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Chapter 7- Talking to Yourself
Inuyasha sat leaning against the Goshinboku, staring. He could feel his eyes starting to dry out, and still, he couldn't bring himself to blink. There was the strangely dressed, oddly mellow Sesshoumaru, and for the past five minutes, sitting next to him was…himself. He was even dressed in the same fire-rat robes that Inuyasha had on his own person. It couldn't be. Himself? Really, truly another Inuyasha in the future? He was still alive? And he was still with the asshole?!
The other Inuyasha fwooshed out his breath and rolled his eyes. “Okay, enough is enough. You've had enough time to quietly freak out and everything. You got that I'm you, right?”
Inuyasha nodded, staring.
“Inuyasha, quit being such an ass,” Sesshoumaru ordered. “He's still very weak.”
“I'm fine.” Both Inuyasha's said at once, and Sesshoumaru sighed.
“Wonderful, two stubborn idiots to watch over. Just what I needed today.”
Both Inuyasha's glared at him, the one closest flipping him off before turning back to his younger self.
“We gotta talk, and from what I remember, we don't have a lot of time, so just shut up and listen, all right?”
The Inuyasha against the God Tree growled at being ordered around. “Fuck you. Why the hell should I listen to you? I don't care if you're me or not, you're hanging around with Sesshoumaru, you damn traitor!”
“Uh, yeah, about that…” Inuyasha looked over at Sesshoumaru, debating. “Sesshoumaru, you should leave for a minute.”
“Not if you gave me oral every hour for a week.”
Both Inuyasha's blushed rather vividly and the elder one cleared his throat.
“That didn't exactly help my case, you know,” he muttered, irritated. “Look, I'm gonna say some stuff here, and it's not gonna make you happy. Just take off for five minutes, that's all I'm asking.”
Sesshoumaru looked at the younger Inuyasha and shook his head again. “He's not strong enough to leave unguarded.”
The older Inuyasha raised an eyebrow at the Daiyoukai seated next to him and smirked a little. “Admit it, you just don't want to get too far from his hot young body. You lech. I never knew you had a shota complex.”
Sesshoumaru glared at him in warning. “You are seriously pushing your limits, Inuyasha.” He looked back to the Inuyasha staring at both of them suspiciously. “I am unable to leave, in any case. His weakness and pain are drowning out everything else. I cannot distinguish between the two of you.”
“I think you're just turned on by the one with less stubble,” Inuyasha said, still smirking.
Sesshoumaru looked back to him. “Stubble? I hardly think one hair qualifies as stubble, puppy.”
Inuyasha harumphed, flushing as his younger self laughed at him.
“500 years and you still can't shave?” The ill Inuyasha snorted in derision.
“Hey, you're laughing at yourself here, you know,” Inuyasha grumbled. “And when I put on this damn garish outfit again, too, just so you'd feel comfortable.”
“Comfortable? What the hell is comfortable about meeting myself and finding out I get cozy with the biggest bastard of the Western Lands?” young Inuyasha asked. “What the fuck happened to you? You get hit in the head and turn stupid or something? Or did Naraku rip your dick off and emasculate your sorry ass?”
“Why you little shit…” The older Inuyasha growled and started to get up, yelping as Sesshoumaru grabbed him by the back of his top and slammed his butt back onto the ground.
“Now I am most definitely not leaving. Say what you need to say. Now,” Sesshoumaru said. His Inuyasha yanked the collar of his suikan forward and out of Sesshoumaru's hand, growling.
“Sometimes you can be such an asshole, Sesshoumaru.”
“You're not so old that I can't still…” Sesshoumaru was cut off.
“Fine!” The older Inuyasha's skin went ruddy. “Fine, dammit! You wanna hear all this? Just fine.” He turned back to his younger self, scowling. “You see us here, right? You see that I'm here, and Sesshoumaru's here, and we're still fucking together. You gotta get that through your thick head; the fact that you're gonna be stuck with this jerk for a long fucking time.”
“Bullshit. I'm here, too, and…”
“But I'm the one who's supposed to be here, idiot. You're the one who keeps skipping back and forth between times like some stupid tiddlee-wink.” The older Inuyasha sighed at his counterpart. “You, the you who lives each year at a time, are going to be with Sesshoumaru for freaking centuries, so you HAVE to find a way to come to terms with him.”
There was silence for a moment before Inuyasha growled out his question. “How? Even if I believe you, how would I live so long? I should be dust by now. Hanyou don't live this damn long.”
“Submissive hanyou do,” Sesshoumaru said calmly. “At least if they're claimed by a full youkai.”
“Yeah, one of the benefits of being an uke. You get your partner's life span, just like a female normally would.” Inuyasha gave a snarky little smile as his other self blanched. “Like I said, you're going to be stuck with Sesshoumaru for a long, long, loooong time. Get that thought in your brain. It's important.”
Sesshoumaru shifted. “He's frightened,” he said.
“I am not frightened, asshole!”
“Oh shut up,” the older Inuyasha said. “You're scared shitless. You think we can't tell? And fear's a good thing, Sesshoumaru. It means he's paying attention. I told you that you wouldn't like this.”
“Whether or not I like it does not negate your need of me. Either of you. You will help him cope with this without so much fear on his part. Now,” Sesshoumaru ordered.
Both Inuyasha's glared at him, and the elder one sighed. “Fine. How's this: Sesshoumaru is a fantastic screw. Makes you come like there's no tomorrow.”
Sesshoumaru smacked him in the back of the head as the younger Inuyasha tried to press himself into the God Tree behind him. “That was inappropriate!”
“What? I thought he'd like to know!'
“Now he's more frightened than before! How your emotional idiocy has survived all these centuries, I will never understand,” Sesshoumaru growled. He looked over at the terrified hanyou, sighing. “Inuyasha, it's not a bad thing. You don't have to fear it so…”
“I'm not afraid! I'm not afraid of jack shit!”
“Well, really, who IS afraid of shit?” his older double muttered, annoyed.
“Shut up, asshole!” the younger Inuyasha said, pushing away from his tree aggressively.
“Come over here and make me, you runty little…”
“Inuyasha!” Sesshoumaru cut him off and he seethed a moment.
“Dammit, how did I not kill myself if I was this annoying?”
“You're still this annoying,” Sesshoumaru said, shaking his head. “If you've matured more than a hairsbreadth in all these years, I'll eat Tenseiga.”
After another irritated glare, Inuyasha turned back to his other self. “Crap, this is taking too long. Look…trust what you're feeling from the asshole, okay?”
The younger Inuyasha looked at him silently.
“Don't give me that look. You get a constant stream of emotional baggage coming from Sesshoumaru: it's not just in your head, it's real. He's really that much of an emotional wreck.”
“Pushing…” Sesshoumaru said quietly, and both Inuyasha's ignored him.
“Listen to that. It'll really help you figure out what you need to do when he loses his temper and acts like such a complete and total asshole, as well as…other times.”
“What's the soft feeling?” Inuyasha asked, watching them both carefully.
“Soft feeling?” Sesshoumaru asked, and his Inuyasha finally smiled.
“You're gonna have to figure that one out on your own. It's in your Sesshoumaru, too, don't worry. It just takes a little while for him to pull his head out of his ass and figure it out.”
After another minute of silence, the younger Inuyasha humphed. “Anything else?”
“Let's see…gonna be with him for freakin' forever; you're not crazy, you really feel what he feels… Nope, that was about it,” Inuyasha said.
“Well that's a big load of useless crap.” Inuyasha sneered. “How about something useful? Like…like what's with the earring, now-I'm-human, now-I'm-not shit?”
“Oh, that's from Shippou. You'd be amazed what the little bastard can do with his illusion magic and technology these days. Has his own company and everything: video games and gadgets for youkai.”
Inuyasha swallowed, choked slightly that Shippou was still alive. “But…he had two arms…”
“Ah, the fake one has a little bit of feeling if you bumped into it, but he can't really use it. Think about it; did Sesshoumaru ever do anything to you with more than one hand?”
The younger Inuyasha paused, obviously reviewing. He nodded reluctantly. “Okay, let's say I buy that, why the fuck aren't you wearing one? Why just Sesshoumaru?”
“Because he constantly loses his,” Sesshoumaru said dryly, reaching into his pocket to grab a small earring and toss it at his mate before replacing his own in his ear.
“Because I don't need it,” Inuyasha countered, putting in his own earring anyway. “as I'm not the one who went on an overprotective rampage that was seen by so many people there's actually conspiracy theorists with my picture.” His human form looked at Sesshoumaru.
“It was necessary,” Sesshoumaru countered.
“Yeah, right. All I can say is that I'm not the one who has to have a pretend arm and shit just in case some dumbass with no life happens to see a resemblance.” The older Inuyasha chuckled. “Man, I can still see you, flying in like a bat outta hell…”
“You were in danger,” Sesshoumaru said angrily.
“Feh, I coulda taken them.”
“Yes, I could see that by the way you lay on the ground, bleeding out. What were you planning on doing, biting them in the ankles?”
“Look, I…” He and the younger Inuyasha suddenly yelled out, grabbing their heads just as an enraged bellow split the air. “Son of a bitch, I forgot you were so fucking PISSED!”
The human Inuyasha shook his head and leapt up and over to the younger Inuyasha who had frozen, eyes staring in horror towards the well house. “Snap out of it! C'mon, behind the well house, dumbass!” Older Inuyasha yanked him up by the arm and started dragging him.
“Be careful,” Sesshoumaru called after him.
Inuyasha nodded, racing with his still stunned younger version until they stood hidden behind the building that threatened to collapse as something burst out from the doors.
“Sorry. This is really gonna suck for a minute,” the human Inuyasha whispered, and he sped off around the left side of the building just as Sesshoumaru, fully demon in armor and silk, sped around from the other side. He stopped as he saw Inuyasha and grinned ferally, his eyes crimson.
“There you are,” he spat, his hand glowing green. Inuyasha stepped away from him, trying to control his legs' desire to collapse on him.
“Did you think I wouldn't find you?” Sesshoumaru practically hissed. “When your scent leads right to the portal to this place? Did you think you'd found a way to escape me?!”
Inuyasha wanted to pound his head at the painful rage pressing into it, and he took another step away from Sesshoumaru. Why had he fucking listened to that damned version of himself! He'd completely screwed him over! Fucking bastard just left him there to get the shit kicked out of himself again?! And he was supposed to stay with this psychotically enraged youkai for centuries? They were fucking liars! He could see it in his brother's eyes: Inuyasha was going to die. Right here, right now.
“Answer me, Inuyasha! Did you think you could leave?” Sesshoumaru asked, growling. “Did you?!” He reached Inuyasha with a sudden pulse of speed and grabbed his hair in his fist, yanking his head back to look down at him. “You are MINE, Inuyasha! You do NOTHING without my permission. Drawing the very air you breathe is only because I allow it and haven't yet ended your miserable life.”
Inuyasha brought his claws up, determined to fight off the bastard and free himself, and almost passed out as Sesshoumaru shook him violently, like a dog shaking a rag. He felt like his neck was barely connected to his body, limbs limp and practically unresponsive as the daiyoukai's hand held him up by the hair.
“You are never, NEVER to leave that little hovel of a village you reside in unless I give you leave, Inuyasha. Do you understand me?!” Sesshoumaru snarled, and he flung the hanyou from him, sending him crashing through the back wall of the well house to fall hard onto the recessed floor inside.
Inuyasha tried to push himself to his feet, failed on the first attempt. He barely managed on the second try, and as he pulled himself up by the lip of the well he saw his older self already standing in the dimness next to him.
“Jump in,” the older Inuyasha whispered, pulling out his earring.
“Whaaat?” Inuyasha pressed on his jaw, trying to make it work right again, shivering at the oddness of seeing a human suddenly look and smell like a hanyou again.
“Inuyasha, pay attention! You've gotta get back to the Feudal Era, now! We'll stall him as much as we can, but we can't have `Lord' Sesshoumaru battling throughout all of modern Japan! He could kill somebody! Hell, he could kill Kagome or Souta or…”
“I'm goin' “ Inuyasha said quickly. He didn't even bothering saying goodbye. If his future self was willing to take a beating and let him get the hell out of there, he wasn't going to argue. Hell, it wasn't cowardice if he was letting himself save him, was it? He shook his head as he let himself fall over the lip of the well.
The Elder Inuyasha sighed in relief as his younger self disappeared, and he slipped over to stand next to the well. He looked up to see Sesshoumaru leap through the hole the younger Inuyasha had made in the wall and land on his feet next to Inuyasha, snarling. The daiyoukai stared at him, still enraged.
“What is that smirk on your face, half-breed? You think your pathetic bravado will prevent me from punishing you?!” He stepped closer, his eyes narrowed. “You will regret that you ever thought about escaping me!”
Inuyasha smiled and leaned back against the well. “I don't think so.”
Sesshoumaru's eyes widened and then started to bleed red. “I am going to make you howl.” He practically foamed at the mouth, and Inuyasha shook his head.
“Again, I don't think so. I've got someone else now and frankly, he's a hell of a lot tougher than you, Sesshoumaru,” Inuyasha sneered at him.
“Someone else? Someone else! You dare?! “ Sesshoumaru charged him and the daiyoukai was suddenly flattened as something plunged through the roof and landed on his back.
“I am telling you right now, Inuyasha, we are going to have words over letting him get this close to you,” the businessman standing on Sesshoumaru said, growling. “Don't think you won't be punished.”
“Yeah, yeah. Now you're starting to repeat yourself. Yourselves, whatever.” He looked down at Sesshoumaru's kimono clad body struggling to push his older self off…and failing… and he smiled again. “Man, I wish I could have stayed here and seen this before I went back to the past. Would have done me a world of good.”
“Inuyasha! You need to leave! Now!”
“I'm going. Jeesh, you're so damn pushy sometimes.”
“Inuyasha, I swear your ass and I are going to be having words with each other if you do not leave this moment!!”
Glaring at him, Inuyasha nonetheless leapt up the stairs and out of the well house, muttering under his breath. As soon as the human looking businessman could no longer hear him in the vicinity, he reached down grabbed a handful of Sesshoumaru's hair, pulling back on it and bowing the youkai's body up off the ground while he kept his foot pressed against his back.
“As for you, you fucking sadistic, worthless son of a bitch, we're going to have a little talk.”