InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Wings Of The Last Warrior ❯ Chapter 1

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Wings Of The Last Warrior
There is darkness in the day, when thoughts are left behind.
For the soldiers do not come back from the wars that they waged.
These are parts of the greater fight upon on the stage of bitter places.
Nevertheless, I am left behind in the shadows of the night in the distance.
Not afraid of facing existence on the battlefield of arcane crusades, I am here.
Yet unable to go, for there is no one left to defend the fort, my own faith.
Then you come along the road I held down alone through every storm.
No longer am I forlorn to face a thousand enemies from all directions.
You offer me a chance, I am the last to stand by the roadside.
Is it a new world inside the old, playing the spectres along the way?
Bestow on me the strength to go on forever if it that is how long it will take.
Truth is the means to get us home, there is real trust between us.
Find me wings of fire and air, for I will leave the ground and soar high.
Freedom of the sky with the wings that you give me is paradise's height.
Give me the liberty forever is my own victory in its self not playing me a fool.
I am here when you need me in the darkest hour of your life.
Burning stars are the guidance for our plight as we rise together now.
With you by my side, I no longer need wings, we fly on our dreams into the night.
Where dragons shed tears for the death of many, we will watch assured.
Seemingly the honour felt is in the memory of the others long since past.
Let the wind comfort us for his own echoes all the grief I feel.
There is no silence, the soldiers marched over the battlefields all destroyed now.
My past is all this and more, sanctuary found and lost as many times as hoped for.
We share the pain of such a burden, I am no longer alone, I no longer fear.