that made his heart race, and Inuyasha couldn't stop himself from running his claws up and down her thigh when he found out how much that heated her blood.

They learned something else as well. After a full hour of that kind of love, Kagome could hardly stand straight. Her mind couldn't move faster than the speed of smell, her voice wouldn't do anything except giggle, and her hands had a mind of their own - they kept touching anything they could get at on Inuyasha. A stand of hair, a hip bone, a knuckle, a rib, his abs, a thigh, an ear, a cheek; it didn't matter.

But Inuyasha himself really wasn't any better. His hands didn't exactly wander, but teased one certain spot continuously until she couldn't stand it any longer and shooed his hand away. This lasted all throughout breakfast - two bowls of cereal for Inuyasha and one for Kagome. [DL: She's a regenerative demon. You think she needs to eat all that much anymore? Rare pigs out whenever he can, but he could go weeks on a berry if necessary.]

Thank the Gods above and below no one else was up yet. Even Grandpa - who is normally up at the crack of dawn and doing his daily chores - was out. All afternoon long, by the way.

Deciding on letting everyone sleep, Kagome and Inuyasha left the house to just go wandering for a while. At first they hid on roofs or in alleys - trying to stop each other's hands, by the way - and then Kagome learned a new trick. It happened when they were just about to get caught by some passersby.

Four women came out onto the roof they were occupying, so suddenly that Inuyasha and Kagome had no time to hide or run off. So Kagome did the first thing she thought of - she used her powers to make them look human. Sort of, anyway. Their ears, claws and fangs were gone, and so was her tail. Their clothes looked modern - simple t-shirt and jeans for both of them.

The four women paused and stared still, though. After all, Inuyasha still had his silver hair and yellow eyes, and Kagome's hair was still blue - which, she noticed, was getting lighter. Not only that, Kagome was currently straddling Inuyasha's hips and his face was in her chest. They stared right back at the women.

The first one to speak up looked and sounded like a valley girl. "Oh, I'm like, so sorry. We thought no one ever like, came up here anymore. We'll like, leave." She turned and the other three muttered apologies and waved as they left as well.

After a few seconds the tension snapped and faded away, and Kagome found herself laughing. She laid her hand on her heart, now that Inuyasha had leaned back. "Boy, that was close," she sighed, regaining her composure.

"Yeah," Inuyasha agreed distractedly. "Where'd these come from?" he asked, plucking at his shirt - then stared at his missing claws. " What the - !"

"Relax, Inu-chan," she said, putting the typical boyfriend-girlfriend term on the end of his new nickname. "It's just a new power," she added, drawing her brows together and concentrating on releasing the spell.

It worked, and just like that, Kagome had a masking spell handy and ready to go at any time.

This day was just getting better and better.

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I noticed something. All of my chapters are getting longer and longer. And it's because every time I want to end it, I find something else I need to mention and then get carried away. So, this time, I'm not going to keep going and going and going. . . .

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