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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Cooking is back up and running and I will tell you it’s been long enough! Today I’m doing something a little different.
I don’t own these folks.
Pan-pan looked at her hair in the mirror and then at the stage. It was slightly dusty and messy, but she and M. Director-man had spent two weeks cleaning it up and out
“So you think the guests will come back?” he asked
Pan-pan sighed “dunno, I have some special guests that will get the kids to show up for sure, everyone else I’m not to positive on.
“”Well, we’ll see. After all, you did a really good job putting this place back together.”
Pan-pan smiled and then turned towards the stage, she smiled and waited for the curtains to open.
It had been about two years since she had been on the stage at least. After the situation with Kurama, pan-pan had lost her cooking show liscence and then had to fight to get it back, and then she had to figure out what to do about guests. She was hoping tings would run like they had an maybe better. But the crtains opening would only be a sign of what would happen.
It was full of people and pan-pan smiled
“Hello everyone and welcome back to cooking with anime! It has been a nice little break but we’re finally back and to start it off we have a special treat for all the kids her today.
Today, we have fought and to the grace and kindness we have Ash Ketchun and gang!””
The audience applauded and there was scampering as a little yellow fuzzball ran on stage.
Pan smiled and looked at pikachu. “Welcome pikachu and thank you so much for showing up. I’ve always found your show cute. So where is Ash and everyone else?”
“They ain’t coming.” A familiar voice said.
Pan-pan glanced and saw Meowth, Jesse and James.
“Prepare for trouble!”
“Make it Double!””
“To prote-”
Ï know the poem thing, don’t bother.”” Pan-pan interrupted. “Now where is ash and everyone else?”
Pikachu waved his arms around “Pika, pikachu. Pi-pik –pika.”
“Ï have no idea what the fuck you are saying.”
“The mouse is sayin’ that the twerp and his friends got a better paying gig, but he didn’t wanna show so Pikachu came here anyways.”
Öh….what a way to start of a series.” Pan-pan sighed
“Don’t worry, they can do whatever. We will be more than happy to cook for you!” Jessie said.
”We will?”
“Yes, we will. Come on James. We’ll show them how to make a shrimp and spinach salad. Simple, easy and oh-so-delicious.”
Jessie began to push Pan-pan off the stage “don’t you worry we’ll handle everything.”
Pan-pan shrugged. She didn’t really have much to complain about, and in honesty she liked team rocket a bit better anyway.
Jesse tossed James an apron and then tossed a chef hat onto meowth and PIkachu.
She turned to the audience and smiled.
“So, if you want to make a great sweet treat like schrimp and spinach salad, you will need the following: Shrimp, fresh spinach, a dressing of choice, butter, almond….”
As Jesse spoke, pikachu and Meowth pointed out the ingredients.
“One of the first things you want to get taken care of is to prepare the shrimp. You can grill them for the best taste, but for us, we’ll get a little help from this guy over here.” Jesse said pointing at pikachu.
“what do I get to do?”” James asked.
“You get to clean the spinach!” She said handing the lettuce over. James sighed and walked over to the sink and was mumbling as Jesse prepared the shrimp.
About the time that James showed back up, the shrimp were ready to be cooked.
“Now, if we can get a little help?” Jesse said looking at Pikachu.
Pikachu smiled and nodded, electrifying the shrimp until the smell of cook fish was rampant in the building.
“Now, you add these to the bed of spinach wich James was so kind to prepare, and you have the basics of your salad!” Jesse exclaimed.
“You can also add your own twist at this point. Like chest nuts or almonds or anything you like. I personally like to add some tuna.” Meowth purred.
“Pika….”Pikachu said pulling out some crumble cheese.”
“That’s a good idea. You can usually mix your add ins together and that will secure you have what you want and anyone else can have what they want if it’s meant for more people.” James said.
From the side lines pan-pan and Mr. Director man were watching the show. Both were smiling.
“I can’t believe we lucked out like this.” Pan-pan said.
“what do you mean?” Mr. director man asked.
“Well,”Pan-pan explained. “We not only have Pikachu, who is the real star when it comes down to it, but we have Team rocket, and the fact we just advertised for them with the two of those guys, we’ll get an added advertisement bonus, plus, we could even make a spinoff. Cooking with pokemon.”
“So long as we don’t try to make warturtle soup.” Mr. director man said laughing.
“Either way.” Pan-pan said, returning to the point. “We are going to have a great season.”
“Ï think you spoke too soon.” Mr. Director man said.
Pan-pan looked over and she sighed. Ash and Brock and Misty were standing opposite of Jesse and James and they were yelling.
“You stole our show and Pikachu!” Ash yelled angrily.
“No, you didn’t want to show up. So we took your spot.”
“No, we so were going to show up weren’t we Pikachu?” Brock asked.
“Ühm… what?”
Meowth laughed. “wow, dirty mouth for a good guy.”
“ really?”
“Pikachu! Ka Ka!”
Meowth stared at Brock in disgust.
“Come on guys I don’t think we need to be here.”
“What did he say?” Jesse asked.
“I dunno, I don’t understand the rat half the time.” James muttered.
Pan-pan came on stage. “look, I don’t care if brock is a drag queen or a murderer, you guys are interrupting my show. I want you off.” She demanded.
“Well, we still intend to be paid for showing up.”
Pan-pan laughed. “No, These two will, but you guys won’t.”
Jesse and James smiled.
“I’ll sue.” Misty threatened.
“go and buy a bike or something.” Ash said.
“Hey! That’s not fair! You owe me one.”
Ash and Misty began to argue and Pan-pan took advantage of this. She pulled out a pokeball of her own and let it out. A Haunter stood there.
“Hypnotyze ém and make them leave okay?” she asked.
The Haunter, Boo-radly, nodded and began to hypnotize the three goodies.
Panpan turned to the audience.
“Well, thank you guys so much for coming and I hope that you’ll be back with us next week with more Cooking with anime!”

oh god, I’m rusty, but I really like how this turned out. You guys tell me if you like or no. and don’t hesitate to Give me ideas on things that you think could be done on cooking with anime. I think th