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Ch 6 - What the Future Brings
Inuyasha opened his eyes and stared blearily. Looking up, he blinked and stared, confused as to how many different shades of brown there were in the ceiling of Kaede's hut. It wasn't until he'd found at least seven that he paused and his brain started waking up.
“How the hell did I get here?”
“Inuyasha?” Kagome's voice floated in from outside before she pushed aside the door covering and came in smiling.
“How are you feeling?” she asked in a soft voice as she walked over to him.
He did a quick internal check. “Fine.” Actually, his body felt horribly weak and shaky, his heart a bit racy, and he just wanted to go back to sleep. But he'd live.
“You've been out for a couple of days.” She continued coming over and started to unwind a clean bandage that was wrapped around his shoulder. He let her, carefully pushing himself up to give her better access and taking a moment to enjoy the feel of her hands. It was odd how he really noticed these brief touches more now that he knew she was lost to him. He must be a freakin' masochist. As the bandage came off, he craned his neck back and forth, trying to see if he had a scar or not. Maybe he'd luck out. Maybe he wasn't really an uke and the scar wouldn't `take.' Maybe all that emotional crap going though his head was just him letting fear fuck with him completely. Because he knew that deep down, being Sesshoumaru's mate scared the shit out of him. The bastard could block Tessaiga; he knew when Inuyasha's human night was now; and he knew where Inuyasha's friends lived and how much they meant to him.
Sesshoumaru had him by the short hairs, and Inuyasha was pretty sure the daiyoukai would happily yank them out, as long as it made Inuyasha scream.
Still trying to see his mark, or lack thereof, he snorted in irritation as couldn't angle his head enough to see anything other than the lack of deep red lines that had covered his shoulder before.
“Kagome? Is- is there a scar?” he asked.
“Just a small one,” she said casually. “Don't worry, you can hardly see it.”
“B-but there is one? It's not just the wound healing?” Please, just let it be healing.
“Oh no, don't worry. You're all healed up now. I don't think you probably even needed this last bandage, but I put it on just in case. Once we took care of the poison, you've been healing just like you usually do.”
“Oh.” Fuck. He'd really been hoping there for a moment. But…wait, the last thing he remembered…
“Where's Sesshoumaru?” Was he still in the village? Was he nearby? His heart started pounding as his brain focused in, taking in the fact that somewhere, Sesshoumaru was frustrated and annoyed. At least he wasn't furious.
“I don't know. He left before I even really started to take care of your wound.”
Oh thank the Gods.
“He said he'd be back once you were better. So, I suppose you'll be seeing him soon,” she said
“Soon? He's coming back?” Shit. He needed to leave then. He was not going to give the asshole the leverage of threatening his friends again. “Dammit, why the hell would he fucking come back,” he muttered angrily.
“Actually…” Kagome bit her lip as she folded up the bandages to wash. “I think he was worried about you.”
“No, I really think he was. He caught you when you passed out, you know.”
“Probably because I fell on him, the fucker.”
“I don't think that's the reason he told us all off for not noticing you were ill.” Kagome commented.
“What? He's the bastard who made me sick! Where does he get off…”
“No, he's right. We all knew something was wrong, but we were so sure we knew what it was that we weren't paying attention. I'm sorry, Inuyasha.”
“Feh, no big deal. Don't listen to the asshole; you did fine.”
“Thanks.” She fidgeted nervously and then leaned forward to give him an awkward hug that made him stiffen in surprise. “It'll be okay, Inuyasha,” she whispered. “I bet it'll all work out just fine.”
“Yeah. Sure. Fine,” he muttered. She didn't understand. How could she? He was connected now to the person who might hate him more than anyone else he'd ever met. He was connected, and he was going to stay that way for, oh, a few hundred years! How could that ever be fine? Especially if Sesshoumaru really did come over just to fuck him over all the time? Inuyasha needed to damn well leave.
“Hey, Kagome, d'you wanna go back to your time for a while?” Fucking Sesshoumaru couldn't find him there, now could he?
“Well, I don't know. You don't need me here?” she asked tentatively.
“Hell, I'll come with you. Haven't seen Souta in forever, anyway.”
She smiled, nodding. “I'd like that. I think mama would love to see you too. I'll just go get my things ready. Meet you outside?”
“Eh, maybe you should go ahead. I got a couple things I wanna do first.”
“I can wait for you.”
“Nah, really, you go ahead. I'll wait for ya at the shrine after you get off of school or somethin'.”
“Well, if you're sure?”
“Yeah, sure. Just go ahead and go.” He watched her leave, sighing. It was going to take him forever to get to the well, as shitty as he felt. He wanted to get away from Sesshoumaru and all…
Let the bastard just TRY to find him, ha!
…but he didn't need a damn audience watching how he got there.
He looked up as the door was moved aside. Miroku, Sango, and Shippou came into the room, coming near and watching him with concerned eyes.
“Kagome said you're better now.” Shippou scampered in close. “I'm sorry I hurt your shoulder,” he said rather timidly.
“Feh, like a little runt like you could hurt me. I'm fine,” he grunted.
“It seems we are fortunate to have Kagome's medicine, however,” Miroku said. “You were not far from death, Inuyasha.”
“Whatever.” He looked away from them and stared at the hut wall. Yeah, so, he'd almost died. Like he couldn't say those exact words every month or two anyway.
“Why didn't you tell us?” Sango asked softly.
“And say what?” he asked, turning to glare at them. “Oh, thanks for the details on me being a bitch now, but don't worry, my asshole brother has already bitten the shit outta me and screwed me over for the rest of my fucking life!” He ground his teeth together and turned back to the wall while the others shifted nervously. When they were silent for a few minutes, but refused to take the hint and fucking leave, he huffed out an annoyed breath.
“Look, I just didn't feel like talking about it. It's not exactly a great moment in my life.” He sighed, closing his eyes, “Just wish I knew why the hell my damn body did this to me, anyway. Why the hell did I have to be a damn uke?”
“Isn't it because…” Sango stopped as Miroku slashed thought the air with his hands frantically. He stopped as Inuyasha opened his eyes, smiling innocently as he looked back with a serene gaze.
“Because why?”
“I was wondering if it was…because you're a hanyou,” Sango said quickly, biting her lip.
“Nah, I've known a coupla hanyou that have managed to grow up, and none of them had this shit happen to them,” he said sadly. “Look, I need to go after Kagome. Could we just say our goodbyes here or somethin'? I'm gonna need to get dressed and all.”
They all nodded and bid him farewell in rather subdued voices.
“Oh yeah,” Inuyasha said as they were about to leave. “If Sesshoumaru comes while I'm gone, tell him a big `fuck you' from me, if you don't think he'll kill you for it. Otherwise…” He thought for a minute. “just tell him I went away for a while and that you don't know when I'll be back.”
“We'll tell him.” Miroku said.
“I'll make some copies of myself and we'll all tell him `fuck you' for you!” Shippou said fiercely, and Inuyasha actually laughed.
“Damn, that almost makes me wanna stay, now. Heh,” He shook his head. “Better not, though. Sesshoumaru will take you down without even blinking.”
“I'm not afraid of him!” Shippou said.
“I would be, if I were you,” Inuyasha said seriously, and Miroku and Sango looked at him sadly. It was pretty clear that they realized HE was afraid of Sesshoumaru. Just great.
“We'll see you on your return,” Miroku said, and gently pulled the other two out so Inuyasha could go through the laborious process of trying to get the top half of his clothes back on.
“So why did you want me to stop talking?” Sango asked Miroku quietly after they'd walked a fair distance from Kaede's.
“I didn't tell him everything, that's why.”
“Why? He deserves to know.”
“He doesn't need to know that he secretly wants someone to take care of him. You know how he is. He'll work so hard to prove it isn't true that he'll end up even more miserable than ever.”
Taking a moment to think about it, she nodded. “I'll concede the point. He is an idiot about things like that. Did you tell him about the other half? About what the dominant male would need?'
“Ah, no. Although I do find it interesting how upset Sesshoumaru was over Inuyasha's injuries,” he said. “He was fairly unpleasant about it, but he did make sure Inuyasha was taken care of, did you notice?”
“I don't know. It's hard for me to see Sesshoumaru taking care of anyone. He's Inuyasha's brother, but he's never acted as a family member should before now.”
Miroku choked slightly. “I'm sorry, but…being together in this capacity isn't exactly familial behavior either!”
“I would imagine it's fine for youkai. I recall hearing once of a female youkai whose father tried to mark her the same way…”
“That's abominable!”
“Yes, actually, but it didn't work. The mark wouldn't stay. It seems that for youkai, only pairs that are acceptable will actually be able to mate. If it worked, then I'd say it's probably perfectly normal.”
“Hmmmm. I hadn't realized,” Miroku said quietly, looking up as he saw Inuyasha make his slow way to the well away from them. “Aaaah, that makes more sense now.”
“Inuyasha looks like he's still not feeling completely healed. Look at how he's walking.”
Sango looked over and saw the hanyou's slow, halting steps just before he turned the corner of a hut.
“You know how he hates to seem weak. He probably didn't want us coming with him and seeing him move like that. I was wondering why he was suddenly so concerned with modesty and saying good bye here,” Miroku said, and Sango nodded.
“Should we follow him and make sure he gets there okay?” she wondered.
“If we stay far enough away, I imagine it would work,” Miroku said, and they made their way after their friend.
Inuyasha finally made it to the well and leaned against it, breathing heavily. Fuck, he was so damn weak! Damn good thing he was going to the future; he might as well be human for all the fight he had left in him now! He pushed himself off the edge of the well, falling through, and as the light of the well's magic faded, Inuyasha suddenly fell heavily onto the ground, his head spinning so badly he thought he was going to throw up.
“Shit, what the fuck?” He sat for a moment, trying to get his bearings, and as the nauseating movement faded he grunted to himself, slowly climbing up the side of the well.
“Great, I'm such a wuss I can't even jump up here. Just great.” He felt like shit…and he could still fucking feel Sesshoumaru. He grunted again as his head automatically paid attention to the daiyoukai's emotions. Bastard was suddenly worried again…really worried, actually. How weird. And-
Inuyasha frowned, walking towards Kagome's house. What was that other feeling? It wasn't something he'd ever felt in the demon's head before. It was actually a really nice feeling, kinda warm and soft and…
He growled, shaking his head. NOTHING coming from Sesshoumaru was NICE. Nothing, period, end of story. Stumbling, he pushed open the door to the Higurashi's. Looking around, sniffing slightly, he whined. Nobody home. Kagome and Souta were probably at school, and he hadn't a clue where Mrs. Higurashi or Kagome's grandfather were. It was really rare that someone wasn't home in the middle of the day. Dammit, he'd been really looking forward to being babied by Kagome's mom. She made the best food.
Sighing, he walked back out to the Goshinboku. He looked up at the branches and gave up, slumping against the giant with a thump. He was just too tired to climb it right now. Maybe later. He'd take a nap for a little while, and if he was lucky he'd feel a little better when he woke up, he thought. Then he could climb up and relax a little more. Closing his eyes, he let himself go to sleep.
He was awakened by someone calling his name.
“Inuyasha! What's wrong? What happened?”
Inuyasha frowned, not recognizing the voice, and opened his eyes to see a strange, violet eyed business man standing in front of him, his long dark hair pulled back into a braid as he looked straight at him. Inuyasha sniffed a moment, smelled human, and looked him over carefully. His features were somewhat familiar, but he knew he'd never met him before.
Inuyasha grunted, leaning back against the tree again and ignoring him. “Go away.” Stupid, weird human.
“Inuyasha, what in all the hells happened to you? You feel as though you've been run over by a truck. You haven't been fighting again, have you?” The man took a few steps towards Inuyasha and Inuyasha growled at him.
Eyes slitted, Inuyasha stared. “I don't know why the hell you know my name, but I don't fucking know you and I sure as hell don't want to spend my time talking with you. Fuck off.”
”Don't be childish, Inuyasha. I already apologized to that idiot in wolf's clothing about the rugby match. He said you could come back anytime you wished.“ Inuyasha continued to glare at him.
“Leave me the fuck alone, jerk.”
The man scowled down at him and finally knelt so close that their legs touched, his hand reaching up to feel Inuyasha's forehead. “Well, you don't seem to have a fever.”
“Back off, asshole!” Inuyasha yelled, swiping at his arm, and was surprised when the man simply swayed to the side to avoid it and started pulling at the neckline to his suikan.
“Your shoulder's hurting. What did you do to it?”
“Shove off!” Inuyasha pushed the man's chest with both hands and gaped as the pushy bastard merely rolled his eyes and smacked Inuyasha's hands out of the way with his arm.
“What the hell ARE you?” he snarled, pushing his back against the god tree. Was the bastard some THING after the shikon jewel? Did he HAVE some of the shikon jewel embedded in him somewhere? Crap, without Kagome, he couldn't fucking tell.
“Inuyasha.” The man's voice was softer as he looked into Inuyasha's eyes, his hand pulling away from Inuyasha's chest. “Truly, you don't have to start insulting me to get me to stop touching you. But what happened? I promise, I will hold my temper, if you'd just tell me? You're so weak... “ Violet eyes went up to Inuyasha's ears briefly and the stranger sighed. “And you lost your spell again, didn't you? Sometimes I believe I need to chain that thing on you.”
“You're not doing a damn thing to me, fucker!” Why was this asshole still talking to him? What the hell was going on? “Now what are you! No damn human can hold his ground against me like you just did!”
“Human?” Violet eyes narrowed in annoyance. “Human?! Inuyasha, will you cease acting like such a deranged idiot?” He reached forward again and Inuyasha slid to the side between the god tree and the not-human human and stood, facing him on legs that wobbled dangerously. Hearing the blare of a horn from outside the shrine, he was reminded of the others and started to worry. Fuck, how long had he been asleep? Was Kagome coming home soon?
If this asshole had shards, he'd be after more of them! He could be after Kagome! Dammit, that was it. He knew Kagome always told him not to kill humans in her time, but this jerk was just not normal. He'd give him one chance, and that was it.
“You can leave or die, fucker,” he growled, unsheathing the Tessaiga. The man's eyes widened further and suddenly he was standing inches away from Inuyasha, holding the wrist of Inuyasha's sword arm in his hand. “Let go, you bastard!” Inuyasha tried unsuccessfully to pull his arm away.
“What the hell are you doing, Inuyasha!” The man yelled, and yanked Tessaiga out of his hand, tossing it on the ground. “You could hurt yourself that way! Now take out whatever insect has crawled up your ass and cease acting like you don't even know me!”
“I don't know you, you wacked-out asshole! Let go of my arm!” Inuyasha kicked out at him and the human dodged. Hardly breaking a sweat, the man continued to evade smoothly as Inuyasha tried to claw and slash at him, until Inuyasha was left panting and dizzy.
The man glared, still holding onto his arm. “You will stop this RIGHT NOW, Inuyasha! This is not humorous in the slightest. You are in no shape to try and fight, and on top of that, you still haven't told me what happened to put you in such a state!” When Inuyasha continued to glare right back, the man growled under his breath. He shook his head and released Inuyasha's arm to reach up and finger a small diamond stud in his ear. “Fine, you want to play this ridiculous game? That's fine. Here, I'll take the damn thing off and then, pup, you are telling me what's going on or I swear I will put you over my knee.” He slid it out and Inuyasha froze, staring at him in horror. One shimmer as the earring came out of his ear, and suddenly Inuyasha was looking up at a one armed Sesshoumaru instead of a two armed human.
Inuyasha scented the air desperately and his breath stopped for a moment as he realized the man's scent had changed as well. This was really Sesshoumaru! Oh Gods, he'd found a way through the well! The bastard had found a way through the well!! And…he'd know where Kagome was from! What if he hurt her! He'd been so furious with her the last time he'd seen her. Would he even hesitate to kill her this time?
“You fucking bastard! You bastard!!” Inuyasha leapt for his throat, missing entirely as Sesshoumaru moved aside again. “Get out of here, you asshole! You don't belong here!” This was HIS place! HIS refuge! Sesshoumaru couldn't come here! It was HIS, dammit!
Inuyasha attacked him wildly, clawing and kicking, even flinging enough blades of blood to damage the Higurashi's home, as Sesshoumaru lunged at him or dodged out of the way. He continually tried to scoop up Tessaiga off the ground, but Sesshoumaru stayed between him and the blade and he was forced to continue a purely physical assault. After a few minutes, he started cursing as he felt his body start to give out on him. No! He wouldn't give up. He wouldn't… He had to make Sesshoumaru leave! His heart pounding in his ears, he tried to get his weakened limbs to move, but everything finally gave out on him and he sagged to his knees.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Inuyasha growled, trying to keep from falling completely onto his face as Sesshoumaru scowled at him, livid with anger both on his face and inside Inuyasha's head.
“What are you thinking, trying to spar at a time like this?! You don't have the strength for it, dammit all to hell!” Sesshoumaru came forward a few steps and stopped as Inuyasha growled again.
“You better not hurt Kagome.”
“Kagome?” Sesshoumaru clenched his fists. “Inuyasha, right now I couldn't care less about Kagome.”
“Don't touch her, asshole,” Inuyasha spat. That was a threat he was making, wasn't it? Letting Inuyasha know how insignificant she was?
“What? Inuyasha, will you just shut up and tell me…”
“Just stay away from Kagome, got it? You even think about doing anything to her and I'll…”
“Inuyasha, dammit, Kagome could drop off the face of the earth right now and I swear, it would make me happy at this point! It's you and what you're doing that you need to start worrying about! I am telling you, you WILL sit down and you WILL let me look at you!”
Inuyasha watched him, trying to figure out what Sesshoumaru was saying. Gods, he was so damn exhausted. What was Sesshoumaru trying to say? He didn't care if Kagome dropped off the face of earth, but he wanted Inuyasha to sit down and let him look.
Crap, he was warning him, Inuyasha thought, his mind distracted by trying to stay on his feet. That had to be it. Kagome was insignificant, didn't matter, and could be killed without worry at the drop of a hat. And Sesshoumaru wanted Inuyasha to obey him, so…would he leave her alone if Inuyasha did what he asked? Was that what he was trying to say? Inuyasha's legs weren't going to hold out much longer; he wouldn't be able to chase him off. Was…submitting… the way he was going to have to save Kagome from the bastard?
He left himself sink slowly until he was sitting on his heels.
“So- I'm sitting. You gonna hurt Kagome now?” He watched, his voice much weaker than he wished.
“Kagome? Dammit, I've just about had it with Kagome!” Sesshoumaru scowled, still clearly furious as he came closer.
The fucking, cold-hearted bastard - he was angry enough he was going to kill her? Inuyasha had to save her, but…he wasn't strong enough right now. Pain speared through his chest at the fact. He wasn't fucking strong enough to protect her; he wasn't even strong enough to stand at this point. He was going to fail. But he couldn't. He couldn't fail her, he had to save her. Just… he couldn't move, he couldn't prevent Sesshoumaru from ending her life. How the hell was he going to keep Kagome from being killed? How? Dammit.
He looked up at Sesshoumaru as the man knelt next to him again. This couldn't be the only way, please…
“Can you just…” He hated this. HATED this, but Kagome was in danger. “…just go back. I'll come with you quietly. You can do whatever the hell you want to me, I won't even fight it, just…leave Kagome alone.” That had to be worth something to the bastard.
“Leave Kagome alone,” Sesshoumaru repeated, shaking his head.
“Kill me, beat me, rape me, I don't fucking care! I'll even scream for you if you need it, dammit, just please, leave her alone,” he said, despairing as Sesshoumaru merely looked at him. “Gods, what will it take!? You wanna cut off my fucking arm? Or…or have me on my knees or… What do you want, you damned…” he sucked in his breath, cursing to himself, desperate as he realized that Sesshoumaru could just hold his stupid, useless body here until Kagome came home and kill her with no trouble. “What do you want from me?” he whispered, his head sagging in defeat. Gods, he hurt so much he wanted to just lay down and pass out, but he had to find a way to keep Kagome safe. He had to.
Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes. “You always get so damn dramatic when you're in pain. Here, I'll leave Kagome alone. Does that fulfill whatever odd little notion you have in your brain right now? Now shut up while I take a look at you.” Inuyasha closed his eyes, biting his lip as he felt Sesshoumaru start to remove his top. This is for Kagome, he told himself. It's okay, he'll leave Kagome alone if I just don't fight this. He shuddered anyway, feeling so cold suddenly that he thought his bones might break from it.
Sesshoumaru paused, his finger brushing over the mark on Inuyasha's shoulder. “What in the world... It looks like it was just made. What did you do to…” Inuyasha felt his chin grabbed suddenly and he ended up looking into Sesshoumaru's shocked face.
“You're just a baby,” Sesshoumaru whispered suddenly. “Gods, how did I miss it. You're just a baby, for Gods sake. Damnation. I don't think I really believed it when he said…” Inuyasha could feel his brother's eyes look him over and he bit his lip so hard he drew blood. Why didn't he just get on with it!
“I can't believe I was such a damn cradle robber.” He ran his hand over a white, silky ear and Inuyasha flinched. “You poor thing, no wonder you're going on about everything this way. You've got to be scared to death.“
Inuyasha couldn't help himself and yelped as Sesshoumaru suddenly sat all the way down and pulled Inuyasha over into his lap. He didn't understand what the hell was going on, or what the hell Sesshoumaru was talking about, but he did recognize one thing: Sesshoumaru lusted after him. He could feel it radiating from the bastard in waves, and it was making him so frightened he could barely think. Sesshoumaru rested his hand on Inuyasha's knee, and he quivered with the need to claw the bastard's hand away. Sesshoumaru rubbed his thigh and Inuyasha shivered, closing his eyes. Gods, he didn't want this. He didn't want this mark or this mate or this fucking rape, but at least she'd be all right. Kagome would be all right. She'd be safe, and that's what counted. That's what was important.
Kagome would be safe.
Sesshoumaru continued rubbing his hand over his thigh and he sat still, letting him, resisting the urge to slap his hand away or gouge out his eyes or just fucking run. Feeling Sesshoumaru's hand slowly run up his thigh towards his groin, he grit his teeth. Kagome would be safe, he chanted to himself. Kagome was going to be fine. He WOULD keep his promise to protect her.
Sesshoumaru's hand left his leg and he couldn't help but feel relieved. It was stupid. If Sesshoumaru was going to do something to him, it was going to happen or it wasn't, but Inuyasha had those few seconds of delay, and he clutched at them. He opened his eyes as he heard small beeps and saw Sesshoumaru with a cell phone in his hand, dialing. He could just barely make out the cranky voice at the other end, tinny and vaguely familiar.
“I have someone here I need your assistance with,” Sesshoumaru said quietly.
“Well, I rather think it's a very young, very frightened Inuyasha.” Inuyasha flinched at the description. He wished the bastard didn't know how scared he was; he knew he'd take advantage of it and taunt him over it later.
“Oh, fuck, already? Dammit…let him off your lap right now, old dog.”
“How…? Never mind, foolish question. But I don't think that's the best idea. His heart's racing a mile a minute. He needs to be calmed.”
Inuyasha didn't understand what the hell Sesshoumaru was talking about, but he worried he wouldn't like it. Calmed? Was that like subdued? He swallowed. He could live through this. Just until Kagome…passed away. A few decades of being Sesshoumaru's slave. He could survive it, he thought, trying to ignore how badly he wanted to start howling at the thought.
“Oh, you have no fucking idea. But he ain't getting calm in your lap, dumbass. Right now, he thinks he just made a deal to let you do whatever the hell you want to him in exchange for Kagome's life. You could rape him right now and he wouldn't lift a finger to stop you. Trust me, he does NOT want to be in your lap. Let him go.”
Who in the name of the Gods was Sesshoumaru talking to? How did he know that?!
Inuyasha grabbed his head in pain as it was suddenly filled with horror and shock, coming straight from Sesshoumaru. What the hell was going on?
“You don't have to stay on me if you don't want to, Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru said to him, holding the phone away from his face for a moment.
“But you'll hurt Kagome if I don't, right?” Inuyasha said, smiling bitterly even through the pain in his head. He'd had that game played on him too many times to fall for it now. Like he'd believe the bastard wouldn't go after Kagome if he didn't hold to his side of the bargain.
“What a bastard you think I am,” Sesshoumaru muttered. “No, whatever you decide, Kagome's safe. I won't harm her or her family, whatever you do.”
Inuyasha looked up, trying not to hope. It had to be a trick. “You swear? You won't hurt her? Or order anyone else to hurt her?”
Sesshoumaru actually flinched and Inuyasha eyes widened at the unexpected sight. “No. She will not be harmed by any action or order of mine.” The larger youkai seemed to slump slightly as Inuyasha immediately scrambled off and sat next to him, unable to stand yet but watching him carefully.
Sesshoumaru spoke into the phone again. “You're right. He wanted off. I can't believe I was so awful that he thought…”
“Believe it. As far as he's concerned, you're one of the nastiest, coldest, most vengeful bastards he knows. And you just promised him you were going to make his life a living hell. What did you think he'd feel, after saying crap like that?”
Sesshoumaru closed his eyes and Inuyasha watched him, confused as huge waves of shame and regret flowed out from the Daiyoukai. Who the fuck was he talking to? “I didn't think at all, at the time. I just lost my temper…”
“Yeah, I remember. You did that a lot. Really, a complete asshole. Don't leave, all right? It'll take me about half an hour to get there. And don't try to touch him; you'll just freak him out if you get all touchy feely and crap.”
“He's ill,” Sesshoumaru said quietly, his eyes running up and down Inuyasha's body in a way that made him feel…odd. There it was again, that strange, soft feeling coming from him. What the hell was that?
“I know. He's recovering, though. He just feels like shit. Trust me, you try to `comfort' him and he'll likely do something stupid and hurt himself just trying to stay away from you. Don't touch him!”
“I suppose you would know,” Sesshoumaru murmured.
“Yeah, I fucking would. I'll be there as soon as I can.”
Sesshoumaru closed his phone and put it into his pants pocket, remaining seated as he watched Inuyasha.
“What the fuck is going on?” Inuyasha growled. He didn't understand why the hell Sesshoumaru was here, or why he wasn't furious at him like he always was, or why he was talking to someone who knew shit that he had no business knowing. And why the hell did Sesshoumaru have a damn phone, let alone knew how to use it? Kagome had explained what they were to him before, but HE still didn't know how the hell to use one. How had Sesshoumaru learned it so damn quickly!
“I- “ Sesshoumaru sighed, rubbing his temple with his fingers. “We need to wait. I doubt you'd believe anything I had to say, anyway. So we need to wait for him. He can explain things.”
“And who the hell is this `he'? “ Inuyasha scooted away from him a few more inches. If someone else was coming for him, he still couldn't fight. What if some youkai was coming who would kill Kagome without being ordered to? That would leave Sesshoumaru in the clear, wouldn't it? Fuck, he needed his sword back. He scooted over even further until he reached Tessaiga, picking it up and holding it across his lap, never taking his eyes from Sesshoumaru.
“He's you, Inuyasha. We're waiting for you.” Inuyasha looked at him and glared.
“And what's that supposed to mean?”
“We're waiting for you to show up and explain things to - you,” Sesshoumaru said. “You know youkai are long lived. Didn't you ever wonder if you'd lived long enough to still be alive in Kagome's era?” he asked softly.
“No. Too many bastards are trying to kill me, including you. I wouldn't live this long. You're lying.”
“I'm not. Inuyasha is coming. He has some things he has to say to you.”
“And why the hell should I believe you?” he snarled, confused and hating it.
“You don't have to. You'll find out for yourself in a little while, and from what I'm seeing, you're still going to be here because you won't let Kagome alone with some stranger coming to the shrine, correct?”
Inuyasha glared at him. “If you're fucking lying to me, if either of you fucking hurts Kagome or her family, I will find a way to kill you. I will fucking kill you.”
“I have no doubt you will, puppy. For the moment, however, how about you sit and rest. You aren't well.”
“Fuck you. I'm fine,” Inuyasha said and to prove it, he inched over to the Goshinboku and dragged himself up the trunk with his claws. It took him a few minutes, but he made if up to the lowest branch just as his limbs started shaking, flopping over it a moment before finally managing to sit against the trunk. He felt rather stupid as he sat there. He should have just stayed on the ground and not used up the little bit of strength he had. But he'd just wanted to get away from Sesshoumaru. He didn't want to take the chance he'd start touching him again. Not that he could stop him, but he felt safer up in his tree, anyway.
Sighing, he stared down at the Daiyoukai.
He hated fucking waiting.
Back in the Feudal Era
Sesshoumaru stumbled and fell to his knees as all extra sensation in his head suddenly ended. Like a knife had cut his connection to Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru could no longer feel anything about the hanyou. He couldn't feel the weakness in his limbs, the pain in his head, the still-too-fast beat of his heart. He was just… gone.
How could he be gone? He'd been getting better! He'd felt him slowly getting better, although it was taking far too long. He'd been getting better! What had happened?! Had…had something killed him? Had something taken advantage of his weakness and come to him and…
No, it couldn't be that. He wouldn't ALLOW it to be that! He pushed to his feet and started running, ignoring Jaken's cries that followed him as he took to the skies. His eyes bled red and he held the handle of Tenseiga tightly. If he had to damn well bring the hanyou back to life, then that's what he'd do.
Nothing was taking Inuyasha from him, not even death. He belonged to HIM now. And if he found out it was something else, if Inuyasha was trying to escape from him?
He growled low in his throat.
NOTHING was taking Inuyasha away.