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Transformations Timeline




Note: This list changes as ideas come to me, so it's a bit different from the previous chapter.




Major Events:


1464 - Kagome's blood is released, Naraku is defeated, Kikyo dies, the well is sealed, the Shikon no Tama is used, everyone becomes connected

1497 - Kaede dies.

1617 - Kagome's "Pack" move in with Sesshomaru

1658 - Kagome's "Pack" moves out again

1697 - Tsuya becomes the Family Historian

1746 - Kagome suggests getting last names

1761 - Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and Rare become major figures in Youkai Society

1782 - They all lose track of how big their family is

1825 - Kagome graduates college

1859 - Inuyasha graduates college

1860-1984 - Everyone graduates from at least one college and settle on a single profession

1996 - Kagome plans a party






1465 - Sango and Miroku marry; Sango gets pregnant, 20; Kagura gets pregnant, 21; Yaeko gets pregnant, 16 (All firsts)

1466 - Kagome gets pregnant, 18 (First)

1473 - Dashi becomes romantically involved with Viki

1474 - Kohaku becomes romantically involved with Kanna

1475 - Shippo becomes romantically involved with Rin; Viki gets pregnant, 18 (First)

1476 - Kanna gets pregnant, 17; Rin gets pregnant, 19 (All firsts)

1484 - Kouga Jr becomes romantically involved with Tsuya

1485 - Taisho becomes romantically involved with Fa

1489 - Tsuya gets pregnant, 22 (First)

1490 - Fa gets pregnant, 24 (First)

1492 - Anika becomes romantically involved with Kei

1507 - Nare becomes romantically involved with Teri

1508 - Kaeri marries Jiro

1512 - Kaeri gets pregnant, 42

1515 - Nare gets pregnant, 57






1453 - Dashi is born (Boy)

1457 - Viki is born (Girl)

1458 - Nare, Miso are born (Girl, boy)

1460 - Kyone is born (Girl)

1461 - Kei, Reina are born (Boy, girl)

1462 - Hyone is born (Girl)

1465 - Masume, Taisho, Sano, Sakuya (Sango, Kagura, Kagura, Kagura) (Boy, boy, boy, girl)

1466 - Kouga, Teri, Yaeko, Sosuke, Anika, Fa (Yaeko) (Boy, boy, girl, boy, girl, girl)

1467 - Ken, Tsuya (Kagome) (Boy, girl)

1470 - Kaeri (Sango) (Girl)

1471 - Izayoi, Izumi, Iyana (Kagome) (Girl, girl, girl)

1475 - Rei, Kisho, Gina (Sango, Viki, Viki) (Girl, boy, girl)

1476 - Toyo, Yei, Nozomi (Kanna) (Boy, girl, girl)

1477 - Ryoko, Kyoko, Nyoko (Rin) (Girl, girl, girl)

1489 - David, Alex, Naomi, Shina, Yumi, Takara (Kagome, Kagome, Tsuya, Tsuya, Tsuya, Tsuya) (Boy, boy, girl, girl, girl, girl)

1490 - Yuri, Taro, Kane (Fa) (Girl, boy, girl)

1493 - Haru, Ai (Anika) (Boy, girl)

1503 - Kaika, Yumiko (Kagura) (Girl, girl)

1512 - Chiyo (Kaeri) (Girl)

1515 - Mine (Nare) (Girl)

1525 - Kara, Maru, Aya, Hitomi (Kagome) (Girls)

1547 - Akina, Ren, Kohana, Kanaye (Yaeko) (Girl, girl, girl, boy)

1562 - Tajiro, Tai, Tsure, (Kagome) (Boys)

1587 - Ronin, Michi, Sachiko, Sorano, Tomo (Yaeko) (Boy, girl, girl, girl, boy)

1594 - Mika, Usagi, Mamoru (Kagura) (Girl, girl, boy)

1599 - Mashiro, Toshiro (Rin) (Boys)

1603 - Aiko, Yuriko, Yukio (Kagome) (Girl, girl, boy)






Male Births: 23

Female Births: 41

Pups: 54

Grandpups: 10

Total: 64 (So far. . .)




Kid List (Females):


Kagome: Ken, Tsuya, Izayoi, Izumi, Iyana, David, Alex, Kara, Maru, Hitomi, Aya, Taijiro, Tai, Tsure, Aiko, Yuriko, Yukio (17) Mate: Inuyasha

Sango: Masume, Kaeri, Rei (3) Husband: Miroku

Yaeko Sr: Kouga, Teri, Yaeko, Sosuke, Anika, Fa, Akina, Ren, Kohana, Kanaye, Ronin, Michi, Sachiko, Sorano, Tomo (15) Mate: Kouga Sr

Kagura: Taisho, Sano, Sakuya, Kaika, Yumiko, Mika, Usagi, Mamoru (8) Mate: Sesshomaru

Rin: Ryoko, Kyoko, Nyoko, Mashiro, Toshiro (5) Husband: Shippo

Kanna: Toyo, Yei, Nozomi (3) Husband: Kohaku

Tsuya: Naomi, Shina, Yumi, Takara (4) Mate: Kouga Jr.

Izayoi: Unmated

Izumi: Unmated

Iyana: Taro, Kano, Dai, Hoshi, Kei (5) Mate: Sen

Kara: Unmated

Maru: Unmated

Hitomi: Koto, Mina, Ichiro, Suki, Gin, Tomeo, Akiko, Reizo, Tadao (9) Mate: Toru

Aya: Unmated

Aiko: Shoda, Kenjiro, Kaya, Michie, Rinji, Teijo, Taura, Taya (8) Mate: Mashiro

Yuriko: Unmated

Kaeri: Chiyo (1) Husband: Jiro

Rei: Unmarried

Yaeko Jr: Unmated

Anika: Haru, Ai (2) Mate: Kei (Not Iyana's son)

Fa: Yuri, Tano, Kane (3) Mate: Taisho

Akina: Unmated

Ren: Suzu, Naoko, Cho, Yasuo, Nori, Kaemon (6) Mate: Ken (Not Kagome's son)

Kohana: Yume, Akeno, Benjiro, Miya, Nami (5) Mate: Toshiro (Not Rin's son)

Michi: Nirika, Hiei, Yachiko, Nasure, Musure (5) Mate: Toshiro

Sachiko: Akira, Danno, Saniiro, Mazo (4) Mate: Mamoru

Sorano: None (0) Mate: Kioshi

Sakuya: Kentaro, Sachio, Yoshi, Ichiro (4) Mate: Goro

Kaika: Unmated

Yumiko: Unmated

Mika: Unmated

Usagi: Montaro, Maeko, Eri, Shino (4) Mate: Tomo

Ryoko: Unmated

Kyoko: Unmated

Nyoko: Unmated

Yei: Satu, Suki (2) Mate: Alex

Nozomi: Tami, Hisa, Marise (3) Mate: Chiko


Count: 116 (First and second generations only)




Kid List (Males):


Ken: Unmated

David: Unmated

Alex: Mated to Yei, Kohaku's daughter

Taijiro: Kisho, Masakazu, Yumako, Midori, Ringo, Seiichi, Yogi, Mai (8) Mate: Yuma

Tai: Unmated

Tsure: Dating

Yukio: None (0) Mate: Kichi

Masume: Miyoko, Sakura, Touya, Kiei, Eriko (5) Wife: Eri

Kouga Jr: Mated to Tsuya, Inuyasha's daughter

Teri: Mated to Nare, Blue Pack orphan

Sosuke: Hanaye, Kiori, Dairiko, Raneya, Itara, Ginsei, Karirei, Totsuya (8) Mate: Hira

Kanaye: Sora, Itsukazu, Matan, Kin, Rino (5) Mate: Sakura (Not Masume's daughter)

Ronin: None (0) Mate: Yumeko

Tomo: Mated to Usagi, Sesshomaru's daughter

Taisho: Mated to Fa, Kouga Sr's daughter

Sano: Unmated

Mamoru: Mated to Sachiko, Kouga Sr's daughter

Mashiro: Mated to Aiko, Inuyasha's daughter

Toshiro: Mated to Michi, Kouga Sr's daughter

Toyo: Iva, Ren, Soichi, Mine, Umeko, Kane, Ami (7) Mate: Rini


Count: 33






In retrospect I've decided to leave the kids at grandkids. No greats in this list, or possibly ever. It's better for my sanity. (What's left of it, anyway. . .) If anybody out there is good at drawing chibis. . . I need help. Seriously. Chibis no easy for me to draw. X(  I need lessons for them. Bad. Little help, please? Anybody?? Helllllo??? ::Sighs pathetically::


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