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The Adventures of Jusenkyo Man:
The Irresistible Captain Ranma
By Lord Raa
Disclaim-me-do: I can name twenty types of cheese!
The trench coat clad man darted out from the back of the ramen stand, his mission complete.
A young man, in a long white coat with a smiley face badge pinned to the front of it, sat down and ordered a serving pork ramen. He hungrily devoured the steaming dish.
In the back streets leading away from the food outlet, the thin man did what he could to make himself inconspicuous. He nearly succeeded, but was knocked to the floor by an elderly man.
“I'm sorry there sonny,” the frail looking man apologised. “My eyesight isn't what it used to be.”
“Don't worry about it,” the man tried to weasel his way out of the conversation with the doddering old fool.
“I know what you are.”
“I know that you're a Flid agent. What have you done?”
“My job. Humanity will fall in the coming Raalgon war.”
“Not if Justy Ueki Tylor still lives, they won't,” the old man insisted.
“Too late. He ate something that didn't agree with him.”
The old man turned to see the man in the white coat fall into the path of a train.
“My work here is done,” the Flid agent smirked. It was the second to last thing he did.
The last was bleed out from the lightning strike the old man performed with a sword pulled from nowhere.
After leaving the immediate area, Ranma contacted Jenny.
“>I saw what happened, Ranma,>” said the AI.
“Any ideas?” Ranma asked, getting a bad feeling about this situation.
“>Only that you help humanity to victory in the coming war, Ranma.>”
“I was afraid you were going to say that,” Ranma sighed.
To be continued…
This was pre-read for errors by Chi Vayne.
Good news and bad: I've got a number of ideas floating around my head, one of which is a parody of the All About Eva arc of Jusenkyo Man. In that idea, Shinji is acting a bit differently. What exactly do I mean? Well the phrase “Plot? What plot?” comes to mind.
Others include a regular Ranma crossover with either Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure or El Hazard (I can't decide which yet) and an AU/Fusion that focuses on a character I haven't used that much. The first one will have a few darker moments in the beginning than you find in my normal fics; the second has about half of the first chapter written.
Until laterer (and/or the next chapter) comes, folks.