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She giggled. "I'll be sure to demean you more often and 's' you every opportunity I get."


She laughed again. "Until the day I die. What would you promise me?"

"I promise to keep you happy and sated and immobile."

"Kami-sama save me," she faked.

He chuckled. "Even he can't save you now. My Kagome."

"My Inuyasha."

***Sixty*** Holy crud we made it this far.

Now that Naraku was defeated, everything seemed to be moving much faster. It seemed only a day went by and everyone Kagome knew was paired. She didn't know how they came to be paired as they were but at the moment it didn't matter.

Kouga had surprised Kagome with a visit, telling her - rather gallantly - that he accepted her choice to be with Inuyasha and that after watching him in battle he admits that Inuyasha truly could take care of her, better than he himself could. He stayed only that long and then left and it was then that Kagome realized Ashira had come with him and was looking and sniffing for something.

Kagome asked her what she was looking for and Ashira replied that she was hoping to find Hojo again. Kagome saw the potential in this and quickly set up a "date" between the two and got Hojo there just five minutes after the promised time - thanks to a lustful mate who protested loudly to her having other plans.

Then word reached them that Sesshomaru had at last decided upon a mate and Kagome's jaw dropped when it was said that he mated with a Wind Demon. She went directly to his Lands and howled with Inuyasha at her side until he showed up, and he confirmed her suspicions that Kagura was now his mate. However, he refused to divulge the information about how that had happened. He did tell her, however, that it was half Kagura's decision and he hadn't pressured her as Kagome had feared. It seemed the two of them found a common ground. . .somewhere. . .and had grown towards one another on that ground. . .wherever it was. Kagome's only guess was that Kagura wouldn't back down and they both took care of a little girl who seemed to be the same age. Sesshomaru also informed her that Rin and Kanna were getting along wonderfully, to which Kagome smiled and thanked him - for everything. Inuyasha snorted and told her that Sesshomaru hadn't done "one fucking thing that deserves a thanks" - which explains the Inuyasha-shaped crater in Sesshomaru's Lands.

Kagome knew that Yaeko wouldn't be too thrilled about Sesshomaru's new mate and wished to speak to her about it, but the day before she would have left to do so Kouga showed up again - with Yaeko in tow. As it turned out he and Yaeko both figured out that they weren't going to get who they wanted and were looking in other directions when they found each other and - after a few days of comparing their tribes, arguing and battling for Alpha - they decided to mate. (DL: I know, I know. "Where's Ayame?" Well I don't know her so I can't include her. Plus I already drew their kids. So nyah.) Kagome wished them both good fortune and waved them off. Inuyasha, surprisingly, hadn't said one bad word about the couple and as such he got many "treats" later that night. He was learning fast that when he kept his mouth shut and said what Kagome wanted to hear, he got goodies.

About time he figured it out.

Miroku formally proposed to Sango, in the view of all Kaede's village, and both Kagome and Sango had cried when Sango agreed. Miroku then surprised them all by grabbing her hips and lifting her up, looking up at her with a grin, and declaring that no matter what she was perfect and beautiful and he swore that he would never stop loving her. Sango at that point became a blubbering, blushing lump of flesh and cried throughout the rest of the day, and Kagome cried with her.

Rin and Kanna were brought by to see them by the newly-mates (DL: Made that up myself. XD) and it seemed to lift Kohaku's spirits. Kanna turned quite bubbly now that she had recovered her soul and disposed of her fan and Kagome watched, fascinated, as the two girls worked right past Kohaku's tortured mind and brought out his true spirit. He was laughing by the end of the day and that made Sango cry again and Miroku held her while she did so, keeping a wonderful grip on his lecherous ways. Shippo joined in their games sometime around noon and then Kagome's eight orphans had declared that they should all play together. Kohaku, being the oldest, picked out the games, became the self-appointed referee, separated the children when they fought, and soon they were all looking up to him and Kagome realized that they were seeing him as their Alpha. He took to the leadership flawlessly and for several days thereafter Kagome swore his smile didn't let up once, even as he slept.

Rare took Ray to a surprise party on her birthday a few weeks later which Kagome had helped set up. Kagome brought everyone she could get there, including the impassive Lord - although he said quite a bit when she got him started, asking questions and making comments. The entire group consisted of herself, Inuyasha, Souta, Grandpa, her parents, Sango, Miroku, Kohaku, Shippo, Kirara, the orphans (who were extremely difficult to get through because they were scared witless when she jumped), Sesshomaru, Kagura, Rin, and Kanna. As soon as the sun began setting Rare got down on one knee and offered Ray a ring with a rather large eye-shaped diamond in the center on a gold ring and several yellow and green smaller gems placed around it. Kagome thought they were emeralds and topazes until Rare told her they were colored diamonds. Ray accepted and then declared that hadn't needed the ring - she would have accepted twine that she wrapped around her finger and have been just as happy.

The party was broken up when Souta's father, Nazimo, showed up. Kagome had just enough time to hide their features before he took them all in and then a lawyer showed up behind him. He explained that he was here because after a decade he decided that Ray really was nuts and his children weren't safe with her and had come to claim full custody. After a brief moment in which both he and Rare sized each other up Rare read the documents passed to him and pointed out all the holes, and with amazing efficiency he turned around everything that was written and made Nazimo's lawyer stutter. Kagome zeroed in on some whirring sound and found a tape recorder in Nazimo's pocket and tossed it to Inuyasha with an order to smash it. Kazimo got scared at that point but looked beyond them to where all the children were, most of them standing on the picnic table with Kohaku in front, holding Kanna close in one arm and trying to hide Souta with the other. Nazimo asked which one was Souta and Ray yelled at him that she sent him pictures. Nazimo left not long after that, once Sesshomaru had started his own tirade of how a father should act and that you didn't deserve to raise a child if you couldn't recognize him. It left Kagome believing that Sesshomaru was a natural father and she pitied any person who would disrespect or insult any of his future children.

Ray went into full-blown sobs after he left and that officially ended the fun part of the party. She apologized several times for the way Nazimo had acted and hugged Souta and Kagome close. After a while she explained she had loved Nazimo greatly and truly regretted all the problems they had run into, to which Rare had replied that Nazimo's heart was true but fleeting and he would have left on his own in time. He then comforted her by saying that demons were much different and he would never; never leave her or her children. Soon every woman present was crying with his declarations of love and that got Ray laughing again. They disbanded and after a night in Kagome's time she began the - rather exhausting - work of getting them all back to their time, considering she couldn't take more than two people with her at a time. She learned the hard way not to grab a bunch of people and just jump. The first time none of them passed through and they ended up a jumbled heap of arms and legs that had them all wrapped around each other. It took them nearly half an hour to get untangled and another half hour before they decided on the better way to go through.

Kagome made her wish very simply, that one day when they've all died they'd meet again on the other side and be happy, in Eden. Such a pure and loving wish not only freed Midoriko's spirit but it also laid the demon's to rest and blessed them all. Midoriko said a few words and left while declaring that a new age was upon them and to embrace it willingly. Kagome had the urge to spread her arms and sigh when Midoriko said this but resisted, mentally laughing at the idea. Kagome then swore that she saw power in her mind's eye, connecting them all, and nearly flipped when the full meaning of what she wished hit her. All of them would live as long as everyone else! Considering Sesshomaru was included in this wish (although more like the fine print) she guessed that he would live longest so however how he lived, they'd all live. As long as he was alive, they would all continue to live. Not that Kagome expected to die anytime soon, but it was still a shock.

The next day she learned that the well wouldn't work anymore which solidified her thoughts that the well would only work for as long as they had business to settle and that business was the Sacred Jewel all along. Naraku had been a side quest in their journey. It hadn't been vital to kill him, not to history.

Kagome mourned that she wouldn't be able to see her family for the better part of five centuries but contented herself with the knowledge that she would be alive then and that she still had Rare's spirit in this time to speak to. She finally figured out why Rare had so easily fallen into his fatherly role with her - she had been more or less training him for it. She warned him about her bad side and when to leave her be, and the ways to defuse her anger when she got out of hand, and educated both him and Sesshomaru on the upcoming events in Japan's history. She had three history books with her and let Sesshomaru borrow them often, and she knew he was committing every detail he could to memory in case the books were destroyed somehow.

Miroku and Sango had their wedding after a full month had passed. They waited so long because Miroku swore he wouldn't marry her until he had a home to take her to and the construction had begun. Kagome was told to "stay the fuck out of the way while we work" and so she coached from the sidelines when they needed it, helped them understand the usage of space in her time, and what was considered a regular-sized house in her time. Sango was forbidden from seeing the house in progress and Kagome often left the work behind to talk to her friend, whom she had begun seeing as an older sister and who was beginning to look at her the same way. It was actually shocking that Kagome grew up so fast in such a short amount of time and while still being so young, and Shippo had teased her about it, saying that it was because she mated Inuyasha and Inuyasha was so immature that she'd have to be the mature one.

Inuyasha wasn't present when he said this and so he was spared a few lumps.

The day after the wedding Kagome and Inuyasha were invited to their home to see how everything had turned out and Kagome heard herself praising their home even as she was shocked. She inspected the outside of the home as well and her jaw dropped when the dots connected it her mind.

Long ago she remembered hearing her grandfather speak to her as they strolled around their shrine and he told her that a very strong base was under their current house, but it had been destroyed somehow centuries ago and the new shrine was built over it by their ancestors. As Kagome now thought of it and looked at all the telling signs she could find nearby she discerned that Miroku and Sango's home here was where the old base was there and she felt a strong jerk of emotions at the realization. Miroku and Sango's home had become the basis for the Higurashi Shrine sometime in the past - future - and she was only one who knew it!!

She kept her mouth shut about it, though, and watched with a brilliant smile as Sango became pregnant for the first time and gave birth to a perfect little boy whom Miroku named "Masume". During the time she was pregnant Inuyasha finally kicked into action and went into high gear, building a house himself with no help whatsoever and not allowing Kagome to see it. And then he actually proposed and Kagome had squealed in delight that he'd go so far to make her happy when she knew he saw human marriages as more or less pointless.

Their marriage went off without a hitch and he picked her up and carried her into their house at the end. And it was a house. Like Miroku he decided that a simple hut was simply not enough and made her a palace. Or that's how she saw it. He proved his smarts by figuring out a way to make it two story like her home back in the twentieth century and she found that he tried his best to make it as alike as possible. He slept like a rock that night, very satisfied and with a silly smile. Kagome found herself loving him all the more for all of his efforts and she found herself wishing that anything and everything he wished for would come true, no matter the cost, just because he was so loving and caring.

Time passed and she heard news that Kagura had given birth to triplets, two boys and a girl in that order: Taisho, Sano and Sakuya. She was about to see the children when she was surprised by Sesshomaru coming to them, his entire family with him. He'd begun calling Rin and Kanna sisters and he accepted them calling him "Papa" even though he never called either of them his daughter. Rin and Kanna found the new babies fascinating but preferred playing to watching them lay there and cry when they were hungry and as such played while everyone else got to see the newborns. Kagome cooed over them for several minutes before stepping back and smiling at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha had been frowning, looking at them, and Kagome began understanding what he felt. He wanted pups, he really did, but after over a year, Kagome being halfway through her seventeenth year, she still hadn't gotten pregnant and she knew it was scaring him. She didn't understand it either and hoped that hanyous' weren't sterile, as so many half-breeds were. Instead of dwelling on these thoughts she coached her orphans who were growing like weeds in the correct way to tackle Shippo, who had already grown taller than two of them, more than doubling his size in the past year-and-a-half. Rin and Kanna got reacquainted with Kohaku and the three of them spent most of their time together until Sesshomaru looked over his pups and decided it was time to go back. The girls whined and protested and in the end they were allowed to stay for a full week, which was beneficial on all sides.

Kagome took this occurrence as Sesshomaru working on his business tactics which he'd need in the upcoming centuries, which she advised he do. He saw the children's' sides and his own, looked them over, and decided that the best route was to let them stay for a period of time and declared that one week was the best suitable amount on all sides. The girls heartily agreed.

Not long into the following year Kagome heard that Yaeko had given birth to sextuplets and she had nearly fainted at the news. Sextuplets?! The children had been split into three boys and three girls, the firstborn boy and girl named after their parents: Kouga, Teri, Yaeko, Sosuke, Anika and Fa, the last two being girls. (DL: I'll spell this out in case you're slow to catch on. Boy, boy, girl, boy, girl, girl. Got that?) Kagome paid them a visit and saw all of them, aww-ing at how cute they were. They all had their father's eyes and their mother's blonde hair and fur. The boys' tails were thin and long like their father's while the girls' were fluffed and not quite so long, like their mother's. Kagome got a distinct impression from each child and swore that Sosuke would grow up with Sesshomaru's disposition, Anika was very stubborn and strong, Fa would undoubtedly become a bit of a drama queen-slash-fashion figure, that Kouga and Yaeko would likely never leave each other's side and were born leaders, and that Teri was a born troublemaker but good-hearted like the rest of them.

Kagome got a shock not a month after her eighteenth birthday when she found herself retching in the mornings but fine by afternoon and realized it was pregnancy. She thought over how it had happened only now and found that her powers had played a part. Her own fear at getting pregnant and rejected had spurred her powers into action and kept her from getting pregnant while letting everything in her body go along as it should. It didn't have a single thread attatched to Inuyasha so she sighed a breath of relied that she didn't unconsciously do anything to him. When she broke the news she swore the world rejoiced all at once, so excited was the reaction she received. She herself could hardly believe it herself but within the next two months she began showing and was shocked at it until her father reminded her she was a half-demon, half-wolf to be exact, and their pregnancies were very short.

It was just into six months when her baby decided he'd had enough time and she went into labor. Inuyasha had absolutely flipped, practically barricading their house as he went to get Kaede and Sango. He got back in record time and went to work on keeping her relaxed, mainly by rubbing her womb, nuzzling her and talking calmly. She had no idea how he could sound so calm when his mind was spinning as it was but in truth she didn't care. His methods, at the moment, didn't matter as long as he held onto some semblance of control for her.

As it turned out she didn't have just one child, but two, and they were tiny, smaller than human babies which is why everyone thought she had just one. The firstborn was a boy with a blue tail, blue hair and ears, and huge gold eyes. He looked up at Inuyasha when he was handed to his father and tilted his head, making some sort of whining sound. The second born was a little girl that was just the boy's opposite. Her hair was white with two tiny dog ears and a white tail, and she blinked slowly at Inuyasha with her mother's green eyes. And then she sneezed and Inuyasha laughed in an odd, I'm-giddy-and-hysterical kind of way. It was love at first sight.

Later that night Kagome brought up the fact that they needed names and Inuyasha had blushed, which in turn spurred a conversation about why the fathers named the sons and the mothers named the daughters, leaving Kagome very confused until he got to the point. He said he wanted to name the girl because he'd thought of the perfect name for her and Kagome smiled at him and told him it was fine, as long as she could name their son. It was an odd sort of agreement and the next morning Kagome greeted Sango with their names: Ken and Tsuya, their firstborns and betas.

Life became bliss. Kagome knew she had wished for them all to reunite in Eden, but she became sure that they had built their Eden here, right where they were. She missed her family and she yearned to see her home again but she couldn't regret anything. She realized that in the past she had regretted, she had wished things hadn't happened the way they had, that she had never been pulled through the well or met Inuyasha because it caused her so much pain, anxiety and stress, but she still valued each day.

Each night Inuyasha surprised her with his passion and hunger, and each morning he humbled her with the mass amount of love he was capable of. Each day seemed more perfect than the last, and while she always returned home in the evening tired from a full day of letting the pups take out their energy on her, he always found a way to help her relax and work up her passion. She noted that he never pressured her, never begged, and never pushed. If she didn't want to do anything he instantly quit asking and made no more motions of the sort that night.

She also noted that he loved being a father and animatedly told stories to his pups often. In the next two months Kagome would find him gone somewhere with their pups, telling them one of his adventures as though they could understand. She found him in their living room with the pups snuggled in his haori as he acted out his battle with Yura of the Demon Hair; sitting on the floor with them in his lap and on their backs so they could see him wave his hands around as he told them of the Thunder Brothers; in their bedroom with them on the bed and him on all fours as he acted out Juromaru's attack on Miroku and how he saved the day yet again. It was endearing and Kagome would often stay in the doorway of whichever room as he told his stories, sometimes clapping when he finished.

Tsuya loved Inuyashe very much. Kagome knew this because Tsuya always reached for her father, always made a whine Kagome knew meant "father" in dog language, always watched what he was doing and seemed to listen to his tales. Ken, on the other hand, was contented lying in his mother's arms and liked to be there most of all.

Sesshomaru came with his brood to see their pups and he and Inuyasha exchanged few words with a few insults lining them before he left again, but he hadn't said a single bad word about the pups and had, in fact, told Kagome that the pups smelled nice and "seem to be growing well on you milk". Rin and Kanna got their way and were allowed to stay another week and again they went straight for Kohaku. While Kohaku was maturing nicely he still played with the orphans and it was a rare sight to see him sitting or walking somewhere without a pup following him or attached to him somehow. It seemed to do wonders for his mind, because the boy never seemed to frown or get a lost look in his eyes anymore.

Life truly was bliss. They made it this way through their own hard work and love.

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