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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Well, I hope that you enjoyed Legato's little bit, I think some people are going to want to kill me now though.
So I have to say, this week I was in extreme confusion of what to do, so then, I was decided, I would throw it to the wind!(I started typing after I took my night medicine.) So, here it is.

I do not own Spike Spiegal or the Bebop crew. I do own the plot, even though the series is based upon a single dream that a friend was ranting about. I wrote it though.

Pan-pan walked into the stage set and smiled.
"Hey everybody. I'm back to tell you all about today's show! This afternoon, we're having Spike Speigal from the Bebop crew making Spike's special Spanish Quasidellas!"
There was a clap from the audience, and also a tomato thrown.
'Hey! What are you doing that for?"
Faye Valentine's head popped up.
"I was just testing my throwing arm for when spikey came out!"
Pan-pan nodded. "Okay."
She walked off and a moment later, the tall lanky Spike everyone knew walked onto the stage.
"Hey everybody. I'm Spike, as the panda just said, and I'm making my Quasidellas "
he put the bag that was on his sholder and started to unzip it.
"In here, is everything that you will need in order to cook--Ed?"
Ed's head popped out of the bag.
"Hello Spike-spike!"
"What the hell are you doing here?"
"Not just Ed Ein here too!"
Pan-pan came stomping out.
"Ed, if you're in there, where are the ingredients for the food?" pan-pan asked.
"Ed, tell me now.
"...You look like a pandy!"
Pan-pan slapped her head.
"I am a panda you moron."
"Oh, well, Ein and Ed got hungry on the way here, so we ate some of it!" Ed said.
"Explains eins bad breath." Spike muttered.
"Hey, this is still your show, you have to cook something!"
A tomato hit Ed and Spike.
"Two points!" A gruff voice said.
Spike looked.
"Jet! What are you doing throwing tomatoes at me and Ed for?" Spike asked angrily.
"Because," Jet said, "you stink."
Pan-pan glared at him.
"You want stink?" she asked.
She stormed down there and ranked Jet and Faye out of their seats.
"Here, you help him come up with something to cook. If I see you ltry to leave, I will not pay you!" Pan-pan said.
Spike stared at her, eyes wide.
"You have to though, you promised."
"If you cook something I will."
Pan-pan smiled in victory, then walked off.
Spike turned to Faye, Jet, Ed, and Ein, a very irritated loook in his eyes.
"You are going to help me, and you are going to cook, and I will make my mil. woolongs."
Jet stared.
"One million woolongs? To cook? I'll do it shoo. Y`all scoot over." jet said, pulling on a blue apron that appeared out of nowhere.
"Todaqy, everybody, we're making vegetaable soup! And we're all going to show you how!
Ed, bring me the big pot."
Ed fllowed Jet's orders and brought forth a large black pot.
"Here you go!"
"Arf! Arf."
"Ein get out of the pot, he will hurt himself." ed said, pulling him out
"Faye, you start chopping these vegetables, and Spike these,
Ed, you crush the meat and ein, you go somewhere."
"Well, what will you do big-shot?" faye demanded to know.
"I will negotiate."
With that, he walked over to Pan-pan.
"You do know that more celebrities than one are working here?"
"Yes, surprising, I didn't even expect Ein. Much less Ed. Wait, switch that. Ed, then Ein.."
"I mean all of us!"
Pan-pan stared, "I hired Spike because I had a feeling that if anyone was going to be able to not destroy my show, someone as lazy as him couldn't!"
"Is that why you paid him one million woolongs?"
"I only did that because of the fact that I had the ability too."
"So your saying if you didn't have the money, you still would have hired him?" Jet asked.
Pan-pan nodded. "Yep."
As Jet and Pan-pan argued about costs with more people being on the show, Jet and Faye were trying to keep Ed from cutting her fingers off.
"Don't do that Ed! You're going to cut off more then the carrots, you're going to cut off your fingers!" faye shouted.
"Aww, this is what you audience should do when being chased by Faye Faye and Spikey!"
Wiith that said, Ed began huring tomatoes at them.
"Hey, Watch who you're hitting, I just got my hair done." Faye yelled,
"oh, who could tell?" Spike said.
"Why you little-" Faye jumped on top of Spike and started punching the crap out of him.
Pan-pan glanced over at the scene.
"This is not turning out too well."
"No no, it's fine, I just have to get the vegetables in there watch."
Jet walked back out oon stagel, and began putting them in there, ignoring the fighting and screaming.
'Now, after you've put in the vegetables, you need to let it simmer for an hour or so, but since we don't have all that time, I'll just go ahead and let you have the outcome.
It should be ready to serve, if you like you can add a few spices, salt, pepper, some tony's just however you feel like it. I hope you enjoyed today's dish. And remember, if you like this, just think what good things we can cook you if we come back!"
Mr. Director-man stared at the stage.
"Are you as surprised as I am?" pan-pan asked.
"Yah, I never knew you could twist a person that way."
"Not that, we actually finished a show, my god, we finished a show." pan-pan said.
"But first!" she ran out to the stage.
"I hope everybody liked today's show, because hopefully, we'll have more completed ones.
Next week, we're going to have Mr. Youko Kurama here, teaching us how to bake chocolate chip cookies."
The stage curtain fell and Pan-pan smiled happily as she turned to all of them.
"Due to the fact that you people actually finished this, I'm awarding you half a million woolongs each." pan-pan said happily.
"All those clothes!"
Think of the food Ein!"
"That's two and a half million." Jet muttered.
"No, two million. Ein doesn't count, because he didn't do anything."
"Oh." Jet said
"Now, get out of here before I change my mind, you've made a mess of this place and I'm going to have to get this thing spotless, now go!" Pan-pan said.
They heard and obeyed, running out the door as quickly as possible.
Mr. Director-man turned too Pan-pan.
"Why so forceful? They finished the episode. Everything done."
"Yah, that's the problem."
"Well, you see, one of the reasons we get ratings, is what happens during the show. How many people watch a show where everything goes okay?" Pan-pan asked.
"I don't know."
"Exactly. Now let's go for supper. I'm in the mood for hot dogs."


-.- ...Hey everybody. I hope you know, I had to put this out. But I'd like to say, I am wanting your ideas for who you want to cook what! I've already gotten a response and I'm working on it, so give me ideas! It'll be fun! Well until next time, stay fresh!