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"But he is here," Hojo argued, getting odd looks. "Isn't that his fang around her neck?" All eyes turned to Kagome's necklace. "It healed her earlier, didn't it?"

Inuyasha drew back and stared hard at the fang.

"It did," Kagome breathed. "It glowed."

**Fifty Seven**

"We could use it, couldn't we?!" Inuyasha gasped, excited. "It could heal you!"

"Could," Kagome argued, trying to keep him from getting his hopes up. "We don't know."

He looked at her. "Rare would do anything to help you, right?!"

"Well, naturally, he is my father, but -"

"That's why he gave you the fang!" Inuyasha went on, now elated. He gestured wildly with his fists. "To help you now, when you need it!" Inuyasha grabbed the fang and slipped his nail over the hair, breaking it.

"Inuyasha, you shouldn't get too excited about this," Kagome continued, wishing that this would work so he wouldn't get crushed. "If it doesn't work -"

"It will!" he claimed, and promptly pressed the fang against the hole in her shoulder, rubbing it against the acid.

Kagome gasped and hunched, his right hand grasping Inuyasha's. "Geez, relax!" she snapped. "That hurts!"

"Better to be in pain than dead," Inuyasha reasoned, but obediently relaxed his pressure. Moving much more gently, he continued to run the fang along her wound, his left arm going around her waist to hold her against him. Kagome whimpered in pain, eyes squeezed shut and at times she gave a sob at the pain.

But at last, everyone saw what they were hoping for. The wound was getting smaller with each second, and at an increased rate. Soon Inuyasha simply dropped the fang and watched, wide-eyed, as the hole began closing. Within twenty seconds of dropping the fang, it had closed completely, and Kagome gasped and panted as it was finally over.

She let herself fall back onto the ground, eyes closed. "I hope that never happens again," she whined.

A few laughs were heard at the remark, and a few as the tension released. Sighs were heard, and soon the Gold Pack departed and Hime returned to her weaving. Inuyasha had leaned down and simply laid there, lying on Kagome, his mouth where her mortal wound had been.

Only a few moments passed before Sesshomaru turned to leave. He paused to glance over his shoulder at Kagura. "Are you and your sister coming?"

Kagura looked sharply at him, half in surprise at the question and half at the sudden break in silence. "Yes," she said, and reached for Kanna.

"Wait, Kagura," Kagome said, tilting back her head. She motioned to get up and glared at Inuyasha when she couldn't. "Let me up."

"Not anytime soon," Inuyasha replied, sounding tired.

Kagome narrowed her eyes. "Now, Inuyasha," she warned.

Sango gave a laugh, watching Inuyasha refuse to move and Kagome warn him. Things were getting back to normal quickly. And, she thought, sneaking a glance at Miroku - who was inspecting his right hand in awe - soon enough, we will be, too. Despite all the changes that will and have come with Naraku's death.

Kagome finally shoved Inuyasha off and got up, heading over to Kagura and kneeling before Kanna. "I have a gift for Kanna," she explained to Kagura. "I believe. . .I believe she had a soul all along, just trapped. And I'd like to bring it out."

Kagura gasped at Kagome's suggestion. "You would really. . .do that? After everything I've done to you? And Kanna?"

Kagome nodded, smiling. "You helped us, for whatever reason. I'm not saying I entirely trust you, but it's worth a chance." She turned her eyes to Kanna, who looked back as soullessly as ever. "Kanna, I need you to close your eyes."

"Close your eyes, Kanna," Kagura ordered, and the child did as she was told.

Kagome placed her hand on Kanna's chest and shut her own eyes. Her power came out, focused on Kanna entirely. Soon she found what she was searching for - it was a small flicker of life, a soul buried deeply in the child and locked away, likely what Naraku wanted. It was hard, after all, to control a child who had thinking for themselves.

And she brought the soul out, breaking through the barriers and locks placed to keep her soul in check. It was a long shot, thinking that she indeed had a soul and that it was locked away. Longer still to think that she could bring it out without problem, which is why she kept her power open for changes in the child. The slightest twitch could mean that something was built into her, like a self-destruct mechanism in case her soul ever tried to get out and take control.

Slowly, Kagome's eyes opened, and she watched as Kanna gasped, eyes flying open. Her mouth opened in shock and soon a shine came to her eyes. She blinked at Kagome, tilted her head, and then began looking around at everything. Kagura gasped when Kanna looked up at her and recognized her.

"Kagura," Kanna said. "Sister."

"Yes," Kagura replied, breathless. She more or less crumbled to her knees and pulled Kanna against her tightly, turning shining eyes on Kagome. "You did all this - my heart, Kanna's soul, Naraku's defeat. . .And I've never done anything for you."

"You have," Kagome said, standing up. "You had faith in this fight. You believed that we could win. You admitted that you needed help and that we could help you. It takes a lot of courage, and courage is always rewarded."

"But you -" Kagura began, and cut herself off. She looked down at Kanna, still shocked. "Kanna," she breathed, and hugged her sister.

It reminded Sango of Kohaku. So she spoke up, hoping Kagome could do something. "Kagome, what of Kohaku?"

"He should be okay," Kagome replied looking over at her friend.

"But the jewel is complete," Sango said, sudden urgency in her eyes. "That means that -"

"His shard is gone," Kagome gasped, looking as shocked as Sango felt. "We have to find him."

Everyone seemed to kick into drive at that. They all began moving, for whatever reason. Sesshomaru left, deeming this development as 'Nothing of his concern' and Kagura and Kanna followed after him. Jinenji stayed and helped Kagome, as did Hojo, and both men asked about this boy. Kagome explained as they went along, Koga at last deciding that Kagome could handle this and returning to his cave with his pack - minus Ashira.

Ashira followed, but seemingly for a different reason than finding Kohaku. No one really puzzled about it, simply doing what they were ordered. Kagome ordered Kure and Sana to return to the village and spread the news that Naraku had been defeated and they had to tie up some 'loose ends' before returning themselves.

Kagome and Inuyasha led the group by sniffing, following Naraku's scent and trying to find a trail. Kagome caught it first, but because of the fight and Naraku's incarnations, they had to work together to follow it. It took more than two hours of running to find the dreaded castle that had begun so many horrible deeds. It turned out that it wasn't quite so far into the Eastern Lands, more on the boarder of the East and North.

Thinking about it, Kagome wondered why Sesshomaru didn't - no, why he and Inuyasha both didn't follow Miroku and Sango's scents back to the castle, but pushed the thoughts out of her head. Naraku's castle was entirely in his own control, and an attack there would have certainly left them all dead. It was better to have let him come out and destroy half of Inuyasha's forest than to attack him at his own castle, harboring its own traps, and to have died there, so he could do whatever he wished with their bodies or captured them beforehand to torture them.

And Naraku had kissed her. She still wasn't quite over that yet.

Upon finding the castle and inspecting it, they made short work of the guards and most of the walls and doors in their search. Some windows were even made of glass, proving Miroku's words that Naraku had claimed to like glass the best. It was Kagome who found Kohaku, after stopping sharply, head snapping in the direction of where she felt him. She tore her way straight through to where he was, running into Miroku along the way and calling out to Inuyasha with her mind.

Kohaku was lying limply on the ground, eyes partially opened but lifeless. Kagome couldn't hear or sense a heartbeat and breathing, couldn't see his chest rise and fall as a breathing child would. She knelt by him and placed her hand on his chest, feeling for that nonexistent pulse.

She looked up to see Miroku looking at him, and his gaze mimicked hers. They both knew he wasn't alive anymore. And neither of them wanted to admit it.

Presently Sango came rushing into the room and stopped, panting, eyes searching for her brother. She picked out his form and shouted "Kohaku!" as she came forward and knelt by him, hands grasping his shoulders. "Kohaku, get up!" she said, and shook him. "Kohaku!"

Kagome backed up and looked to the doorway as Inuyasha came into view. His eyes only touched hers and didn't waver. She didn't have to tell him, verbally or mentally; he knew what they found. It was obvious in her gaze, in Sango's pleads and sobs, in the scent of death in the room and the presence of just four heartbeats.

Sango looked up sharply at Kagome, apparently coming to a decision. "Sesshomaru," she said, the name shuddered out through her sobs.

Kagome glanced silently at Inuyasha, who nodded and came forward to pick up the boy. Now all Kagome had to do was get Sesshomaru to help.

~*~ Rare ~*~

He sighed, rubbing his forehead. He hadn't been able to relax since Kagome's dream, calling him to her in her need and telling him of the fight. He could only hope that after so many hours that the fight had been won, but until Kagome returned - despite his witnessing her return from the fight in the Feudal Era - he simply could not relax. Not for the first time, Kagome was in serious danger, and he was scared senseless at the though that she might die.

He didn't tell Ray what was happening, although he knew she could feel his fear. He kept certain details from his mind, knowing that Ray had learned how to get past his barriers by now. She really was a quick learner, and her daughter took after that quality to the tee. He could only hope that she or Inuyasha would understand everything he did and manage to defeat Naraku.

Practically telling them in so many words that they would live wasn't the smartest move of his life. In fact, it could possibly be the dumbest. It would give them confidence, all right, but it would also make them over confident and that alone had been the downfall of many enemies. He had to hope, though, that they were smarter than that.

He could put it as a high note that he still remembered them coming back from the fight. That was promising.

He also had to pray that his memory didn't change. He wouldn't know it if it did. Not now, so many years into the future. So he sat there, uneasy, and hoped.

~*~ Clearing ~*~

Things had settled down. They all figured out what to do and did it. After returning to the clearing Sango had left with Kirara, and Miroku carrying Kohaku. They went to see Sesshomaru, and with a note from Kagome 'asking' him to revive Kohaku. 'Asking' being sarcastic because of their bond - neither could deny the other help when asked. It rather sucked, really. Should he ever ask, Kagome was officially at Sesshomaru's disposal. All because of their fathers.

Sometimes honor was hell.

Now Kagome and Inuyasha stood, alone, staring down at Naraku's bones. His entire flesh had dissolved, giving in to Onigumo's death fifty years ago. And Onigumo did die when he offered himself to those demons. It was much like what happened with Kikyo: they both died and were rebuilt, and now that they were dead again, there was little remains left over.

Kagome looked up at Inuyasha to see him in the same thinking, looking over at the gap in the trees where Kikyo had sacrificed herself to give Inuyasha a head start. Kagome came closer to him, leaning into his back. "I know what you want to do," she said, softly. "Go ahead."

Inuyasha looked over his shoulder at her. "Are you sure?"

"She deserves it," Kagome reasoned, and kissed his shoulder. "Bring her back to Kaede."

Inuyasha turned and wrapped his arms around her, eyes closing. "How long has it been since I last told you I love you?"

Kagome smiled. "Not since last night."

"I love you," he whispered, the words barely breathed.

Kagome held on tighter. "I know. I love you." She lifted her chin. "My vicious warrior."

Inuyasha grinned. "And handsome; don't forget that."

"You are so full of yourself," Kagome said, stepping back.

Inuyasha jerked her back into his embrace. "Last night, you were full of me, too."

A furious blush crept over her face. "Great timing," she chided. She leaned back. "But we both have something to do. Go take care of Kikyo."

With a laugh he turned, but stopped at the tree line, less than ten feet from her. "Want to be full of me tonight?" he asked, seductively.

"Inuyasha!" she snapped. Picking up a rock, she threw it at him, but it snapped in half on his forehead, and he didn't flinch.

"Is that a no?"

"Git!" Kagome said, and tossed another rock. Inuyasha left laughing, and Kagome paused to wonder why she said an American word. "Bad vibes," she muttered at last, and then chided herself for leaving behind her educated vocabulary. Smirking and shaking her head, she turned back to Naraku's bones.

She knelt down and spread her fingers, hands above the mass of white pristine. Slowly her fingers covered in green power, and slower still, it encompassed the bones and purified the evil from them.

"Onigumo," she said aloud, "was not an evil person. He was misled and led a troubled life. In the end he let his lust overcome his senses and gave in. The demons continued to corrupt him. But now, he has his rest. May your soul find peace, away from the demons that corrupted you so." She closed her eyes and repeated the prayer in her mind, turning it into a prayer and hoped the gods could hear. At last she clapped her hands and looked down at them again.

"You'll be buried, as everyone should be. Goodbye, Onigumo." She stood up and her power lifted the bones, still covering them. They held the form of a man, not a single bone out of place, and they trailed behind her as she scouted out a place to bury them.

~*~ Kaede ~*~

She was briefed by Gar and Kure of what had happened during the fight, as Sana checked on the pups and informed Yoshi. As the story came to a close is when she heard her name called by a very familiar voice.

"Oi! Kaede! Come out here!"

She sighed and got up, and Gar helped her as Kagome instructed him to do. After all, Kaede was more than sixty. She sighed down the stout steps to the ground in front of her hut and met Inuyasha's gaze. "What is it ye want?" she asked.

"I have what's left of Kikyo," he explained, motioning the pack he carried. It was one of those small ones Kagome had recently begun to bring with her through the well. What were they called? . .

"Sister Kikyo?" Kaede gasped. "She has died?"

Inuyasha nodded. "Oh, that's right - just Kagome and I know. She sacrificed herself in hopes of weakening Naraku before the battle. Where. . .where do you want her?"

"This way," Kaede said, leading the way to Kikyo's shrine. With proper prayers she and Inuyasha buried Kikyo again and declared that she could be prayed to again. [DL: Not that it'd do much good with her reincarnated in Kagome, eh? Unless you take into account that in that time Kikyo's soul is still bodiless. . .How confusing. Damn Ms. Person that created a 500 year gap. Sheesh.]

All in all, everything seemed to be going alright.

~*~ Sesshomaru ~*~

"You are back," he said, noticing Kirara landing nearby and Sango and Miroku getting off her.

"I have a note from Kagome," Sango said, meeting his eyes directly. She never would have tried it - for a number of reasons - if Kagome weren't an ally to him by youkai [DL: Demon.] standards. She walked up to him and handed him the note and waited as he read it.

When he lifted his eyes to her again, she felt a near uncontrollable need to bow and thank him, even though he hadn't done anything yet. Those eyes really were stunning. They demanded respect from everyone. She wondered how Kagome had ever managed to meet his gaze and not feel it.

But Kagome was a Mistress. As high, if not higher, than a Lord. He had land; she had a pack. He defended his lands with his own claws; she had an army. 'Had' being the key word.

Sesshomaru walked over to Kohaku - still in Miroku's arms - and looked him over without moving. "This is the one she wishes me to revive?"

"Yes," Sango said, coming to stand beside him. "He's my little brother. He's been through too much to die."

"But he has," Sesshomaru returned, glancing at her through the corner of his eye.

"That's why we're here," Miroku replied.

"You can bring him back," Sango added. "You and Tensaiga. Please -"

"As Mistress Kagome's ally, and as that alone, I will do as she asked," Sesshomaru said, coldly. "Your family ties mean nothing."

That's because you never treated Inuyasha like a brother, Sango thought, but kept her mouth closed. She stepped back as Sesshomaru did, and Miroku put Kohaku on the ground.

Sesshomaru then drew Tensaiga and held it steadily, eyes only on Kohaku. After a few moments his eyes widened oddly and he slashed, and then Kohaku inhaled and stirred. Sesshomaru turned his back to the happenings, sheathing Tensaiga. "Take him and leave. Mistress Kagome may be my ally, but you are not. Next time remind her that she should include in her note for me to spare you."

It was a cold, harsh blow, but Sango hardly noticed. She knelt by Kohaku and waited for him to look up. His eyes were too wide, his skin too pale, his body trembling too much. Sango brought him close to her and lifted him, tears making their way down her cheeks. She'd never really wanted anything other than her family, and now that so many were gone, she was going to hold on to everybody she could.

"We should go," Miroku whispered, next to her ear. "He doesn't know this place."

Sango sniffed and nodded, heading for Kirara. The ride back to Kaede's was silence if not for her tears and Kohaku's whimpers. It was so sad to think that he had been through so much and would only blame himself, when none of it was. She hoped that some day she could prove that to him.

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