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Chapter 12 - Bumps Along the Way
He was going to hell.
Miroku rubbed his hand over his face, chuckling.
Straight. To. Hell.
He must be, because the idea of Sesshoumaru turning Inuyasha over his knee and spanking him--he started choking on his mirth again. It shouldn't be funny, especially after everything that had happened in the two males' relationship to date. It really shouldn't. If he were honest, it probably wouldn't be if Miroku hadn't often wished Inuyasha were about the size of Shippou so he could spank some sense into the idiot himself.
He was a bad, bad man.
Actually, if Inuyasha ever found out that something Miroku had said gave the daiyoukai the idea, he was a bad, dead man.
He just couldn't seem to stop laughing, as much as he tried. Maybe it was just relief. Sesshoumaru had voluntarily promised to change his behavior towards Inuyasha before Miroku had to end him. The change might not please his friend, he thought, starting to snort again, but it wouldn't be seriously hurting him. As far as he could see, Sesshoumaru was acting like someone who might, possibly, care for Inuyasha. He didn't seem to have the slightest idea how to express it, if he was even aware the feelings existed, but Sesshoumaru wasn't completely indifferent. He didn't act like someone whose only thoughts were to hurt Inuyasha. There was something else there, enough of something to offer hope for their future, and Miroku didn't feel that he should take that away when the threat of actual physical damage had been negated.
He smiled slightly. He wasn't sure if it would work out perfectly, but…if Inuyasha could find some type of peace with Sesshoumaru, Miroku would be satisfied. He hadn't been lying when he'd told the stubborn youkai off: Inuyasha didn't deserve all the things that constantly befell him. Not that anyone in their party deserved what Naraku had plagued them with, but at the very least, everyone else had someone who had cared for them deeply during the whole of their youth. He sobered slightly as he continued walking quickly through the muted quiet of the forest, and his thoughts shifted to how to get Inuyasha back to the village. Informing him that it was safe to return because Sesshoumaru couldn't move would require telling Inuyasha that Miroku had actually met with his mate, a bit of truth that he'd rather avoid at the moment. Although he did wonder: why couldn't Inuyasha tell that Sesshoumaru was so badly injured? Sesshoumaru claimed that he could sense what condition Inuyasha was in, couldn't Inuyasha do the same?
A few minutes more and Miroku found his way back to Inuyasha's resting spot. He was relieved to find that he hadn't moved while Miroku had been gone; he'd half expected him to hide from him.
“I'm back.”
“Yeah, I figured that out, dumbass. Why didn't you go back to the village like I told -“ Inuyasha's eyebrows lowered furiously. “Why the hell do you smell like Sesshoumaru?”
Miroku cursed. It never failed, start congratulating yourself on your own cleverness, and something obvious will come and take a nice bite out of your complacent ass. “I…happened across him in the woods.”
“Crap, Miroku, you're lucky he didn't kill you! Weren't you fucking paying attention? It's not like his aura doesn't stick out like a tick on a naked ass!”
“Actually, he simply gave me a message for you,” Miroku said quickly, and he could see the subtle facial changes on Inuyasha that showed him he needed to think very, very carefully in the next few minutes or the game was up.
“Don't lie to me. What did he do to you?” Inuyasha's voice was hard.
“Nothing, truly! I'm fine!”
“How the hell are you fine? This is SESSHOUMARU we're talking about! You should damn well be dead!”
Miroku thought frantically. Sesshoumaru…deadly, cold, annoyed with things beneath him… “Inuyasha, calm yourself! Your brother simply said that he had better things to do than track you down to tell you to get back to the village. Then he got that supercilious look he wears and said, `You will inform Inuyasha where he needs to be' and that was it.” Miroku held his breath. Would this work? Inuyasha's ears flattened dramatically and he snarled. Did that mean he believed him or not?
“Shit, that sounds exactly like him,” Inuyasha muttered, and Miroku sighed in relief. “He really did mean the actual village. Shit.” Inuyasha stood indecisively for a brief moment before turning towards the village. “Let's go back, then, Houshi.”
He missed Miroku's look of surprise before the monk followed. What Sesshoumaru wanted affected Inuyasha that quickly? Miroku had thought for sure he was going to have to wheedle for at least fifteen minutes before he got this type of response. Was this another aspect of mating that he was unaware of?
“Inuyasha,” Miroku said after a few steps. “I never thought to inquire before, but what exactly is involved in being marked like you've been?”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“Well, is it merely…ceremonial, or is there some physical reason that Sesshoumaru bit you?”
“Feh, it's a real thing, not some weird religious shit or nothin'. Jackass' youki gets into my body or something fucked up like that. Myouga could probably tell you all about that crap.”
“Ah, I'll make sure to ask him, then.” Miroku stared at the back of his head for another few minutes. “So, what exactly results from the marking, then? Does it…connect you in any way?” There, hopefully that would be enough so Inuyasha would share whether he could feel anything from Sesshoumaru or not.
Inuyasha stumbled a moment. He glanced back at Miroku before turning away to continue walking. “Myouga never warned me about it, but I can kinda tell what Sesshoumaru feels since the asshole bit me.”
“Oh?” So, they could both feel each other. Interesting. Then why was Inuyasha so nervous about meeting Sesshoumaru right now? “So…what type of things do you feel from him?”
“Eh, pissed off is what he's usually got. And irritated, and angry, and enraged…there's a lot of variations on the whole `the world is so beneath me that it's infuriating' theme. And some other—stuff.” Miroku watched with renewed interest as Inuyasha glanced at him again and turned away, his cheeks noticeably pink.
So not physical sensations, but emotions? Hmmm. Miroku contemplated what Sesshoumaru might have been feeling during their conversation and couldn't resist the temptation to find out how he was reacting to it now. “So, you can tell what he's feeling emotionally?”
“Yeah. Pretty fucking useless. If I could tell where the bastard was, at least I could keep away from… never mind.”
“Could you tell what he's feeling right now?”
“Who cares,” Inuyasha muttered.
“Well, considering his propensity for killing people who annoy him, I'm rather curious if he's angry enough to come after me any time soon. I'd simply like a little warning, if you wouldn't mind?”
“Oh. Yeah, I can do that. Lemme see.” Inuyasha was silent for a moment. “Eh, you're off the hook. Supercilious bastard doesn't even look like you were worth getting angry over. He was really pissed a while ago, but that ain't there any more. Musta been over somethin' else.”
“I see. He was really angry before? I wonder what happened…” Miroku did his best to look only vaguely curious. “Something that can make Sesshoumaru truly angry might be something we could use to our advantage. Is there anything he felt that might give us a clue what was happening?”
“Not really. He was royally pissed, and then, well…” Inuyasha's brow furrowed as he tried to recall. “Actually, it was kinda weird. Whole buncha new stuff. If it wasn't Sesshoumaru, I would have said he was scared, and jealous as hell. Maybe even kind of excited about something too. But as it's him? Who the hell knows.” Inuyasha shrugged. “Sorry, I don't exactly have this whole `feeling' crap down yet. Doesn't feel like he's so furious he's about to end your sorry ass, that's about all I could tell you for sure right now.”
“That's plenty. Thank you. I appreciate it,” Miroku said, bowing his head briefly to hide the grin he couldn't hold back. He hadn't been expecting that he'd be able to confirm what Sesshoumaru was feeling when he'd left the daiyoukai! A last lingering worry about whether he was doing the right thing disappeared before he even really noticed its existence.
Sesshoumaru was scared about Inuyasha's health, and jealous. Perfect.
The moment they spotted the rest of the group, or more specifically Kagome, Inuyasha started growling. “That cowardly fucking asshole! Sneaking in here when he thinks I'm gone? I am gonna stomp him flat!” The hanyou headed for the group as quickly as he could and Miroku scanned around him, looking for Kouga. Inuyasha grabbed at Kagome's shoulder and yanked his hand down in a throwing motion before…stomping.
“Bastard!” STOMP. “Stupid idiot!” STOMP. “You couldn't fucking tell me this shit before I get marked?!” STOMP STOMP STOMP. “You are the most pathetic excuse for a retainer that's ever been fucking BORN!” STOMP STOMP.
Inuyasha paused, grinding his foot into the dirt for an entire minute before he picked it up and looked at the depression he'd made in the ground. He leaned down and grabbed what Miroku was finally close enough to see was a small flea. Stomped flat.
“Well, at least he's truthful,” Miroku murmured, amused.
Inuyasha shook Myouga as he glared at him. “You rotten little bastard! How could you not tell me about being an uke, you jerk! I could have…dammit, I could have done something about it!!”
Myouga's rather dazed voice wobbled as he replied. “I was unaware you were uke until it was already too late.” The flea puffed up a little more and looked in the vicinity of Inuyasha's throat where Sesshoumaru's bite was just barely visible above the loosened neckline. “Master Inuyasha! You have a mate, congratulations! Gak!” Inuyasha squeezed him flat again.
“Shut up! It was Sesshoumaru, you little bloodsucker, and there ain't nothing good about being mated to that fucking prick! I've been sick for over a week from this damn bite!” Inuyasha noticed Myouga regaining his form and squeezed him again. Growling in disgust, he hucked him back in Kagome's direction. “Stupid, useless idiot.”
The flea caught Kagome's hair and slid down to land on her shoulder. “Is this true? Has Inuyasha been ill?” he asked, concerned.
“He's been very sick.” Kagome's voice was worried. “He almost died from Sesshoumaru's poison before we were able to treat him.”
“Master Sesshoumaru released his poison?” Myouga sounded genuinely shocked. “With a mating bite?” He shook his head before staring up at Kagome in awe. “You must have very strong medicines indeed to have saved Master Inuyasha, then.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?” Inuyasha glared at him. “I'm not some wimp who can't heal on his own, ya know! I've dealt with Sesshoumaru's poison plenty of times.”
“A mating bite is different, Master Inuyasha.” Full professor mode kicked in, and Myouga sat down cross-legged on Kagome's shoulder. “The body has to adjust when the connection is made. It takes almost all of a youkai's energies to do so, dominant OR submissive. There is very little reserve energy left for dealing with physical ailments or injuries, for at least a week or two. With as little energy as you have to utilize, I'm surprised the poison didn't overwhelm you at once, Master Inuyasha.”
Myouga paused and then looked at him proudly. “Then again, you are your father's son.”
“Oh, shut up. Sesshoumaru is the old man's kid, too. Doesn't make him some kinda admirable guy.”
“No. But it does make him strong, just as you are.” Myouga said.
Inuyasha glared at him, his eyes sweeping over the faces of everyone present before he snarled to himself.
“Well, I didn't manage to keep the jack ass away, so I guess his blood didn't make me strong enough. ” He walked away from them towards Kaede's, his hands swinging in jerky arcs.
Miroku put a hand on Kagome's arm as she started after him. “He could use some privacy for a little while, Kagome. Please. I know that you wish you comfort him, but I think he still sees too much of what he has lost when he looks at you.” Kagome winced.
“I know how he feels,” she said softly, and watched after Inuyasha with sad eyes.
A new smell drifted by and Sesshoumaru stopped counting eye-blinks to pay attention. He didn't bother looking around; the smell was too far to be seen, even though his eyes were good enough that the night-darkened sky posed no problems. At least he could move a little now, enough to wield his whip if he really had the need, but it would slow the full healing. Bones didn't take that long: they were already almost healed, but the muscles and tendons always took a bit more to be fully functional. He still couldn't understand why everything was taking longer than usual to return to normal. It really was highly irritating.
Because aside from the utter, infuriating feeling of being weak, waiting for his body to regenerate was boring. Completely and utterly tedious. He needed something to relieve the boredom or he thought he might just scream, and that really was beneath his dignity. Satisfying, but still beneath him. A smell would work for the moment, although even that irritating human monk of Inuyasha's would do at this point. He needed something to keep from constantly thinking about how long until he could confront Inuyasha. The hanyou was ill equipped to handle his own problems at the moment, and he was still lacking in some critical knowledge as to what was expected of him. And the fact that Sesshoumaru actually had to wait to take care of the issue-- and due to a physical weakness—put him in a constant state of annoyance. He should be able to go deal with the problem now, not later!
Patience and Inuyasha, yet again, two words that didn't seem to fit together well.
He inhaled slightly, opening his mouth to fully catch the scent that was hopefully going to provide a distraction, and his hackles rose as the faint smell of wolf demon crept in. Was it the same one? That Kouga bastard that Inuyasha's monk had mentioned? He had said he was a wolf demon. Sesshoumaru hissed under his breath. It was absolutely maddening to be in this position! He should be making sure Inuyasha wasn't doing anything with this- this presumptuous upstart of a prince who thought he could take what belonged to Sesshoumaru. What if the ookami was still attempting to pursue Inuyasha? Sesshoumaru growled to himself, glaring in the direction of the human village. Inuyasha had best behave himself, if he knew what was good for him. And as for this Kouga? If this new smell was truly him?
He had better enjoy the last few hours of what was likely to prove a very short life.
As long as he enjoyed them without Inuyasha.
Inuyasha leaned against the outer wall of Kaede's, wishing he was sitting in Goshinboku. Sitting in a human village when he wasn't completely well gave him the jitters. He hadn't lived to be as old as he was by letting himself get into vulnerable positions like this. And that ass Sesshoumaru was the one who was forcing him to stay here.
He sighed, getting up to wander the village for the…49th time? He'd lost count. He just couldn't feel comfortable sitting in one place with so many humans around; it felt too much like he was asking for someone to surround him with sharp implements. Especially when he was still walking around like a half-dead dumbass. Most of the poison was gone, he was pretty sure, because he could finally feel himself start to fucking heal rather than just deal with it. But it was still going to be at least the rest of the night before he'd be back to normal, dammit. He didn't know how the hell human beings dealt with healing so slowly.
`Cause it sucked.
He came to the village edge and nodded to Miroku and Sango's forms in the torchlight, avoiding Kagome's eyes. Shippou he ignored solely to annoy the little kitsune, and he almost grinned at the indignant look that crossed Shippou's face as he did so.
He was only a few steps away when he heard Kagome get to her feet, and he paused, expecting an irritated `osuwari' for ignoring her.
“I think Kouga's coming. There are two jewel shards getting nearer.”
“Just great,” Inuyasha muttered. “You okay with him being here?” he asked Kagome quietly, still not looking at her.
“As long as he behaves himself,” Kagome said after a brief hesitation.
“Then I'll leave him alone.” Inuyasha's jaw tightened a moment as he fought back the automatic urge to order her to keep away from the over confident jerk.
“Eh…did you say Kouga?” Miroku asked, and looking at him, Inuyasha could almost see the man radiating nerves.
“What about him? I said I wouldn't fight the asshole.” Miroku didn't look any happier. “What? He say something?”
Miroku smiled brightly. “No, no, of course not. I was just wondering how long he planned to stay, that's all.” He turned away and Inuyasha could hear him breathing heavily. What the hell was up with Miroku today? He was acting fucking odd.
Distracted from the almost hyperventilating houshi by the mini-tornado that blew up to Kagome, Inuyasha watched Kouga instead. The wolf stopped and smiled at Kagome briefly before turning to smirk at him. Why the bastard thought he had to rub it in his face, he had no idea. Like he didn't already feel like shit that he'd never have Kagome? Kouga was such a fucking asshole. An asshole who was suddenly coming over to Inuyasha and staring at him.
“Crap, what the hell happened to YOU, mutt-face? You look like shit.”
“Yeah, thanks. At least this'll get better, unlike your missing brain,” Inuyasha muttered back at him. He really didn't feel like yelling at the moment.
“Nah, you'll still look like shit when you're healed up, just not 3 day old shit that's been rolled in youkai blood and guts, is all.”
Well, maybe he could yell for a little while. “Shut the fuck up.”
“Yeah, right. Really, though, what the hell beat the crap out of you? You didn't let Kagome get hurt, did you?!” Kouga turned around to check and his shoulders relaxed as Kagome shook her head.
“I'm fine, Kouga. And stop yelling at Inuyasha. He doesn't need this right now,” she said sternly. Kouga's tail tucked under slightly as he watched her actually getting annoyed at him.
“What? What the hell's wrong with him?” He turned back to Inuyasha, sniffing at him and looking at his various welts and bruises. “You get poisoned or somethin'?”
“Yeah, or something,” Inuyasha growled.
Kouga took a step forward, sniffing again, his eyes narrowing. “What have you done to your scent, mongrel? It smells different…like…” Kouga's eyebrows rose in surprise. “It's another male. You smell like…someone actually mated your sorry ass?!”
To Inuyasha's shock, he didn't start laughing at him. He seemed genuinely surprised. “Yeah, so the hell what. You got something to say about it?” he growled again.
Kouga shook his head slightly, staring at him. “I just…shit, I never actually thought someone could DO it. Figured you'd tear most youkai a new hole where their head used to be. I mean, you're pretty pathetic compared to me, but you do all right in a fight,” he allowed.
“Pretty pathetic, my ass. I can kick your tail any day of the year.”
“Oh yeah? Why don't you bring it—“
“Kouga!” Kagome yelled, and Kouga and Inuyasha both flinched. Inuyasha looked at her with wide eyes for a moment before his ears drooped all the way to flatten on his head.
She's already not even yelling at me anymore, he thought sadly. It used to piss me off so much, but now she's telling off Kouga instead of me. She doesn't even care anymore.
“Kouga, Inuyasha has been through too much the last few days to get in a fight right now, so leave him alone!” Kagome said, shaking her finger at the ookami.
Wait, she's doing it to protect me? He wondered, staring at her. Does that mean she thinks I'm weaker now? He glared at Kouga. I am not weaker than that stupid wolf, he muttered to himself.
Kouga slouched slightly at Kagome's scolding, saw Inuyasha watching him, and straightened back up. He scowled at Inuyasha. “So, what'd you do to get yourself so fucked over? Go charging in ahead of everyone, like usual? Bite off more than you could chew, puppy?”
Inuyasha scowled back, opened his mouth, and Kagome's words came tumbling out before he uttered a sound. “He didn't do anything wrong to get hurt like that! Sesshoumaru did that to him!”
“Sesshoumaru? Who the hell is that?”
Inuyasha opened his mouth again to tell him it was none of his damn business, when Kagome beat him to the draw. “He's his mate! His own mate did that to him, so you just leave him alone, Kouga!”
“Dammit, Kagome, I can talk for myself! And maybe I'd like a little privacy about my own damn affairs, you ever think of that! Shit, wench, you spill secrets like a fucking fountain!”
Kagome looked chagrined until the word `wench' left his mouth, and then her eyes spit sparks. “Inuyasha! Osuwari!”
He slammed to the ground and lay there, groaning at the pain radiating through his body. Kagome let out a cry and ran over. “Inuyasha! I'm sorry, I didn't mean…I just lost my temper and forgot you were hurt! I'm sorry!”
“Too fucking late for sorry's, Kagome. It's already done.” He got up off the ground. If she was just going to slam him into the ground, he'd damn well leave. He turned from her to walk away.
“Inuyasha! I'm sorry!” she said, her lip trembling as he kept walking.
“Feh, whatever,” he muttered. He stopped a moment and stared hard back at Kouga, who was still looking rather stunned at the recent revelations. “You fucking ask her, not tell her, got it? She says yes to anything, then I won't…I won't fight it or nothin'. But you try to do one, fucking thing she doesn't want to, you pull any shit with Kagome at all, and I will kill you, wolf.” Inuyasha turned away from him without waiting for an answer and continued walking.
Kouga stared after him. “That's it? He's just…giving up?”
“What is he supposed to do?” Miroku asked quietly. “He's not only unable to mark the woman he loves, he's BEEN marked.”
“Yeah.” Kouga whispered. “I mean, it was about the best damn material to tease his sorry ass over, but I never thought it would really happen. He's a scrappy little shit; I figured he'd keep the other males off his back for years still.”
“He probably would have if he hadn't been caught at…a vulnerable moment,” Miroku said.
Kouga nodded slowly. “Ohhhh. Yeah, you always gotta watch where you are when you start that sort of thing. Never know who might jump you after you've come and all.”
Kagome covered Shippou's ears; Sango blushed and looked away; and Miroku snickered.
“Not that type of vulnerable moment…he just wasn't able to fight back, that's all.”
Kouga stared at the retreating hanyou some more. “His mate really do that to him?”
“Yes, I'm afraid so.”
Kouga shook his head. “That ain't right. Inuyasha's a dumbass little bastard, but even if he's a weak little uke, he doesn't deserve to have his own mate fuck him over like that,” he muttered. “That just ain't right.”
“No, it isn't.” Kagome said, approval slipping into her voice as she looked at Kouga.
“Never thought I'd say this, but you think he needs somebody to kick his mate's ass for him or something?”
Miroku choked slightly. “Eh, no. I don't believe that's so much a concern any more. And in any case, don't you have to be heading back home, Kouga?”
“Nah. I decided I should stay a few days and make sure Kagome's being taken care of properly.” He stared at Miroku as he started coughing violently. He came over and wacked him on the back hard enough to knock him to his knees. “Cough it up, Monk.”
“I'm fine,” wheezed Miroku. “Don't worry, just swallowed wrong, that's all.” Miroku got back on his feet. “Are you certain you don't need to leave? You must need to defend your territory from other packs…or something?”
“I said it's fine.” Kouga looked at him a moment and his eyes narrowed. “You're not trying to get rid of me or anything, are you?”
“Me? I wouldn't dream of it.”
“You don't have a thing for Kagome, do you?” Kouga asked suspiciously, setting off another coughing fit.
“Gods, no!” Miroku finally managed. “I can honestly say that Kagome has NOT stolen my heart or my interest.”
“All right then.” Kouga still stared at him a moment before turning to Kagome and starting to talk with her quietly.
Miroku looked to Sango and smiled seeing she was listening to Kouga and Kagome.
Never leave you flank undefended, he thought as he grinned rather lasciviously.
SLAP. “Hentai!”
“Sango, my love, don't be so cruel…”
“I'll show you cruel!” she grabbed for the hiraikotsu and Miroku hastily backed away.
“My apologies! Entirely my fault!”
“That's better,” she said, nodding resolutely, and turned her back on him again.
Now she was just being cruel, he thought as he looked at her undefended bottom, throwing it out in my face like that. Miroku sighed and tried to concentrate on something other than the rounded behind that swiveled and twitched in front of him.
The sounds of Kouga and Kagome talking washed over the party for a moment.
“Hentai!” SLAP.
Miroku rubbed his face and sighed. He'd have to work on his concentration a bit more, it seemed.
Inuyasha woke instantly, staring out at the darkness, eyes focused on the footsteps that passed nearby. He relaxed to see a villager merely taking her toddler out to pee. He stayed silent as he sat unnoticed outside Kaede's hut. Flicking his ears, he made sure nothing else was out of place. He could hear Kagome and Sango's breathing from one side of the hut, Shippou's quicker breathing intermingling with the women's. Miroku's breathing came through, slow and even, from the other side, along with his arousal.
Lech, even smells aroused when he's dreaming, Inuyasha snorted to himself. He swallowed as the one last sound hit him. Kouga, Ginta, and Hakkaku's breathing. They were over next to Miroku, probably sitting against the wall…just like Inuyasha would have been doing just a couple of weeks before. The two flunkies had shown up just after Inuyasha had left, and now all three had settled in for a few day's stay, it looked like.
He sighed. They'd invited him inside; he didn't have anyone to blame for being outside alone except himself. He just didn't think he could bear it. He couldn't leave if he didn't want to endanger his friends' lives, but if he stayed, he'd have to see Kouga getting closer to Kagome. And he'd have to be even more of an ass than Sesshoumaru to step in and stop the two of them. He wasn't quite that selfish. Kagome shouldn't have her chance at happiness shot down just because his life sucked.
Inuyasha tried to close his eyes and go to back to sleep; he really didn't feel like thinking about crappy shit like this at the moment. As he attempted to let his mind drift, however, he'd hear a sigh or a snore or an insect starting or stopping and it would startle him back awake. The final straw came when he smelled Miroku's arousal grow thicker in the air as the man groaned and shifted in his sleep. Stupid freaking hentai…how was he supposed to sleep with that kind of scent in the air?
And what the hell was he dreaming about, anyway? He cursed quietly, and then gulped and looked down at himself as his body responded slightly. Well that was just great; two arousals for the price of one. Shit.
He sat back against the hut feeling even more awake than before: tired, annoyed, and now aroused and aching as he tried to ignore whatever Miroku's unconscious body was signaling. Although…
Would it really feel good if he touched himself?
Was the monk telling the truth about that? He bit his lip, listening carefully again. Everyone was asleep inside, and the ningen had already taken her child back to bed, so he was completely alone. The moon was half full, so light could be an issue, but in the shadows that clung to the walls, no one would be able to see him if he tried something, would they? Miroku groaned in his sleep again, and Inuyasha inhaled tentatively. What would it feel like, if he touched himself? Would he feel aroused, like the damn monk seemed to be most of the time? Would it feel as good as everyone always seemed to imply sex was?
He licked his lip, glancing around one more time, and then moved his hand in through the side slit in his hakama. He shivered as his hand barely brushed against his penis while trying to move between the folds of his under kimono. The knowledge that he was about to touch himself this way made it seem so much more erotic. Hell, he'd adjusted himself plenty of times when things got a bit uncomfortable, but it had never made him feel like…this. He swallowed, tense and excited, his body almost jumping as he cupped himself through his fundoshi. Gripping himself through the thin cloth, he grasped tightly and moved his hand up his length. He gasped quietly at the sensation. Stupid houshi was right. This felt much better than he remembered from last time.
Inuyasha pulled down and his buttocks clenched with the urge to thrust slightly. It felt so good! He let his hand rub back and forth over his member as he arched toward the contact, feeling himself grow harder with each movement. The longer he played with himself there, the more his body felt tight and overheated, his stomach squirming inside with the urge to move towards…something. He tried to grip tighter, but the fabric kept his fingers from wrapping completely around himself. With a growl, his claws punctured the cloth and his fingers pushed in through the holes. He could feel the heat of his own fingers against half of his cock, the cloth against the other, and he pushed his hips completely off the ground at the feel of being completely surrounded. His hand pushed down towards the base of his shaft, ripping along the cloth, and he moaned under his breath.
How could something feel this fucking good? His hand started moving faster and he moved his hips to thrust into them, getting frantic as something started to build inside. He needed to move against something, Gods, anything! Everything was so tight, he thought he was going to explode. He was going to… he was going to…
Something suddenly shuddered through his body in waves, just as warm fluids pulsed out over his hand, and pain erupted in his head.
He bit his lip fiercely as he tried not to cry out. His body was still jerking, twitching as he released, but his head was fully occupied with the onslaught of emotions that pounded into him from Sesshoumaru. Inuyasha's hand whipped out of his hakama and he ignored the feel of wet stickiness that remained as he jumped unsteadily to his feet. His brain felt dazed and fuzzy, but he tried to rally himself. Gods, Sesshoumaru was so furious! The daiyoukai was about as pissed as he'd been when Inuyasha had seen him on the other side of the well! Inuyasha stood, looking around him wildly as he waited for Sesshoumaru to come and start kicking his ass again, but nothing happened. He didn't hear anything heading for him. Was his brother too far away?
After another few minutes with no attack, Inuyasha slowly sat down, only to stand up with a grimace at the cold wetness that had soaked into his ruined fundoshi. He walked off to go wash himself, wondering if he'd even be able to get back to sleep at all if Sesshoumaru continued to rage in his head. The daiyoukai didn't feel like he was calming down any time soon.
Sesshoumaru cursed and growled as he clawed the ground around him. He was going to disembowel that damned wolf prince! And Inuyasha! He tried to keep himself from howling in fury as he thought of his brother, his own mate, letting another touch him. It could not possibly be coincidence. The wolf youkai had shown up, and the same evening Inuyasha was aroused and climaxing for the first time since he'd been marked? That ookami bastard was trying to take something that belonged to HIM! And Inuyasha's body wasn't bruised, wasn't injured: the wolf wasn't forcing him. He was enjoying it!! His body had found release, and it was with someone else!!
Kouga was going to damn well die! By millimeters. So slowly he'd have to beg for days before Sesshoumaru even considered finally ending it.
And Inuyasha? He snarled silently to himself, ignoring the odd pain that coiled in his chest. He'd promised himself that he wouldn't beat him; he knew he'd likely kill him if he even tried, especially after what Inuyasha had done! But Inuyasha was going to regret ever betraying his mate like this. Sesshoumaru was going to beat his ass until his mate begged, and then he'd take him back to the castle and damn well chain him to the bed…try and take another lover then!
He snarled, rearranging his limbs. Trying to run to his mate, to stop him and the wolf youkai, had snapped all the partially healed tendons in his legs again and he'd been trapped on the forest floor, feeling Inuyasha's climax with a furious disbelief that he thought was going to last for a long, long time.
Kouga was going to die, and Inuyasha was never going to betray him like this again, he promised himself. He swore it.